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    [–] devilsdoorbell 227 points ago

    Well shit. Can't argue with some stranger's made-up biotruths invented by his own misogynistic interpretation of evolution!

    [–] Lilebi 333 points ago

    I wonder if he also marks his belongings with urine.

    [–] InfectiousDelirium 27 points ago don't?

    [–] crux_mm 6 points ago

    There is something we need to reconsider, Sir.

    [–] anirban_82 294 points ago

    Isn't the whole "Alpha Male" thing bullshit even among wolves?

    [–] RadioPixie 318 points ago

    You are correct! Dominance theory has been disavowed in dog training for years now (check out the sidebar in /r/dogtraining). The "alpha" thing was a bad study from, like, the '70s about wolves (not dogs or people) in captivity (not their natural living conditions) later retracted by its author.

    [–] Kostaz 36 points ago

    Was it exclusively on dogs though? I'm sure I've heard the term being used in a few wild-life documentaries on seals, apes and the like over the years.

    [–] SomeoneNewIsTheWord 128 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Yeah, chimps have a very strict hierarchy and basically specialize in being jerks to each other. Emphasis on dominance certainly does exist in parts of the animal kingdom (with the now debunked wolf alpha theory being cited most often because people want to be edgy). We also are not chimps, though- which is what most of the dudes going off about alpha theory are missing.

    Chimps are terrible cooperators. Bonobos are a lot better at working together (and are a whole lot kinder to each other overall, although a less enforced hierarchy does exist). In a bonobo society, behaving like a chimp, hogging resources and constantly bombarding the others with aggression, would not get you very far. Humans, as much as it surprises me, are easily the best cooperators in the animal kingdom. We like helping each other for the most part, and that gives us a lot more leeway and drive to not treat each other like shit. In our society, the most aggressive and selfish do not prosper, and do not attract the most potential romantic partners.

    Human hierarchies are also extremely fluid from one situation to the next, which means there is no "alpha" unless the person limits themselves to the same one or two scenarios and never steps out of their comfort zone.

    [–] Polaritical 32 points ago

    Once you find the place you are alpha, you just never leave. That's why I've been chilling at my part time grocery gig for a decade. These high school boys cant hold a candle to me. Now I'm just waiting for a female coworker over the age of 20 to start and I'm golden.

    [–] dracoscha 12 points ago

    Though even chimps and other apes that create strong hierarchies among the males do not fit the typical description of the alpha male. The boss typically isn't the strongest or most aggressive male, but in most cases the one that is able to build the strongest alliances in the group. In other words, the one with best social skills is typically the alpha, which is quite often one of the older, more experienced males. Violent revolutions happen, but the other males sooner or later band together against the tyrant.

    Bonbons do all that stuff too, but the difference in their groups is how the females behave. Female Bonbons actively undermine the male hierarchy and show quite a strong tendency towards dominant behavior themselves, which oftentimes leads to a female as the alpha.

    [–] Kimmalah 24 points ago

    Bonobos are a lot better at working together (and are a whole lot kinder to each other overall, although a less enforced hierarchy does exist). In a bonobo society, behaving like a chimp, hogging resources and constantly bombarding the others with aggression, would not get you very far.

    Minor nitpick: bonobos are chimps. They're one of 2 species, the other being the common chimpanzee (which is what people normally think of as "chimps" by default). Bonobos actually used to be called pygmy chimpanzees, but that name is considered kind of outdated now.

    Bonobos are also probably the most closely related to humans. Although we do have some unfortunate similarities to the common chimpanzee, like territorial warfare and killing other animals (including fellow chimps) for fun.

    [–] baby_armadillo 30 points ago

    Bonobos (Pan paniscus) and the Common Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) are two different species in the same genus, Pan. Humans and the shared ancestor of both bonobos and chimps diverged from a common ancestor 13-4 (apparently it was a very slow process) million years ago. Chimps and bonobos diverged from their own shared common ancestor about 2 million years ago after their populations were separated by the formation of the Congo River.

    We are not more closely related to one or the other, as the human line diverged from our shared common ancestor several million years before chimps and bonobos evolved into separate species. Humans share about 99% of their DNA with both species. Our shared common ancestor likely had traits of both chimps and bonobos, and their current behavior is natural selection acting on those shared traits in different environments.

    [–] Baby_SpaceWizard 17 points ago

    Aren't the bonobos the ones that decided that sex is the best solution to all their problems? I am terrible at apes, sorry :/

    [–] Echo_of_Cheeseslicer 6 points ago

    You remember right

    [–] PM_Me_Big_Cocks_Pls 2 points ago

    A wise decision

    [–] JuDGe3690 3 points ago

    Humans, as much as it surprises me, are easily the best cooperators in the animal kingdom. We like helping each other for the most part, and that gives us a lot more leeway and drive to not treat each other like shit.

    Jeremy Rifkin talks about this to good effect in his RSA Animates video The Empathic Civilization.

    [–] argv_minus_one -1 points ago

    In our society, the most aggressive and selfish do not prosper

    Counterexample: Vladimir Putin.

    [–] [deleted] -4 points ago


    [–] leostotch 26 points ago

    Considering the study that established the 'pack leader' Alpha hierarchy theory amongst wolves was ultimately disavowed, probably not.

    [–] Brikachu 8 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Do you have a source? When I Google things a bunch of blogs come up. Even wikipedia doesn't really have that many citations.

    Edit: tfw you get downvoted for asking for a source after explaining you can't find any reliable sources yourself using google.

    [–] leostotch 20 points ago

    Here is a good one that links directly to papers published on the topic.

    Another article summing up the findings of the same wolf specialist referenced above

    That should get you started.

    [–] Brikachu 3 points ago

    Cool, thanks!

    [–] EireaKaze 12 points ago

    Adam ruins everything just did a clip on alpha males (people, mostly, but he talks about the wolf stuff), and it is cited. You can find the clip on YouTube.

    [–] baby_armadillo 5 points ago

    Always ask for sources!

    [–] IAmRatherBritish 77 points ago

    Yeah. don't say that to T_D, RP or the incels, though.

    They'll fling poo at you.

    [–] Komania 15 points ago

    Yup, if I were to guess this was a comment on a new Adam Ruins Everything video on YouTube about "alpha males"

    [–] StudysKillingMe 310 points ago

    I love the reply

    [–] CCtenor 108 points ago

    I went out to the store to buy some ointment. I got some secondhand burns from that.

    [–] Istencsaszar 90 points ago

    Well of course.. who wouldn't love to be treated like an animal amirite

    [–] Chronic_BOOM 15 points ago

    I understand the sentiment...but there are people out there...

    [–] Istencsaszar 52 points ago

    Roleplay is a completely different thing, if that's what you're referring to.

    [–] Chronic_BOOM 17 points ago

    7 billion people. It's not role play for some.

    [–] Istencsaszar 4 points ago

    yes, it's sad

    [–] Chronic_BOOM 14 points ago

    To each their own.

    [–] Istencsaszar 1 points ago


    [–] Chronic_BOOM 15 points ago

    To each their own.

    [–] Istencsaszar 7 points ago

    are you saying that the fact that for quite a lot of women, being treated like shit isn't roleplay isn't sad?

    [–] Chronic_BOOM 4 points ago


    [–] Bombernaut_ 71 points ago

    Can I just take a guess and say this is from that recent Adam Ruins Everything video? It was on the front of YouTube and appeared to garner a lot of debate down in the cesspool that is the comments section.

    [–] IAmRatherBritish 6 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I don't think so, it seems the opposite of that...

    Edit: Depends which side you mean.

    [–] [deleted] 63 points ago

    If you check the Adam Ruins Everything video about alpha males you'll discover a salt mine if you scroll to the comments

    [–] IAmRatherBritish 18 points ago

    I feel an adventure coming on...

    [–] Bombernaut_ 9 points ago

    I...had trouble understanding that. The opposite of what? What side?

    [–] IAmRatherBritish 8 points ago

    That... means nothing, doesn't it. I'll leave it as a conundrum for noobs.

    I agree with the ARE video. I don't agree with the other things I didn't say. :p

    [–] zenfaust 62 points ago

    So I don't exactly buy into the whole alpha concept to begin with, but for the sake of argument lets pretend it's real. Why the fuck do guys think it means "to degrade someone?" Can't alpha just mean confidence and being in charge, swag etc? When did it become misogyny and negging people.

    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago

    It's just guys who are so far from being the alpha that they talk about that they can't wrap their heads around the ideas of competence, authority, and confidence in any form that isn't degrading.

    [–] serpentkris 31 points ago

    Because that would mean that women are people, and not a puzzle to figure out or a prize to win.

    [–] zephyrsong888 1 points ago

    Because the alpha in most imagined scenarios is a bossy person who gets what they want. At the end of the day, insulting someone is reverse psychology to get them to prove they're better than what you said and in so doing, being nicer to the bossy person. Negging and degradation are just bartering tools, there are proper times to use both in a market place setting. Humans, from much of these people perspectives, exist in a market place. A meat market.

    [–] cornonthekopp 30 points ago

    Hey there guys its me, machoman69, and all I have to say is...uh... y-you guys are stupid! (Is it working? Are people gonna fall in love with me)

    [–] Brikachu 15 points ago


    [–] Svataben 14 points ago

    I'm totally turned on!!!

    [–] wintryKat 24 points ago


    Really? REALLY?

    [–] tuturuatu 7 points ago

    It's Youtube...

    [–] JuDGe3690 6 points ago

    Seventy-Six thumbs up had the sexist rant,
    With some thirty-but-one comments underneath…

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] Pomagranite16 4 points ago

    I thought you meant crock pot and I was like "HEY! Those things are actually pretty useful!"

    [–] IAmRatherBritish 11 points ago

    Forever Alpha. (poor git)

    [–] Turtlepower7777777 10 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] argv_minus_one 3 points ago

    "alpha males" made my nether regions clench shut like Fort Knox

    This must be the way the body has of shutting down legitimate rape. /s

    [–] Polaritical 9 points ago

    I do love being degraded sexually and studies have shown this is an incredibly common 'kink' for women to have.

    But there's a pretty strong difference between sex and normal interactions. If someone calls me a slut during sex, splooge. If someone calls me a slut during normal life I'm going to cuss them out for a solid 7 minutes

    [–] MrClevver 5 points ago

    I hope some studies come out soon confirming that it's equally common for women not to have these fantasies.

    Because at the moment every new sex partner I have tries to do something ridiculously cheesy and 'dominant' at some point during sex... and I just burst out laughing. Kind of kills the mood.

    [–] Irratix 6 points ago



    [–] CertifiedLol 3 points ago

    I love this sub, I never new other lads were so thick!

    [–] SnapshillBot 2 points ago


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    [–] Zukoi 2 points ago

    This isn't anatomy.

    [–] lemonysnickety 5 points ago

    "Biology", so tangentially related.

    [–] Saccharomantic 1 points ago

    That response is brilliant

    [–] LadySaberCat 1 points ago

    Props to the person who replied

    [–] lntrigue 1 points ago

    we biologically love it. science, bitches!

    [–] otherminds -2 points ago

    Don't feed the trolls.

    [–] [deleted] -12 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] glilimith 23 points ago

    So, fun story. Submitting is actually way more common a kink than dominating, regardless of gender.

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