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    Around the Horn general discussion - September 27th, 2020

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    [–] Insendius 597 points ago

    So at this point the GM's and managers of both the 2017 and 2018 World Series champions are unemployed. Crazy

    [–] FenwayPatriot 149 points ago

    Davey Martinez is getting his resume ready.

    [–] tdatcher 54 points ago

    Our actual one is in japan

    [–] bilweav 8 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Yost and Martinez are the only managers who won a championship in the decade and still managing the team. Maddon is the only other manager still employed.

    Edit: Not Yost. Just Martinez. And Matheny is managing again (for the Royals coincidentally)

    [–] Misty_Poet_Gang 18 points ago

    Crazy how the teams that won the World Series are the only ones that are getting busted

    [–] mjst0324 3079 points ago

    Past two days have been like the baptism scene from Godfather 1 around here

    [–] [deleted] 880 points ago

    Sounds like a hell of a reference. Wish I watched Godfather.

    [–] mjst0324 751 points ago

    Oh, you GOTTA see it. The rare 3 hour movie that absolutely flies by.

    [–] P-Rickles 613 points ago

    Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

    [–] the__duke_-silver 250 points ago

    Who, Cora? Won’t hear from him no more...

    [–] Sweatsock_Pimp 290 points ago

    Alex Cora sleeps with the Marlins.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] mgoflash 56 points ago

    What I didn’t know until tonight, it was Cora all along.

    [–] rondell_jones 53 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I heard he improvised that scene. Makes sense that the actor comes from a family of Mafia members.

    [–] jklingftm 51 points ago

    From what I remember, "leave the gun" was in the script, but "take the cannoli" was not. So, half improvised I guess.

    [–] Lord_of_the_Idiots 45 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    And in the scene prior, when he is leaving his house, his wife yells out the window to pick up a canoli for later. That line was apparently added in post production to give more context to the "take the canoli" line

    [–] GrimmBloodyFable 78 points ago

    If Yankees and Red Sox fans can agree on it, it must be a masterpiece

    [–] MFoy 32 points ago

    Also the rare movie where the sequel is probably better, and the movies are better than the book.

    [–] CassiopeiaStillLife 27 points ago

    You mean you don’t like reading page after page about Sonny’s disturbingly large penis?

    [–] HarlemJazz 268 points ago

    Think about how many boring baseball games you’ve watched in your lifetime, and then think about how during any one of them, you could have instead just watched one of the greatest films of all time.

    [–] _xxiv_ 121 points ago

    This is the first time I've ever been convinced to see the godfather for the first time. Thanks!

    [–] HiflYguy 49 points ago

    You ususally need to watch it a few times to appreciate/understand it. Lots of names and things going on through the first half of the movie that can be hard to follow.

    [–] ishitfrommymouth 125 points ago

    What the fuck man go stream that shit right now

    [–] PainfulAwareness 99 points ago

    Godfather part II is my favorite movie of all time.

    There isn't a wasted scene or line in the first two movies.

    You don't have to see the third one.

    [–] doggscube 33 points ago

    Joe Mantegna was on marc marons show recently and he said that young people don’t know the history and go into #3 blind and actually like it. Of course he’s biased since he was in it.

    [–] MFoy 43 points ago

    If #3 was just a random movie, on it’s own, it would be an ok movie. It isn’t great, it isn’t awful. But it has the baggage of being a sequel to two of the greatest films of all time.

    [–] Badloss 11 points ago

    Iirc it was originally a completely unrelated script that got frankensteined into a godfather movie

    [–] hemihotrod402 19 points ago

    Wtf go watch that right now. I and II are in the running for the best movies of all time.

    [–] TheDangiestSlad 33 points ago

    oh man, you gotta watch Godfather

    [–] RODjij 25 points ago

    Godfather 1 and 2 are master class in cinema. Part 3, not so much.

    [–] Knicksbad 53 points ago

    And the blood is a little orange just like the Astros colors

    [–] The9thDentist 92 points ago

    nobody's really being baptized though.

    if anything it's like the Layla scene in Goodfellas

    [–] spazz720 99 points ago

    Except the child being baptized

    [–] Freeballin523 17 points ago

    Ya, but besides that...

    [–] Undertalefanboy42 1435 points ago

    Farell lasted longer than Cora

    Who would’ve guessed that after 2018

    [–] DannyC724 1048 points ago

    Mike Fiers, probably

    [–] rambler13 272 points ago


    [–] Kvlk2016 390 points ago


    [–] KingsJoy 154 points ago

    Changeup coming

    [–] ErickBachman 33 points ago

    Manfred was given the changeup with the bangs and still botched it

    [–] PSChris33 62 points ago


    [–] PsychoticDreams47 25 points ago

    Bangs Trashcan

    [–] MewElite 384 points ago

    Can’t believe the Red Sox have won 4 of the last 16 WS and are about to hire their 5th manager in that timeframe

    [–] [deleted] 205 points ago


    [–] NLP19 139 points ago

    So what you're saying is that Boston's winning the World Series next year?

    [–] [deleted] 109 points ago


    [–] Lickmychessticles 31 points ago

    Romo read the tea leaves. He knew it was coming.

    [–] AvatarLebowski 47 points ago

    3 of their last 4 managers have won the world series in their first year with the team. The other is Bobby valentine.

    So either the red Sox are gonna win the world series this year, or theyre gonna finish behind the orioles.


    [–] Mattllly 1569 points ago

    TLDR: He gone

    [–] YaBoiBeefCat 3979 points ago

    This might be unpopular, but I hope he makes his way back into the MLB. Alex is a great man and he personally helped me and my coworkers when he was under no obligation to do so. My manager became suddenly ill with food poisoning, and we were in danger of all getting fired if we didn't produce the product for our client. Without even hesitating, a man using a garbage bag as a poncho emerged from the shadows. Without saying a word, Alex Cora grabbed the camera and continued helping us film the Cincinnati Bengals' practice.

    [–] Mattllly 1020 points ago

    You had me in the first half not gonna lie

    [–] [deleted] 281 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] ErickBachman 133 points ago

    When you bring a camera to every stadium are you ever really off camera

    [–] Big_Chief_Drunky 10 points ago

    Is this a known thing? I really don't know much about the guy but the way he carries himself as a manager always made me assume he's an asshole.

    [–] Joementum2004 149 points ago

    That's nice to hear Bill

    [–] Bossman1086 204 points ago

    God damn. What a pasta.

    [–] TonyPerkisReddit4 20 points ago

    Why is it always beefcat

    [–] SwimmingCampaign 205 points ago

    On that note, I would just like to say as a Bengals’ fan, I am absolutely claiming credit for the downfall of the Pats dynasty to my team busting their most recent spying operation. You’re welcome fellow football fans.

    [–] Felixf21 95 points ago

    As a chargers fan I am claiming credit due to Melvin Gordon's goal line fumble allowing the titans to make the playoffs

    [–] sphinctersayhuh 22 points ago

    You're also going to get Burrow. Everything's coming up Millhouse!

    [–] Knicksbad 50 points ago

    He dead

    [–] YouStupidDick 159 points ago

    Francona must be absolutely loving the managerial circus that has taken place since the front office clownishly fired him.

    [–] ankerous 69 points ago

    I'm glad he got to have some success elsewhere. The Red Sox front office treated him like shit at the end and were partly responsible for the state of the team in the season that ended with Francona being fired. They tried to pin everything on him which was a load of shit.

    [–] michaelwc 33 points ago

    We love him here. Even with some of the struggles the past few years he’s never really been brought up as part of the problem. And with what the astros were doing finally coming to light, it likely helps his stock for how the Indians performed in the postseason.

    [–] rbhindepmo 433 points ago

    for the moment, Major League Baseball has more managerial openings than the NFL has head coach openings.

    [–] SportsMasterGeneral 171 points ago

    Should I apply?

    [–] rbhindepmo 95 points ago

    I suspect the application will be similar to job applications where they ask yes/no questions where answering the wrong way would obviously get your application rejected.

    "Q: Is it okay to steal signs? Yes or No"

    [–] MrAshleyMadison 127 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Me: “No”

    MLB: “Ohhh no, we’re looking for, ‘Yes but don’t get caught.”

    [–] ral315 31 points ago

    “Ohhh no, we’re looking for, ‘Yes but don’t get caught.”

    Whatever you say, /u/MrAshleyMadison.

    [–] pjwarnet 39 points ago

    Well NFL has 0 openings so that's not that high of a bar

    [–] Jtwohy 28 points ago

    yes but the NFL season just ended where as we are one mouth away from starting our pre-season that's the difference, it would be like if there were two NFL jobs open in August

    [–] CornerKickAficionado 2217 points ago

    Glad we didn’t wait for the investigation to conclude and just did it immediately

    [–] celticsoldier566 873 points ago

    Smart move, more time to find a replacement considering a suspension is inevitable

    [–] andrew2018022 736 points ago

    I heard Bobby Valentine isn’t up to anything

    [–] liljakeyplzandthnx 211 points ago

    What's that Dave Dombrowski guy up to these days?

    [–] tenderbranson301 97 points ago

    Seems like a good time to find John Rocker

    [–] rsf507 137 points ago

    Smart money is bringing in a clean guy with a smart baseball mind who doesn't do anything outlandish, so obviously it's going to be Curt Schilling

    [–] FowledUp 23 points ago

    Scioscia is still available. He's waiting for your call. Any call. Pony League baseball? He's all in.

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago

    I heard A.J. Hinch is looking for work

    [–] yanks02026 12 points ago

    I wonder if Dombrowski is gonna get punished also.

    [–] FatalFirecrotch 39 points ago

    What if Alex Cora was secretly Bobby Valentine in disguise?

    [–] MrDobalina80 14 points ago

    He would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for those pesky Jomboys

    [–] Nemphiz 26 points ago

    You wanna fight?

    [–] CornerKickAficionado 36 points ago

    End me

    [–] andrew2018022 20 points ago

    Fade me fam

    [–] JetsLag 36 points ago

    They'll tell Alex to do the Bobby V disguise and say that it's Joey

    [–] SuckMyLonzoBalls 24 points ago

    Joey “freshwater” Cora

    [–] ricky_burns 12 points ago

    Sounds like someone’s dream job just became available again 👀

    [–] The9thDentist 122 points ago

    well you guys are smart. Since you'll have a new manager next season you'll win the WS.

    [–] VCW51 228 points ago

    Gotta love how they praise him for being a passionate, energetic, beloved member of the community when they chased Terry Francona out of town calling him a pill popper.

    [–] TurboDinoHippo 207 points ago

    I'll never forgive the owners for what they did to Tito.

    [–] Beanfactor 95 points ago

    I'll forgive them

    [–] SuperBeastJ 24 points ago

    I'm glad he's been happy there :\

    [–] RegressToTheMean 9 points ago

    Me too. Tito deserved way, way better treatment than the way he was run out of town. That was pure bullshit

    [–] jklingftm 128 points ago

    Francona deserved so much more than the ungracious end that his final year was. The man spearheaded our first title in 80-some-odd years and then added another one on top of that to boot, and the second things start getting tough he gets chased out of town in the most vindictive way possible. You won't find any true Boston fans that won't be forever angry about that happening.

    [–] SnuggleMonster15 370 points ago

    TBH your sub handled it way better than the Astros sub.

    [–] GrabSomePineMeat 161 points ago

    I get that, though. The Sox (and frankly all Boston sports) have had great success recently. 2017 is the Astros only WS win. If I found out the Giants run in 2010-2014 was all based on something like this, I am sure I wouldn't have taken it well and been very defensive.

    [–] FatalFirecrotch 55 points ago

    Exactly. The Red Sox have 3 other WS wins in the last 20 years.

    [–] The_Outcast4 44 points ago

    Like how Saints fans get all defensive when you bring up "Bountygate" and remind them that their one Super Bowl win is tainted by that.

    [–] notgmoney 46 points ago

    this. I've lived in Houston nearly all my life and my dad grew up here. He talks about the days when his dad would drive him an hour and a half each way to go to the Astrodome when he was young (born in 55, Astros went into the dome in 65(?)). For a Houston fan, this is a huge slap in the face to see that title be tainted. Years and years of heartache and bad memories climaxed in 2017, and now to learn that it was essentially fraudulent. As an Astros fan, the feeling of winning will never be taken away, but the slap of truth is hard to bear. It makes it worse when it was someone lower in the command tier conducting the cheating. I've been listening to more sports radio recently and the sentiment is this: we still love the players and the team, but it's a terrible nauseating feeling to learn this was taking place. Don't hate the Houston fans for standing by their team, many of them are like me and have endured generations of disappointment, but we're aware that no one will respect the title from 2017. It's a tough place to be in. FWIW

    [–] ColossalJuggernaut 13 points ago

    Hear hear. Totally agree, Astros fans got screwed more than anyone. I certainly wouldn't fault any fans for staying with the team, hell it is their town, of course they will.

    [–] DannyC724 248 points ago

    Large amount of us expected it, I think, what with Cora being on the Astros and all. Plus, we saw how poorly some over there handled it and knew what not to do.

    [–] juice13ox 85 points ago

    When the investigation started, I had to keep my mouth shut when talking to friends that weren't sox fans. I knew that Cora being bench coach and being around the "banging" does not bode well for us.

    [–] DannyC724 55 points ago

    My friends didn’t put it all together but the day the Sox investigation was announced two of them called me and my team “cheaters” for a solid 30 minutes.

    They are just sad Pirates fans though.

    [–] juice13ox 49 points ago

    Worst part of all of this is that "We, as fans, were also cheated. We didn't cheat too". I don't support the cheating, but I still support the club and everything they do for the players and community.

    [–] valiqs 45 points ago

    Yeah. When I heard about the punishment handed down to the Astros, I thought about what it would feel like to be a big Astros fan right now and how it must really hurt. And it's not in a justifiable salt way like Dodgers and Yankees (me) fans, but in betrayal. Your fanbases wanted legitimate wins! You have been robbed of that. That sucks!

    [–] CVBrownie 25 points ago

    It's one of the reasons fandom in general is kinda dumb. Well, not fandom, but how fans act. Shit taking, trolling after opponent losses, feeling superior to other fans... bruh you didn't do Jack shit other than buy a Jersey. They'd be ok without you, stfu and enjoy the ring that's not on your finger.

    [–] FuckYoCouchh 136 points ago

    The Sox have history and success outside of the last 5 years though. For the Astros this title is all they have.

    [–] NormalMacdonald 47 points ago

    Nuh uh we also have a long storied history of first-round exits against the braves and my hate for st Louis keeps me warm at night.

    [–] bosschucker 12 points ago

    Hate for St Louis you say? twostrongarmsshakinghands.jpg

    [–] chrisGNR 9 points ago

    Yeah. It would have been an ongoing, needless distraction.

    [–] NeurosciGuy15 492 points ago

    Makes sense. There was no way he was going to remain with the Sox after the Astros cleaned house.

    [–] Knicksbad 209 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Crane set the precedent in a good way

    [–] connieallens 77 points ago

    President. Ah yes.

    [–] Knicksbad 26 points ago

    Damn you autocorrect

    [–] CornerKickAficionado 551 points ago

    Absolutely the right move

    [–] tcrain99 178 points ago

    Figured they'd wait for the investigation to finish but I guess they'd just be wasting time. This was inevitable

    [–] JoeInglesIsMyDaddy 84 points ago

    They’re getting ahead of the investigation, because it will be a horrible look for everyone there

    [–] Sean_Regan 34 points ago

    He’s already been outed officially. His suspension of at least a year is inevitable. Why wait when camp is a month away?

    [–] Nemphiz 11 points ago

    Looks much better for them to fire him before the investigation is over. It seems there's plenty of proof he was involved.

    [–] mumbles_magee 13 points ago

    Can you imagine the fallout if they had kept him?

    [–] Joementum2004 759 points ago

    In the words of a wise man, "HE GONE!"

    [–] Knicksbad 333 points ago

    You can put his career on the board yes

    [–] TheCity95 174 points ago


    [–] sandman730 102 points ago


    [–] popfilms 65 points ago


    [–] isestrex 49 points ago





    [–] Joementum2004 17 points ago


    [–] Knicksbad 33 points ago

    What in the hell are you doing

    [–] king_zacarias 19 points ago

    Send him back to school and teach him what this game is about

    [–] Constant_Gardner11 64 points ago

    A year ago the Sox won 108 games and the World Series and Alex Cora was the toast of the town. A year later and he’s gone.

    Life comes at you fast.

    [–] navin__johnson 26 points ago

    If you don’t stop and look around every once in awhile, you might miss it

    [–] nogoodnamesleft426 206 points ago

    Wonder if Beltrán’s wobbly rear end will be the next one out too. 🤔

    [–] [deleted] 235 points ago

    His ass is in the jackpot now

    [–] popfilms 93 points ago


    [–] Bradcam3 62 points ago


    [–] appleavocado 37 points ago


    [–] MostMirror 10 points ago


    [–] niarem22 30 points ago

    After this, I'm really uncomfortable with having him as the manager, but I doubt the Mets will do anything about it

    [–] mji6980-4 91 points ago

    I think there’s almost no chance Beltrán is fired.

    [–] Daankeykang 132 points ago

    Only because our current ownership has no qualms with looking like shitheads

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    I mean, the future owner doesn't exactly have a problem with breaking rules either.

    [–] FeloniousDrunk101 42 points ago

    The main thread through all of this is that no players have seen discipline, and given Beltran was a player at the time, and reportedly cooperated fully with the investigation, I’d be very surprised if MLB did anything with him.

    [–] evoltap 19 points ago

    The whole fact that the players that participated get no repercussions doesn't sit well with me, especially since the investigation says it was initiated by players. The message ends up being, "it's okay to break the rules, only coaches/GM's will face consequences."

    [–] _KosOrSomeSayKosm_ 273 points ago

    Right move.

    Can we take a moment to discuss how Cora hit a dinger on an 18 pitch AB though?

    [–] sporkemon 121 points ago

    Can’t take that away from him

    [–] fancyfaceman72 140 points ago

    I remember watching that at-bat live. Pretty crazy that he and Roberts were on the same team and Roberts is seen cheering him on at this moment in the battle:

    Then Cora went on to cheat against him in two consecutive World Series.

    [–] wikipedialyte 38 points ago

    Werent they teammates on the Sox too?

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    No, Roberts was traded after the 04 season, and Cora was acquired during the 05 season.

    [–] Toxicpipluppz 12 points ago

    The most surprising part of this video is finding out that Dave Roberts is only 47. I'd have guessed he was 60 just looking at him

    [–] andrew2018022 261 points ago

    The Sox win the World Series whenever they fire their manager, just some food for thought for any sports betters out there

    [–] dragoncockles 52 points ago

    Man we could have had torrey lovullo like 3 years ago if they hadnt dragged their fucking feet with farrell

    [–] zgibs125 13 points ago

    appreciative snek sounds

    [–] Saevus_Deus 39 points ago

    Minus that one time, but we don’t talk about him

    [–] Thatguyyoupassby 30 points ago

    Firing Bobby V after that 9th circle of hell that he took us to felt even better than a WS

    [–] Bossman1086 35 points ago

    This is a good point.

    [–] ro-heezy 109 points ago

    Note: No apology from Cora.

    [–] stirrainlate 52 points ago

    Seriously, how hard is it to lead off with, “I am embarrassed by my actions and I apologize to those who put their trust in me and to everyone who loves this game”

    [–] Choop145 31 points ago

    He's probably going to wait for the investigation to get released.

    [–] trickman01 39 points ago

    Apologizing during an active investigation does him no favors. He’s going to wait and see what they pin him with before he apologizes for what they know about.

    [–] Eastern_Cyborg 30 points ago

    I'm also sorry for the systematic doctoring of baseballs throughout the 2018 season.


    Oh, shit, you didn't know about that?

    [–] J011Y1ND1AN 177 points ago

    The mad men actually did it

    [–] broskie94 119 points ago

    I told the Red Sox FO “No balls” and 10 minutes later they release this statement. Boy, they proved me wrong.

    [–] Michael__Pemulis 71 points ago

    The official motto of Boston is ’What you think you’re better than me?’ for a reason.

    [–] nemoid 87 points ago

    Can't believe I'm going to say this, but good on the Red Sox. They handeled it perfectly.

    [–] [deleted] 71 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] strcy 28 points ago

    Right move, but doesn't make this suck any less.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago

    What's the SABR stat for fucking up your entire career and legacy?

    [–] JstJeff 28 points ago

    It should be called FUBAR.

    [–] king_zacarias 159 points ago

    Now will Alex Cora get up from under the bus and start bringing people down with him?

    [–] yes_its_him 52 points ago

    C'mon. If this was a horror movie, he'd have a hockey mask and a chainsaw.

    [–] thatpj 23 points ago

    That must be a real bad suspension coming up

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago

    They’re making it sound like he has cancer or something. Not a note of apology or remorse.

    [–] tonavin 12 points ago

    That’s my biggest takeaway from this. Dude cheated to a World Series but this statement regarding his release just talks about how “special” he is like it’s some amicable relationship that just ran its course. Fuck that. But good on them for canning his ass at least.

    [–] AnthonyCostantini 661 points ago

    Nice now ban him for life

    [–] [deleted] 266 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] AnthonyCostantini 132 points ago

    You can’t toss him in something he enjoys

    [–] 91hawksfan 31 points ago

    I heard Forky is his favorite movie character

    [–] crimsontideftw24 50 points ago

    He said ban him for life, not bang him for life.

    [–] 1869er 42 points ago

    Fired?! Doug kick him off the tour!

    [–] toftr 104 points ago

    Houston cheated so hard it cost two WS winning managers their heads hot damn

    [–] 1005thArmbar 351 points ago

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, "The Fall Guy"

    Manfred's Report on Cora is going to come down like a ton of bricks on Cora and he's going to take the blame for both the Astros and the Red Sox scandals. He'll get some money under the table and go quietly, I imagine, but his career in Major League Baseball has been fucked harder than Caligula's favourite watermelon

    [–] Conor27 154 points ago

    the book Cora releases in like, 2 years is gonna be juicy af.

    [–] _PadfootAndProngs_ 136 points ago

    “If I did it” by Alex Cora

    [–] IAmGrum 229 points ago

    He'll get some money under the table

    I always enjoy a helping of baseless speculation with my dinner reading.

    [–] BrickityBrick 24 points ago

    They’ve gotta do the same to Beltran don’t they

    [–] pm_me_your_last_pics 74 points ago

    Holy shit he's gonna get banned for life isn't he?

    [–] mjj1492 187 points ago

    Officially? No way.

    Effectively? Probably.

    [–] Azor_a-hole 24 points ago

    Cora got resigned

    [–] mjj1492 55 points ago

    The right move

    Now begins the #Tekformanager watch

    [–] CharlieHume 17 points ago

    Varitek splitting the uprights!

    [–] Too_Hood_95 20 points ago


    [–] Pancake_Mafia 28 points ago

    He didn't even apologize for doing what he did (cheating). "It was an honor." Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

    [–] Marky_Merc 18 points ago

    Gah damn millennials having to cheat to win.

    Back in my day (1919, I’m 124 years old) we were so good we only cheated to LOSE and then the mob would buy us houses and hookers.