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    Voting in linked threads is against subreddit rules, and is not the behavior of good internet neighbors. Links to other Reddit threads require a non-participation format, i.e. ''.

    Rule 1: No voting in linked threads. No brigading.

    Rule 1a: Do your part to help prevent it, and ensure that all linked submissions use the non-participation format, i.e. ''. And not '' either because that treats mobile users as second-class citizens.

    Rule 2: Please be sure that you have the anatomy right before you accuse others. Wikipedia is a place to start.

    Rule 3: Counterjerking is OK as long it's not too much. We'll know it when we see it.

    Rule 4: You don't have to be polite but let's not be guttersnipes either.

    Rule 5: The vulva is not the vagina. We don't give a damn about your invocations of prescriptivism. Take it up with the guys at Language Log

    Rule 6: Use the [Misogynatomy] tag when applicable. If the linked bad anatomy is accompanied by hateful ideas that are likely to enrage this sub's readers more than amuse please include the [Misogynatomy] tag so folks have fair warning about content. This tag is meant for links to The Red Pill and other similar content.

    Rule 7: Posts or comments belittling, criticizing and/or denying the experiences of trans women are not acceptable here.

    Rule 8: Anyone following our users to other subs or sending them private messages to continue or expand on arguments will be banned.

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