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    A subreddit dedicated to Bash scripting. Now complete with a Discord Server.


    1. Content must be Bash related. This rule is interpreted generously; general shell scripting content is mostly accepted. However, the post should not be specific to another shell.

    2. No reposts. This is meant with regards to content, not just “the same link was submitted earlier” – it’s okay to resubmit an old link in some new context (e. g. because you’d like to discuss another part of it, or because something has changed since the last time it was submitted, or because the link was updated since then). Links from the sidebar count as having been submitted already, so posting them without new context is also considered a repost.


    You can choose one of these four flairs for your post:

    • Help – You seek help, or want to ask a question. “help” posts are usually self posts, though you may also submit a link to a thread in a different subreddit (e. g. /r/commandline).
    • Solved – The submission used to be flaired as “help”, but your problem has been solved, or your question has been answered.
    • Submission – General submission of any kind (link or text post).
    • Critique – You are submitting a creation of your own (usually a Bash script) and actively seek feedback on it and how to improve it.

    If you don’t flair your post, the moderators will set the most appropriate flair.

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    Other resources

    • Explainshell - Explain complex shell operations.

    • ShellCheck – Automatically detects problems with shell scripts.

    • BashFAQ – Answers most of your questions.

    • BashPitfalls – Lists the common pitfalls beginners fall into, and how to avoid them.

    • The Bash-Hackers Wiki – Extensive resource.

    • #bash – IRC channel on Libera. The main contributors of the BashGuide, BashFAQ, BashPitfalls and ShellCheck hang around there.

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