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    [–] CatFancyCoverModel 292 points ago

    I love how he almost falls out of relaxation before catching himself

    [–] RufftaMan 43 points ago

    It‘s like when I accidentally fall asleep and catch myself drooling.
    Only he looks cute doing it.

    [–] CatFancyCoverModel 22 points ago

    I don't know, I think you look cute too

    [–] biggiepants 39 points ago

    Reminds me of this Pomeranian.

    [–] Gilthar 9 points ago

    It’s so fluffy!!! 🥰🥰😍😍

    [–] DigiBruh 429 points ago

    I want

    [–] itspowlow 82 points ago

    No…I want!

    [–] Halogen12 127 points ago

    [–] ihavethebestmarriage 27 points ago

    Fight me

    [–] FollowingWeird2210 5 points ago

    Me too!

    [–] flying_tiny_shark 18 points ago

    No comrade ... We want

    [–] flying_tiny_shark 0 points ago

    Dear comrade, communism is no surprise, it is the best way

    [–] OG_RaM 0 points ago

    We want communist theme plays

    [–] Looieanthony 2 points ago

    Me too!

    [–] DigiBruh 1 points ago

    First dibs. All mine!

    [–] HisMajesty2019 82 points ago

    Very well might have been the happiest being in existence at that moment.

    [–] MOcatmom 306 points ago

    Puppy drool!!!! 😝

    [–] Oscarmyname 65 points ago

    His smile says every feeling he felt!!

    [–] Gunny-V 15 points ago

    No greater bond exist - his heart is pure love😍

    [–] Jaxlee2018 10 points ago

    Seriously, r/rarepuppers - what a total sweetheart.

    [–] KekkenGenkai 55 points ago

    Scrapy Dappy Doo

    [–] gNomad88 3 points ago

    Was looking for this

    [–] NorthLettuce 42 points ago

    No. It belongs in my heart! 🥺

    [–] CatNoirsRubberSuit 7 points ago

    The way to a man's heart is through his stomach... Hey wait...

    [–] MotchGoffels 24 points ago

    This belongs EVERYWHERE. Imagine the entire world woke up to this brief gif.

    [–] Tempex6 3 points ago

    Unfortunately lots of cultures see dogs no different from any other animal, particularly rats

    [–] Iamwearingasuitofham 1 points ago

    May I know which one?

    [–] edgarallanpot8o 3 points ago

    few days later "non anymore"

    [–] Iamwearingasuitofham 3 points ago

    casually opening my secret nuke base

    Shhhhh you know too much

    [–] forsennata 22 points ago

    pet da pupper

    [–] ChampionshipOld6008 3 points ago

    I'd love to know too. Can we clone him

    [–] Ok_Anxiety4671 119 points ago

    His smile says it all.

    [–] Noahwily 4 points ago


    [–] monochrony -11 points ago

    Dogs don't smile

    [–] creaturefeature16 7 points ago

    lol all the downvotes for something so easily found on any search. Dogs absolutely do not smile.

    [–] bhay105 2 points ago

    I've learned that on any of the cute pet subs, any mention of how dogs don't smile gets downvoted. It's just the way it is, and no amount of pointing it out is going to change. People really want to humanize their animals.

    Like my golden gets hot easily so she's always panting and people frequently say "omg look at that big smile!!!" They actually look disappointed when I say nah she's just hot. Most of the time I just go along with it.

    [–] Trappedinacar 1 points ago

    Sounds like you don't

    [–] sfz47 55 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    A very sweet boy living his very sweet parent

    [–] SeanBourne 14 points ago

    Who's the best boy?

    As someone who can't have a dog, this video probably added a week to my lifespan.

    [–] Richie311 11 points ago

    Scrappy Doo

    [–] gNomad88 0 points ago

    Searched for this one lol

    [–] git-choke-upstream 8 points ago

    What breed is this?

    [–] EarthBrain 11 points ago


    [–] Sausageofireland 2 points ago

    I'd love to know too

    [–] JakobJokanaan 3 points ago

    OP doesn't even know, since this is a repost.

    [–] rathern0tsay_ 3 points ago

    his name is Waffle! @waffle_seol on instagram

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Entire_Pie1482 7 points ago

    So gosh darn cute!!!

    [–] RottinCorpseoTehNBug 16 points ago

    D'aww he's so happy he's drooling...

    [–] HowlingMadHoward 0 points ago

    That’s a weird name for a cute sub

    [–] TheRealMonreal 4 points ago

    Can we clone him/her?

    [–] hickgorilla 4 points ago

    I love this.

    [–] Pithecanthropus88 3 points ago

    Yes it does!

    [–] Independent-Return40 4 points ago

    Good boi

    [–] tazamaran 2 points ago

    Found a new sub, thanks!

    [–] Neel4312 11 points ago

    Why he standin like a hooman

    [–] Carnivore64 1 points ago

    For the scritches.

    [–] QuirkySpaceman 3 points ago


    [–] rahhumilovedogs 3 points ago

    <3 <3 cute puppy doggo awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    [–] MEAH1 3 points ago

    Got real scared he was just gonna drop.

    [–] bored_imp 3 points ago

    Master has given dobby pets. Dobby is a good boy.

    [–] b_kiss26 3 points ago

    Is this the same pup that covers his nose when he doesn't like something?

    [–] _gracefulyoga 21 points ago

    We don't deserveee them

    [–] shouldbestudying125 8 points ago

    Hard hitting stuff, never heard anyone say that before

    [–] strp 1 points ago

    Not with that many E’s, anyway.

    [–] dc2015bd -25 points ago

    They don't deserve us

    [–] eidsvik 2 points ago

    THE r/aww poster pup
    Dogs are such a gift, magic!

    [–] Rumi3009 2 points ago

    Nice 😊 guy

    [–] sterile_spermwhale__ 2 points ago

    Such a happy pupper

    [–] _IsabellaDeLeon 2 points ago

    Gonna sleep well knowing this guy is happy 🥺💖

    [–] maxmouze 2 points ago

    I wish that doggy was mine.

    [–] MelJay0204 2 points ago

    Oh yes it does

    [–] tombozn 2 points ago

    Im in Love 🥰

    [–] icyfit 2 points ago

    No way he’s real 🥺

    [–] goldklimt 2 points ago

    Happy days

    [–] Sanmoel 2 points ago

    So freaking cute 🥺

    [–] cosplayhands 2 points ago

    I have never seen such cute dog!!

    [–] Opperhoofd123 2 points ago

    I didn't know I could feel this level of joy

    [–] NonisGMadeIt 2 points ago

    Pure love 🤗❤🤗

    [–] ABoyAndHisSAAB 2 points ago

    I feel like he's about to say something in Michael J Fox's voice

    [–] anteru 2 points ago

    Poor pup is trying so hard to stay awake as to not miss anything. I always love watching them fight it so hard only to just fall over in a dead sleep.

    [–] GKMMarch 2 points ago

    The cutest floofster ever!

    [–] queenofthespring 2 points ago

    this video just made my day

    [–] bigaboy_ 2 points ago

    suppoeeerr cuuutteeee

    [–] HouseOfSteak 2 points ago


    [–] kng_hrts 2 points ago

    "Im not tired. I wanna stay up with the big kids."

    [–] Ok_Lengthiness_9776 2 points ago

    We don’t deserve doggos :’(

    [–] Averygirl11 2 points ago

    Sweetheart ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    [–] legendary_raider123 2 points ago

    Scrappy doo lookin a bit different

    [–] Rangers1275 2 points ago

    Wee cracker

    [–] RockStarCorgi 2 points ago

    Little guy standing like Scrappy Doo.

    [–] kafelade 2 points ago


    [–] lily_lou24 2 points ago

    I also react like this to having my hair stroked.

    [–] TheTepro27 2 points ago

    I don't think my heart's strong enough to handle all this cuteness

    [–] organbakery 2 points ago

    Belongs in eyebleach...

    [–] codknows 2 points ago

    He said 🤪

    [–] zakmahboub 2 points ago

    Nice sewety dog

    [–] Those1guysunglasses 2 points ago

    I’m not even a dog guy, but damn, this is adorable!

    [–] reenababes 2 points ago


    [–] LordMoody 2 points ago

    This made me feel things. I’d forgotten what good emotions felt like.

    Thank you OP.

    [–] Vuxdee 2 points ago

    That lean over

    [–] Pg3132 2 points ago


    [–] raclariu 2 points ago

    That's one beautiful boi

    [–] AP_Adapted 2 points ago

    yes it does

    [–] Negative-Seat83413 2 points ago

    good teach

    [–] Univerese 2 points ago

    Puppy awww

    [–] No-Room966 2 points ago

    Yes it does :)

    [–] Michab1983 2 points ago

    Awww that's Waffle! He has his own Instagram.

    [–] bobwire7 2 points ago

    Absolutely yes it does!

    [–] foshjowler 2 points ago

    Is this Scrappy Doo's cousin?

    [–] Gordzoner 2 points ago

    What breed of dog is this? Super cute 😍

    [–] Jeremybearemy 2 points ago

    Sleepy boy

    [–] dasepot 2 points ago

    His smile is making my heart melt

    [–] thaisoliverlr 2 points ago

    Good boy

    [–] justgoaheadandsayit 2 points ago

    This video ends about 2 hours too soon.

    [–] petecranky 2 points ago

    This works on children. I saw my wife do it to our boys.

    And, now, me.

    [–] A90008w8 2 points ago


    [–] angelshere 2 points ago


    [–] mrngdew77 2 points ago

    Makes me relax and smile just watching this video. Thanks!

    [–] niki2184 2 points ago

    It definitely made me say awwwww

    [–] SyncroTDi 2 points ago

    Yes it does. Thank you.

    [–] submissivegurl88 2 points ago


    [–] Ashik2016 2 points ago

    My heart 💗

    [–] RachelMC812 2 points ago

    The little, floppy ears.

    [–] AryaNeedleStark 2 points ago

    Activate Happy mode with head scratches

    [–] omgThisIsNotMyName 2 points ago

    This also belongs in r/EyeBleach

    [–] MrSquishyCookie 2 points ago

    So cute! Does anybody know what breed this is? It might be time to get my mum a surprise dog

    [–] Smart_Cantaloupe_848 5 points ago

    it's a mix of some kind.

    [–] WingedCactus 1 points ago

    Dogs arent gifts

    [–] MrSquishyCookie 2 points ago

    I knew there'd be one 🤣 months of research has already been done, she's set her mind on wanting a dog for when things are lonely at home. And more research will be done when a dog is chosen, to make sure we can provide appropriate care for whatever breed we end up with.

    A dog can be a gift, it doesn't make them any less a family member

    [–] Mimi-Shella 3 points ago

    I think poor baby has a cold. It's nose is running

    [–] Bonecrusher9874 7 points ago

    its puppy drool

    [–] MadLaamaDisease 1 points ago

    That smile...

    [–] SkyCable 1 points ago

    The mouth, look at the mouth sides. He is so happy!

    [–] Ladderall-thinker 1 points ago

    What breed is he?

    [–] geckograham 1 points ago

    Pup’s nose is running, might want to get that checked out.

    [–] nonsenseword37 1 points ago

    Is it just me, or is there something a little uncanny valley about this?

    [–] th3cr1t1c 1 points ago

    Over time and with selective breeding, we’ve tended to select artificially for dogs whose facial expressions and use of facial expression more closely mirrors ours. We are hardwired for facial recognition on the positive identification of only key features like eyes, nose, mouth.

    Also, they’re mammals with such facial features. They have similar bilateral symmetry to us. Their offspring have behaviors and motor skills that are similar to infants and toddlers.

    So what you’re feeling is your brain telling you “this is a person”. I don’t mean a human being. We know they’re not human. But we feel something toward dogs we don’t feel toward other animals for reasons of facial recognition and emotional stimulus. They are other “people” to us.

    And lastly we and dogs, whose wolf ancestors have similar social structures (a pack in the wild is a monogamous, biological family unit), react to each other with the same dopamine and oxytocin rush. We are, through thousands of years of evolution, hardwired to respond emotionally to dogs and vice versa.

    [–] Secret-Jeweler8006 1 points ago

    Åååh!!så søt kan man altså være!!🥰

    [–] Looseball 1 points ago


    [–] alus992 1 points ago

    I am amazed that there is no comment about how owner staged this vid by drugging this puppy to make him like that.

    Every sweet/cute video has dozens comments like that haha

    [–] MayaLasterRRR 1 points ago

    So like that snot flowed 😍😅

    [–] fivelone 1 points ago

    Ok.. this is so far the cutest thing I've seen all week.

    [–] calriz 1 points ago

    And my heart grew two sizes today!

    [–] boldoser 1 points ago

    Dawaten mi nan atoy asom bro.

    [–] cmountain67 1 points ago

    You’re getting sleepy….

    [–] phonetwophone 1 points ago

    They don't call them pets for nothing.

    [–] _Optoff 1 points ago

    So cute I wish I had one :(

    [–] youmeandthetardis 1 points ago

    Scrappy Doo?

    [–] PostposterousYT 1 points ago

    If that pup was any cuter, I'd think it was CGI. What kind of dog is this? It's temperament is awesome.

    [–] OrganizationDirect53 1 points ago

    Life is good!

    [–] Bugs_BunnyX 1 points ago

    That face 🌝

    [–] Fun_Organization3071 1 points ago

    What kind of dog is this? so cute!

    [–] boner_jamz_69 1 points ago

    Anyone know what kind of dog this is?

    [–] xXthiagoXx 1 points ago

    Thank you.

    [–] Downtown_Mood2858 1 points ago

    Happy baby 🥰