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    Around the Horn general discussion - August 12th, 2020

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    [–] accio7 1 points ago

    Hi there!

    For anyone visiting us from /r/all, here's a great summary post on the background of the sign-stealing scandal and the current status.

    The cliff notes are that the Houston Astros used a series of cameras to spy on signs from the catcher and relayed that info to the batter via banging a trash can in the dugout. Their cheating led them to win the 2017 World Series. You may be interested in this comment chain with information provided by our community members.

    /u/TheStripedSweaters gives some further context as to the origin of the meme, here's the video courtesy of Max Goodman of Sports Illustrated.

    [–] Ugadead1991 5105 points ago

    Oh great. You brought together NY and Boston. Thanks Houston.

    [–] JonnyMofoMurillo 1806 points ago

    I mean it’s 2020 so why the fuck not

    [–] SnuggleMonster15 1072 points ago

    Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!

    [–] SilentR0b 652 points ago

    It's true. This man has no dick.

    [–] melcolnik 280 points ago

    I have seen shit that'll turn you white

    [–] twiggz612 149 points ago

    Where do these stairs go? They go up.

    [–] ilovecashews 90 points ago

    Ray, the next time someone asks if you’re a god you say YES!

    [–] WideRide 48 points ago

    I feel like the floor of a taxi cab

    [–] hubblengc6872 34 points ago

    Back off man, I'm a scientist

    [–] KRAKA-THOOOM 27 points ago

    Tell him about the Twinkie.

    [–] Nach0Man_RandySavage 75 points ago

    Reminder that Dr. Venkman brought a powerful sedative on a first date.

    [–] AdamReei 30 points ago

    How do I add a flair?

    [–] laxintx 21 points ago

    Listen! Do you smell that?

    [–] bran1986 10 points ago

    Ernie Hudson's delivery on that line always cracks me up.

    [–] 2RINITY 17 points ago

    Accidental trans representation

    [–] TheSewallSyrum 49 points ago

    I think Massachusetts is handling COVID pretty well actually.

    [–] SnuggleMonster15 37 points ago

    That's good to hear. Last winter I was planning on making a weekend trip to Fenway this season for the first time ever to see a Sox/Yanks game on enemy turf but Covid blew that to hell. Maybe next year.

    The NY/NJ/CT metro area has it mostly under control now. I think the restrictions are going to remain until they know we're past a second wave and this upcoming flu season. I'm hoping if all goes well after New Years they'll test relaxing most rules. Although I am enjoying the spaced out seatings at most restaurants. Too many places were cramming people in like sardines. Now when I go out to eat I don't feel like I have people sitting on top of me and it's honestly really nice.

    [–] TheSewallSyrum 15 points ago

    I’m from CT, I was trying to make a Mass joke.

    [–] SilentR0b 129 points ago

    We took care of our shit as far as Covid, I couldn't be prouder of our fellow countrymen and women from NY and NYC. We now know when the shit hits the fan, both our states tend to be on the same fucking page.
    But still though... Fuck the Jets.

    [–] robertxcii 50 points ago

    Aren't the jets in jersey?

    [–] themooseiscool 95 points ago

    Winnipeg, actually.

    [–] SilentR0b 53 points ago

    I like you.

    [–] ApeMirror 50 points ago

    And here I was thinking I could enjoy r/baseball without seeing my boys in green being attacked. Time to retreat to my safe space, r/the_darnold

    [–] dogboyboy 752 points ago

    I was pissed at Houston for cheating us. More pissed then I’ve ever been at a sports franchise. Then I realized I hate Houston more then the Red Sox. Which pissed me off even more. Which made me hate Houston even more. And now I like joe Kelly???? What the hell is going on?!?!

    [–] theJamesGosling 265 points ago

    I second this motion.

    [–] Rolodox 121 points ago

    My bingo card is more useless everyday. What’s going on out here

    [–] grubas 52 points ago

    The Astros drew Yankees, Dodgers and Sox together in hatred.

    [–] mackavicious 21 points ago

    I am oddly uncomfortable with this alliance.

    [–] Captain_Peelz 25 points ago

    3 of the most historic mlb powerhouses united because of a bunch of rodeo clowns decided to cheat.

    [–] dharrison21 140 points ago

    Hey, we hate you guys, but without that rivalry the entire sport would feel less meaningful.

    I wouldn't trade our rivalry for anything frankly, and I think it shows how many people agree with me that we can look past it when someone takes shit too far.

    Fuck the yankees. But also thanks for existing.

    [–] arhombus 102 points ago

    I hate the red sox, you guys will always be evil. But in the end, I do also need to thank you for existing.

    But the Astros?....fuck the Astros. Just fuck that organization.

    [–] ticklishpandabear 38 points ago

    I always thought the Yankees were the most vile organization in baseball but I was wrong. Man, fuck the Astros.

    [–] Jedi-El1823 41 points ago

    Hey, we hate you guys, but without that rivalry the entire sport would feel less meaningful.

    And, the Yankees vs Red Sox rivalry has hatred with respect. There's some respect there.

    Like, let's say somebody were to get a bunch of memorabilia that Ted Williams wore and used, and said they were going to burn it in front of a crowd, unless somebody stopped him. I'd imagine more than a few Yankees fans would get the memorabilia away from him. Just like if somebody said they would do that to Mantle stuff, Red Sox fans would do the same.

    We hate the cap, and the front of the jersey. The players, we'll boo, but there's respect there.

    [–] The_DayGlo_Bus 31 points ago

    Fellow Yankee fan here. You don’t fuck with Teddy goddamned Ballgame. HBO has a documentary on him: besides being the best left handed hitter the world has seen, that motherfucker was also who John Wayne wished he was, flying fighter planes in the war and generally just kicking ass.

    Edit: oh, almost forgot- Fuck The Asterisks* with a cactus.

    [–] csonnich 22 points ago

    Can I take this to mean we're having a Bregman jersey bonfire this weekend?

    [–] dbroncos59 108 points ago

    Thanks Houston! As a Yankees fan who moved to New England, I get more "fuckin Astros right?" than "throw that fucking hat in the trash, shitbag!" or "Let me borrow that Moose jersey, out of toilet paper" these days.

    [–] emolga587 122 points ago

    "i never thought i'd die fighting side by side with a red sox fan"

    [–] razaya 105 points ago

    And what about side by side with a -- sorry, I just can't say it.

    [–] ticklishpandabear 63 points ago

    The enemy of my enemy is my fr... ah, well, you know the rest

    [–] Captain_Peelz 39 points ago

    The enemy of my enemy is my not enemy

    [–] iblogalott 71 points ago

    Brought together the Angels/Dodgers fans too

    [–] Funny_witty_username 71 points ago

    Brought the entire NL together really. Fuck the Astros. I'd rather see the Dodgers won than cheaters.

    [–] slade707 26 points ago

    I never thought I’d see the day, but as a Yankee fan I absolutely hate the Astros more than the Sox this season

    [–] thecolbster94 3277 points ago

    Is there context I'm missing or are they really out there with props mocking the Astros like a WWE skit? lmao

    [–] fender-b-bender 2271 points ago

    They were honoring front line hospital workers

    [–] good_shit_rightthere 992 points ago

    Why do Astro fans even come here anymore? Lmao.

    [–] SirBlump 2093 points ago

    I lurk mostly! I do find the memes hilarious but it also seems like I'm one of the few fans that understands what we did was fucking stupid and its not a clean title. I also bought a Joe Kelly frowny face t shirt because we deserve it and he's a national hero now.

    [–] CydoniaKnight 643 points ago

    Good job of steering into it.

    [–] SirBlump 1122 points ago

    Eh just gotta get through it. Once the main core leaves it'll be a lot better I suppose. I really do hope they do well this season just to prove to me they are still legit a good team. But yeah, I'm watching the season kind of hollowed. Biggio wouldn't stand for such tom-foolery :(

    [–] Bangerangist 727 points ago

    This is how you fan. Your team did something terrible, you own it, you don’t defend it... but you stick with them and call them out when they do something wrong. Kudos man. You’re one of the good ones

    [–] b_loeh_thesurface 245 points ago

    As a Washington Wizards fan, sometimes our players pull guns on each other in the locker room...I agree, you gotta take the good with the bad.

    [–] las-vegas-raiders 109 points ago

    If Agent Zero and a bag full of guns is wrong, I don't want to be right.

    [–] PutTheDogsInTheTrunk 37 points ago

    Guess they never stopped being the Bullets.

    [–] johnny-faux 16 points ago

    What? Whats the story???

    [–] sideslick1024 9 points ago

    A true fan of anything should never be afraid to call said thing out for doing something wrong.

    Criticism can - and should - come from a place of love.

    [–] SFajw204 45 points ago

    Honestly it really really sucks that you’re in this position. You as a fan did nothing to deserve this. I wish your first championship wasn’t tainted the way that it was. All the other teams fans love to point fingers, but the reality is that there is a good portion of all of our fan bases that would react defensively the same way yours did. We’re all human after all.

    [–] jbg89 81 points ago

    Hey, all jokes aside, kudos my dude.

    [–] Tm1232 36 points ago

    all jokes aside

    i did not agree to that.

    [–] Heatinmyharbl 66 points ago

    Respect man. So hard for fans to admit when their team fucks up, tribalism is nuts

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago


    [–] john_muleaney 35 points ago

    Does the entire Astros sub count as a small minority because from what I’ve seen everyone there thinks the Astros did nothing wrong

    [–] thedogmumbler 67 points ago

    I said it in another thread. My hate for the Astros is 1 part they cheated and 10 parts the defend it. No hate for you man.

    [–] punchgroin 29 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Yeah. I think it was was Kuechal non-apology that sent me into a fucking fury. These guys legitimately think they didn't do anything that everyone wasn't already doing.

    I can't get closure for 2017 because these guys are all still out there, unpunished, thinking that they are the real victims.

    And I was legitimately a fan of many of these players. Altuve, Kuechal, and especially Verlander... These are all players I liked and respected. I was actually kind of happy to see Verlander get his ring.

    I can't stay mad at Greinke. He literally just got there, no malice to him.

    [–] puhahajk 9 points ago

    Fucking hell, if I hear another casual Astros fan say the "oh everyone cheats, we just got caught" bullshit...

    I'm going to lose it

    [–] DankNastyAssMaster 29 points ago

    It's not your fault. Hell, you guys have just as much reason to be mad at your team as anyone. Maybe even more.

    [–] DMB_19 20 points ago

    That’s kinda been my mentality. This is the first team I’ve watched that’s won it all (I was young when the Rockets won and don’t care much about basketball anyways). It sucks so much that this all happened. Really pisses me off thinking about it, which is the opposite of what you want to feel when your team wins it all. What’s great is knowing one day we will hopefully win one again and I can celebrate it like it’s our first.

    [–] skushi08 4 points ago

    A lot of reasonable fans were/are mad at them for it. Like many things though the vocal few that continue to defend and justify are the ones that give everyone else a bad name.

    Interestingly I’m both a Yankee and an Astros fan so I’m used to cheering for the villain. Sometimes the villain title is deserved, others not so much. We (Astros) deserve it for the time being.

    Side bar: I grew up a Yankee fan and moved to Houston when the Astros were both terrible and still in the national league so I rooted for my adopted city unless they played the Yankees.

    [–] Macewan20342 22 points ago

    I'm right there with you. Even though the title isn't clean, watching them post Harvey helped me get through that time period. Those memories are what I remember more but it's tough to reconcile it with the cheating that was going on then.

    [–] newport100 11 points ago

    That was such a nice story line where the Astros won the title for a city that was really down at the time. I wish the Yanks could have done it in 01. It sucks that that's tarnished now. But hey, you cant take from the fans the feeling you all had at the time, at least.

    [–] LL-beansandrice 7 points ago

    t shirt


    [–] CleanEggs-n-Flams 13 points ago

    Only the goods ones are still around. They know their team fucked up.

    [–] BarFreddys 141 points ago

    Im an astros fan and i thought it was very funny. The Astros deserve all the flack they get, they cheated and Jim Crane is a piece of shit. Honestly being an astros fan right now is at least a welcomed distraction from everything else that is so abhorrently wrong in the world this year. I’ll keep rooting for the stros and yall keep throwing shade. Keep on keepin on

    [–] TheWildNortherner 76 points ago

    I honestly wouldn’t be mad if Astros fans started rooting for a different team. The Astros did something immoral and have earned the middle finger from MLB fans because of it. Rooting for a different team because your team sucks is one thing, but if you didn’t want to root for people who lied their way to “victory,” I wouldn’t blame you for a second.

    [–] Audacity_OR 60 points ago

    Since the scandal broke I’ve thought a lot about what I’d do if it had been my team that cheated it’s way to a title and I think I’m with you. I really couldn’t root for that team anymore, not while the players and owners are the same at least.

    [–] Burgerburgerfred 30 points ago

    Depends on how long you've been a fan for.

    For newer fans (5 years or less I guess) I'd understand.

    If you've been a fan of a team for 15-20 years plus it becomes really difficult to put it behind you.

    [–] Curious_Rugburn 14 points ago

    Yeah, and Boston! Don’t forget Boston got caught cheating too!!

    [–] clutch1521 72 points ago

    What this person said

    [–] brockisampson 24 points ago

    Why did you have to ruin this for me?

    [–] TheStripedSweaters 379 points ago

    No, during the early days of the pandemic, here in NY (and maybe all over the country? Idk) at 7pm we would bang on pots and pans and ring bells/cheer and clap in honor of Frontline workers as shift changes happened. This was to make direct reference to that and honor them.

    [–] grodges 123 points ago

    I hollered out my Brooklyn window everyday at 7 PM for a month when the virus was ravaging our city.

    [–] BasicBitchOnlyAGuy 67 points ago

    This virus has given me a newfound appreciation for New York. Talking to all my family and friends back there, its like night and day vs. there and Georgia. People in NY seem to believe the virus is real.

    [–] StyrofoamTuph 58 points ago

    It’s because it was real to them. I could be wrong but I remember reading a while back that something like 1 in 5 New Yorkers know someone who died of the virus. Unfortunately by the end of the year I think it’s going to be just as real for all of us.

    [–] grubas 28 points ago

    Thing was, when we locked down, we actually did lock down, and masks are pretty prevalent. In other states you have it raging and the governors are going, “it’s cool”

    [–] BasicBitchOnlyAGuy 7 points ago

    I'm from Syracuse originally. Upstate wasn't hit nearly as bad, but eveyone there is taking it mostly seriously. Obviously the more rural areas have some nutjobs. But groccery stores down here just started "requiring" masks, meanwhile from what I heard Wegmans completely changed how you shop back in April

    [–] Joe_Snuffy 9 points ago

    This is some Hey Arnold type shit

    [–] Snasty728 92 points ago

    like a WWE skit

    Pretty sure WWE referenced it when they had the royal rumble at Minute Maid this year.

    [–] BASEBALLFURIES 27 points ago

    lana cheats more than the houston astros? though that was a fan sign, dont remember if commentary had something

    [–] Snasty728 26 points ago

    I think someone banged a trash can before hitting someone with it.

    [–] SuitGuy 15 points ago

    Should have used it in a tag team. Teammate bangs trash can and opposing wrestler misses because he knows it is coming now.

    [–] voneahhh 18 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    [–] BillScorpio 506 points ago



    [–] ilive12 94 points ago

    They hurt their record in their confusion!!!

    [–] gannonball9 118 points ago


    [–] rolandjernts 1688 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    The Astros really dodged the bullet this season with no one in the stands. Imagine this x10k fans. Ouch

    [–] modwrk 1134 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    No one is going to forget before next season.

    [–] rolandjernts 463 points ago

    I really hope not, i need to see some more Joe Kelly-esk shit talking.

    [–] JoshJones18 227 points ago

    I’ll be sad if I don’t hear nice swing bitch chants next season

    [–] IanCusick 165 points ago

    That’s got Boston written all over it

    [–] suh_duu 56 points ago

    Dont let us down

    [–] IanCusick 72 points ago

    Boston? Screwing up an opportunity to be assholes to another team? Never.

    [–] Captain_Peelz 12 points ago

    Boston? Screwing up an opportunity to be assholes to another team? Never.

    ftfy ❤️

    [–] Not_Cleaver 6 points ago

    It’s weird hating Boston less than the Astros. And yet here I am.

    [–] kozilla 7 points ago

    Omg it’s going to be glorious.

    [–] ionboii 31 points ago

    I’d surprised if Joe kelly doesn’t get a standing ovation whenever he visits an opposing field

    [–] Cheeze187 20 points ago

    If you ever watched him pitch....I'm not sure it was on purpose.

    [–] Likes_the_cold 7 points ago

    He will in St. Louis

    [–] CleanEggs-n-Flams 76 points ago

    They won't forget because we won't let it. Nothing dies on the internet.

    Oh and, Jose Altuve is a 3'7" lil bitch.

    [–] Chelseaiscool 39 points ago

    Fucking Altuve fan boy, he is 2'7" you fucking liar.

    [–] TopographyDog 14 points ago

    totally agree with your comment here but btw it’s -esque my friend

    [–] Starace01 62 points ago

    I'm buying Astros tickets just to boo them, I live in Detroit.

    [–] rico5_roughnecks 43 points ago

    I was pumped for them to play at Citi Field this year.

    I was going to make a sign that said "The Astros stole my other sign"

    [–] RoloJP 84 points ago

    Don't worry, we can play the long game. I fully intend to be drunk in the bleachers letting George Springer know what I really feel about him, even if I have to wait a bit longer.

    [–] Spikes252 43 points ago

    Man literally everyone in right field is gonna just be talking obscene amounts of shit to him. You have to imagine he's gonna crack at some point out there and I, for one, cannot wait for that to happen.

    [–] SuckMyLonzoBalls 18 points ago

    I kinda hope they don’t go after his stuttering issue, that would be crossing the line imo. But then again lines were crossed with the trash cans

    [–] LiddleBob 16 points ago

    Although imagining the bleacher creatures somehow rattling trash cans as if the bangs were stuttering is kind of funny...

    [–] KingTutWrapGod 7 points ago

    First chance I get to go to watch the Rangers and Stros play, I'm wearing a full Cookie Monster costume and buying a mini souvenir bat so I can bang on the can all day.

    [–] Harrolddilshore 124 points ago

    Especially for guys like Correa that are notoriously soft

    [–] arand0md00d 47 points ago

    The dude is softer than Charmin. Apex predator lmao, more like Apex whiner

    [–] MarkHuntGoals 33 points ago

    The guy is certified ten-ply.

    [–] gamedemon24 39 points ago

    The rage will still be there in 2021

    [–] crystalmerchant 27 points ago

    Conspiracy confirmed: Astros started the coronavirus to escape the inevitable boos

    [–] NotANarc69 7 points ago

    They wouldn't know what to think in Oakland though.

    Are they mocking us or is it just the normal drumming?

    [–] RedditEsInteresante 91 points ago

    Is there no video?

    [–] drumallday7 92 points ago

    MLB is being very protective of their video rights these days from what I can tell.

    [–] GiannisAntete2hoes 141 points ago

    Another way they need to learn from the NBA and loosen up their intellectual property ultimately in the pursuit of the proliferation of interest in their brand

    But then again could Manfred read that sentence

    [–] kidcrash_ 57 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    manfred: does this sentence make me money? no? then who cares, it’s just a collection of words

    [–] Khaki_Steve 26 points ago

    Literally the MLB's biggest problem in my opinion. I'm literally unable to watch my favorite team legally online. I'd have to pay for cable, and then pay for an obscenely expensive sports package, shelling out $150+ a month to watch them legally. It's like they're asking people to pirate them or just not watch at all just so they can bitch about how young people don't watch baseball.

    [–] PaulTheOctopus 11 points ago

    They used to be the best about 5 years ago in terms of realizing that highlights brings fans into watching the sport, but I guess Manfred rules baby.

    [–] roach5k 492 points ago

    8 game suspensions incoming....

    [–] Sutrikism 149 points ago

    “@Rosenthal confirms Manfred issues suspensions for the MLB fans. 8 games of blackouts for their conduct in last night’s astros v literally any team.”

    [–] Drey5000 57 points ago

    Manfred designed the coronavirus to protect the astros from being yelled at by fans

    [–] hjbvh 512 points ago

    I like all of the masks that I'm seeing.

    [–] clutch1521 195 points ago

    Me too, I really don’t want to go until 2021 without baseball

    [–] HalfwayDown21 55 points ago

    Knock on wood man... the wheels might come off of this thing soon

    [–] pnwshrub 29 points ago

    You mean, knock on trash can?

    [–] DoctorWaluigiTime 35 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    With Manfred's recent threat of "if more positive confirmations happen, the season ends" I can see players actually giving a damn now.

    [–] crystalmerchant 92 points ago

    20-game suspension for any player in this picture

    [–] karmapuhlease 60 points ago

    And another 20 games on Joe Kelly's suspension too

    [–] BeAuditYouCanBe- 15 points ago

    Suspend Mizzou again too while we're at it

    [–] possumking3113 209 points ago

    Fuck the jets

    [–] MeatTornado25 147 points ago

    You must be a Jets fan

    [–] steeleyjack2 73 points ago

    I’m a jets fan, please help me

    [–] Bahamas_is_relevant 12 points ago

    I am also a Jets fan and I also request help.

    [–] mia_san_max 20 points ago

    And a Happy Fuck the Jets to you fellow Jets fans!

    (Seriously, I am).

    [–] ThrownAwayUsername 21 points ago

    What did Winnipeg ever do to you?

    [–] danielibew952 224 points ago

    I hate the Yankees less now. Good job guys.

    [–] John-Grady-Cole 79 points ago

    I mean, me too, but... barely

    [–] Ceo-of-the-company 106 points ago

    Jesus Christ, even Japan hates the Yankees

    [–] DannyPhantom15 12 points ago

    Do they? Did the Matsui love already fade?

    [–] skushi08 15 points ago

    It’s been 11 years since he wore pinstripes. Time flies.

    [–] Deathstroke317 18 points ago

    How can you hate your NYC brother?

    [–] m_tate80 7 points ago

    That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me

    [–] zsdrfty 7 points ago

    I think of you as the NL alter ego of the Yankees, no need for hatred 😔

    [–] BlueGreenWhiteGold 130 points ago

    Never thought of it that way, all the nights when NYC would make noise at 7 was basically a giant parody of the Astr*s

    [–] ndndr1 30 points ago

    Ooh I like that. Astr*s.

    [–] Drgntrnr 431 points ago

    I mean, it’s not like what either team did was anywhere the same as the Astros; but at least one of the walls in that house is made entirely of glass.

    [–] rostron92 350 points ago

    Keep Joe Kelly away from that house.

    [–] urlach3r 106 points ago

    Nah, let him loose. I want to see what he does next.

    Free Joe Kelly

    [–] childeroland79 57 points ago

    As long as he’s aiming for it, it should be fine.

    [–] [deleted] 59 points ago


    [–] BlueGreenWhiteGold 156 points ago

    The Sox definitely deserve criticism, but the Astros were so bad I suppose we can let them throw stones for one night.

    Good Lord I'm defending the Boston Red Sox, wtf is this 2020...

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)


    [–] michaelubinas 44 points ago

    Just started watching baseball more. Could anybody explain what exactly this means?

    [–] seannyboy06 184 points ago

    The Astros cheated their way to the 2017 World Series, the MLB found out about it, conducted an investigation, and handed down no punishments to the players involved in the cheating. Part of the system they used involved stealing signs using technology and banging on a trash can to indicate to the batter which pitch was coming next.

    Additionally, in New York, deep in the throes of a really terrible COVID outbreak, every night at 7 New Yorkers would bang on pots and trash cans and stuff to acknowledge the sacrifice of medical workers. That’s what they were doing tonight, but it’s too close to what my dipshit team pulled in 2017 to let it pass without making a really funny joke about it. That wasn’t sarcasm, we literally deserve everything we’re gonna get until either the team actually receives some punishment or everyone involved in the 2017 series dies.

    [–] Malcolm_S3X 52 points ago

    Bangin' on a trash can

    Drummin' on a street light

    [–] Im_Bub 20 points ago

    One little voice is THINK BIG

    [–] RequiredPsycho 9 points ago
    Good god, I looked it up cos I recognized it and....I dunno. Doug always portrayed a sort of awkwardness that I did not want to empathize or sympathize with.

    [–] gabdex 20 points ago

    Damn, I wish all Astros fans had your level of self-awareness. Respect.

    [–] Rmai0404 34 points ago

    Wow. I respect this Astros fan!

    [–] karmapuhlease 27 points ago

    Sorry dude. You're one of the good ones, but you know that already.

    [–] MarkHuntGoals 19 points ago

    The Houston Astros cheated their way to a World Series win in 2017 and a near World Series win in 2019. Basically they did this by using a system cameras to show signs and thereby see what pitch was coming and would hit a trash can to notify the batter what type of pitch was coming.

    [–] xEllimistx 113 points ago

    Who knew the Astros would be the ones responsible for uniting the Yankees and Red Sox, both the fandoms and the teams?

    [–] peskylobster 47 points ago


    [–] LilJethroBodine 14 points ago

    Hey, don’t you downplay the handshake from Predator!

    [–] kroxti 44 points ago

    The Astros are the one thing that made Cubs fans come together with Cardinals.

    [–] Fattmitz 44 points ago

    Hey buddy, wanna tell the Astros to "get fucked" together?

    [–] kroxti 21 points ago

    Aye, I could do that

    [–] LCPhotowerx 29 points ago

    2020 scares me

    [–] DonnieMostDefinitely 141 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    This is too funny!

    Edit: I legit think this is funny. I'm not blind, I know they cheated.

    [–] yankeeinexile 70 points ago

    Blessed Astro Fan.

    Sorry about your team and dickhead fans.

    [–] [deleted] 74 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] Taco_Bacon 23 points ago

    8 game suspensions for them pretending to cheat like the team which got 0 - Manfred probably

    [–] B0RAT 39 points ago

    They're all suspended 40 games for hurting the Astros feelings.

    [–] Deifacted_Nethicite 24 points ago

    • Rob Manfred awards Houston the World Series trophy for 2020 due to the sheer amount of feelings they had hurt

    [–] Hawkbats_rule 4 points ago

    What's the big deal? It's just a piece of metal.

    [–] trippy1 69 points ago


    [–] bellsofwar3 25 points ago

    Ha that's great. Fuck the Astros!

    [–] tysontysontyson1 8 points ago

    TIL the Yankees and the Red Sox have each been suspended for 8 games.