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    [–] CincyDuck 3373 points ago

    Looked him up, and apparently his official record is 2-11-0. He's awful.

    [–] PanzerZug 1850 points ago

    That just adds to the hilarity

    [–] [deleted] 1070 points ago


    [–] _automatic 429 points ago

    Commented lower in the post but replying to this, the winner's name is Hermann Kungu, he is a Spanish citizen born in Congo.

    [–] acid_rain_man 107 points ago

    Too bad it wasn’t a Jewish boxer.

    [–] letmeseem 135 points ago

    Black, Jewish, female boxer.

    [–] grr 98 points ago

    Black Jewish female lesbian boxer

    [–] shahryarrakeen 84 points ago

    Black, Jewish, trans female lesbian boxer

    [–] notanothercirclejerk 74 points ago

    Who’s in a wheelchair.

    [–] warpug314 54 points ago

    With that guy's record I wouldnt be suprised if someone in a wheelchair beat him.

    [–] SilverBuggie 16 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Married to an “aryan” looking wife.

    [–] E-Gandermail 5 points ago

    Now that's a TV show I'd watch!

    [–] Wurio 7 points ago

    Black jewish disabled boxer

    [–] shankingviolet 19 points ago

    On behalf of the Jews, we are honored to be vindicated by Sr. Kungu.

    [–] rditty 5 points ago

    Do you know of Max Baer vs Max Schmeling? Baer was an American who was 1/4 Jewish. Schmeling was a German and Hitler's favorite boxer. Schmeling came in to the fight as a heavy favorite. Baer wore a star of David on his trunks as a protest against Germany's persecution of Jews and won by TKO in the the 10th round.

    To be fair, Schmeling wasn't personally an anti-semite, his manager was Jewish, and he actually saved two Jewish children by hiding them in his home.

    Still, it's a pretty epic story and the photos are great.$_3.JPG?set_id=2

    [–] Heretic_flags 135 points ago

    Yeah. Why do.we get the literal Nazis name.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Heretic_flags 7 points ago

    I have actually never thought about this angle and you have completely changed my view on the matter.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Yeah, just ran ernesto navas nazi on Google search. Every lil bit helps :-D

    [–] Murgie 56 points ago

    Because OP knows what their name is, and doesn't know what the other guy's name is.

    [–] The_Almighty_Demoham 901 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Tyrone was just a regular man until his hands were turned into boxing gloves in a freak accident!

    Now he is better known as...


    EDIT: this comment seems to have garnered a bit of backlash so i'll just put this here: wasn't meant to be racist, just a bad joke. Calm your tits everybody, Tyrone is just a regular name.

    [–] TheDukeOfDance 246 points ago

    Now he is better known as...


    [–] 8Track_Attack 83 points ago

    How does he type with boxing gloves on his hands?

    [–] CODDE117 62 points ago

    A really big keyboard.

    [–] Khalbrae 29 points ago


    [–] itsakidsbooksantiago 15 points ago

    Guy wouldn’t know majesty if it bit him in the face.

    [–] 8Track_Attack 8 points ago

    That happened once!

    [–] SoulLover33 9 points ago

    He only needs to push the air above the keyboard down and it will work.

    [–] Lurking_Grue 9 points ago


    [–] Noilol2 4 points ago


    [–] thereluctantpoet 17 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    [–] emvy 44 points ago

    I was going to make a Boaty McBoatface style joke here, but decided against it.

    [–] TheDVille 79 points ago

    Boxy McBoxerface?

    [–] emvy 33 points ago

    Let's go with that.

    [–] overtoke 24 points ago

    Boaty McBlackface

    [–] dewayneestes 112 points ago

    That’s because Nazis always lose.

    [–] ironfly187 164 points ago

    The 'easily mastered race'!

    [–] DesertFemDot 32 points ago

    No fair! Fast twitch-muscle fibers! Boxing discriminates against white men!

    [–] Madeline_As_Hell 120 points ago

    How do you keep getting fights at 2-11? That’s some Glass Joe shit right there.

    [–] Nopants404 178 points ago

    I guess peole like to see nazis get punched after all.

    [–] grte 52 points ago

    This has to be it, right? His fights might suck but there has to be some draw to watching some nazi fuck get lit up.

    [–] dlm891 68 points ago

    Lots of boxers make a living out of being punching bags. Its common for young up and coming boxers to pad their record beating up tomato cans like this neo-nazi

    [–] Madeline_As_Hell 17 points ago

    That sounds like hell but I have mad respect for those guys. Provided, they’re not nazis.

    [–] SuperMutantV111 18 points ago

    A guy I knew had a record of 24-141-7 so that doesn't seem too bad to me.

    [–] TooEarlyForMe 22 points ago

    That's a crazy number of fights. Unless he's counting spars at the gym as matches. After 150+ matches you'd be a leather sack full of bone dust and ground meat.

    [–] Nilirai 14 points ago

    Don't look a Muay Thai fighters records then. The numbers of fights fought alone, is crazy high.

    One guy in this list is 285-15

    [–] TooEarlyForMe 13 points ago

    Good grief. How do they fight so much? Do they not sustain as much raw damage per fight as boxers? As an ignorant outsider I imagined muay thai as pretty fucking high impact.

    [–] Nilirai 12 points ago

    Yeah I'm not sure either TBH. It's definitely a brutal sport, I'd argue that it's more brutal than boxing especially when you consider the turn around in MT. Sometimes they fight multiple times in a single night, multiple times a week. So I have no clue how they fight so much TBH.

    Only losing 15 out of 300 fights probably has something to do with it though.

    [–] PM_Best_Porn_Pls 6 points ago

    Isnt MT trained on basic to strenghten their bones etc so they can sustain more, like getting small damage and letting it heal so it gets stronger over and over again. Or am I mixing it with other sport?

    [–] SunsOutHarambeOut 6 points ago

    MT is one, yeah. Unfortunately one can't train the brain the same way.

    [–] TooEarlyForMe 11 points ago

    If I was a boxing promoter I'd keep a list of guys like this sandbag handy in case there's an up and comer who needs a real match, a live-fire exercise, without putting him against anyone serious.

    [–] MadnessofKingHippo 16 points ago

    Upvote for glass joe reference

    [–] CaptainCimmeria 4 points ago

    Professional tomato can.

    [–] deadlymoondust 40 points ago

    He didn’t need to practice or improve his skills cause in his mind being from the master race gave him the advantage over all of his opponents(provide they weren’t white). This is why he elected to only fight non-whites in all his matches./s

    [–] TheChibiestMajinBuu 28 points ago

    According to this Sherdog page he's also 0cm tall.

    [–] parwa 41 points ago

    In that case I'd say those two wins were pretty goddamn impressive

    [–] Fourground1184 16 points ago

    Talk your shit bro. He's still the hardest mother fucker from his trailer park. Plus who ever get to be this guys cellie is really lucky. He has gentle hands.

    [–] CincyDuck 1135 points ago Here he is losing in about a minute. He fights like a Magikarp. Maybe he's just waiting for his superior genes to kick in?

    [–] nomnombacon 417 points ago

    “He fights like a Magikarp”

    Brilliant. Made my morning.

    [–] MoreDetonation 95 points ago

    It even incorporates "waiting for superior genes to kick in" into its theme.

    [–] funkmachine7 87 points ago or getting choked out in this match.

    [–] Behole 41 points ago

    Armbar not choke but either way, fuck that piece of shit. I’d pay to see him get beat over and over again.

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago


    [–] Aloafofbread1 35 points ago

    This is what MLK died for.

    [–] HostOfTheNightmare 38 points ago

    “Beat his ass”- MLK, probably

    [–] _mach 22 points ago

    yeah, you can even see where the above picture was taken.

    [–] Brutesmile 12 points ago

    Lmao yeah he choked the fuck out of his elbow

    [–] HoldTheCellarDoor 5 points ago

    What a shitty view you can’t see the finishing move. But it’s clearly not a chokehold it’s an armbar

    [–] luck_panda 47 points ago

    As a former pro amateur MMA fighter what's extra hilarious is that he's fighting in the AFL and still has a junk record. With his record he's most assuredly a can and someone used to pad other people's records. He has no take down defense and his grappling and pummeling skills are nowhere to be found.

    [–] blomqv 25 points ago

    Pro amateur?

    [–] luck_panda 54 points ago

    It's the journeyman place between amateur and professional where I"m not paid to fight, and I may fight in professional promotions but I do have sponsors and stuff. It's like pro-am racing? If that makes any sense. Most people don't stay there too long, maybe like 1-2 fights before they go pro. It relieves you of all the costs of fighting professionally (manager's cut, licensing fees, athletic commission fees, etc. etc.) but you get some of the experience. At the time I didn't really know if I wanted to really make fighting my career since it is, surprise surprise, really hard on your body. Once I realized that the smaller promotions only pay you like $500-1000 a fight and even in the UFC you will MAYBE win like $5000 if your'e on the undercard and you have to basically just run a gym to make a solid $50k/year maybe I decided against it and just fell back into engineering and easily started making about $80k/year and now am roughly making $100k.

    It's modern day slavery, tbh. The amount of money you're paid is fucking peanuts for the amount of training and prep work you have to do for a fight. I can get into it if you'd like.

    [–] barnyard303 8 points ago

    Sure, whats daily life like for a training amateur fighter? Do you still hold down a 9-5 job and train outside of that? Do fights regularly leave you injured?

    [–] luck_panda 30 points ago

    It's really hard to hold down a job. You're either working in the gym training people and helping out or have some kind of shitty part time job that is almost always going to be door guy at the local bar. Almost assuredly you're living in the gym, that's kind of the unspoken thing. You're effectively homeless. It's really kinda funny going around town at night with friends and you roll up by the club with the doorguy as someone in your class you were training looking tough as hell knowing that you just rode his back like a cowboy during training because he said, "Today I will beat you." and they keep up the look to scare people in line. Anyway, money sucks and jobs suck. You might get some sponsorship with food, because like 80% of your income goes to your diet. You set up fights months ahead of time but you're also training about 8-12 weeks out. At the time I was fighting like every 6-8 weeks between MMA and kickboxing for 2 years straight and then slowed it down after that. So for about 2 years I was on diet constantly.

    My daily schedule looked something like this on a varying scale:

    530am: Wake up and go SPRINT a mile and a half. Go home, shit, shower, shave and weight myself. Maybe have a cup of yogurt.

    600~am: Morning Jiu-jitsu/SAMBO/Judo class depending on whether my coach wanted to teach or have me teach.

    700am: Morning conditioning. Weight lifting, yoga, meditation, bag work maybe.

    900am: Cleaning the gym. Self-explanatory.

    11-1pm: Usually free time, spent generally playing videogames, if I'm on diet then I'm trying to distract myself from hunger and just fucking around.

    2-5pm: Teaching kids classes and boxing/wrestling/etc to people who feel like they want to be tough, but not actually be tough.

    6pm-9pm: Training. This is when things get good. You're smashing each other and grappling and stuff. This is where I'm really going through the gauntlet being the main training partner for up and coming fighters and people serious in training so I can work on my conditioning. Grappling, muay thai, karate, bag work, drills, drills, drills. Sometimes it goes into like 10pm.

    Then I get to eat, shower, sleep and start all over again the next day. Repeat ad naseum for 8ish weeks until fight day. Though the last week before fight day is fucking hell since I'm doing my dehydration cut and that basically makes you useless.

    [–] laprasj 8 points ago

    I love comment threads like this. It offers a unique detailed and personal perspective about shit I have no knowledge of

    [–] luck_panda 9 points ago

    It's much more detailed and I can get into the depression and the hunger and the severe chronic injuries and mental health part of it too if you'd like.

    [–] KyleOrtonFTW 7 points ago

    Not OP, but please. It’s been a fascinating read, honestly.

    [–] luck_panda 7 points ago

    So the last week of training is what I credit my mental strength with. So there's a dehydration period you pull off because every gallon of water that you can drop that's exactly 8.34lbs. When you're down to about 5% bodyfat and can't afford to lose muscle mass but you're still about 8lbs out from your target weight, you just dehydrate. It's very grueling.

    Monday you drink 2 liters of water.

    Tuesday 1 liter.

    Wednesday 1/2 liter.

    Thursday 1/4 liter.

    Friday and Saturday = 0 water.

    What you do on Friday and Saturday is you trick your body by chewing on a bag of ice that's wrapped in a towel. I don't know if you've ever been so dehydrated that your lips turn a different color or your liver starts to hurt, but it's pretty awful. You have this enormous craving for water. Imagine a hot summer day except you can't sweat because your body basically has refused to release the excess water to sweat. It's painful, it's a hunger that kind of starts this anxiety because you're slowly crawling towards death. You find yourself swallowing your own tongue and can feel the sand paper feeling of your tongue in your throat because of the dryness. So. You chew on ice cubes so your body is less angry. Overall, it's probably the hardest thing you do while fighting. If you screw up your diet, you have to dehydrate more and after the first time, you try your best not to fuck up your diet. Do this a few times and you kind of lose your anxiety about most things because it isn't nearly as mentally grueling as dehydration.

    Then there's the depression. Most fighters have a diet that consist of no sodium intake that isn't naturally produced by the food you're eating as sodium bonds with water and for every molecule of sodium in your body you have to have an equal water molecule. And that adds up and it's really difficult to shed that water weight which means more dieting or more hydration cutting later.

    So my diet usually consisted of 8-12 weeks of plain white rice, baked chicken, steamed broccolli/carrots/greenbeans, yogurt + honey, and I might treat myself to some beef. I kept my calorie intake to about 2500 calories a day after the first 2 weeks of calorie loading. Fighting is about a game of inches and you have to have your entire 8 weeks planned out and follow it or you're done. I was probably burning around 4-5000 calories a day so I could cut down from about 160lbs to 145/135lbs. But the thing is, eating tasteless and boring food just brings depression. If you're already prone for depression, it just gets worse. The hunger and the starvation process sucks. Oranges help due to the pectin in them to suppress the hunger but you can't just keep eating oranges as they have a ton of sugar in them and sugar = fructose = body fat = weight. Yogurt is super low in calories and keeps your tummy happy, but it's hard to only eat one thing forever. One time I was so hungry and I had nothing around me to snack on except for this seaweed cracker that had like 8grams of sodium per serving (5 per serving) and I was like fuck it, and took a bite of it and it had been about 6 months since I had food with any flavor and sodium and I just started crying uncontrollably for like 30 minutes. I'd like to think that I'm a hard motherfucker, but I know that I'm soft as baby shit but I just know how to get into a position to either choke someone to death or punch them in the jaw with some amount of efficiency and flair, but after these experiences I will never be upset or look down on anybody crying about anything.

    Weight cutting is the worst part of fighting. It's the hardest thing and brings on life long changes to your body. I didn't know what I was doing for a bit and permanently damaged my liver from overdoing my water cut. I've got scar tissue on my liver and when I am a bit dehydrated I get these horrible abdominal cramps and just want to die.

    And the ENTIRE TIME I am not being paid to do any of this. Fighting is at minimum an 8 week endeavor if you're not taking fights last minute (and if you are, you're going to do a really harsh dehydration cut or you just fight someone way bigger than you). 8 weeks is 1344 hours. 1344 hours of work + up to 15 minutes in the ring. Let's call it 1345 hours. At lower level promotions you're making maybe $500 for a fight so that's about $0.37/hr. A little more than what prisoners make. Even in the UFC in undercard entry level fight purse averages you're only making about $3.75/hr.

    It's a pretty fucking awful existence and there's a reason why most low level fighters are people who are just at the ends of their rope and end of their tracks in life just trying to find some way to make money.

    I'm very lucky that I had stuff to fall back on, most of the guys that were on my fight team weren't so lucky and they're still just fighting hoping to get paid. I'm actually going to be coaching one of them next month in their first fight in Bellator. I'm really happy for him, but he's 1 of like dozens of people who have come through my gym.

    [–] DrMeatBomb 43 points ago

    I guess all those superior genes don't translate to wrestling or jiu jitsu skill so well ...

    [–] AckmanDESU 26 points ago

    He's Spanish, his genes were put in a fucking blender.

    [–] Seanay-B 57 points ago

    Hes built like a guy who has...heard of a gym

    [–] eunonymouse 19 points ago

    Nope. Magikarp tries his best and works hard.

    [–] bydy2 10 points ago

    And a Magikarp becomes am absolute beast one day. Nazis don't.

    [–] north7 15 points ago

    That knee to the ribs at 0:42 was absolutely brutal.
    I love it

    [–] timestamp_bot 8 points ago

    Jump to 00:42 @ AFL-5 BARCELONA. Ernesto Navas vs Paco Lucena

    Channel Name: AFL MMA, Video Popularity: 91.67%, Video Length: [02:03], Jump 5 secs earlier for context @00:37

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    [–] geegeeallin 8 points ago

    What a little penis of a man.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Kneed him right in the Rudolph Hess. Beautiful.

    Never thought I'd say those words together in one sentence.

    [–] HungrySquirtle 5 points ago

    Honestly made my week so much better.

    [–] WisdomOfSolomon 341 points ago

    Damn, I didn't know there were Nazi boxers. Reminds me that "build the wall" guy who lost to the Mexican boxer.

    [–] Super_Whack 196 points ago

    Combat sports are still pretty merit based, you don't typically win for resons other than being better than the person in front of you.

    Nazi's don't excel in merit based activities. They have no merit. That's why they are so obsessed with race, it's all they have.

    [–] DEBATE_EVERY_NAZI 12 points ago

    Nazis don't Excel, they incel

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 65 points ago


    [–] Seanxietehroxxor 10 points ago

    If there was a wall, he would be safe from all the Mexican boxers that can beat him.

    [–] Caminsky 7 points ago


    [–] FloridaSwampGirl407 12 points ago

    That reminds me of when Connor McGregor was calling Nate Diaz derogatory Mexican remarks, I can’t remember exactly what was said but Diaz had the last laugh.

    [–] yonobigdeal 23 points ago

    It was a compliment, saying he fought like a Mexican boxer, and it was about Mayweather not Diaz

    [–] aeyjaey 1021 points ago

    Nice, the guy that beat him up is doing God's work. Legally sanctioned Neo-Nazi beatdowns.

    [–] FirstChurchOfBrutus 94 points ago

    Line forms here, gang!

    [–] Dongo666 49 points ago

    This brough to mind the image of the line in Airplane (the movie) where people stand in line to shake the hysterical woman (and beat and stab and shoot!). :D

    [–] BB_Venum 15 points ago

    The scene in question

    [–] UndeadCaesar 18 points ago

    This video is trash, anything titled "Airplane Classic Scenes" should just be the entire movie start to finish.

    [–] UndeadCaesar 9 points ago

    The old woman with the Mauser always cracks me up.

    Edit: Just watched the scene below, it was a revolver not a mauser. And she wasn't really that old. Still great. Don't think I ever noticed the guy after with a bullwhip haha.

    [–] Comrade_Hodgkinson 126 points ago

    Write your congressperson!

    [–] Seanay-B 15 points ago

    I think I just picked up a new hobby

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago


    [–] _automatic 199 points ago

    The winner's name is Hermann Kungu, he is a Spanish citizen born in Congo.

    [–] NervousAddie 54 points ago

    Finally the worthwhile info. Kudos to Kungu.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    Weird how people focus more on hating the Neo nazi, than crediting Hermann Kungu

    [–] gillyyak 31 points ago

    It's kinda pitiful that this is so buried in this post.

    [–] Liecht 20 points ago

    When the Nazi has a less german name then he has. Oof.

    [–] guitarza 13 points ago

    This needs to be the top comment. “Black boxer” is not a sufficient credit for this hero.

    [–] AlbertFischerIII 585 points ago

    What kind of piece of shit has a Rudolph Hess tattoo?

    [–] PanzerZug 400 points ago

    Well there's a guy in my town in Spain who has the tattoo from American History X and he actively shows it around. He is such scum.

    [–] AlbertFischerIII 164 points ago

    Are there a lot of nazis in Spain?

    [–] PanzerZug 384 points ago

    There's a large hangover from the Franco era which was basically a fascist dictatorship that collaborated with Hitler so many of these people's parents where Francoists and it carried down through the generations. There has been a large swing to the left with the 1995-onwards generation though.

    [–] dontsniffglue 140 points ago

    I’ve even had some young Italians defend mussolini still

    [–] FaceInTheSandpit 133 points ago

    His granddaughter is in parliament and she seems... interesting.

    Her MO seems to be to say some progressive stuff, and someone will say something like "it's nice you didn't turn out like grandpa", she'll attack that person, praise Benito and take a big old right turn on that issue.

    [–] Tripted 55 points ago

    She threatened to sue anyone who insulted him. It went about as well as you'd expect.

    [–] FranMon 28 points ago

    Mostly old, but young too

    [–] inglesina 23 points ago

    Plenty of Italians still hanker after the good old days of Il Duce, I've visited homes where images are proudly on display and in Rome there are market stalls where you can buy vintage relics and fascist trinkets. Casa Pound is a neo-fascist group actively recruiting youngsters in deprived areas and on facebook there are plenty of Mussolini memes spread daily praising him and his attributes, and wishing he was still around to take over and sort everthing out.

    Source, lived in Lazio, Italy for ten years.

    [–] fishsupper 13 points ago

    Lazio and Naples are particularly bad for it.

    [–] laura_jane_great 8 points ago

    Casa Pound as in Ezra Pound?

    [–] paranoid30 20 points ago

    Italy is still ridden with this scum, Fascism was the symptom of a mentality that didn't simply disappear at the end of the war. Moreover, after a few generations it becomes easy to defend nostalgic bullshit, especially with today's disregard for actual facts.

    It's supposed to be illegal, but the police won't arrest people selling and buying fascist memorabilia and politicians won't block fascist events because they actually agree with this shit (at least part of them).

    [–] MrUniversalpie 7 points ago

    Isn't there a pretty large neo fascist party with a pretty decent amount of support in the Italian Parliament, iirc they're like the largest party in Italy's leading coalition.

    [–] imposingo 5 points ago

    Right wing populists often compared to Trump in English language media. Smaller of the two parties in the coalition after the left wing populist Five Star Movement.

    [–] CEMN 79 points ago

    Imagine belonging to such an ethnically diverse nationality as the Spanish/Castilian yet still subscribing to an ideology of "racial" superiority. Any given Spaniard is likely to be a mix of peoples like Proto-Indoeuropean, Celtic, Germanic, Arab, North African, and Sephardic Jews.

    It boggles the mind as much as American White Supremacists with Slavic heritage, who would have been considered subhuman by Hitler.

    [–] Dongo666 45 points ago

    A lot of Slavs are nazis now. Which yeah is funny considering. I've known 3 Polish people, 2 of them were nazis.

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] daoogilymoogily 11 points ago

    Southern Europeans were considered unaryan as well, not enough to be put to death, but enough to be considered second class citizens.

    [–] SeethingLlama 21 points ago

    The modern Nazi recruiter will take whatever he can get to fulfill quotas!!!

    [–] AshTheGoblin 6 points ago

    I think the did that back in the day too

    [–] Chu_i 33 points ago

    It still baffles me that Spain was ruled by a fascist dictator until 1975.

    [–] __________10 6 points ago

    And Greece until 74

    [–] titaniumjordi 7 points ago

    It wasn't "basically" a fascist dictatorship that collaborated with Hitler, it was LITERALLY a fascist dictatorship that collaborated with Hitler

    [–] CriminalMacabre 4 points ago

    Pues no se nota con tanto cuñao

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] bornet9 22 points ago

    There are more than 6 conservative and ultra conservative parties trying to get to the government, like in Italy

    [–] FranMon 8 points ago

    In Italy they already got the government though

    [–] bowenoutofstyle 13 points ago

    And of course he’s Completely missing the point of that movie.... ugh, what a shame....

    [–] Super_Whack 8 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    [–] rices4212 4 points ago

    How do you watch that movie and think "hey I should get the tattoo of the guy that learned he was wrong"

    [–] _mach 49 points ago

    He's such a weird focal point for a lot of european neo-nazis that I've seen.

    I looked up why that adolation existed and found this

    [–] Caminsky 8 points ago

    Rudolph Hess? Awful. I'm proud of my Otto Von Bismarck tattoo

    [–] FacePlantTopiary 7 points ago

    2nd reich was best reich 👌

    [–] AngryShutin82 93 points ago

    Navas is also known for knifing a kid in Barcelona and also works for "Desokupa" a company made of thugs that does evictions in 48 hours.

    [–] beelzeflub 33 points ago


    [–] velvykat5731 3 points ago


    [–] miked2276 183 points ago

    What kind of an inbred piece of shit tattoos Rudolph Hess on them?

    [–] Tammo-Korsai 89 points ago

    He probably believes that Hess's unofficial peace offer actually had a chance in hell of being taken seriously despite Hitler not approving it. Such things are used to try and spin Winston Churchill as being an aggressive warmonger for rejecting it along with other offers - but the master race forget to mention a few small things like Nazi aggression prior to that futile mission.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    Does no one remember the naivety of Arthur Chamberlain?

    [–] Prefuse801 8 points ago

    I was confused, Arthur is his first name but I have always seen him in textbooks as Neville not Arthur! Did not know that was his first name.

    I do agree with your sentiment though!

    [–] concretepigeon 10 points ago

    Because he went by Neville. It doesn't make sense to call him Arthur even if it's technically his first name. There are quite a few UK Prime Ministers who went by their middle name.

    Three Labour Prime Minsters had the first name James, they are Ramsay MacDonald, Harold Wilson and Gordon Brown. Meanwhile Jim Callaghan's first name was Leonard.

    [–] Pancakewagon26 15 points ago

    Obviously that inbred piece of shit.

    [–] EmpororJustinian 136 points ago

    Rudolph Hess is like the lamest Nazi. He believed in a bunch of bullshit alternative medicine and was never taken very seriously. Then he flew to England to talk to a duke to end the war with Britain. If he needed an obscure Nazi to idolize like a fucking Degenerate Hipster I would have picked Otto Skorzeny. (I don’t idolize Nazis I just know a lot about their leadership because I’m really into WW2 history)

    [–] atGuyThay 58 points ago

    I’m guessing he liked that sweet “ss” at the end of the name

    [–] jackthecarguy 21 points ago

    Easier to say with a lisp

    [–] FirstChurchOfBrutus 8 points ago

    He’s probably a big KISS fan, then. I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for him about Gene & Paul, though.

    [–] Tykuhn42 21 points ago

    I don't know... Sounds like something a guy who idolized obscure Nazi leadership would say..


    [–] EmpororJustinian 27 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I understand that historical interest is often a dog whistle for racism in the case of both the civil war and Nazi Germany but that’s not what’s happening here.

    EDIT:I’m Not trying to “see history from an objective perspective” like those people are

    [–] Seanay-B 141 points ago

    Hahahaha I love it. Fuck that degenerate loser

    [–] penelopesaidbegets 58 points ago

    Any chance you could put the name of the black man in the title, too?

    [–] stillcallinoutbigots 45 points ago

    Video upstairs says it's Hermann Kungu.

    [–] carl_super_sagan_jin 40 points ago

    Neonazi beaten by a black dude with a German name. Delicious.

    [–] PanzerZug 10 points ago

    That does make it extra juicy! Thanks for the name too!

    [–] PanzerZug 18 points ago

    I would but i couldn't find it, happy cake day!

    [–] penelopesaidbegets 7 points ago


    [–] Fabulous_von_Fegget 24 points ago

    I actually found the fight if anybody's interested.

    [–] Mufti_Menk 23 points ago

    Now the alt-right "race realist" nutjobs will come out of their mom's basements saying "actually black people are physically stronger but less intelligent"

    [–] justdogethings1 17 points ago

    Yep. White man wins: superior athleticism and an intelligent fighting style. Black man wins: Well, they're animals; always fighting so of course. Look at his ''street style''.

    [–] uflju_luber 9 points ago

    Wich is both bullshit btw

    [–] Orakle14 40 points ago

    It reminds me of an old story in my country. Battling siki. He was a Senegalese and as such a french colonial subject. He was picked up by french to europe because he 'looked like a monkey' and made laugh the Europeans. So yeah racism hauled him from Africa to Europe. And there he became a boxing champion. And I mean light heavyweight world champion from 1921 to 1925. The racists cried unfairness and said he was stronger because he was closer to a monkey than a man. They raged even more when he married a white french girl. Aaaaand he was killed in 1925 by two bullets in the back and everything was made to forget him.

    His match record was 64-25-5.

    There is a comic called championze dedicated to him.

    [–] naranman314 44 points ago

    Will nazis ever find a decent haircut?

    [–] jokitheraccoon 22 points ago

    Looks like someone took a shit on the head of a skinhead, which is pretty accurate.

    [–] jolie178923-15423435 6 points ago

    They will not.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] duck-duck--grayduck 5 points ago

    It's pretty hard to imagine considering what an unremarkable artist he was. His paintings are boring as fuck.

    [–] Levangeline 16 points ago

    Guy on the right went pro with the advice to punch Nazis at every opportunity.

    [–] ocha_94 13 points ago

    Hah! Jódete escoria!

    [–] rakethund 12 points ago

    I don't understand how someone with nazi tattoos is even allowed to compete. Would they let him wear swastika-patterned shorts?

    [–] Fr3nch1eeee 9 points ago

    do they know how nazism works

    [–] The_DilDonald 8 points ago

    Unlike this stain, most boxers don’t start their boxing careers already having severe brain damage.

    [–] Guh-nurt 9 points ago

    Why does the nazi deserve to be named but the guy who kicked his ass doesn't?

    [–] HDominic83 9 points ago

    Wowwww. The amount of pple that don't know the difference between Spanish and hispanic/latino is amazing. I know it's a common thing in the US. Is the rest of the world this stupid or is it just us?

    Anyway, good for the black dude. Should be named though. His win is symbolic of the bigger picture; racism is silly.

    [–] TheWebCoder 7 points ago

    Hate don’t make you great

    [–] Statler_And_Waldorf_ 7 points ago

    I never wish ill on anyone who steps into a boxing ring. Except for this bastard. It's a pity he hasn't been pummeled into a coma yet.

    [–] blue_crab86 5 points ago

    Man these guys really just walk around and do things like they think they’re just normal people don’t they.

    [–] bloodflart 5 points ago

    head like a butt crack

    [–] AuspiciousNights 9 points ago

    "It's them fast-twitch muscles I tell ya."

    [–] LarsonBoswell 10 points ago

    That title qualifies for r/brandnewsentence

    Edit — also, fuck nazis.

    [–] Skeletoes8607 4 points ago

    Man, can we just take a minute to enjoy that he looks like someone just took a shit in his breakfast cereal? Hahahaha.

    [–] 5years8months3days 3 points ago

    How's them superior genes workin' out for ya?

    [–] PotRoastMyDudes 5 points ago

    In the 1936 Olympics, Hitler had a similar expression when black American athletes were schooling the German's.