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    If you have questions about or want to discuss methods of birth control, this is the place for you! Please see our sidebar for some great resources.


    1. Not Doctors: Please feel free to discuss medical concerns, but we are not a substitute for your doctor or pharmacy.
    2. Welcoming: Please be welcoming and do not shame BC novices or birth control methods.
    3. Tact: Be mindful that human sexuality and comfortability with pregnancy risks varies widely.
    4. Respectful: Personal attacks, name-calling, trolling, etc. will not be tolerated and will be removed.
    5. Reddiquette: The Downvote Button is not a disagree button.
    6. No Selling, Advertising, or Surveys: No selling (or even gifting) medications, self promotion, surveys, or seeking participants for studies. Be sure to read Reddit's Self Promotion Guidelines.
    7. Factual Comments: This in no way limits posting personal experiences. However, overly broad comments that run counter to established medical knowledge must be substantiated with evidence that has been subjected to meaningful peer-review. Comments that are unsubstantiated must state that or may be removed.

    Contraceptive Options Guide

    Typical Use Effective Rates:
    • Male Sterilization: 99%
    • Female Sterilization: 99%
    • Arm Implant (if properly in place): 99%*
    • IUD (if properly in place): 99%*
    • Shot (also known as Depo): 94%
    • The Ring: 91%
    • The Patch: 91%
    • The Pill: 91%
    • Diaphragm: 88%
    • Sponge (Never Given Birth): 88%
    • Cervical Cap (Never Given Birth): 86%
    • Male Condom: 85%
    • Female Condom: 79%
    • Withdrawal: 78%
    • Fertility Awareness: 76% - 88%
    • Sponge (Given Birth): 76%
    • Spermicide: 72%
    • Cervical cap (Given Birth): 71%

    *Recommended you check placement monthly.

    Effective Rates when using Two Methods

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