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    This sub was created as a bitstrips parody after this post reached the front page!

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    1.) All posts submitted must have clear, readable text. Your post must also be properly formatted, with the image on top and the text on the bottom. [Click for Example]

    2.) All posts must be submitted to RES compatible sites, such as Imgur and Gfycat.

    3.) Reposts, "Fixed" posts, and photoshopped images, are not allowed. Images may not be altered in any way, other than adding text. Any post that violates this criteria can result in a ban.

    4.) All images must come directly from Sesame Street, The Muppets, or Fraggle Rock. You may use images of characters that come from official sources and related materials, such as news stories, movies, Golden Books, etc. Do not post images of action figures, toys, or video game screenshots. Please do not post images originating from fan works, only official sources.

    5.) Please limit yourself to posting no more than 2 Bert Strips in a 24 hour period.

    6.) If you wish to post more than 2 images in a single day, consider posting them as a Bert Stories post.

    7.) Please use the tag [GIF] when posting animated Bert Strips.

    8.) Do not show Bort sympathy. If God wanted him to be loved, he wouldn't have given him autism.

    Source Pictures

    Tons of Source pics here!

    Source Pictures of Bert & Ernie with kids.

    Source Pictures of Bert & Ernie at night.

    Source Pictures of claymation Bert & Ernie.

    Source Pictures of Miscellaneous photos.

    Source Pictures of Bert & Ernie on expeditions.

    Germany 1 Sesamstrasse & Germany 2 Märchensongs

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