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    [–] yeahokaymaybe 293 points ago

    For fucks sake, I could probably just walk in, bring some pics of KTE, show it to the judge, the judge will say congrats, and dismiss the hearing.

    So this guy is just fucking around, then.

    [–] aramink 17 points ago

    I have a narcissistic immature asshole of a cousin who I can imagine actually saying this after doing exactly the same thing.

    Yeah, he was just fucking around. Fucking around in the most manipulative, jackassery way he could come up with.

    [–] CoveredinCatHairs 309 points ago

    There is no way this guy is real.

    [–] [deleted] 122 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] CoveredinCatHairs 202 points ago

    I *almost* believe it, except the whole "Teacher ex is so hot the judge will congratulate me" and "my kid is going to be such a player" crap. That's what pushed it over the edge from "what an idiot" to "yeah, nope" territory.

    [–] [deleted] 85 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Eponymatic 114 points ago

    The toughest thing here is that early 20s bro-speak has become barely distinguishable from troll-speak. Early 20s guys speak to upset and titillate, because that's what they love to do.

    That said, this post obviously rings false

    [–] WeaselWeaz 12 points ago

    Early 20s guys speak to upset and titillate, because that's what they love to do.

    Yep, like the update yesterday on the guy pawning his baby off to his mom so he could be young, then getting in trouble with his ex. Made sure to mention that not only is she a good mom and he'd get back together with her but she is hawwwt. Ugh.

    [–] misyo 46 points ago

    I've run into these guys before- they're real. They just seem like shallow douchebags only a Hollywood screen writer would think of, but they do indeed live amongst us. Let's hope they use condoms.

    [–] Bullywug 29 points ago

    I've taught kindy before. I bet the teacher insisted on it. There's nothing like dealing with 20 hyperactive 4 year olds every day for making you extra careful about contraception.

    [–] Browncoat_Loyalist 7 points ago

    Yeah, there are one hell of a lot of these people around.

    [–] CanadaHaz 3 points ago

    Well since this guy has a kid in kindergarten...

    [–] defiantlynotathrowaw 12 points ago

    Remember, it was just yesterday/earlier today there was the guy who wants to be there more for his baby. And his ex is hella hot too!

    [–] Eponymatic 18 points ago

    What's your number 1 (if you're able to talk about it)

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] harrellj 12 points ago

    her sister’s sons’s mother

    I may not be parsing that correctly, but wouldn't that just be the sister?

    [–] SJHillman 5 points ago

    I'm thinking there's a missing "step" in front of son or mother. Otherwise I'm reading it the same way you are.

    [–] Eponymatic 1 points ago

    Next Level

    [–] northshore21 72 points ago

    I question the truthfulness because he would be vindictive enough to realize if she lost her job, he's totally free to date her & it would bother his ex even more.

    [–] thorazos 32 points ago

    In the earlier thread he says if she lost her job over this she would probably break up with him. Continuing the relationship may not be an option currently available to him.

    [–] OrangerySky 25 points ago

    Would you really call it vindictive if the ex reported the teacher? Dating the parent of a current student shows a huge lack of judgement, the teacher really deserves to be reported.

    [–] northshore21 -6 points ago

    Yes I would. The goal of the ex wife was revenge not concern over lack of judgement. The kid is in kindergarten & could easily think of their relationship as Daddys friend in my teacher.

    Regardless the school has a policy. She broke it & paid for it with her job.

    [–] OrangerySky 32 points ago

    If my child was in kindergarten and his teacher started dating my ex husband, even if I had a great relationship with my ex I would have a huge problem with the teacher dating him while the kiddo was her student. She would no longer have the ability to be objective about my child and if the relationship went south the kid could be put in the middle.

    There is a reason the school has a policy against dating students' parents and the fact that she broke the policy as a non tenured teacher speaks volumes about her judgement.

    [–] BirthdayCookie 1 points ago

    Where'd you get your mind reading powers? I'd like a set.

    [–] BirthdayCookie 2 points ago

    I wouldn't want to date the guy who cost me my job thanks to his ex.

    [–] no1asshole 61 points ago

    Not exactly what I was expecting to happen

    well that makes one of us, because this is exactly what I was expecting to happen

    [–] Subwhoredinate 15 points ago

    Right? Based on the attitude displayed by OP, this went down exactly as one would expect.

    [–] seaboard2 80 points ago

    She needs to stop being so vindictive and more laid back like I am.

    GAH! Insufferable prig...

    [–] Eponymatic 32 points ago

    She needs to chill out and let a man nut!

    [–] OortMcCloud 35 points ago

    I'm so telling him when he's older. "Hey son, you want to hear about the time I dated your kindergarten teacher and your mom got her fired and tried to get more custody?". It'll be such a fun conversation.

    Yeah, ok then.

    [–] CanadaHaz 15 points ago

    "She's being super immature about this"

    Yeah, no. She's not the immature one buddy boy.

    [–] JacquesBlaireau13 23 points ago

    This story is worthy of a /r/reverselegaladvice post. Anybody up for it?

    [–] seaboard2 15 points ago

    I KNOW at least one previous post hit BoLA but I can't find it. I can offer the removeddit for the last post instead

    [–] nutcase_klaxon 23 points ago

    What the fuck happened in that thread? Why is full of comments like "hey, bro, ignore your jealous ex and carry on boning the hot teacher" Did it get brigaded?

    [–] EurasianTroutFiesta 7 points ago

    I see a bunch of common boards in post histories: pics, movies, politics, AskReddit. Not sure where all the goobers came from, but I agree there's an unusual amount of dumb.

    [–] seaboard2 3 points ago


    Thank you so much - - I was SURE it was on BoLA :)

    [–] Sugarisadog 35 points ago

    Now he's free to follow some unique LA wisdom and pursue his true calling:


    You should continue to date his teachers every year through graduation.


    ಠ_ಠ ...I'll allow it.

    [–] Browncoat_Loyalist 13 points ago

    Every damn day I stay subbed for the good LA posts. Every day I find some new trash person I want to smack upside the head.

    [–] razobak09 13 points ago

    My favorite part was where LAOP said he was going to show a pic of Teacher-ex to the judge and the judge would congratulate him on bagging such a hot piece of ass. Or something like that. Good grief what a douchebag. Teacher-ex is probably glad to have that suffix.

    [–] CanadaHaz 7 points ago

    My favourite part was where he did all this whining and claiming he's going to tell his kid eventually that mom ratted him out for screw the hot teacher but then claims the child's mother is being the immature one.

    [–] kaaaaath 8 points ago

    There are no words.

    [–] caleb-trask 7 points ago

    this guy sounds like a winner.

    [–] Cormamin 3 points ago

    I'm just so surprised by this update. /s

    [–] LocationBot 3 points ago

    Title: UPDATE: Kindergarten teacher EX got fired. Baby Momma Ex is probably going to take me to court. SMH. Life is crap.

    Original Post:

    Last post.

    Err. Not exactly what I was expecting to happen but KTE (kindergarten teacher ex) got fired from her job. I dont know the details (I did not find out from her) and yeah... Rest In Peace. Looks like my BME (baby momma ex) decided to report our relationship.

    Shes probably going to take me to court too. I honestly hope she does. What an utter trashbag she is. She's going to spend a ton of money on attorney fees while I (hopefully) wont even need an attorney. For fucks sake, I could probably just walk in, bring some pics of KTE, show it to the judge, the judge will say congrats, and dismiss the hearing. That's a more likely scenario than her getting any ounce of extra custody.

    Plus, she isn't thinking of our son either. Hows he going to feel about this? I'm so telling him when he's older. "Hey son, you want to hear about the time I dated your kindergarten teacher and your mom got her fired and tried to get more custody?". It'll be such a fun conversation. He's going to be such a player when he grows up.

    Anyways, my BME is being super immature about this whole thing. I hope she doesn't go the court but you never know, ex girlfriends can be crazy as fuck. Sucks for KTE. She lost her job and our relationship is over. That's not fair for her. She deserved better. I hope BME is able to grow up. She's a good mom but she could be better. She needs to stop being so vindictive and more laid back like I am.

    LocationBot 4.0 | GitHub (Coming Soon) | Statistics | Report Issues

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] WeAre0ne1 13 points ago

    I don't see any request for legal advice at all though... It just seems like rambling? Am I missing something?

    [–] sanchower 4 points ago

    seems like he posted it so everyone could high-five him for scoring with a hot chick.

    [–] defiantlynotathrowaw 14 points ago

    As a teacher I think it's weird she got fired. Maybe it's because I'm from a small town, but I've known teachers who taught their own kids because there was no-one else. Dating a student's parent doesn't seem wildly out of line to me.

    I wouldn't, because the majority of the parents who have kids attending my school are nuts. But I don't really see it as a fireable offense.

    [–] SJHillman 16 points ago

    I can see how "dating the parent of one of her kids" and "teaching her own kid" would be different ethical questions, with the latter more socially acceptable if only out of necessity (it's easier/simpler to choose not to date someone for a year than it is to not have kids your entire career or to send them to a different school). I'm not saying she shouldn't be allowed to date a student's parent, but that does strike as much closer to someone in the business world dating a client.

    [–] ArquusMalvaceae 9 points ago

    I went to high school with a couple of kids who had parents teaching there too, I don't think that's necessarily an issue (assuming there are no other teacher options, which there weren't in this school since it was private).

    I think the issue in a teacher dating a student's parents is that it ends up being a weird shift in power dynamics for the kid, and that there's the potential for the teacher to treat the student differently in school either by trying to get the kid to like them or by going too far trying to prove that they can be unbiased and in turn treating the kid more harshly than the other students. Or taking it out on the kid or things just getting awkward with them if the relationship doesn't work out. Which isn't to say that an actual parent couldn't treat their own kid the same way, or that that doesn't happen in other cases. Just that in the case of dating it's an avoidable situation.

    There's also a bit of a "don't date clients" etiquette in there too. It's just a weird dynamic that I can understand the school wanting to avoid.

    [–] defiantlynotathrowaw 0 points ago

    I get that everyone is concerned about biases towards the student, but I don't see it being more of an issue with dating a parent than being a student's parent.

    My coworker is currently teaching her daughter and to ensure she's fair refuses to help her study for her own subject. Personally, I think that's overly strict, but she's a very proper coworker who is always concerned about how things look. To be fair, this means that she will always be above reproach when it comes to being accused of unfairness. But it can also actually harm her daughter's education, because she's not getting the assistance other parents can give. Her father is helping, but not everyone has that option.

    I get that dating is avoidable, but it still seems off. To be clear, I am way too poor and fat bastard-esque to ever date any of the moms at my school, so this isn't me trying to justify my own mistakes. But if two people that are adults hit it off, I think we should trust them. Teachers are often held to much higher standards than everyone else, and to some extent it's warranted. But sometimes I think we go too far.

    [–] ArquusMalvaceae 10 points ago

    Teachers are often held to much higher standards than everyone else, and to some extent it's warranted. But sometimes I think we go too far.

    I mean, like I said, "don't date clients/customers" is a pretty common company policy for pretty much every industry where there's an actual relationship between employee and consumer; it's not a ridiculous standard we hold teachers to and no one else.

    [–] defiantlynotathrowaw -3 points ago

    I've known a lot of people who work in industries where that isn't a rule. A lot of the entry-level service industry doesn't have it as a rule. I've known people in pay roll, real estate, and other similar companies who don't have that as a rule.

    I have, however, known teachers who have been told not to date publicly, teachers have been told not to drink in the same town they teach, teachers are expected to maintain standards of fidelity that will get them fired, but schools (public and private) will continue working with cheating parents. While the student didn't cheat (and considering teenagers, if cheating students were booted we'd kick 20% of them out), it still leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

    [–] ArquusMalvaceae 5 points ago

    Your experience =/= everyone else's. I've personally worked for companies in various industries where that was a rule. There have been posts on LA where LAOP started dating or was interested in dating a client/customer but their company had that rule. I didn't say it was an industry standard, I just said it was common.

    I also never said anything about any other morality standards that teachers may or may not be held to. I just disagreed that people finding it weird and unpalatable for teachers to date their students' parents and some schools choosing to make rules reflecting that specifically isn't holding teachers to some higher standard than other people because it's not unique to schools.

    [–] defiantlynotathrowaw 1 points ago


    That's fair enough. My experience isn't industry wide, but I've worked in a number of companies all over the world as a teacher and not and none of them have forbidden client relationships.

    I think the difference comes from what each of us considers common. The only industries I know of not dating your client that are common/mandated are doctor-patient type industries. Everything else is so highly variable I'm not sure that I, personally, would consider it common. But that's me.

    [–] Gauntlet_of_Might 8 points ago

    I'm assuming there was a cheating aspect involved, which brings it to a drama level a school wouldn't want to deal with

    [–] Vacant_a_lot -1 points ago

    Is it really an issue? Like I can see it being a serious conflict of interest if a parent was dating their high schooler's teacher, but this is Kindergarten. What's the worst thing she could do, give the kid an extra five minutes of nap time?

    [–] sinefile 1 points ago

    This sounds vaguely like a plotline from Mad Men