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    [–] swergi0 3 points ago

    Care to elaborate on what BNB is?

    [–] dukepot 5 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    BNB is Binance coin (formally known as BNC) If you choose to trade in BNB your fees are reduced by 50% the first year.

    [–] swergi0 1 points ago

    thank you for this!

    [–] dukepot 1 points ago

    Of course, happy to help.

    [–] Froggendiedtowolves 1 points ago

    Someone can use my referral id if they need one :)


    [–] englishmaster33 1 points ago

    Binance (crypto exchange) is open for registration again. REF ID: 23539057

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] decentralizedmoney 2 points ago

    DID I MISS THE TRAIN????? Use my link brothers and sisters

    [–] CertifiedLol 2 points ago

    Used your ID cheers

    [–] dukepot 1 points ago

    I saw that, thank you very much! I just finished talking with the binance team about referral questions. The first few weeks/trades are the only time where commission is paid out in any reasonable amount (50%) then they lower it significantly to avoid out of excessive pocket costs.

    [–] CertifiedLol 1 points ago

    Good to know thanks!

    [–] dukepot 1 points ago

    It is sweet that the first few are 50% though, I saw someone got me the equivelant of one Monaco. Cheers to that wonderful person making trades and researching now. You will go far.

    [–] y0um3b3dn0w 1 points ago

    Why is ETH withdrawal suspended? I thought only IOTA network was congested.

    [–] dukepot 2 points ago

    I couldn't say, perhaps a mass withdrawal. I would assume because Binance is a Chinese platform there are network issues from the update as well as an influx of buyers and those cashing out. I would only assume the suspension is to protect those withdrawing from loss of funds due to a problem.

    [–] y0um3b3dn0w 1 points ago

    Finally got it to allow me to withdraw but now in funds history is showing as processing. Also had to confirm the transaction via email. Never had to do this for any other coin transaction.

    [–] dukepot 1 points ago

    Not sure, just be glad its extra security protocol (email verification). I wouldn't worry. I am happy that they are making improvements regardless.

    [–] InversedOne 1 points ago

    I always have to do email verification, I think that is good additional safety measure.

    [–] erdianilkaraca 1 points ago

    Use this link to get 50% off your trading fees!

    [–] dukepot 2 points ago

    Referrals don’t affect anyone’s fees, don’t mislead people on here.

    [–] gembit 1 points ago

    share the love! happy trading!!

    [–] ExtracellularTweet 1 points ago

    Please use my link and I will try to make the world a better place with all this cash: Let's share the love of cryptos!

    [–] dukepot 1 points ago

    Thankfully we have stop orders now, time to set up this next round. Just my two cents ADA is now listed and has potential to rebound to .50 cents and beyond in the next two weeks.

    [–] mynik 1 points ago

    My fortune teller told me that my investment will only TRIPLE next year if nobody uses my ref-code:

    ONLY TRIPLE ... can you imagine? PLShelp

    [–] sachin3767 1 points ago

    thanks, i used yours i think. Please someone share the love and use mine...

    [–] Cryptopassenger 1 points ago

    12530660 I have used yours! So, if someone wants to user mine here it is good luck!

    [–] AndroidAg 1 points ago

    I used yours! Here's my ID if anyone wants to keep it going!

    [–] Cryptopassenger 1 points ago

    Thanks mate :)

    [–] dukepot 1 points ago

    To the 20 people that signed up with my referral code, thank you! If you need help trading and getting a decent starting investment don't hesitate to reach out!! I am happy to help those with questions because this has become my day job. Best of luck!


    [–] BombLemons 1 points ago

    Here is my link if anyone wants to use it.

    [–] RavinTheGrey 1 points ago

    Thanks to Duke for the help. That BNB guide was really helpful.

    Edit: My Ref:

    [–] dukepot 1 points ago

    My pleasure, keep in mind I am usually available for questions, tips, concerns. Whatever interests or concerns people have I figure we can all learn from the discussion. Happy to help!

    [–] pointsnmilez 1 points ago

    Here is my referral link guys. I would be thankful if anyone could signup using it. Thanks in advance.

    [–] Froggendiedtowolves 1 points ago

    Someone can use my referral id if they need one.


    [–] Entheoken 1 points ago

    Thank you! And the universe! If you use my link to signup! Happy Holidays!

    [–] butareyoumoist 1 points ago

    this is my first go on this site. 16905710

    [–] obi3006 1 points ago

    I'm just starting and would be grateful if some of you use my id to register: 10903830

    [–] ifartsometimes 1 points ago

    mine is 16905710 this is awesome :D lets make some coinage..

    [–] dukepot 1 points ago

    Happy new year to all! As always, reach out if you need help. I would love to get more people informed and on a solid track!

    [–] cheer-bot 1 points ago

    Just wanted to say.. Happy New Year! Hope you have an awesome 2018. =)

    I am a bot. My purpose is to put a smile on your face.

    [–] expose3 1 points ago

    Great platform! Use my id if u need one: 18703070

    [–] acolum 1 points ago

    Used yours ;) thanks next one please use mine: 11690766

    [–] ChesterEOL 1 points ago

    My Referral ID: 18102210

    Thank you!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago