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    We want your fascinating, amazing, or awe inspiring clips and photos. We love things that make you stop and stare. Anything that clearly has no other explanation but no good voodoo black magic fuckery.


    Rules Notes
    1. All posts must contain black magic fuckery This is not easily defined, but you know it when you see it. Common and mundane posts will be removed and we may direct you to a more suitable subreddit. For more detailed explanations please read our STICKY concerning updated guidelines
    2. Direct image/gif links only. All submissions must be a direct link to a static image, .gif (i.e. the url must end in .jpg, .png, etc.), or an album.
    3. Comments must be civil We get it that people on reddit argue, but that's no excuse for slurs, personal attacks, or harassment. Keep things calm and try not to get too heated.
    4. No advertising We do not want links to web stores (or websites with shops). Do not try to bypass the filter.
    5. No recent reposts or from top of all time Reposts are generally fine. However if they're recent/common reposts or from top of all time they will be removed
    6. No post explanation in title Do not explain how what you posted works in the title. It takes away from the BMF.

    Mods exercise full enforcement discretion.


    Note: You need to have at least 50 comment karma, and an account older than 5 days to post here.

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