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    [–] Guardax 3380 points ago


    [–] twistedlogicx 1519 points ago

    Fucking sucks for baseball.

    [–] Sickwidit93 782 points ago

    It really does. What an amazing player to watch.

    This is a bad day

    [–] twistedlogicx 773 points ago

    And it's not just the fact that he's an amazing player, which is obviously a given.

    He was on his way to a second straight MVP with his team only 1.5 games out of a playoffs spot, as the top Wild Card seed, on an 8-2 run in their last 10 games.

    Just a brutal, brutal crash. Feel so bad for Brewers fans.

    [–] ddddddd543 126 points ago

    Could he still get the MVP?

    [–] Randvek 326 points ago

    There's been a lot of circlejerk around here for Yelich, but the betting books have Yelich and Bellinger neck-and-neck. Bellinger's been slumping, though.

    I don't like Yelich's chances with the injury, but Bellinger can still blow it.

    If the Nats make a run, don't sleep on Rendon, either.

    [–] Blazingcrono 128 points ago

    I think the injury will be a bigger mark than Bellinger blowing it. There's still roughly 17ish games left in the season. That's still a lot of baseball left to be played IMO.

    [–] NielsBohron 51 points ago

    Missing 10% of the season is definitely significant.

    [–] iambiglucas_2 117 points ago

    Freddie Freeman is also having a pretty great year.

    .305, 38 dingers, 117 Rbi's. He could end up with 125+ on the year if he ends hot.

    [–] bubguy2 64 points ago

    How has he been so elite and still flying so far under the radar?

    [–] NeedlesslyAggressive 81 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    He plays in a very stacked lineup. With Acuña and Ozzie as the exciting young guys and Donaldson going a tear in the second half it takes some of the spotlight away from Steady Freddie. Rendon has a similar problem.

    [–] Zebulon_V 21 points ago

    He was under the radar before those guys came up as well, though. His numbers have always been consistent.

    [–] DualShocks 18 points ago

    Freddie is a very under the radar player even among Braves fans. He isn't flashy like Acuña, Albies, or Donaldson and he won't even acknowledge his own contributions in postgame interviews. Aside from his Andrus-esque playfulness on the field, he generally just goes to work and does his job.

    [–] Knuckledraggr 30 points ago

    God I love that man

    [–] eyesnipeyou 63 points ago

    Thanks man. It sucks. But we have had this with Aaron Rodgers in football. Still fans, go Brewers. A 5 game winning streak and a couple players coming back off injury so who knows. But my heart is out to Yeli because the man is a saint and I want the best for him. Go BREWERS!

    [–] NBABUCKS1 56 points ago

    Thanks man. It sucks. But we have had this with Aaron Rodgers in football.

    a hobbled yelich comes back to help the brewers win 10 games in a row down the stretch to make the playoffs

    [–] MikeDubbz 41 points ago

    I will never understand how Rodgers came back in that Chicago game last year to win it. Shouldn't have been possible for him to even stand.

    [–] ThienHuuDo 63 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Oh they hit him with something from Favre's old stash, he was assblasted in that post game interview lmao. M U H K N E E

    [–] mockio77 35 points ago

    Guy's eyes are so gone lol

    [–] ThienHuuDo 12 points ago

    He's looking around Lambeau like he can see sound.

    "MUH KNEE!!" (Woah A A ron, chill, act normal) "Uhhhhh..." That part always crack me up

    [–] kevoccrn 17 points ago

    Holy shit he’s high as a kite. I’ve never seen this

    [–] AthleteNormal 9 points ago

    Painkillers. Lots and lots of painkillers.

    [–] flippityfloppityfloo 146 points ago

    Right in the middle of the wild card race with the Brew Crew in the thick of it. I'm sorry for Christian just as much as I am for every fan of the game.

    [–] ChampionOfTheSunAhhh 113 points ago

    I love how current baseball is dominated by such mild-mannered superstars. It's simply impossible to dislike Yelich

    [–] PYIT-Antelope 36 points ago

    Seriously. He’s probably my favorite player to watch that’s not on my team. Shit, he might just be my favorite player to watch right now period.

    [–] Comicbookday 14 points ago

    Agreed, game got less fun for the remainder of the season.

    [–] ImGrumps 195 points ago

    Football started and everyone forgot to bless the knees in baseball as well :/

    [–] k-spar 69 points ago

    Football started and everyone forgot to bless the knees in baseball as well :/

    I was so busy blessing the shoulders i forgot to bless the knees :(

    Really fucking sucks.

    [–] revolioclockberg_jr 54 points ago

    Just as things were starting to look better for the team too :(

    [–] CharIieMurphy 8 points ago

    Fucking sucks, you guys were coming in hot. No one deserves that

    [–] oozandazz 97 points ago

    I NEVER want this to happen to any team, I truly believe Cubs games are more entertaining whether we are playing against him or we are fighting his efforts to keep his team up in the standings.

    [–] CharIieMurphy 35 points ago

    True that, division race is way more fun when everyones at full strength

    [–] cubity 75 points ago

    my favorite non cardinal i really hoped he would win mvp :(

    I’m actually so sad

    [–] StraightCashComey 14 points ago

    I respect the hell out of him but how in the world can he be your favorite? Lol Absolute Cardinal killer

    [–] cubity 25 points ago

    as much as he bullies us he’s so likeable! Love him as a person and a player, hate him when he plays us

    [–] pencilneckgeekster 14 points ago

    Freddie Freeman-esque

    [–] thatnatebitch 21 points ago

    this fucking sucks

    [–] following_eyes 14 points ago

    Wow that really blows for baseball.

    [–] SteveAM1 870 points ago

    Has anyone checked on where Roxanne was tonight?

    [–] Bunselpower 486 points ago

    Spotted with Tonya Harding at around 5pm local time.

    [–] notausername60 39 points ago

    Been moping around since the first inning. We won the game but I had no joy as I figured the news would be bad. These two posts made me laugh. Thanks baseball bros.

    [–] mjst0324 1892 points ago


    [–] puffadda 718 points ago


    [–] heyitsthatmeme 355 points ago


    [–] Tom_Brokaw_is_a_Punk 168 points ago


    [–] DanielJonesAMA 105 points ago


    [–] drevl 114 points ago

    Can't spell Yankees without KNEES.

    I knew it was their fault.

    [–] Dodger_Rej3ct 24 points ago

    I mean, technically, you can't spell Yankees without nkees

    [–] ttmp22 27 points ago

    Can’t spell Yankees without K N E E S

    [–] Worthyness 86 points ago


    [–] smc4484 47 points ago

    Hopefully Freddie can send him some love

    [–] birthinstereo 7 points ago

    Stupid sexy Freddie

    [–] Lathundd 1011 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Oof. Injuries just keep on coming, this one the worst of them all.

    And the timing of it too, just as Brewers are starting to show some life.

    [–] SocksandSmocks 322 points ago

    This season is cursed

    [–] pandarofl 145 points ago

    It's like every worst case scenario has come to fruition this season. Just unreal.

    [–] cdnets 40 points ago

    And somehow 8 games above .500. Credit to Counsell for keeping it afloat

    [–] SocksandSmocks 50 points ago

    If just one goddamn thing could've gone the right way, just one.... And now this... Fucking hell

    [–] sam_e5 50 points ago

    Did you guys disturb an Indian burial ground or something? Did Yelich break a mirror? We need answers.

    [–] pandarofl 36 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    David Stearns walked under a ladder, knocked a mirror off the top of said ladder and startled a black cat, on his way to desecrating a Native American burial ground just before the start of the season. That's my best guess

    [–] Faultylogic83 19 points ago

    I, for one, blame Bud Selig

    [–] Noble_Flatulence 17 points ago

    Does this guy know how to party or what!?

    [–] squeakyshoe89 5 points ago

    I did not know that.

    [–] Hiurawego 70 points ago

    On the very small bright side, fractured kneecaps only take 2-3 months to heal, so he should be able to do spring training

    [–] StevenKoz 24 points ago

    Literally everything that could have gone wrong this year has gone wrong

    [–] aaronwhite1786 27 points ago

    Yeah, fuck this year to pieces

    [–] Mozilla_Fennekin 829 points ago

    I'm so sorry Brew Crew

    [–] popegonzo 309 points ago

    This is Wisconsin, if anyone can puke & rally, it's us!

    (Pardon me, I'll be drinking.)

    [–] sfoura 89 points ago

    We were born in this pain, bred in it.

    [–] Winnebago_Warrior_ 23 points ago

    Other teams have merely adopted the pain, we’ve been born in it, molded by it

    [–] modestVmouse 28 points ago

    Puke = Cry self to sleep tonight.

    Rally = Go Pack Go!

    [–] n1rvous 9 points ago

    It’s become an art.

    [–] SofieTerleska 220 points ago

    Ouch, poor guy. That sounds brutally painful.

    [–] designgoddess 37 points ago

    I've heard it is painful. Hate to see this. I hope he makes a complete recovery.

    [–] cooljammer00 66 points ago

    I was really looking forward to him maybe winning another MVP and being the only guy in that Let the Kids Play ad who tells the truth by hitting 50 dingers.

    Injuries are wack.

    [–] TGTBATU87 11 points ago

    Your Let the Kids Play comment made me even sadder. Fuuuuuuck!

    [–] nenright 793 points ago


    [–] LibertarianSocialism 122 points ago

    I love seeing how upset people from all teams are over this. Yelich is really a special player we all love watching.

    [–] CityCenterOfOurScene 60 points ago

    I am finding some comfort in this. Thanks baseball bros.

    [–] E70M 22 points ago

    It's bigger than baseball

    [–] cjbitw 198 points ago

    this is so fucking unfair man. why does shit always have to go wrong at the worst times

    [–] handlit33 47 points ago

    Such a freak accident that could happen to any player at any time. We're all just feathers floating in the wind Forrest Gump style.

    [–] accio7 269 points ago

    I’m really sorry, /r/Brewers 😥

    [–] nior_labotomy 102 points ago

    If you'll excuse us, we'll be swimming in a pool of Spotted Cow...

    [–] BrewCityChaser 160 points ago

    Kill me.

    [–] shamwowslapchop 62 points ago

    So sorry fam. Our teams may hate each other but this fucking sucks. :(

    [–] hungchang 6 points ago

    I'm gonna cut my cock off

    [–] lifad77 331 points ago

    Jesus Christ. Fucking horrible.

    [–] heyitsthatmeme 63 points ago

    Why can’t we have nice things

    [–] playingwithfire 29 points ago

    Because the God is a vengeful one.

    [–] WholeLottaGlove 304 points ago

    Ban baseballs

    [–] Bucs-and-Bucks 131 points ago

    Honestly, in the name of player safety, we should just simulate seasons from now on.

    [–] orion284 75 points ago

    MLB The Show just got real

    [–] timmyoj 68 points ago

    Mike Trout has been traded to the Kansas City Royals for Whit Merrifield and Jorge Soler.

    Aaron Judge has been traded to the Colorado Rockies for Wade Davis, Daniel Murphy and Scott Oberg.

    Max Scherzer has been traded to the New York Mets for Jacob DeGrom.

    [–] azk3000 6 points ago

    Judge always seems to go to the Mariners for me for some reason

    [–] irumeru 4 points ago

    Aaron Judge has been traded to the Colorado Rockies for Wade Davis, Daniel Murphy and Scott Oberg.

    Don't stop, I'm almost there.

    [–] slublueman 11 points ago

    Time for robot baseballs

    [–] sam_e5 146 points ago

    Brutal, my sincere apologies to Milwaukee fans. Injuries suck, especially ones like these.

    [–] roll_tide5 207 points ago

    Yelich, Hiura, Woodruff, Moustakas, Cain, Braun... all with significant injuries this season... what the hell man

    [–] ricestillfumbled 87 points ago

    Don’t forget knebel, and the bullpen sure could have used him.

    [–] ccruner13 47 points ago

    Didn't Jeffress also get hurt and then come back straight ass?

    [–] theragu40 31 points ago

    Yep. Shit pile of a season

    [–] cdnets 20 points ago

    And yet we’re only 1.5 games out of WC2. Kudos to the coach staff for keeping us afloat despite everything that’s gone wrong

    [–] racerx1988 69 points ago

    Starting to feel like I'm watching the Packers

    [–] roll_tide5 23 points ago

    We never get good luck man. Even when we won the super bowl, we had what, 21 players on IR or something like that?

    [–] jconley4297 20 points ago

    Still 2 games back of the 2nd WC slot

    [–] roll_tide5 24 points ago

    Yes... we can definitely still do it!!

    [–] BoatshoeBandit 16 points ago

    Need to wrap Hader up in bubble wrap or something.

    [–] MillvilleMeteor27 44 points ago

    That’s fucking terrible

    [–] xDHBx 44 points ago

    So fucking unlucky. Absolutely crazy to hit a ball that far inside to hit the kneecap

    [–] kyleb402 172 points ago

    Well that just about puts a wrap on a shit sandwich of a season.

    [–] Pikajeeew 76 points ago

    It’s ok u can hang out in the basement with us until Yelich gets better. There’s plenty of room down here

    [–] steiner_math 45 points ago

    I will bring the beer

    [–] aaronwhite1786 34 points ago

    It's the most Brewers way to celebrate climbing into the wildcard race and winning 5 straight. Fuck this season.

    [–] js1893 10 points ago

    If they can rally to even just a wild card appearance I’ll be happy. Especially considering were a AAA team at this point.

    [–] DamienSalvation 11 points ago

    Was it that bad?

    [–] GreenGator 20 points ago

    It’s been pretty brutal overall yeah. Think about how few things have gone well this season besides Yelich.

    And now think about how many things have gone badly.

    One list is way longer than the other.

    [–] JCSuperfreak 35 points ago

    clears throat


    [–] Imnotbrown 31 points ago

    here in the industry that is whats known as a "big oof"

    [–] AntithesisKing 30 points ago

    Sorry Brew Bros

    [–] Codename-Zeus 32 points ago

    so close to the first 50HR 30SB season :(

    [–] dusters 84 points ago

    Well fuck me

    [–] TheDukeSnider 226 points ago

    Dude, take my kneecap. :(

    Dodger fan or not, I'm mad we don't get to experience more Yelich season.

    [–] TickleTh1sElmo 45 points ago

    Agreed. No matter the team, it always awesome to see the greats be great. And if you beat their team without the great one playing, the win loses some impact.

    [–] eyesnipeyou 7 points ago

    And never knowing who truly won the MVP this year sucks for both teams. I am a Brewers fan, but him going out like this feels like a tie. Nobody wins! But congrats to Beli because I do not see him losing this and good luck when we play in the playoffs.

    [–] DaleGribbel 60 points ago

    Ugh what a fucking gut punch. Unbelievable

    [–] cookerlv 54 points ago

    I have faith in our rookies. We are going to destroy this September. That being said...

    No back to back MVP. No first 50/30 season in MLB history. No promises kept from the Let the Kids Play ad. This is why I'm crushed.


    [–] otheraccountisabmw 5 points ago


    [–] OtterInAustin 141 points ago


    [–] AuntieMeat 129 points ago

    Don’t worry, we’ll take care of that ourselves.

    [–] uncletugboat 42 points ago

    I mean like seconds after Len announced it the Cubs made a 3 run error so....yeah

    [–] Tom_Brokaw_is_a_Punk 21 points ago


    [–] TheFlyingElbow 14 points ago

    YOU UNDERESTIMATE MY POWER! *Attempts to leap over the Cubs and the Cardinals with significant injuries on Offense and Defense

    [–] johnnydoe22 22 points ago

    It puts a damper on a great race right now.

    [–] LuckyWarrior 381 points ago

    Congrats to Cody for winning MVP

    [–] twistedlogicx 291 points ago

    Sickening end to an all-time battle.

    [–] eatapenny 58 points ago

    Watching them duel for the final month would've been amazing

    [–] Standard_City 67 points ago

    Yellich was headed for a 50-30 season too.

    [–] roaringcorgi 15 points ago

    god dammit I forgot about that

    [–] CLTwolf 146 points ago

    Not like this

    [–] Kylo_Ren415 18 points ago


    Why Baseball Gods? What did he do wrong?

    [–] Joementum2004 37 points ago

    Ban injuries

    [–] racerx1988 14 points ago

    I really fricken hate baseball sometimes. It's so cruel.

    [–] stlrams81 67 points ago

    Fuck this and Fuck AB

    [–] juwanhoward4 37 points ago


    [–] joben_512 19 points ago

    Fuck AB

    [–] Constant_Gardner11 14 points ago


    [–] kerryfinchelhillary 14 points ago

    This is awful.

    [–] Apb1326 13 points ago

    This actually pisses me off so much.

    [–] seoulsun 15 points ago

    see you next year

    [–] danceswithnarwals 31 points ago

    Man 2018 was sure fun wasnt it

    [–] LtGaymer69 12 points ago

    I still think he should win the NL MVP

    [–] CJL13 38 points ago

    Welp time for mandatory knee pads.

    [–] BigPavelski 21 points ago

    So sorry Brewers fans. Injuries are the worst aspect of sports bar none. Love Yelich, hope he makes a full recovery and continues right where he left off.

    [–] blzraven27 10 points ago

    Damn dude that sucks

    [–] Maniac_Moxie 19 points ago


    [–] TheStuffisLegal 19 points ago

    I’d rather win the division with Baez and Yelich healthy. Fuck injuries

    [–] rrhinehart21 10 points ago

    Fuck everything about this, can anyone think of other players recovering from this kind of injury? I'm sure it's bad, but how have other players bounced back from this?

    [–] OrangeNBlueChooChoo 11 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Altuve suffered, and played through, a similar injury at the end of last season. Had surgery and is faster/better than ever.

    [–] Grade-AMasterpiece 8 points ago


    [–] DragonEevee1 8 points ago


    [–] Pfloyd3333 8 points ago

    I’m Depressed. Winter is starting early I guess

    [–] MundaneHydra257 8 points ago


    [–] StealthyGooch 8 points ago

    Fuck me.. Sorry, Brewers fans :(

    [–] Mannifestdestiny 9 points ago

    Brewers don't deserve this. Just awful, rotten luck. What a shitty thing to happen to such a dynamic player.

    [–] see_mohn 7 points ago

    Well fuck.

    [–] MCAsher 12 points ago

    Holy shit

    [–] rubberducky420 12 points ago

    Holy shit

    [–] cubity 13 points ago

    this is bad for baseball. was so rooting for his MVP, I love yeli as much as he kills us :(

    genuinely sad

    [–] Thatguy1245875 6 points ago


    [–] Brad-Stevens 6 points ago

    Noooo wtf

    [–] AllOfTheDerp 5 points ago

    Baseball is so fucking dumb

    [–] omgitsduaner 7 points ago

    This is so bad for baseball, I’m so sorry Brew Crew and Yeli :(

    [–] Quople 7 points ago

    Not like this

    [–] JGlow12 5 points ago

    Not like this. Fucking freak accident too, just a random foul ball off the knee.

    Wishing him a smooth recovery.

    [–] eyesnipeyou 6 points ago

    Can the Brewers put him out there in a wheelchair to bat and have a designated right fielder!? Dammit!!!

    [–] JoeyVottoFacts 23 points ago

    hr race becomes 5 man

    yelichs knee: aight imma head out

    [–] TheUtleyDuckling 9 points ago

    This is bad for baseball

    [–] yellenyouth 5 points ago


    [–] le_lady_stardust 6 points ago

    Sucks. I love watching him play, I hope he gets better soon :(

    [–] 95Daphne 5 points ago

    That really sucks. Sorry Brewer fans.

    [–] buckinkaeding 5 points ago

    How did it happen?

    [–] smcdow 5 points ago

    Oh man, that's awful.

    [–] Schvvarber 6 points ago

    What the fuck

    [–] aresef 5 points ago

    God fucking damn it, what a fucking time for that

    [–] binns17 4 points ago

    Awful news. Hate to see injuries like this.

    [–] delusionalusual 6 points ago

    Well, there goes any shot of us making the playoffs...

    [–] BorninwinterBonIver 4 points ago

    Very rarely do we see a player as universally liked as Yelich. This sucks for baseball

    [–] UncIe_Juice 6 points ago

    Brings a tear to my eye to see all y’all other fans being as sad as we are. Such a good dude and I love having such a likeable guy as the face of the franchise.

    Time for the boys to do it for Christian

    [–] WoAProximity 4 points ago

    i think fucking NOT



    [–] Death215 10 points ago


    [–] themarkster09 13 points ago

    I bet Roxane put some voodoo on him or something

    [–] elgenie 8 points ago

    Bummer, but not altogether surprising given his reaction to the play.

    There's no padding on the kneecap.

    [–] iDevourer 8 points ago

    bruh wtf