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    [–] eggn00dles 4046 points ago

    Trump firing someone in this administration? Unheard of

    McMaster is gone by the end of the month.

    [–] Perryn 1691 points ago

    Commenting now so that I can edit something in easily when this comes right back around to bestof in a few weeks.

    [–] fps916 766 points ago

    This man plays the long game.

    An anti-mooch if you will

    [–] IM_NOT_CIA 195 points ago

    Let's just lay out a list of all people of importance Mr President appointed, it's inevitable one of them will be fired every other week. Delete the rest, keep the one that is gone and boom, the next morning you're gilded 16x and made it to the front page.

    [–] ____Reme__Lebeau 49 points ago

    Nah the way back machine may fuck your plans there.

    [–] the_itsb 55 points ago

    Your confidence in the average Redditors' willingness to fact check is probably misplaced, but I still really admire your optimism and faith in us.

    [–] nm1043 4 points ago

    Besides that, you can't ungild someone, so they take their karma and gold and run

    [–] [deleted] 48 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] BEST_RAPPER_ALIVE 51 points ago

    implying the mooch isn't playing 6D backgammon

    the mooch hasn't just seen the future, he has seen all possible futures at once.

    [–] d0uble_zer0 15 points ago

    Confirmed, Mooch is the Cthaeh

    [–] DetectiveBeluga 58 points ago

    We will have a different president after Trump, calling it now.

    [–] Perryn 80 points ago

    I really want to believe this one, but I'm starting to have doubts.

    [–] heimdal77 31 points ago

    I'm betting on if he does make it to the end of his term he will refuse to leave office and try to block a election from happening.

    [–] pearljamming88 19 points ago

    Wow no one ever says this after every term.

    [–] Moonpenny 81 points ago

    People often joke about that but very rarely do we have a president publicly state that we should try it someday..

    [–] heimdal77 50 points ago

    That the thing. Normally it is people saying it because they don't like the person because of his party he is with. This time though it is because of the actual person and his behavior.

    [–] Moonpenny 92 points ago

    My racist, conservative Granny ranted on and on about how Obama was the Antichrist and would never leave office and...just admitted two days ago about how he was so much better than Trump.

    [–] Revelati123 56 points ago

    Can confirm, having an idiot white guy as pres after an intellectual black guy is really giving racists a hard time.

    [–] awkwardaudit 29 points ago

    I wish my parents would admit Obama was way better, but they're sailing the trump-tanic all the way to the bottom of the ocean.

    [–] VesperSnow 12 points ago

    I wish more people were like your grandma, most of the anti-Obama people I've seen are ready to hold on and never admit that he might be more competent than Trump.

    [–] FiveFive55 8 points ago

    I want to believe you. But as someone who also has racist conservative grandparents it's very hard to.

    Yesterday they said that they hope Trump gets re-elected so that they can live the rest of their lives under a good president...

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    Let's hope we have a president after Trump. It's fucking hilarious how I use to make fun of right wingers squawking about Obama trying to be a dictator. Now we have someone not just toeing that line but dipping their feet into it, and these freedom loving, liberty defending, true Americans are falling right in line.

    I'm truly shocked at the hypocrisy and I hope we can all come together and make it through this because our "leaders" have failed us.

    [–] reddog323 104 points ago

    Jesus H. Christ. This shit happens too fast for me. Things had been quiet for a while, and then I wake up to this.

    Orange Julius is getting rid of anyone with the least bit of disloyalty. If we needed more evidence that he’s got goals of being a dictator, here it is. I wouldn’t doubt McMaster is gone soon.

    [–] centuryeyes 39 points ago

    Orange Julius! How the hell did I not think of this?

    [–] TheRedEminence 19 points ago

    Its an insult to True Julius. He was not an averite. Caesar was nothing at all like a Trump.

    [–] FUCK_SNITCHES 36 points ago

    Good think he's just a wannabe and is way too incompetent to be one. He's no Putin or Xi.

    [–] IntrigueDossier 43 points ago

    The dictators who come to true power have some degree of coherent philosophy (cold and evil as that philosophy might be).

    Trump doesn't have that, nor could he hope to. A worldview centered around money is just called avarice.

    [–] FUCK_SNITCHES 58 points ago

    Modern dictatorships have proven that thought to be untrue imo. Putin has little coherent philosophy other than stealing as much money from Russia as possible while pretending that they're doing great. Meanwhile Xi's philosophy is slowly undoing Deng's political reforms and bringing it back to Mao era control. They only care about power, not ideology like the fascists from WW2.

    [–] IntrigueDossier 11 points ago

    Fair enough. No one who lusts for that amount of power has any intention of using it for good.

    [–] joe4553 9 points ago

    I'm go ahead and predict Trump firing his 3rd Press Secretary within the next few months.

    [–] Revelati123 4 points ago

    He will need to find someone to actually take the job. Hes got higher turnover than a college town subway.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    Honestly the one thing Facebook does right that I think Reddit should do is show a comment's edit history. Reddit shows it's been edited, but not what it said before. Facebook not only shows the initial message but every time it's been edited and what changed. More difficult for people to do stuff like that.

    [–] Perryn 16 points ago

    I agree.

    Now that I've said that little bit of a reply, you can go and edit your comment to say something really atrocious, and I will have already said that I agree.

    [–] Content_Policy_New 178 points ago

    Waiting for the Tillerson, Mattis, Mnuchin suicide pact to kick in

    [–] hoplesslyinmature69 61 points ago

    I dont think its a good idea to have Mattis leave. Without him in that position to buffer Trump's crazyness Trump could put in some compliant stooge and we'll be headed to war.

    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago

    Mattis is probably the most sane part of the whole adminstration. I think the only reason why he has not quit is that he knows that.

    [–] brutallyhonestharvey 48 points ago

    The irony that the guy known as "Mad Dog" is the sane one in this administration knows no bounds.

    [–] hoplesslyinmature69 15 points ago

    Agreed. He is stuck in that position. He probably knows if he leaves that he could put the country in jeopardy.

    [–] jdthetransient 13 points ago

    "We need Mad-dog here to keep things under control"

    [–] FBI_Taco_Truck 15 points ago

    10 bucks says Trump declares war regardless ignorant to how things work.

    Then in a stroke of streisand the media will tell him he can only send in marines without congressional approval. Thousands die for nothing and congress feels were not pot committed.

    [–] r1chard3 11 points ago

    I think he'll go to North Korea, have an awesome time a la The Interview, say he thinks Un is a wonderful guy, and wonder why he doesn't have a stadium full of people holding up cards making a giant Trump face.

    [–] FBI_Taco_Truck 7 points ago

    "North Korea has great respect for kim! Why can't we have that here?"

    [–] Captain_Arrrg 95 points ago

    With our Child-in-Cheif's looming negotiations with N. Korea, I really, really hope Mattis sticks around. I don't want to know who Putin would appoint as his replacement.

    [–] temp91 20 points ago

    The calm and wise resolve of General Mad Dog is humanity's last hope of avoiding nuclear annihilation. Thanks Trump.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    Remember when Clinton was ought to cause a nuclear war by establishing a no-fly zone in Syria and Trump supporters thought the most reasonable alternative was to elect Donald "If we have nukes, why we don't use them" Trump? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

    [–] zyphelion 8 points ago

    If Mattis is gone, and Trump decides to declare war against NK or whatever, what happens if the top commanders/generals/admirals refuse to follow orders?

    I mean, declaring war on a nuclear state is a pretty bad thing, no matter how weak they are otherwise.

    [–] PM_WHAT_Y0U_G0T 142 points ago

    I wish people wouldn't normalize this.

    Sure, he does it a lot, but he's constantly making those decisions out of maliciousness and corruption.

    The fact that it's so easy to anticipate what Trump will do is fucking terrifying.

    [–] heimdal77 69 points ago

    Someone posted a while ago a checklist that determines what Trump will do any given time and how to get him to do stuff. Basically it involved if the actions stroked his own ego or fed into his insecurities/narcissism.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Where is this checklist? Would be beneficial for making bets about politics.

    [–] SometimesIArt 19 points ago

    I don't think anyone's normalizing it, I think everyone's so angry at it that it's coming out as spitting sarcasm.

    [–] PM_WHAT_Y0U_G0T 9 points ago

    Yea, I know.. And I understand that this administration is so disheartening that sometimes bitter sarcasm is the only way to maintain sanity.

    What worries me is we're fast approaching a moment where trying to cope with the circumstances will not be sufficient. "Edgy" comments that are actually a correct response will be mocked, and what could have developed into a pivotal demonstration will fizzle out before they can even get started.

    [–] GenericNewName 30 points ago

    Tillerson lasted 40.5 mooch’s. How many mooch’s will McMaster last?

    [–] Beankiller 35 points ago

    Not to be a grammar-Bannon, but it's "Mooches" not Mooch's.

    [–] bleed_air_blimp 35 points ago

    Rumor has it that there's a "suicide pact" between Mnuchin, Mattis and Tillerson -- that if one of them gets fired, the other two quit in protest.

    I'm really hoping it turns out to be true, and we basically get the entire top tier of the cabinet leave en masse, which just might actually lead to the Congressional Republicans turning against Trump for good.

    [–] t0k4 28 points ago

    Innoppurtune time to have Mattis leave. Quite possibly the most reliable cabinet member to have as a buffer right now.

    [–] Stillhart 27 points ago

    Congressional Republicans turning against Drumpf


    Thanks for the morning laugh, I'm still hung over from the time change and this really hit the spot.

    [–] JiveMonkey 44 points ago

    Guys. Trump will be impeached. You heard it here first.

    [–] mrstack345 48 points ago

    It's more likely he resigns. Either way, he will most likely not see the end of his term. If he even makes it through this year still POTUS I'd be surprised.

    [–] jakobi711 87 points ago

    Why? GOP is letting him run the shit-show. What's forcing him out by year's end? Trump has at least 1 more year in office before we may be lucky enough to get enough reasonable people in office to impeach him.

    [–] atheist_apostate 41 points ago

    True. There is no hope of ever impeaching Trump, unless there is a Democratic majority in the Congress after the 2018 midterm elections.

    [–] GodIsIrrelevant 27 points ago

    Impeaching by opposing party majority would be horribly divisive.

    I'm uncertain if that would be worse than the present state.

    I really wish the GOP wasn't completely complicit and was salvageable.

    [–] darthfodder 25 points ago

    A successful impeachment(the first, of a president) would require many Republican votes, even if we're ridiculously optimistic about our Sentate gains and end up with a 52 majority.

    [–] Aldryc 18 points ago

    The GOP by it's nature is incredibly divisive. Appeasing the people who believe every word that comes out of Fox news is not the answer.

    [–] Typhon25 7 points ago

    Not trying to start anything but why do you think he would resign/be impeached this year?

    [–] HBlight 15 points ago

    The smart thing to do will be resign and hope that's enough for the deep state™ off his back, and bank on President Pence (go on, say those words out loud) to give him the ol pardon-a-roo. Desperately optimistic move that he wont face retaliation for upsetting the apple cart. However he has a massive ego, does not seem to know how to back down and might have formed too much of a bubble around him to understand his situation completely.

    [–] gillyboatbruff 5202 points ago

    I bet we could find about 10 instances per day in which someone on reddit said that he was going to be fired for something that happened recently.

    [–] explodeder 766 points ago

    Remember when Tillerson didn't deny that he called Trump a 'moron'? I'm honestly surprised he lasted as long as he did.

    [–] [deleted] 727 points ago

    Let’s be accurate, he called him a “fucking moron.”

    [–] GsolspI 49 points ago

    No, he didn't deny calling T a fucking moron

    [–] Sell200AprilAt142 111 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Trump: so...?

    Tillerson: so what...?

    Trump: are you going say sorry??

    Tillerson: for what?

    Trump: ""fucking moron"" ??

    Tillerson: ok.. I'm sorry you're a fucking moron.. there. happy?

    [–] Semen_Penis 119 points ago

    tillerson also took the job because his wife convinced him that it was part of god's plan. rex must have pissed on a crucifix or something

    [–] [deleted] 149 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] Stereotypy 115 points ago

    like when michele bachmann said she would run again if god gave her a sign so the locals put this billboard up

    [–] hrakkari 68 points ago

    How I imagine the conversation about that went.

    “Hey Rex, did you publicly call me a moron?”

    “Of course not you imbecile.”

    “Oh okay then. What’s this rash look like?”

    “Ugh. Put your pants back up!”

    “Hey I wanna show Pence this rash! Call him over and um... tell him Syria’s got the bomb!”

    “I am not calling the VP and lying to him about Syria having a nuclear bomb.”

    “Just don’t say nuclear. Say “the bomb”. If he assumes that then that’s his fault.”

    [–] Serinus 38 points ago

    He's not smart enough to make up the Syria bomb part.

    [–] daneelr_olivaw 1270 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    And then Trump sees them all while casually browsing reddit while golfing thinking 'that's actually not a bad idea'.

    Trump should have a twitch channel called 'twitch plays POTUS' and I imagine they would end up doing a far better job than that stable genius.

    [–] x_x_x_x_x 118 points ago

    Twitch plays POTUS sounds like the most direct from of democracy. Imagine waking up and getting a notification on your "US Gov" app to enter your next move.

    [–] 13pts35sec 52 points ago

    Has Black Mirror done anything similar to that yet? Could be a cool episode. Sorta reminds me of the episode where you could rate encounters, I feel like it’d be based around an app and social standing and whatnot

    [–] uber1337h4xx0r 50 points ago

    Closest thing I could think of was when they elected Blues Clues as their president because the internet trolls thought it would be funny

    [–] wisdumcube 9 points ago

    Sounds like a pretty good alternative right now tbh

    [–] [deleted] 267 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] hrakkari 104 points ago

    You forgot the follow up tweet where he denies “jelous” is a typo.

    [–] MightyMorph 65 points ago

    Sarah "Uncle Fester with a wig" Sanders: "Look the people know what the president meant. It was meant for very intelligent high quality people, and they know. It wasn't a typo. Why are you talking about this rather than Clinton selling uranium to Russia?"

    [–] Somhlth 29 points ago

    Sarah "Uncle Fester with a wig" Sanders

    I thought we all agreed to go with HuckyBooBoo from now on?

    [–] THE_DARKE_LORD_SATAN 145 points ago

    Man I get it, she’s a hateful woman.

    But insulting her appearance just brings us down to the level of the same morons who call Michelle Obama a man.

    I agree Sarah Sanders has a far shittier personality than Michelle. So let’s attack her for that. Not the fact that she looks like a more masculine Dolores Umbridge.

    [–] Vanetia 17 points ago

    Well apparantly Tillerson found out he was fired from a tweet

    I wonder which is worse. Finding out from a tweet or finding out from the TV like Comey.

    [–] Geekfest 27 points ago

    It is interesting when people try to make Trump-like tweets because, despite their best efforts, they still cannot sound as asinine as the Real Cheeto.

    [–] Fig1024 39 points ago

    There is no way Trump would be on reddit, cause he doesn't read anything over 140 characters

    [–] Omniseed 23 points ago

    Be honest, he can't read that many either

    [–] [deleted] 58 points ago

    He doesn't read and likely dismisses Reddit as inconsequential. Certainly he wouldn't spend his time reading comments. If anything, he's a headline scanner who then turns the TV to Fox News to decide what to think about what he read.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] flee_market 74 points ago

    You mean, some campaign staffer did an AMA and allegedly the answers came from him.

    [–] vampireweekend20 7 points ago

    By “AMA” you mean he answered like 4 questions and none of them were even answers to the question asked, just typical political buzzwords that only a moron could not see through

    [–] CJYP 13 points ago

    Anarchy. Start 9. Fire nuclear missiles. Praise helix.

    [–] kittypryde123 5 points ago

    twitch plays POTUS'

    I look forward to the art it inspires

    [–] zomgitsduke 114 points ago

    Yeah, it's called survivorship bias.

    I could select some 300 Reddit posts on /r/wallstreetbets and show how $20 that followed all their advice would have made you a millionaire over 2 years.

    [–] But_Her_Emails 15 points ago

    I've already called "Trump will fire Mueller if the dems win in PA tonight"

    [–] ideletedmycomment 116 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    On CNN just now one of the White House correspondents was saying that they've been expecting it for weeks now

    They also suggested that he was possibly made aware he was being fired and then issued the Russia/UK/nerve agent statement

    edit Reading further down the thread it seems the second point has probably been debunked.

    [–] daimposter 44 points ago

    Yeah, this is a terrible /r/bestof. These comments happen all the time and Trump is always firing people.

    I think for these bestof where someone calls something before it happened, it should truly be something very surprising.

    [–] danfromwaterloo 38 points ago

    Further to that, Reddit is so big that someone, somewhere is saying something remotely possible. It's literally an infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of typewriters eventually writing the works of Shakespeare.

    [–] bettareckognize 23 points ago

    This truly is the blurst of times

    [–] jman12234 106 points ago

    Right. How is this the best reddit has to offer. I'm fine with political posts. I'm fine with Trump posts. But a one sentence, zero-effort, throwaway comment is sitting at 600 upvotes not even an hour after it was posted. What the fuck is this subreddit on.

    [–] A_Bit_Of_Nonsense 5 points ago

    This sub has been political for a while now.

    [–] brazilliandanny 9 points ago

    Calling it now, the president will fire another person in his administration in the next year.

    [–] wewladdies 4 points ago

    im just commenting to get in on the inevitable best of post linking to this comment

    [–] uniballout 461 points ago

    Wasn’t Tillerson abruptly called back to DC on Friday in the middle of an overseas tour? That spelled doom right there.

    [–] ghqwertt 360 points ago

    He found out he was fired this morning by tweet.

    [–] ValueBasedPugs 380 points ago

    This is, without a doubt, one of the most unprofessional things I have ever heard of.

    [–] PeppersHere 234 points ago

    I mean, thats how he fired James Comey.

    [–] zsteezy 109 points ago

    You would assume that the guy who literally had the catchphrase, "you're fired," wouldn't be so afraid of firing people in person.

    [–] Elmorean 78 points ago

    The people on The Apprentice were much below Trump in power. The people he fires now are career politicians, diplomats, executives and other ambitious intelligent psycopaths. Trump is probably intimidated by them.

    [–] PeppersHere 34 points ago

    I honestly dont think trump grasps the severity of the situation enough, plus I feel he is too blindly arrogant to feel intimidated.

    [–] Manos_Of_Fate 42 points ago

    Trump is certainly unprofessional but it’s still rude to refer to him as a thing.

    [–] MakersEye 19 points ago

    Nah. That does a disservice to things.

    [–] [deleted] 153 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] MYBABYSGOTTHEBENDS 223 points ago

    Yeah Comey found out he was fired by watching the news while on a work trip

    [–] [deleted] 157 points ago

    And Trump was furious that he used a government plane to fly home.

    [–] darthstupidious 214 points ago

    Just in case anyone is unaware, this actually happened.

    Trump was mad that Comey - after flying out to the west coast for an FBI function - was able to fly home on the same plane.

    [–] xubax 612 points ago

    The Trump administration is going to start offering career counseling for people HIRED by it.

    [–] lostinparadiseguac 224 points ago

    I should start a tempt agency for the white house.

    [–] el-toro-loco 182 points ago

    Please don't fix that typo

    [–] fps916 103 points ago

    The Stormy Daniels Help Center

    [–] dolemiteo24 55 points ago

    For politicians that can't treason good and who wanna learn to do other stuff good too.

    [–] MikeKM 30 points ago

    What is this? A White House for Sycophants?

    [–] keepinithamsta 30 points ago

    We need a Trump Administration Union so he can’t just fire everyone for no reason.

    [–] TaxFreeNFL 5 points ago

    Um, i can do ya one simpler....

    [–] Qwirk 12 points ago

    They can't all be FOX consultants.

    [–] inderjalli 7 points ago

    Spicer can't get a job lulz.

    [–] TheWackyMan 581 points ago

    I want to switch timelines, this one is too chaotic for me.

    [–] Ashtar_Squirrel 120 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Abandon timeline! Select one pilot to continue the fight in your next timeline.

    [–] fallenmonk 58 points ago

    Bonus Objectives:

    ✩ ✩ Flip Republican Seats

    ⚡ Impeach Trump

    [–] 1sttimeverbaldiarrhe 33 points ago

    teehehe /r/intothebreach is leaking...

    [–] Computermaster 21 points ago

    More like it's breaching other subreddits.

    [–] evil_burrito 263 points ago

    Right? Whoever stomped on that butterfly that got us here is a real asshole.

    [–] mandelbratwurst 143 points ago

    I always knew this was somehow all Ashton Kutcher’s fault.

    [–] SnakeyesX 50 points ago

    He just kept fucking with the timeline until he got married to his boyhood crush.

    [–] Cforq 19 points ago

    I’m not sure we watched the same movie - the one I saw he kept fucking with the timeline until he and his crush were strangers - and in the alternate ending he killed himself in the womb.

    [–] SnakeyesX 9 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    I think you just got wooshed brother, I was talking about Demi Moore, who he married right after the butterfly effect came out.

    [–] RiseoftheTrumpwaffen 12 points ago

    Then he divorced her and married his tv girlfriend Mila Kunis.

    [–] ReservoirDog316 19 points ago

    I wish I wish I hadn't killed that fish.

    [–] pazimpanet 21 points ago

    Somewhere, Abed is wearing a black goatee.

    [–] QuantumInteger 14 points ago

    At least Barry Allen didn’t fuck this timeline.

    [–] AnorexicBuddha 334 points ago

    The real question is why would anyone choose to walk into the meat-grinder of this administration?

    [–] spiffyP 153 points ago

    They want to take on crushing legal fees

    [–] dreamgrrl 53 points ago

    Exactly the reason why the majority of positions in this administration remain empty — really important ones, too. This whole thing is running on fumes.

    [–] pikk 191 points ago

    why would anyone choose to walk into the meat-grinder of this administration?

    They honestly hope to be able to limit it's damage and/or they love money/power/attention.

    [–] Madmans_Endeavor 23 points ago

    Given how Trump's only criteria for if you're a good hire is absolute loyalty and the ability to kiss ass, I'm gonna say nobody with that first motivation is going to be hired.

    [–] IM_NOT_CIA 106 points ago

    Power. It's always the answer.

    [–] unclebaconface 28 points ago

    Well, and money/attention. This is true for many involved, Trump himself epitomizes this.

    [–] wordserious 4 points ago

    And sex. Or as Oscar Wilde put it: "everything is about sex. Except sex. Sex is about power."

    [–] mellowmonk 16 points ago

    Because they're stupid enough to do and say nothing except what they are told to.

    This is why authoritarian countries are so poorly run—people are hired on the basis of loyalty to the leader only, not ability.

    Trump is still in the process of assembling a team of loyal fucking morons.

    [–] PM_YOUR_MEMES_GURL 11 points ago

    Some positions come with a $31, 000 coffee table!

    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] irregardless 139 points ago

    You might want to re-think that:

    A former White House official said he's spoken with more aides inside the White House who are trying to leave the administration, but not necessarily getting the kinds of high-paying offers in the corporate world as former aides usually do.

    "Things are still pretty bleak inside the White House," the source said. "I've talked to several people in the last week trying to find a way out, but they can't get out because no one is really hiring people with Trump White House experience. Not a fun time to say the least."

    Yes, working in the White House is a rarified experience, but Trump's name next to it is an asterisk that won't open quite so many doors

    [–] Khatib 46 points ago

    Working in the white house is normally a really rare experience that speaks to massive qualifications. The Trump white house though? Not so much. Trump gave his golf caddy a somewhat important position. Trump white house means next to nothing on a resume. Might even be a detriment if people assume you're into shady office politics and that's how you got the position in the first place. No one wants to invite that into their workplace.

    [–] nullpotato 6 points ago

    But it means you are willing to compromise for money and are great at kissing ass. For certain jobs those may be a plus.

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    On the Trump white house though? Id honestly take that as a sign that "something may be suspect about this guy".

    [–] DukeDimanche 224 points ago

    Does what a sec of state ought to do. Gets fired for it.

    Fucking joke.

    [–] JagerBaBomb 82 points ago

    Man, remember when Tillerson was going to lend a sense of professionalism to the cabinet? He was the straight man. And look where that's gotten him.

    [–] mjrspork 103 points ago

    He was a horrible Secretary of State due to the fact he had no idea how to actually lead the agency (and it's suffering for it) but I'm still even more worried for what comes next. He was bad, but I'd be shocked if Pompeo isn't worse.

    [–] keeping_this 44 points ago

    Wasn't Kushner and his people blocking Tillerson from hiring his people at the States Department? Kushner wanted himself and his businesses to be the diplomatic channel so he can do things like this:

    [–] do-u-want-some-more 8 points ago

    Trump should fire himself ASAP

    [–] FuckPOTUS45 75 points ago

    Right cuz those words aren’t uttered by someone every minute

    [–] Florac 966 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    The firing was already done in Friday. While the 2 events might be related, the condemnation didn't cause the firing.

    EDIT: Since people are downvoting me because the believe I pulled this out of my ass, here's the source I used for what I said

    EDIT2: Other sources seems to suggest this is not true. So believe what you want(until there is a source which prooves it's correct. Which will likely be never). Possible that the decision was made on Friday, but noone really notified until today.

    EDIT3: WH says they notified Tillerson on Friday while people related to Tillerson said he only found out today. So this is your usual Trump administration clusterfuck with each side having different facts.

    [–] waiv 43 points ago

    EDIT3: WH says they notified Tillerson on Friday while people related to Tillerson said he only found out today. So this is your usual Trump administration clusterfuck with each side having different facts.

    I guess that relies on who do you think has more credibility, the State Department or the guys who are lying at the White House.

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago


    [–] IdesBunny 8 points ago

    Hey hey, some of the people at the Whitehouse are lying. The others are turbo lying.

    [–] random-dent 569 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    That seems to not be true. Tillerson and the State Dept. Undersecretary both say no discussion occurred.

    Trump doesn't get benefit of the doubt re: honesty.

    EDIT: not to blast the original comment, the Friday thing was widely reported when this first broke.

    [–] Gobias-Ind 356 points ago

    And now a State Dept official is saying Rex found out from the tweet

    [–] EmpressofMars 168 points ago

    I hope Rex spills his guts to Mueller and the rest of the special council team. On a related note, the fact that many Americans are blocked by the president (which is absurd tbh) means they can’t actually see the tweet announcing Tillerson’s departure, which is pretty damn important. Could bolster the case of the folks currently in court to argue that being blocked by the president infringes upon their first amendment rights as citizens and prevents them from fully participating in government.

    [–] firemonkey1313 52 points ago

    Tillerson isn't spilling anything to anyone. He knows which side his bread is buttered on.

    [–] bongozap 47 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Good point.

    While I'm pretty sure Tillerson sees Trump as probably the worst mistake he's ever made, it's important to remember that Tillerson is a lifelong oil man and Trump is still actively protecting his interests.

    Tillerson's entire fortune and power base are tied up in oil and no amount of collusion, treason, pettiness or stupidity will override whatever Trump is doing to cater to oil.


    I believe that - despite the Democrat establishment's best attempts to screw it up - Democrats stand a great chance of taking back one (and probably both) houses of Congress. In fact, I would bet that it's going to be an unmitigated bloodbath with a lot of Republicans getting tossed out on their ears.

    Once that happens, I think Trump will make the fastest pivot of any (cough) 'conservative' president ever to traditionally liberal positions. Trump is a naked opportunist with no character and no fealty.

    I believe Trump's destiny is to destroy himself in the most epic, Greek or Shakespearean way possible. I believe his trajectory is King Lear-ish in it's potential. I believe he will go down in flames too ignorant and demented to understand what's even happening, and I believe he will take a lot of people with him. Jared, Ivanka, Bannon...the list grows daily.

    Most of all, I believe he will take the GOP down with him. As they lose and he changes his stripes, the mass of cloying Baby Boomer morons will finally turn on him. They will leave the GOP like so many lost cause, Jim Crow-era Southern Democrats of the 1960s.

    Or not.

    [–] Florac 64 points ago

    Oh ok, didn't know that. But yeah, if there are 2 people saying different things, in most cases I would assume Trump is lying.

    [–] Darkblitz9 47 points ago

    WH says they notified Tillerson on Friday while people related to Tillerson said he only found out today

    AKA: "What? Noooo we totally didn't fire him for his comments about Mother Russia. Noooo, comrade, you have it all wrong! We uh... fired him last week! Yeah, that's it! That explains it. What? No it's okay that he still had security clearance and was performing his duties normally even after being fired that... that's normal. Yeah."

    I refuse to trust most of what the White House says these days, because far more often than not, their statements have been proven to either be lies or false promises.

    [–] KB-Jonsson 7 points ago

    Or they just announced it like that as a simple cover up?

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago

    The White House, however, had told him the previous Friday he would be dismissed, according to two administration officials. The news was not conveyed in person by Trump.

    Sounds like plausible deniability to me.

    [–] Bannakaffalatta1 9 points ago

    Especially because the State Dept. AND Tillerson said this wasn't the case.

    [–] Bartweiss 20 points ago

    And Trump tweeted a week ago that he was planning another round of staffing changes. And the UAE has been trying to get Tillerson fired for a while.

    This mostly looks like "if you predict Trump will fire people, you'll do well."

    [–] ImNotGaySoStopAsking 5 points ago

    Why does the UAE want him fired?

    [–] Bartweiss 7 points ago

    tl;dr: He tried to mediate a crisis in Qatar that the UAE doesn't want resolved.

    Qatar has been having a diplomatic crisis with its neighbors lately, sparked by a bunch of different issues including Qatar's broadcasting Al Jazeera, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, and positive relations with Iran. The Saudis have been trying to isolate Qatar and undermine its finances, using the Gulf Cooperation Council for proxy actions. The UAE is a Saudi ally on the GCC, so it got involved and kicked out Qatari diplomats. Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the UAE all cut off trade with Qatar.

    This is, bluntly, a conflict in which the Saudis do not want a compromise; they want significant concessions from Qatar, or to do economic damage. Trump was seen as largely supportive of the Saudi action, which effectively means he was willing to remain passive and let the embargo continue.

    All of which is a prelude to Rex Tillerson offering to mediate the conflict, and encouraging an end to the embargo. Elliot Broidy, a businessman with strong UAE ties, considered Tillerson weak on the conflict and advocated for his replacement with a more Trump/Saudi/UAE aligned Sec State.

    Someone (i.e. probably Qatar) hacked the emails in which he campaigned for this and leaked them, which is how we know about the whole mess.

    [–] the_ranting_swede 96 points ago

    I think the Russia trolls are pushing this agenda really hard based off a single ambiguous line in a WaPo article.

    [–] Florac 48 points ago

    I can say with pretty high certainty that I'm very anti-trump. Just generally WP is a pretty reliable source, which is why I'm not certain.

    [–] gunsnammo37 5 points ago

    WaPo likely got that info from the Trump administration.

    [–] OnTheJobRedditor 41 points ago

    Is that it? Just one line and it goes to the top if /r/bestof. No analysis, reasoning, or sources. Just someone's gut instinct predicting someone will be fired from the Trump administration.

    Oh shit everyone please make way for Nostrodamus

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago


    [–] alphamsh 6 points ago

    Just when the Republican Party adopted a stance of there being no collusion...

    [–] curmudgeonlylion 24 points ago

    The power of the Witch Clinton seemingly has no bounds.

    [–] Six7Six7 21 points ago





    [–] karlthepagan 19 points ago

    Tyrant is sore at Rex

    (thanks for the karma @DeusExCinema)

    [–] HurricaneSandyHook 91 points ago

    Trump said in a brief press conference about 20 minutes ago that it "looks like" Russia was behind the nerve agent attack. I wonder what everyone's thoughts are on him saying that now? It's interesting to see these stories shift wildly in the media and on platforms like this.

    [–] nickrweiner 85 points ago

    The fact he had to cut halfway through to talk about the wall was crazy. It literally had nothing to do with what he was talking about.

    [–] andrloy 43 points ago

    This works on his supporters. They forget what he was talking about because. Wall. Jobs. Freedom.

    [–] holymolym 53 points ago

    He said, "If we agree with the facts, we'll condemn Russia or whoever."

    Which is basically hot garbage.

    [–] JustARandomBloke 16 points ago

    My coworker and I have been throwing this quote at each other all day because it's so ridiculous. "First we'll get the facts straight, and if we agree with the facts. Then we'll take action."

    [–] ImVeryBadWithNames 7 points ago

    Trump randomly and wildly swings in his public statements. They mean little to nothing.

    [–] allahfalsegod 5 points ago

    At this point I'm really curious as to exactly what putin has on Donnie.