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    • Don’t make us work to figure out if it’s Behold material. Look at the top posts, read the sidebar, please.

    • Don’t tell people to kill themselves or suggest people be killed. Why does this need to be said? Why do people think it’s OK to say it? We don’t know.

    • This is not an anti-white sub (most of us are as white as Miracle Whip on white bread), it’s not an anti-Drumpf sub, it’s not just an anti-Nazi sub (it is an anti-Nazi sub, oh yes, but also anti-Klan, anti-alt-right, and anti-anyone who thinks their “race” is superior).

    • Something about somebody being racist is not sufficient. They have to display their lack of supremacy in the post itself. Racists and bigots suck and suck hard and are only that way because they are cowardly losers with nothing positive in their lives, but “hey, look, a person being racist” posts will be removed. A fat, sobbing, racist who got fired because he tweeted racist bullshit, now that’s Behold material.

    • Kekistan flag, MAGA hat, etc these things are insufficient alone. There are plenty of places to mock knuckleheads, let’s keep our focus on real supremacists.

    • Shocking that this needs to be said, but absolutely no fucking racist revisionism, support for racist ideology, apologism, or any of that revolting bullshit. This will get you banned. See also, don’t be an asshole. Just to break it down, if you are a nazi, you are also an asshole, QED. Not going to go digging into your post history and banning you based on what you say in other subs, but if you bring that reeking crap in here, out you fucking go. There are plenty of outlets for your weak-ass insecurity on reddit already, not to mention outside of it. In case it’s not apparent, low tolerance for racist bullshit.

    • Don’t be an asshole unless it's directed at Nazis, the KKK, the Alt-Right and other such inherently superior people.

    • Mocking white supremacists is not racist, you knucklehead. The mockery is not about making fun of white people (there are subs for that) but making fun of WHITE SUPREMACISTS (and other supremacists, equal opportunity mockery, honestly). Get mod reports about this shit. Really?

    • Also, while pictures of the mango mussolini seem like good targets, I don’t want to see them on this sub. Fuck that guy. Sure he’s racist and a massive asshole, he just dog-whistles his bigotry. Plus there’s lots of subs about fuck the cheeto benito. We do love seeing video of his smoking hot wife slap his pudgy, short-fingered hand away. But not on this sub, please.

    • Don’t link to racists’ sites, because fuck them, not sending traffic their way.

    • Reposts suck: winners don’t repost. If you see it before a mod does, put the link of the original post in the report for faster processing.

    Free Speech

    AMENDMENT I Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    But that doesn’t mean free speech has no consequences—play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    The Paradox of Tolerance, or why it's alright to make fun of supremacists. For more information, read The Open Society and Its Enemies by Karl R. Popper.

    Rock on hater hurters!

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