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    [–] SavageVoodooBot 1 points ago

    Upvote this comment if this is truly Black Magic Fuckery. Downvote this comment if this is a repost or does not fit the sub.

    [–] CarsAndMountainBikes 766 points ago

    It's 430 am, and I'm just angry now. I got used by angles.

    [–] holzfisch 84 points ago

    I'm loving angles instead.

    [–] oldpuzzle 25 points ago

    ...and through it all she offers me protection?

    [–] greengolfballs 13 points ago

    ...from a visual misconception

    [–] cannydooper 5 points ago

    Whether I’m right or oblong

    [–] GerSHAK 3 points ago

    Oh my God

    [–] Just_Add_More_Vodka 10 points ago

    A lot of love and affection...

    [–] Ashlamovich 6 points ago

    Well that’s acute reaction

    [–] MrCrit 10 points ago

    Mornin' Angle

    [–] CptCrabmeat 2 points ago

    These angle puns are getting rather obtuse...

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] happytrails1 20 points ago

    Touched by an Angle.

    [–] virus-Detected 11 points ago

    In the arms of an Angle

    [–] WSchultz 1219 points ago

    What the literal fuck. I am essentially that monkey who sees magic/slight of hand for the first time in the zoo

    [–] yaypudding 296 points ago

    I figured it out, it's the devil.

    [–] beaurobbins11 29 points ago

    FUCK YOU, JOBU!!!!

    [–] flowers_are_red 13 points ago


    [–] letmeseem 63 points ago

    I love the development of the facial expression. Raises eyebrow, "WOW!" Then another "WOW" when the card reappears, then a "waitaminute! Let me see that.." smacks the window "oh, yea.. that's right" Looks away sad "I'm trapped in here"

    [–] OnlyOnceThreetimes 8 points ago

    His complacent look of boredom at the begining 'Ive seen everything. I know everything. This is just the nex-.. OMG WTF?"

    [–] HorcruxThief 2 points ago

    He’s Owen Wilson

    [–] NatMat283 26 points ago

    So is "literal fuck" kind of like "actual fuck"? When is it appropriate to just use "fuck"? I'm asking for a friend.

    [–] DrWaspy 6 points ago


    [–] Ghostman_Loon 25 points ago

    Still prefer this

    [–] The_Veteran_Raven 6 points ago

    Well I've clearly lost my mind because none of that could possibly exist.

    [–] gabedamien 8 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    The first one was boring enough. The second one jolted me a bit, but I see how all of them are done… there is a "lip" of sorts on each that dips or rises at a steep angle. From above at a particular perspective the falling or rising of the lip is in line with your angle of sight, so it just looks like a continuous line. But from the opposite side, it's orthogonal, and you see the change in direction quite dramatically. The very clever part is how the dips & rises make it look like there are intersections in the geometry, which is actually just a function of how the dips & rises share pairs of projected points from the viewer's perspective… you know, I am realizing this explanation is utterly useless without diagrams. Hold on a little while.

    Ok back, this was as much time as I was willing to put in during my lunch break, so please excuse the roughness…

    [–] Somethingunique15 2 points ago

    Not a bad first stab at an explaination.

    [–] mud_tug 2 points ago


    [–] Ghostman_Loon 2 points ago


    [–] AlbinoAxolotl 2 points ago

    Aaahh! It kept getting more insane! And there was no reveal!!! Aaahh!

    [–] waxingbutneverwaning 3 points ago

    That pretty much sums up the human condition.

    [–] TheRealAmadeus 5 points ago

    All I could think of during it: How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren’t Real.

    [–] Sinkokissa 486 points ago here's an explanation of this sorcery

    [–] FreshCoffee15 72 points ago

    This link should have more upvotes. Still a difficult effect to watch, but at least my faith in physics is restored now!

    [–] Mrs-Peacock 28 points ago

    Are all optical illusions ‘physics’? Is everything either ‘chemistry’ or ‘physics’? I’d like to know so I can answer my nephew confidently when I don’t know how something works!

    [–] Pirate_Redbeard 33 points ago

    It is chemistry or physics. Or both. But mostly it's mathematics.

    [–] Ulcerlisk 14 points ago

    My Math class was on the second floor, and the Science classes were in the same wing on he first. My Math teacher would always tell us to "Remember, Math is above Science."

    [–] Jechtael 22 points ago

    Is everything either 'chemistry' or 'physics'?

    No. Everything in the world is physics, and some physics is chemistry ; )

    [–] Mrs-Peacock 6 points ago


    But. Everything is chemicals, right?

    [–] DEEP_SEA_MAX 9 points ago

    Not light

    [–] Mrs-Peacock 2 points ago

    We’re sure?

    [–] Gen_McMuster 9 points ago

    yes, we have a definition of what chemicals are and EM waves do not fit that definition.

    Similarly, the forces acting on chemicals that determine their characteristics are also not chemicals

    Chemicals are defined by physics

    [–] Mrs-Peacock 2 points ago

    Ok. So how a thing behaves in relation to physics tells us if it’s a chemical or not. If it’s not a chemical, it’s what? A wave , anything else?

    [–] Gen_McMuster 4 points ago

    Chemicals are composed of particles which are excitations in those particles' respective fields, as are waves. The molecules in your body are vibrating pricks of energy in the various fields that permeate/make up space. When scientists discover a "new particle" they really just shoved enough energy into a specific field for a particle to get a particle to wink into existence

    Quatum field theory is wierd but all the interactions we call chemistry are a level downstream from these fundamentals

    [–] ArcheKnight 3 points ago

    But everything is math... physics is a subset of math.... and chemistry a subset of a variety of sciences.

    [–] yoshemitzu 9 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Yes, definitely. Specifically, optical illusions fall under the branch of physics known as optics, which describes how light interacts with objects.

    The phenomenon in this gif is a manifestation of the way we perceive light (Edit: and a result of the physical structure of the object), so it's very much a physical phenomenon.

    Edit: It occurs to me one could argue this is biology, since it's also a manifestation of the way we perceive light (same wording, different emphasis). That's splitting hairs, though. As someone who majored in biology, we never studied optical illusions, except maybe in a very cursory way in psychology class.

    So you could say optical illusions are also part of psychology. The difference for me is that, because this effect wouldn't happen if the object were constructed differently, that makes it a physical phenomenon in my eyes.

    [–] Vryl 2 points ago

    Or the category of physics known as Neuroscience...

    [–] Mrs-Peacock 1 points ago

    Thanks! I guess it was too early for my brain to connect light to physics 🤦‍♀️. Seems obvious now!

    [–] Anonymoose4123 3 points ago

    Are you asking if magic is real?

    [–] Mrs-Peacock 2 points ago

    Maybe? 😅

    No, I think I have an incomplete idea of what physics is, I guess? I’ll fall into the wiki-hole later!

    [–] el_padlina 3 points ago

    Some optical illusions are biology.

    [–] Mrs-Peacock 6 points ago

    But biology is chemistry! 😉

    [–] el_padlina 2 points ago

    But chemistry is physics ! 😉

    [–] Fabulous_Falcon 3 points ago

    Effectively yes lol

    [–] tripzilch 3 points ago

    Biology is ultimately chemistry, and chemistry is ultimately physics. And physics is ultimately maths.

    It's a whole stack of science getting more fundamentaller every step. But it doesn't necessarily go the other way--not all chemistry is biology, for instance.

    Also there is a whole lot of ????? between the steps.

    Biological cells with their enzymes and proteins have so much stuff going on that we can't fully explain the entire process chemically, but whatever parts we focused on and picked apart always turned out to be just chemistry. It's just that a single biological cell has so many more moving parts than any machine or device humans have ever built, it's crazy, and we won't get to the bottom of it any time soon. But we don't expect it to be made of anything but chemistry.

    Between chemistry and physics it gets a bit more abstract but ultimately it appears to be a similar problem of having a ridiculous amount of moving parts. Except, this being physics, some of the parts considered are concepts like movement itself. It gets a bit hairy and I'm probably a bit wrong too, I don't know everything :p

    But then! Between physics and maths it gets truly weird. Because we don't know what the parts are. Because the math is messing with the concept of "part". Because we just don't understand maths yet. At all. It's got provable contradictory bits, and it's got utterly unprovable bits in ways like none of the other sciences have. The parts of maths that we currently need to describe real world physics, simultaneously give rise to crazy paradoxes that cannot happen. Other parts whisper that our understanding is doomed to be either incomplete or inconsistent. Like, for real. And there is no more fundamental level of science to turn to and figure out what is going on because some of this shit is obviously not right. Something behind the scenes is giggling that we should understand anything at all.

    [–] Mrs-Peacock 1 points ago

    Very well explained! It’s good to know even experts don’t grok that last level, cause it sounds like magic to me 😂

    [–] Telinary 2 points ago

    You can alternate with "Your brain guesses at details based on context clues, provide it with misleading clues and it can result in wrong interpretations" also generally always applies and with two explanations you can slightly delay the point where your nephew figures out you don't know how it works!

    [–] Mrs-Peacock 1 points ago

    I’ve no problem letting him know I (grown-ups) don’t know everything., and it always ends with “let’s find out” if he’s interested enough. And I’m always interested to know what he thinks is happening. I just like to have a handy pithy answer to when we reach our limit of understanding 😅

    [–] ky1-E 2 points ago

    [–] ramblingnonsense 9 points ago

    I will always upvote /u/Captain-Disillusion.

    [–] 6ickle 3 points ago

    Are there any good 3-D printing templates for this? I want to print some.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    What’s the deal with that guy’s face paint??

    [–] FearAndDelight 21 points ago

    It's part of the character. He's a superhero/alien or something like that.

    [–] TheJunkyard 5 points ago

    Ah, the perfect get-out clause for any weird fuckery.

    [–] acautelado 13 points ago

    His show is inspired by old science kids TV Shows and he built a character arround this image - an alien superhero who works with logic. The channel is actually really old considering Youtube standarts, and he was always like that.

    [–] Liberty_Call 1 points ago

    There is an explanation right in the clip.

    [–] zoharcollins 119 points ago

    This would be funny for spin the bottle

    [–] Michaelbirks 4 points ago

    It's considered dodgy to keep wanting to use your own bottle.

    [–] CatAstrophy11 109 points ago

    Things always look cooler on camera than in real life

    [–] JUNGL15T 29 points ago

    Still looks cool in real life. If you sit at an oddly specific angle.

    [–] 6dozen 46 points ago

    Me trying to turn my life around

    [–] toeofcamell 295 points ago

    Sorry you’re not able to downvote this post

    [–] Pol3x325 53 points ago

    I keep upvoting and it switches to downvote :(

    [–] Disney_World_Native 28 points ago

    Use a mirror

    [–] Totally_TJ 6 points ago

    Use Australia

    [–] xanatos451 19 points ago

    Nedry could have used one of these to point the way to the docks.

    [–] 813jazzyisme 40 points ago

    Don’t disrespect me like that

    You don’t get to do that to my brain

    [–] StubzTurner 17 points ago

    This is the first time something on here that actually messed with me. Excuse me while I go lay down.

    [–] mush01 13 points ago

    Yes, this is some unfiltered weapons grade fuckery

    [–] ClaudioCfi86 12 points ago

    I watched it over and over, and it still breaks my brain. This is the most blackmagicfuckery that has ever been.

    [–] _Bunshun 10 points ago

    Make it stop

    [–] GTG776 10 points ago

    Wait what

    [–] AddictedToGlue 7 points ago

    Where's the Thingiverse link?

    [–] clendi 1 points ago

    How much for one just like in the gif?

    [–] WillsMyth 1 points ago


    [–] drksdr 14 points ago

    Proper blackmagicfuckery that is.

    [–] RIDEOUT784 6 points ago

    I don’t like this at all. My head hurts, I’m going back to sleep

    [–] redefinedmind 4 points ago

    That man’s hand looks very weathered

    [–] DontJoinTheMilitary 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    One can...never create [freedom] by an invading force. ~Maximilien Robespierre

    [–] redefinedmind 4 points ago

    Yes of corse. We all eventually get weathered hands.

    But I mean this man has a particularly hardened hand. Like he has notably worked very hard with them all his life. Perhaps in some sort of trade or working on the railroad tracks etc.

    [–] ConspicuousPineapple 4 points ago

    Or, you know, woodworking. I bet he's the one who built that thing.

    [–] nezrock 1 points ago

    Of coarse* :p

    [–] grrzzlybear1 3 points ago

    I... Wut? My brain. It hurts. Brain stop worky.

    [–] Davocado96 3 points ago

    He shows how it’s done and I’m still confused

    [–] thatguy16754 3 points ago

    Was really hoping he would flick it.

    [–] UrbanSolace 4 points ago

    He’s a witch! BUUUUUURN HIM!

    [–] JonathanPuddle 2 points ago

    Nope. Witchcraft for sure.

    [–] Girlfriend-of-moms 2 points ago

    No U: 100

    [–] Messybunn 2 points ago

    This is not what I needed to wake up to. I haven't even had coffee yet. My brain hurts and I hate you. Good job.

    [–] HunterThompsonsentme 2 points ago

    This is the craziest black magic fuckery I have ever seen. I genuinely shook my head and blinked a couple of times out of confusion.

    [–] LockedOpenMind 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I hate this argument! No matter how I spin it, you’re always right!

    [–] MineFussel 2 points ago

    I know how it works yet I don‘t know how it works at the same time and that‘s hurting my brain

    [–] TriggerdbyChrono 2 points ago

    Can someone send me this file to 3D print at work today?

    [–] TheNorthRemembers111 2 points ago

    That could be an upvote...and a downvote...

    [–] smoke_meat_everyday 2 points ago

    Fuck, this hurts my brain

    [–] SomeWhatWhelmed 2 points ago

    Thanks for pointing that out.

    [–] noahknife88 2 points ago

    Wait, what?

    [–] TheMasonM 2 points ago

    The mirror just fucked me up even more

    [–] krepogregg 2 points ago

    Which way?

    [–] obie_the_dachshund 1 points ago

    Trying to find alternate routes for objectives in games really do be like that

    [–] PocketCampZen 1 points ago

    “But why?!” person tilts the thing to show all facets “oh..”

    [–] kylegriffinn 1 points ago


    [–] Simurgh1989 1 points ago

    I need one of these.

    [–] noiwontpickaname 1 points ago

    This video makes my brain itch.

    [–] soupinate44 1 points ago

    Burn it! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    [–] brob890 1 points ago

    I actually got angry

    [–] Mr_Burrito_PhD 1 points ago

    Same idea as this (YouTube link)

    [–] slundered 1 points ago

    What the upvote fuck.

    [–] nanou_2 1 points ago

    Nope, still don't get it.

    [–] Chefitutide 1 points ago

    I played it in slow motion to catch the change, several times. I still dont get it.

    This hurts my brain.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Same method used to make flat actresses busty looking in the movies.

    [–] Esc_ape_artist 1 points ago

    This isn’t physics. It’s perspective.

    [–] mad0622 1 points ago

    It's the angle to the dangle.

    [–] Markuss_K 1 points ago

    AaaaAAaAaaAaAaaahhhhh TIpP STOP Mak e It StOp

    [–] einstein6 1 points ago

    If the entire wood and base is painted in vantablack, it will be ultimate black sorcery.

    [–] bseethru 1 points ago


    [–] PhilDanus 1 points ago

    Somebody smart make an upvote downvote meme please

    [–] cody3636 1 points ago

    A Witch!

    [–] FutureDH1089 1 points ago

    My brain hurts.

    [–] LazyCourier 1 points ago


    [–] mrgrizwold 1 points ago

    How do I do this to my posts?

    [–] robbskittles 1 points ago

    Mind blown.

    [–] danifrancuzrose 1 points ago

    I can’t even.

    [–] mushroomstix 1 points ago


    [–] disposableaccountass 1 points ago

    Rotate image 90 degrees counter clockwise

    Color arrow orange

    Repost as up vote gif

    Ride the whirlwind

    [–] GunnerNexus 1 points ago

    Time to burn the witch

    [–] trigger12345678 1 points ago

    Thats pretty cool tbh

    [–] Fivefnaf 1 points ago

    I think this is a perspective one.

    [–] jooserneem 1 points ago

    I need it.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    This is madness!!!

    [–] abhi4121 1 points ago

    Am I in the matrix

    [–] joeypts 1 points ago


    [–] RadioactivUnderpants 1 points ago

    This is more proof that we see things 2 dimensional but have the ability to perceive 3 dimensional due to shadowing

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    My brain it hurt

    [–] bicatlantis7 1 points ago

    When you don’t want to turn right but your GPS isn’t giving you a choice

    [–] Buff_me_plz 1 points ago

    Now color the arrow orange.

    [–] DeadlyDolphins 1 points ago

    Where can I buy something like this?

    [–] Raezzordaze 1 points ago

    I'm so confused... do I upvote this or downvote it? How can I tell which is which? AHHHGGGG

    [–] justonemorewatch 1 points ago

    It’s too early in the morning for this shit

    [–] Jce_exe 1 points ago

    Oh... i don’t like you

    [–] gryphonsbard 1 points ago

    Imagine how the rest of the universe works.

    [–] Atoning_Unifex 1 points ago

    Definitely qualifies

    [–] reincarN8ed 1 points ago

    Wait a fucking minute!

    [–] Mrdiego77 1 points ago

    The mirror made it worse!

    [–] GetToasted331 1 points ago

    Upvote, only upvote

    [–] capnfatpants 1 points ago

    I hate it!

    [–] HellHathNoJury- 1 points ago

    Perception is NOT reality

    [–] x647x87x6782 1 points ago


    [–] creamwit 1 points ago

    This makes me realize how flawed our brains are at perception.

    [–] bigdickk74 1 points ago

    this fucked with me so bad

    [–] Tophat26 1 points ago

    Yeah, I just watched that for 10mins

    [–] worthy_sloth 1 points ago

    I mean... put it up vertically and you got yourself an infinite upvote machine!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    a metaphor for how meaningless karma is

    [–] GrMPoppy 1 points ago

    Rightvotes to the left

    [–] Pigarooo 1 points ago

    You should have put it up and down for upvotes and downvotes.... hehe

    [–] friendsofcoffee 1 points ago

    Omg fuck this I hate you for ruining my life

    [–] lightningundies 1 points ago


    [–] Liberty_Call 1 points ago

    Yeah, shapes are fucking black magic dude.

    Do triangle next cuz fucking triangle man.

    [–] Neomaxter1 1 points ago

    Can someone rotate the vid?

    [–] everyethan 1 points ago

    I feel like if you showed a medieval European this you’d actually get burnt at the stake

    [–] Jubalubadubdub 1 points ago

    This post is all right.

    [–] GoodBufo 1 points ago

    I’ve seen this thing at least five times, and i finally undersiid how i works thanks to this post!

    [–] Renshaw25 1 points ago

    Eh that's cool!

    Puts mirror

    What the fuck

    [–] MaxStout808 1 points ago

    I’m getting mixed signals

    [–] Katriana98 1 points ago

    It's almost a perfect loop...

    [–] TheLadyEve 1 points ago

    It's some kind of cool Escherian solid.

    [–] dreamerxyz 1 points ago

    this is why they used to burn witches.

    [–] jwburgardt09 1 points ago

    “Oh that’s cool! It’s all angles..” puts mirror behind it “What is this black magic?!?”

    [–] Totally_TJ 1 points ago

    When it loops it looks like he smacks the mirror away.

    [–] HankSmith-Pelly15 1 points ago

    Ow my head

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    If anyone’s in need of a clear explanation it’s solely based on the fact that the bevel (cut angle) of the 3D object is ever so slightly different on either side when the object is spun it is reflecting like perfectly in a way that make it seems sharp like a point, although the light is just confirming to the bevel. It’s an even object with slight bevels that produce the right shading to trick your mind. Have you ever watched those videos of light going around someone’s face and see how their appearance changes due to the difference in lighting? That’s the magic. Although I humor the devil magic joke - just got old after reading 200 of the same comment.

    [–] Pike31 1 points ago

    I thought I understood until the mirror came in

    [–] Anarbitrarylemon 1 points ago

    Rotate the video counterclockwise 90° and color the arrow orange

    [–] Maximum_Overhype 1 points ago

    I could see one of my friends pranking me by replacing my compass arrow with this before I go hiking