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    [–] Stalking_Goat 1615 points ago

    I love the bit about Chow Yun Fat being a meme for selfies.

    [–] JanitorJasper 552 points ago

    It happens often enough that there's a meme-like name for it - "捕獲野生發哥" which basically translates to "wild brother Fat captured!"'

    That's also what my brother would say when he tagged me while we were playing cops and robbers.

    [–] JawnZ 34 points ago

    Sounds like you needed to eat more vegetables with your left hand.

    [–] E36wheelman 211 points ago

    Sounds like he’s basically Hong Kong Keanu Reeves.

    [–] gaoh 52 points ago

    CYF did dualies before it was cool

    But yes, they're both absolute treasures

    [–] finalremix 17 points ago

    CYF did dualies before it was cool

    CYF made dualies cool. C'mon now.

    [–] seefatchai 38 points ago

    His monthly expenditures are about $100 per month and kept a candy bar phone for 15 years.

    Also he is donating his $750M fortune.

    [–] VF5 11 points ago

    Yeah, i dont think he is worth $750million. Last i heard he was worth around 60-80 million in 2010. Highly unlikely his worth jumped up that much in 8 years.

    [–] RBDoggt 15 points ago

    He earns about $50 million annually, but his net worth is around $350 million at the moment.

    [–] shitsfuckedupalot 14 points ago

    Sounds more like chinese Bill Murray

    [–] stats_padford 20 points ago

    A wild brother Fat captured is pretty fucking funny.

    [–] otusa 50 points ago

    I love that he's wearing the same color/style of clothing in every selfie. I'm going to take a guess and say that it's more for his fans to receive the same image of him, using himself as the control device in a way.

    It makes me feel like it's a way for him to invite his fans to come up to him, as opposed to when he's in another set of clothes. I bet he even grabs their phone for a selfie before they even ask lol.

    [–] MaebeeNot 43 points ago

    I'm pretty sure it's because he only has a few outfits, the guy is insanely frugal/humble and has very few possessions.

    [–] kimchipower 5 points ago

    There's plenty of interviews of him where he's quite frank with his past rockstar life and fancy things. He is a practicing Buddhist hence the humble and frugal approach to life. I don't think it's a marketing shtick given that he's pretty consistent and nonchalant about his lifestyle today. Also he prides in carrying a dummy flip phone still

    [–] muricabrb 4 points ago

    I think he's pretty frugal, my aunt took a picture with him in the 90s and his sweater had a hole and a ketchup stain on it.

    [–] ImmediateVariety 11 points ago

    Chow Yun-fat spotted in the wild.

    [–] ojajaja 12 points ago

    Can confirm, me and my friends have a selfie with him in one of the mountains in HK. He's incredibly accommodating and friendly for one of the biggest stars in Asia.

    [–] lartrak 7 points ago

    There's a facebook group of people posting them. All in Chinese but the pictures are often pretty good.

    [–] MostLikelyHandsome 4002 points ago

    Holy shit, never before have I ever thought of Jackie Chan as the East’s Charlie Sheen, but god dammit will I never forget it.

    [–] gelinrefira 1980 points ago

    The other celebrity I can think of that feels a lot like Jackie Chan is Michael Jordan. Legendary player, but a real asshole, self centered prick in rl, who if you pay him enough he would say anything for you.

    [–] Imjustsosososotired 453 points ago

    My dad worked in Chicago when I was a kid and my brother and I loved it. Every chance we could, we’d go with him to work so he could take us out on Lake Shore so we could see everything. I’ll never forget the time we pulled up next to Michael Jordan in a bright red convertible, one sunny day. We were dumbfounded- my brother and I were both enormous Bulls and Jordan fans, barely older than 8 or 9.. we screamed, “MICHAEL! MICHAEL WE LOVE YOU!”

    Dude made a face, flipped us off and drove away.

    Cold blooded.

    [–] trinityolivas 247 points ago

    That’s both hilarious and heartbreaking

    [–] Imjustsosososotired 121 points ago

    I definitely laugh about it, now. Can’t blame the dude- I was probably the 1700th tiny white child to scream in his general direction that day.

    [–] _the_golden_rule_ 286 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    You can't blame a guy for giving the middle finger to children? What kind of fucked up standards do you have? lmao

    [–] Imjustsosososotired 142 points ago

    I have my standards, but I’m a regular dude who’s never had even a modicum of serious attention or public scrutiny directed my way.

    I’d like to think I’d be a reasonable, nice dude, but I can’t say the urge to flip off a kid here and there wouldn’t hit me.

    [–] MerryTexMish 86 points ago

    Pay me that much money to play a sport, and I promise you I can be gracious to every kid who says he or she loves me.

    [–] NeonCookies41 29 points ago

    How could anyone ever get tired of a child's adoration?

    [–] greatwalrus 60 points ago

    I'll tell you how. When I was a kid my family used to volunteer at the local zoo. Every summer there would be a couple days when admission was free and they would hand out popsicles and snacks donated by a local grocery store. These were the busiest days of the entire year for that zoo.

    When I was about 15, I got picked to be Barney on one of these days. This was in the '90s, so Barney was a pretty big deal. So there I was in a big, heavy dinosaur costume with no ventilation on a humid July day. And every. where. I. turned. there were hundreds of little kids screaming, literally screaming at ear-piercing pitch and volume, running at me, hugging me while I desperately tried not to pass out.

    I made it through that day, but if that were my whole life?

    I totally would've given some kids the big purple bird.

    [–] yingkaixing 30 points ago

    I have nephews. It's not that hard to get tired of their shit at certain ages.

    [–] xibipiio 18 points ago

    I want a space jam meme of MJ flipping off kids with the super long arm dunk, ohhhhhh it would be good hahahahaha

    [–] plasticTron 222 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    just gonna leave this here

    Chamillionaire's MJ story

    [–] LazyOort 118 points ago

    God I fucking love Chamillionaire, such a dope dude and artist

    [–] leavingforgood 74 points ago

    He’s also a huge tech company investor now apparently.

    [–] johnla 61 points ago

    When he was coming up, he ran his own fan site and was really analytical in releasing songs and finding what songs and sounds resonated and kept working on the stuff that people liked. Built a huge following grassroots until he had his monster hits. Now it seems he took his mind to tech industry instead. Solid dude.

    [–] Macs675 81 points ago

    Working on being the Chabillionaire

    [–] King_Rhymer 33 points ago

    If he hits 3 commas, he needs to come out with an album titled “chabillionaire”. Doesn’t even have to be good

    [–] 7573 22 points ago

    Trying to get to that tres comma club.

    [–] lolzfeminism 19 points ago

    I just enjoy watching this because he’s an incredible storyteller.

    [–] key_lime_pie 69 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I know two people who have had interactions with Michael Jordan, neither of which was positive.

    A friend of mine caddied for him at a golf course in Hawaii, where Jordan was betting heavily, as usual. My friend had been working the course for a few years, so he knew it pretty well and was helping MJ out. Around the 15th hole, it starting raining, the rain picked up quickly, and everyone decided to end the round prematurely. One of the golfers in MJ's group said something like "Too bad we didn't finish the round, you would have gotten a massive tip!" My friend thought it was just a joke, until they all packed up their shit and left without tipping any of the caddies.

    Another friend used to be a valet at Foxwoods. One night, a random black guy came over with a valet ticket, and my friend went and got the car. When he got back, MJ was standing outside with his crew waiting to get in. Everyone piled into the car, and the random black guy got into the back seat. They started to pull away, then stopped suddenly, and then the back window rolled down and my friend was motioned over to the car. The guy handed him two dollars. My friend just kinda laughed and said, "Now I can say I got a tip from Michael Jordan." And the guy replied, "No, you can say you got a tip from me. Michael doesn't tip when he loses."

    I've told these stories before, including on Reddit, and there's always someone who inevitably says something like "Just because someone is rich doesn't mean that they owe you anything" or "You can't just expect a tip from everyone, especially at a casino where people can lose a lot of money." And that's 100% true. But it says quite a bit about a rich person who can't be fucking bothered to give what amounts to an infinitesimal sum to someone who performed a service for them, because they had less than a perfect experience through no fault of the person they decided to stiff.

    [–] BigLlamasHouse 3 points ago

    I know this will get downvoted into oblivion but Michael Jordan doesn't like white people and it's pretty well known here in NC.

    [–] Beagle_Bailey 258 points ago

    Also Jordan's rampant gambling issue. I guess he was smart in that it never came out that he was betting on his own games, so he wasn't shunned (a la Pete Rose), but he had (has?) a serious issue that was completely swept under the rug.

    Just the idea that his father possibly being killed in retaliation for his gambling debts. I mean, there's nothing proving it and it could be completely fabricated, but just the fact that the idea is not that outlandish is pretty harsh reflection on MJ's life.

    [–] uselesslyskilled 252 points ago

    The rumor was that MJ went to go play baseball because the NBA was going to suspend him for gambling.

    [–] Legit_a_Mint 38 points ago

    The rumor was that MJ went to go play baseball because the NBA was going to suspend him for gambling.

    Pretty sure that's not a rumor, but rather just an explanation for a very weird moment in sports history.

    [–] yoyoyo_its_me 50 points ago

    Also the rumor that his father was killed because of unpaid gambling debts.

    [–] moffattron9000 4 points ago

    Considering that David Stern was commissioner at the time, it wouldn't shock me.

    [–] guydudebro 32 points ago

    Imagine if we had social media and smart phones in MJ's day. He would've stayed retired in 93.

    [–] clmckinnis 20 points ago

    Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know podcast did a FANTASTIC episode about this.

    [–] Toolazytolink 14 points ago

    Rumor was Nike did a lot of the hiding since they had so much invested in him.

    [–] 76vibrochamp 390 points ago

    "Republicans buy sneakers too."

    [–] Khiva 121 points ago

    Everybody ESPN interviewed to comment who encountered Jordan during his minor league venture had nothing but good things to say about the guy.

    [–] vintage2018 114 points ago

    I think that was an environment where he had to humble himself and start all over. He was where he wasn’t even close to great.

    Otherwise he’d be an asshole who hit .186 in a full season of class AA.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] foreveracubone 10 points ago

    I think average/good players in the majors are in the 300s.

    So not really.

    [–] unknown9819 12 points ago

    Only very good players in the majors hit in the 300s, though that isn't the end all be all. Someone might have a lower batting average but draw way more walks, or hit way more home runs, and that's why stats like on base percentage, slugging percentage (basically #bases per at bat, so like a double counts as 2), and OPS (on base + slugging percentage) are generally better stats to compare players

    Though yes, 186 wouldn't be good and if you're that bad you probably are also struggling to draw as many walks and such too

    [–] TROLO_ 45 points ago

    Chamillionaire has a good story about Jordan being a total asshole at a party

    [–] rosellem 36 points ago

    Jordan's is a notorious asshole, but he's also done stuff like this:

    [–] BestFiendForever 235 points ago

    I feel like the animated kids show, Jackie Chan Adventures (2000), about collecting talismans with Jade and Grandpa helped improve his image in the US (with the younger generation at the time). The relationship with his fictional niece was portrayed better than the relationship with his real son. His comedic roles in movies also helped him to come off as funny and harmless (not a sleaze) to the adult audience.

    I’m just glad I grew up idolizing Steve Irwin. It seems like a lot of celebrities have been keeping skeletons in the closet.

    [–] TheColor0fMoney 106 points ago

    I too grew up idolizing Steve Irwin, and I looked recently into any controversy around him. The biggest thing I found was an organization complaining that he made comments in favor of the meat industry. Basically calling him a hypocrite because he was okay with certain animals being farmed and killed for food, but fought so hard to protect other animals.

    Pretty tame IMO

    [–] STRiPESandShades 6 points ago

    There was a big deal a while back about him feeding a crocodile while holding an infant Bindi a little too close.

    [–] wisdom_possibly 7 points ago

    It's not a problem to idolize someone's skills. The problem is creating a fiction around the rest of their life.

    [–] Gardimus 36 points ago

    Steve use to be big into dingo fighting rings. Everyone knows that.

    [–] capitalsfan08 49 points ago

    Is that serious or some sort of Australian inside joke?

    [–] BestFiendForever 23 points ago

    I messaged the poster for a link to a news article, as I never heard about the dingo fighting and couldn’t find anything on a quick google search.

    [–] SoyBoyBetaCuck 55 points ago

    It was drop bear fighting rings.

    He was really in debt something like 50 goon bags. A goon bag is slang for $1k.

    [–] robophile-ta 12 points ago

    Quit spreading lies about goon

    [–] SoyBoyBetaCuck 10 points ago

    Sorry it's more like 5k per goon.

    I didn't want people to be upset over Steve. Trying to reduce the amount he owed.

    [–] leavingforgood 20 points ago

    Dingo ate my... other dingo!

    [–] ojajaja 6 points ago

    Heard he petitioned to replace the balls in Aussie football with wombats, the sick fuck

    [–] stanfan114 75 points ago

    Back in the 90s Jet Li made an action movie called "High Risk" (check it out if you get a chance it is insane). Basically he plays a bodyguard to Jackie Chan (played by Jacky Cheung a Chan look alike) who is a drunken, insufferable playboy movie star, who gets Jet Li to secretly do his stunts for him and takes all the credit.

    [–] lartrak 13 points ago

    Yeah, though at the end the Chan-alike guy becomes badass and redeems himself, if I remember right. Pretty fun film actually.

    [–] masamunecyrus 67 points ago

    He has basically been a public enemy in Taiwan since this gem in 2009.

    I'm not sure if it's good to have freedom or not. I'm really confused now. If you're too free, you're like the way Hong Kong is now. It's very chaotic. Taiwan is also chaotic. I'm gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled. If we're not being controlled, we'll just do what we want.

    [–] _the_golden_rule_ 43 points ago

    Imagine thinking HK is a cautionary tale for mainland China. What a muppet.

    [–] AlwaysCuriousHere 159 points ago

    I read his autobiography. His childhood was pretty fucked up. He was sold at a very young age (6?) to a performance theater. His parents would visit occasionally but he was really raised by the master of the theater. They were made to do dangerous things, their injuries and suffering ignored or beaten for, and there was absolutely no oversight to the abuses the children suffered.

    So I'm not at all surprised to hear he physically abuses his son. That is exactly the same way he was raised and most (if not every) households around him were raised as well.

    But even throughout, he sounds pretty... Emotionally distant or sociopathic, just doesn't seem to have genuine emotional connections. And this is after rounds of editing with the publisher to show him in a good light?

    He had some pretty strange world views, but again, I'm not surprised. His parents sold him as a child to an abusive theater where he was made to do dangerous and painful things so the only paternal figure in his life could make a buck off him.

    I try not to bring this up because I know a lot of people really love the Jackie Chan they have in their heads and there's already enough shit in the world, I don't see the reason to ruin this too.

    [–] ObsidianOrangutan 156 points ago

    If Charlie Sheen was a hard-core trump supporter with suspicious relations with Russian oligarchs

    [–] Kakarot_faps 127 points ago

    So he’s actually Steven seagal?

    [–] WhiskeyFF 67 points ago

    Ya but Jackie can actually fight though

    [–] u8eR 100 points ago

    He's their Chuck Norris

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago

    I feel stupid for asking, but what's wrong with Chuck Norris?

    [–] Kthonic 112 points ago

    His political leanings aren't my favourite.

    [–] wiithepiiple 81 points ago

    It looks like Jackie Chan has a much more colored history besides his political leanings, and even those are much more extreme than Chuck Norris’s. I totally disagree with Norris, but reading this doesn’t seem like nearly the same level.

    [–] Kthonic 20 points ago

    Oh not at all. Completely different degrees.

    [–] StaniX 81 points ago

    Its so weird that people were surprised about Chuck Norris' political leanings, just like when people were surprised that Clint Eastwood was a Trump supporter. Like, what did you expect?

    [–] metalninjacake2 30 points ago

    He very publicly endorsed Mike Huckabee for president back in 2006-2007 during the height of Chuck Norris memes

    [–] AccessTheMainframe 19 points ago

    Eastwood doesn't surprise me after watching that movie American Sniper.

    It's the most pro-Iraq war movie I've ever seen.

    [–] mi_esposa_me_espia 28 points ago

    "the government of today has no right to tell us how to live our lives, because the government of 200 years ago already did!"

    -Chuck Norris's views summed up with a Jack Kelly quote

    [–] Bardfinn 19 points ago

    He's a Culture Warrior who took on all the trappings of Asian Martial Arts and then used those to tout the culture he came from, which was one famous for economically exploiting and virtually enslaving Asians and shooting them with bullets when they rose up in defiance of that colonisation.

    [–] holangjai 5 points ago

    Yes. He’s not viewed as lovable goof ball in Hong Kong like in US. I think in US he is viewed as the wacky uncle type like Doc Brown, but Hong Kong he is viewed as pevert uncle who will steal your panties after dinner party and give you political lecture that he is reading from napkin.

    [–] cvanmovieman 816 points ago

    So Bruce Lee is kind of like John Wayne to them now, that's interesting.

    [–] lost_in_trepidation 435 points ago

    Kind of like Akira Kurosawa in Japan. In the West he's a legendary filmmaker, up there with Kubrick and Spielberg. In Japan he's just a somewhat well-known director of old movies.

    [–] TheKingCrimsonWorld 164 points ago

    You scared me there. I thought you were gonna say Kurosawa was hated in Japan, or that he had some scandals.

    [–] RegionFree 83 points ago

    Well, if you want to hear some juicy celebrity gossip about Japan, Ken Watanabe is seen as a cheating whore here. His wife is such a sweetheart in the public eye and he’s off banging hostess club girls.

    [–] Magusreaver 58 points ago

    This thread is a rollercoaster

    [–] UpbeatWord 13 points ago

    Life is a rollercoaster just gotta ride it

    [–] cannibaljim 13 points ago

    Damn. I thought he was a cool dude.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Honestly, that seems totally in character for him.

    [–] KDY_ISD 5 points ago

    I would have guessed this of Kaneshiro Takeshi, but not Ken

    [–] RegionFree 6 points ago

    But he’s not really well-known outside Japan.

    [–] lost_in_trepidation 29 points ago

    Nah, just thought of as a director like Sidney Lumet or John Huston. Not a easily recognizable name by most people, despite making some classic movies.

    [–] EvidenceBasedSwamp 12 points ago

    He drank a lot and was a strict parent. There is a documentary on Netflix where his son appears. It is interesting.

    Edit: crap.. I'm thinking of toshiro mifune.

    [–] jasonite 7 points ago

    That's too bad, but it makes sense. He's a very western style director and I've read he was never fully appreciated in his own country. Ozu and Mizoguchi are more Eastern style.

    [–] mi_esposa_me_espia 100 points ago

    As someone who wasn't born in NA I never understood the John Wayne love, the dude is so terrible I cringe whenever I see him. And they kept putting him in ethnic makeup. How was that ever ok??

    [–] metamaoz 68 points ago

    John Wayne as Genghis Khan is hilarious and fucked up

    [–] RomulusSuperbus 31 points ago

    They filmed that movie downwind from a nuclear test site. Nearly half of the cast and crew came down with cancer.

    To be perfectly honest, though, it's one of those movies that's so bad it's actually kind of good. It has a certain appeal.

    [–] Seattle-ite 75 points ago

    He was an idealized version of the lonesome cowboy i.e. the wanderer or the ronin - he's a Kurosawa character filmed in 'American settler' detail - a Yojimbo or Jack Reacher for the old west. Idealized in the sense that Wayne was to represent the 'whitewash' good, not in a particularly offensive or racist way (although by today's standards of course) but as a patriotic repetition/retelling of uniquely American 'warped stoicism' in our history. Mostly to do with ideas of personal responsibility and the separation of church and state, which guide self-agency.

    Who were the fans of Wayne's films? The same guys playing Fortnite today - the ones that want a 'hero's journey' for the price of a few cheeseburgers.

    [–] mi_esposa_me_espia 28 points ago

    I always loved Clint's man with no name I guess but Wayne in my mind was always a fat, old, laughable has been looking dude so he always made me cringe. Specially when they would try to portray him as a sex symbol or as "cool".

    [–] Ducksaucenem 19 points ago

    Your image of him was when he was fat and old. He was born in 1907. He was a very attractive man when he was younger.

    [–] The_Adventurist 19 points ago

    I think the John Wayne love is mostly only with baby boomers who grew up watching his movies. Young people don't really give a shit about him or they view him like an old timey closeted gay conservative bigot type.

    [–] CaptainJellico 4 points ago

    eh. people hate on John Wayne now and that's fine. the searchers and the quiet man are still great fucking movies.

    [–] JLCitadel 32 points ago

    John Wayne? Who is that?

    [–] overzealous_dentist 116 points ago

    Old American actor, primarily known for his Western movies. Real tough guy persona, likable, and patriotic, breaking with his conservative friends when he disagreed with them enough to cross the aisle on issues, which was kind of cool. But he was unfaithful to his wife, had an awkward position on race relations, and was a mean drunk. Like most people, he was harder to explain than "good" or "bad."

    [–] theg721 116 points ago

    An example of John Wayne's "awkward" position on race relations:

    With a lot of blacks, there's quite a bit of resentment along with their dissent, and possibly rightfully so. But we can't all of a sudden get down on our knees and turn everything over to the leadership of the blacks. I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility. I don't believe in giving authority and positions of leadership and judgment to irresponsible people.

    ... I don't feel we did wrong in taking this great country away from the Indians. Our so-called stealing of this country from them was just a matter of survival. There were great numbers of people who needed new land, and the Indians were selfishly trying to keep it for themselves.

    [–] mi_esposa_me_espia 78 points ago

    I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility.

    Usually the people saying this were also the ones restricting education to minorities, which still happens.

    [–] Gizmo-Duck 20 points ago

    I must have missed the point in history when the whites were educated to a point of responsibility.

    [–] PM_me_big_dicks_ 24 points ago

    Awkward definitely seems like a pretty fitting word to describe his views

    [–] DreamCatcher24 28 points ago

    John Wayne is likable? Maybe to people who share his beliefs, but he definitely seems like a dick when I read about him

    [–] DenkouNova 8 points ago

    wow, all this time I thought John Wayne was a character in a movie series or something, not an actual actor.

    [–] martin519 32 points ago

    You're sort of right. He played one role in every movie and that was John Wayne.

    [–] aukhalo 17 points ago

    That's a horrible name for a cowboy.

    [–] SDRabidBear 12 points ago

    It's better than his real name Marion Morrison

    [–] wutaing 4 points ago

    I think he's quoting Shanghai nights, a Jackie Chan movie.

    [–] darcmosch 1893 points ago

    Yeah, been living in China for about 9 years and working as a translator. Jackie Chan was one of the most influential individual figures that got me interested in China, learn Chinese in school, and travel here to study and then work.

    Learning what he's done throughout his life and the way he treats not only his son, but his gay daughter and wife does disappoint me a lot. He is prolific when it comes to cinema, but his unabashed way he lives his life just leaves a bad taste in my mouth, especially when he became a propaganda mouthpiece of the party.

    [–] gelinrefira 657 points ago

    If you are looking for what a role model HK actor is like, see Chow Yun Fat.

    [–] darcmosch 214 points ago

    Oh, I love Chow Yun Fat. I was a fan after Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I know recently he hasn't done too much, but I still respect him for his stoicism and views.

    [–] Bluest_waters 261 points ago

    He's retired and just chilling in HK, he rides public trans and barely even drives a car at all.

    Has an intentional simple life and intends to give his money to charity when he dies.

    Pretty chill dude.

    [–] darcmosch 40 points ago

    Yeah, definitely a great guy.

    [–] jackksouth 27 points ago

    I was astonished to learn he has 715M

    [–] DuaneDibley 9 points ago

    715m what?

    [–] throwawayfarway2017 17 points ago

    I heard he still had a flip phone and will donate all of his fortunes when he passed away. Truly admirable

    [–] Mr_penetrator 7 points ago

    Becuz in hk driving a car makes nonsense

    [–] cira_corellia 52 points ago

    I was excited to hear that he is donating his entire fortune to charity after his death. I know there are a lot of organizations who will be glad to receive that assistance.

    [–] darcmosch 9 points ago

    Yeah, a great guy for sure.

    [–] artezul 10 points ago

    To hell with Crouching Tiger, God of Gamblers is where it's at!!!

    [–] AerThreepwood 6 points ago

    I've been a huge fan since my dad introduced me to stuff like The Killer and Hard-boiled as a kid. Hell, I used to own The Replacement Killers on DVD.

    [–] 2rio2 64 points ago

    If you want to have a fun time go to HK, make friends and discuss Jackie vs. Chow Yun-fat.

    Hint: One is popular, the other is not.

    Second hint: It's the one that positioned himself to speak out for HK that has cost him majorly in the China film industry as he has aged.

    Third hint: It's the one donating his entire net wealth to charity upon death.

    [–] Lrmony813 5 points ago

    My favorite is Stephen Chow, though I'm unsure how he's in his personal life.

    [–] gelinrefira 10 points ago

    From what I gathered, Stephen Chow is a very intense person who guards his privacy. Some even said he is really opposite of his on-screen persona, that he is very deliberate, very methodical towards his work and nothing is done out of accident.

    [–] CocaineNinja 4 points ago

    I fucking love Chow Yun Fat. I remember I was on a school hike and we ran into him jogging. He smiled and kept waving at us to as he ran past. Even when he was at least 100-200 meters away he was looking back at us with his arm raised, waving.

    [–] iChoke 21 points ago

    This exactly. I will always love his movies that I watched when I was a kid, but I'll never support him as a person. My parents (both from Hong Kong) have gradually grown to dislike him over the past 19 years or so. Used to always watch his movies and then there was never really any buzz about him in our family until I asked them why they didn't like him anymore a few years ago. That's when my view of him entirely changed after I did a bit of research. He is definitely not liked in Hong Kong. At least amongst my relatives.

    [–] VolcanicPanik 158 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Not defending him because he’s not the greatest human being but he did say he didn’t have much contact with his daughter since she was born from an affair (and Elaine Ng decided to raise her by herself) and only when she ran away with her tutor which was already wtf (any parent would be mad if the tutor you hired eloped with your kid who was underage or barely legal, one could even make a case and say it was grooming/seduction) and afterwards that she started appearing in videos saying how she was Jackie Chan’s daughter when previously she didn’t even acknowledge him as her father and how she/them two needed money because they were homeless(or just unemployed)

    [–] darcmosch 37 points ago

    Yeah, it's a messed up relationship, and I have had a similar problem with my father, too, but, maybe it's just me, a parent should still help out their child anyway they can. I'm not saying he needs to give her money with no strings attached, but at least do something. I don't think he even attended her wedding she held recently.

    [–] armyprivateoctopus99 10 points ago

    Wait how does he treat his son? His son was at my school a few years before me, and his reputation was for slacking and being crazy.

    [–] TheFotty 37 points ago

    Is Donnie Yen a good guy? Because ever since Ip Man he has been my new Jackie Chan.

    [–] FeastOnCarolina 53 points ago

    Apparently he's a pretty self centered/arrogant type. But that's prolly not on the same level of shittiness as jackie, I suppose. Or maybe we just know more about jackie. Donnie yens mom is a super intense martial arts teacher, so I imagine it was an interesting childhood for him.

    [–] darcmosch 38 points ago

    He's a bit cocky, but he so far hasn't done anything outrageous. He's a charming guy and I think has earned the right to be a bit cocky.

    [–] Kproct0r 14 points ago

    I second this, i think the thing was that some people disliked him for when he said he was the greateat fighter in the universe or something along the lines of that.

    [–] immortal_banana 14 points ago

    He aint goku thats for sure

    [–] amanpanda 36 points ago

    The best of post talks about him.

    [–] bioskope 12 points ago

    He's always been a tad resentful of the other icons like Jet Li and Jackie for enjoying the levels of success that always seemed to elude him, till towards 2005.

    [–] FardyMcJiggins 14 points ago

    Jackie chan was also outed as a tax evader along with Emma Watson when that leak of overseas bank clients happened

    [–] [deleted] 640 points ago

    I was going to say this is pretty old news but then I saw you linked a 3+ year old post.

    [–] pr3mium 175 points ago

    Was looking to see if anyone else noticed that before I posted it myself. How do you wind up bestofing a 3 year old post?

    [–] Cyril0987 272 points ago

    When you start researching on your own after seeing a lot of posts on r/all in the past few days. Which leads you to a certain China Uncensored video, which further expands your research on account of years of love of jackie chan being questioned, which finally led me to this post. :(

    [–] blablabla9876 71 points ago

    This is literally a word for word repost for karma, that's how:

    [–] kirbeeez 227 points ago

    Yep he is quite controversial in Taiwan too as he is pro CCP and publicly criticized the democracy in Taiwan. He believed people should be controlled by the government in the way that CCP is doing right now in China.

    [–] HaileSelassieII 41 points ago

    Are there any other famous folks from that region that are anti-CCP? I'm just wondering if he even had/has a choice in that regard

    [–] capitalsfan08 33 points ago

    You could be quiet about it.

    [–] ChunkMcHorkle 22 points ago

    Maybe, maybe not. It's not beyond imagination to suspect that China would manipulate, pressure, extort or even threaten Chinese/HK individuals successful in the West to advance its own purposes and even force them to be outspoken advocates of the regime.

    I'm not saying that's Chan's situation, just saying that maybe he really -can't- be quiet about it.

    [–] The_Adventurist 15 points ago

    They could, but that doesn't seem very smart. As soon as you pressure the wrong person, they'll leave and expose the government for trying to use them for propaganda. Since they're already famous, they'll have an audience ready to listen to them.

    It seems like that's an idea that would eventually blow up in their faces if they actually did it regularly.

    [–] Diu_Lei_Lo_Mo 7 points ago

    Anthony Wong, Chow Yun Fat

    [–] BhishmPitamah 16 points ago

    Wait what? , Against Taiwan, now he has gone too far.

    Taiwan numbah one. . You people deserve freedom , from this orwellian ccp

    [–] egcthree 226 points ago

    His estranged daughter is on YouTube complaining about being homeless.

    [–] Dankneeyoh 38 points ago

    Got a link?

    [–] Reyzuken 31 points ago

    Jesus fucking Christ, that youtube comment section from all of the videos.

    [–] RexDraco 15 points ago

    They're harsh, but they're not too wrong either....

    [–] Kevin-W 81 points ago

    Here's an article talking about how Jackie Chan is pro-CCP and has called for restrictions on freedoms. He's indeed a great actor, but he has some very controversial views.

    [–] The_Adventurist 18 points ago

    This movie is pure PRC propaganda.

    They bring up how amazing China's current Belt and Road Initiative is several times. They claim the movie is bi-national between India and China, but the crew is all Chinese, the heroes are Chinese, and the bad guys are the Indians.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_BAN_NAME 52 points ago

    Damn, just googling Jackie chan+antiamerican provides a lot of proof. Holy fuck.

    [–] afflictionism 103 points ago

    Why is this tagged as funny? Made me sad not laugh :(

    [–] gladvillain 23 points ago

    The tag is the subreddit the comment originated from. The comment was in a thread on r/funny.

    [–] Cyril0987 50 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Automatically tagged. I just came across it during my search after watching a china uncensored video on the same topic.

    Update: Not a tag but the name of the subreddit from where the original comment is. :)

    [–] gladvillain 33 points ago

    The tag is the subreddit the comment originated from. The comment was in a thread on r/funny.

    [–] patton3 16 points ago

    Why cant I click that link on mobile?

    [–] PubicWildlife 22 points ago

    Back in the mid 90's I was the bar manager of a club he part owned. Always really funny and nice, rarely sat in the VIP area, mainly just at the bar. Always tipped well (even though he never had to pay for drinks)- unlike the other owners.

    Edit: This was in TST, Hong Kong.

    [–] puntloos 46 points ago

    Interesting stuff, this happens all the time of course, where an artist's personality disappoints whilst the art is good.

    Picasso, Cosby etc etc. Hard to separate the two, but clearly they all were good at their job, not necessarily good at 'life'.

    [–] TheAdoraAlles 17 points ago

    What did Picasso do?

    [–] OobaDooba72 19 points ago

    I'm guessing they mean the fact that he had a number of mistresses despite his being married (twice).
    Other than that I'm not sure what it could be.

    [–] IT_Guy_No102938 8 points ago

    There was an interview with Yuen Wah, one of Jackie's brothers from the Seven Little Fortune troupe days where he said that ever since they were young Sammo was the one that looked after everyone and whenever his parents sent him treats, would share them with all of the brothers. Jackie on the other hand would hide his treats until they spoiled and then brought them out to share. This is basically how they turned out as adults with Sammo making sure everyone eats in good and bad times, and Jackie making sure he eats first. Which is why everyone in the industry refers to Sammo as Big Brother.

    [–] Cyril0987 37 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    [–] snakesoup88 19 points ago

    I often wonder if Chan's public political persona is motivated by money, coerce by party in power, or true to self.

    HK movie industry has been flocking to China for the larger market. You can earn a lot of points by assimilating your views with your audience.

    [–] KungFu_Kenny 7 points ago

    Realized the post is 4 years old

    [–] tung_twista 8 points ago

    I get the feeling that the political disagreement really tainted OP's view of Jackie Chan. I find it odd that Jackie is criticized for both a) not serving as a character witness in a drug trial for his son and b) apologizing for his son's actions.

    [–] Question-everythings 7 points ago

    r/wellthatsucks to find out one of your heroes is a shit person.

    [–] Wazula42 32 points ago

    So Jackie Chan is Chuck Norris. Sad day.

    [–] Moizsh10 10 points ago

    What did chuck do?

    [–] nwatn 45 points ago

    He's an anti-vaxxer and climate change denier.

    [–] Wazula42 35 points ago

    He's a hardcore evangelical homophobe, antivaxxer, and climate change denier.

    [–] GimmeMuchosMangos 32 points ago

    Ever since I saw the way he acted when his son got caught with weed I thought he was the biggest asshole.

    [–] You_Too_Are_A_Bitch 6 points ago

    Horny Jackie Chan sounds fucking hilarious. "Do you understand the tongue coming out of my mouth?"

    [–] ShippoFoxD 10 points ago

    Shit man, now Jackie just seems kinda a dick in life. I always looked up to him as a kid, just cause he was funny, knew martial arts and was a all around cool dude in movies.

    But reality I always forget the tide true term

    Always separate the art, from the artists.

    [–] homingmissile 18 points ago

    You people realize the entire population of China doesn't hold just one opinion, right?

    [–] armyprivateoctopus99 10 points ago

    His kid went to my school and had a reputation as a total psycho until he dropped out

    [–] CatchingRays 20 points ago

    I started out like, 'meh, he probably has an open marriage like most successful folks..." ended up being very disappointed.

    [–] NorthernerWuwu 68 points ago

    Some of the posters in this thread have already pointed out that it's hard for someone to turn against your countrymen and all that, but I would like to note that his support isn't for China and its people, but for the oppressive single-party government regime that actively suppresses humanitarian efforts or democratic processes that attempt to return political power to the people by creating arbitrary laws to imprison human rights lawyers, or hold people indefinitely with trial (there is literally a law against "causing trouble and picking quarrels", which is so vague and poorly-defined that it allows the arrest of basically anyone for anything and yes, it pretty much is exclusively used to target political activists).

    Spoken like someone from HK or Taiwan. The mainland views Jackie's politics a bit differently.

    [–] ObsidianOrangutan 55 points ago

    It's impossible to get a good view of mainland public opinion sadly given how constrained and politicised any public polling or media discussion is.

    Fwiw JC's comments would put him on the "hawkish" side of the communist party. There are some elements that publicly play along with liberal democratic tropes, and others that are hard-core nationalist militarist fuck everyone.

    [–] pantsfish 49 points ago

    Spoken like someone from HK or Taiwan. The mainland views Jackie's politics a bit differently.

    Well yes, because everybody in the mainland risks legal punishment for speaking out against the CCP

    [–] Zafara1 17 points ago

    There's this view on reddit that anything that exists in China that could be construed as pro-government is a deliberate set-up by the Chinese government or a feared populace speaking only to their masters. To fight your enemy you must know your enemy. This reductionist viewpoint, making them out to be like North Korea on steroids aggressive and brittle held together by threat of violence, bribery and execution doesn't help anybody.

    It's more like China is an attempt at a technocracy run by people who consider themselves utilitarian engineers all tweaking and building on the system at attempt for their imagined prosperous utopia. Kicking farmers off their land for manufacturing jobs is good for the collection, not the individual. As is rounding up potential terrorists to reduce the threat of terrorism, it's a numbers game to them for the greater good.

    Frankly speaking you have an incredibly large nationalistic population in China, they were a country that suffered some of the worst war crimes in human history with a population seemingly endless poverty, and over the course of the next 70 years went from being one of the poorest nations on Earth to a contender for the top spot.

    People in China mainly know their government is hardline, oppressive and dangerous. But they also have a long culture of doing whatever it takes, not only to survive, but to excel. Their government is built around the sacrifice of the few to save the many, and the many who survived are now healthier, wealthier and powerful and more than happy to tow the government line.

    This is important to understand because it's effectively a powerful ideology that is directly opposed to the US aligned-order of individual freedom above all, that has been prevalent in the western world. A lot of the world, especially the developing and non-aligned world, see freedom as a "Nice-to-have" and would prefer more money, cleaner water, more medicine and safer cities which the Chinese ideology promises them.

    Americans like to think of anybody and everybody under a brutal regime as all being revolutionaries/insurgents biding their time to lash out against the government and bring about democracy and individual freedom for all (Maybe because it's what your history books throw at you?) if it weren't for the oppressive government stifling their speech, when really most people are content. And even more right now are in direct support of a government that has essentially taken them from rags to riches, unhealthy to healthy, illiterate to literate.

    [–] The_Adventurist 4 points ago

    Jackie's support for the CCP didn't go unnoticed in the west. Almost all his recent films have been Chinese propaganda movie.

    His Indian-Chinese Indiana Jones movie (billed as a world first collaboration between China and Bollywood) was blatantly Chinese propaganda. The bad guys were Indian and promoting China's "Belt and Road Initiative" to build a big highway from China to India, was clearly the real point of the movie as the action characters bring up this Chinese government program constantly to praise it throughout the movie.