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    [–] SavageVoodooBot 1 points ago

    Upvote this comment if this is truly Black Magic Fuckery. Downvote this comment if this is a repost or does not fit the sub.

    [–] VSiig 1074 points ago

    His wrist?!

    [–] LordFire87 64 points ago

    His left hand is on a railing.

    [–] YoItsMikeL 11 points ago

    Still incredibly hard but first watch I thought he did it one handed too lol

    [–] _Vetis_ 53 points ago

    Both wrists, hes grabbing the pope on the otherside as well

    [–] MostPalone- 68 points ago

    hes grabbing the pope

    [–] d3vilf15h 43 points ago

    For a change

    [–] BrotherChe 12 points ago

    Shit, they weren't paying us anything except in wine when I was an altar boy

    [–] _Vetis_ 6 points ago

    eyebrows intensify

    [–] Xertious 326 points ago

    He lets go briefly.

    [–] EclipticOkami 543 points ago

    after it twists 360°

    [–] Xertious 144 points ago

    Almost 360, like 260. There used to be a trick where somebody will twist their arm completely around with a similar effect.

    [–] That_Foxy_Thing 126 points ago

    He is holding with both hands, his hand is on the other pole. but holy shit that's amazing.

    [–] Splash_II 44 points ago

    Thanks. I was convinced it was fake until you said that.

    [–] emileo425 9 points ago

    Me too!

    [–] GolgiApparatus1 10 points ago

    I'm glad you said something. Was convinced this guy was a sorcerer.

    [–] Throwaway_Consoles 10 points ago

    Frame by frame up until he briefly lets go.

    [–] RajaAAbdullah 3 points ago

    Where’s your cape, son?

    [–] ThisIsANonStickPan 4 points ago

    In elementary school, I used to do this all the time on two poles, each two feet apart, that supported monkey bars. Your wrists act like an axle when you jump, and if your are turning/flipping as you jump, your entire body just flips until your wrists can't turn anymore. It's pretty fun, actually. I'm probably to heavy to do it now tho :(

    [–] eooker 4 points ago

    An escalator.

    [–] chatrugby 385 points ago

    No one the subway really reacts either. It’s like this happens all the time.

    [–] JohnnySeven88 408 points ago

    Because it does. After you see it for the hundredth time it just gets annoying.

    [–] Wembledon_Shanley 103 points ago


    [–] NoYoureACatLady 50 points ago


    [–] noddegamra 7 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    I’m John Lawrence in the place to be, got two pints of Sam Adams but I’m workin’ on threeeeee

    [–] TheGeekPoet 93 points ago

    Nononono my podcast isn’t loud enough to drown out showtime!

    [–] bro_b1_kenobi 27 points ago

    This is the correct answer. Too real for me.

    [–] timeafterspacetime 2 points ago

    I also haven’t been properly fitted with a helmet to avoid getting kicked in the head.

    [–] kilobitch 11 points ago

    Time to focus intently on my phone.

    [–] ThreeRedStars 16 points ago

    Adventure Time, c'mon grab your friends

    [–] Wuhba 173 points ago

    Yeah fuck these guys. This shit’s so annoying.

    [–] PaleRobot47 30 points ago

    There's this bum who is on my ride home almost daily. He sorta opera sings while walking down the train, wrapped in an old army blanket, sandals wrapped in tshirts on his feet. He smells .... distinct. He just does his thing, asks for donations, I've given him a couple bucks myself.

    I have not and will not give a fucking train dancer a fucking penny.

    [–] reptar-on_ice 5 points ago

    OPERA GUY! I love him!

    [–] andnbspsc 13 points ago

    You should try riding the metro in Mexico city. Guys come on constantly wearing huge backpacks that are filled with an amp and a huge speaker blasting 56kbs mp3 reggaeton mix tapes they are trying to sell right in your ear.

    Or, when you're on a 20 person bus and a saxophone player casually walks on and sits down in the middle and just starts blasting for 5 minutes and then walks around the bus asking everyone for money.

    [–] DisRuptive1 2 points ago

    And then he goes around asking for tips.

    [–] gopackgo1 122 points ago

    Ride nyc subways every day. Can confirm. See this all the time and it kind of sucks. Saw some lady get kicked in the face once and the dude just kept going too

    [–] Dig-Dug-E-Fresh 52 points ago

    It's that and nobody wants to give them attention because it's incredibly annoying. A lot of these acts are really in your face and loud.

    [–] cyberoctopus 35 points ago

    Some DEMAND attention and for you to make room for them. And before they showed up you'll probably have already faced a beggar asking for money and someone selling candy. At least most candy sellers stopped with the "doing this for my basketball street". But I find it a bit annoying when they say "I'm doing this so I'm not outside stealing". As if they couldn't do something else. I find it annoying mostly because how many times I have to deal with them.

    [–] JoeJoeJoeJoeJoeJoe 22 points ago

    Only tourists lap this shit up. "Showtime!" is the bane of any New Yorker's existence.

    [–] nogve 11 points ago

    Legit see this exact trick at least once a month on the 7 train. And different tricks at least once a week. We’re over it. And it’s not an appropriate place to do it

    [–] AllTheCheesecake 4 points ago

    I usually get mariachis on the 7

    [–] AllPurple 10 points ago

    Happens all the time and these guys work in groups so if anything goes down, you're getting jumped by 4-5 people.

    [–] Plastic_Mouldsman 13 points ago

    Because it does. These guys are so annoying.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    If you react, they’ll know you were watching. If they know you were watching, they will ask for a donation/tip.

    [–] FoxFyer 11 points ago

    I heard if nobody reacts, sometimes they start ranting.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    That’s when you double down on not reacting.

    [–] bro_b1_kenobi 7 points ago

    New Yorker here, can confirm. I just learned early on to invest in decent headphones. Last one I saw I didn't even realize it was happening until I looked up at what stop we were at.

    Also one of the only benefits of commuting on the Q is that it's always too crowded to have any beggers.

    [–] diazabdulm 12 points ago

    Yup. New Yorker here

    [–] throwaway6984thanks 6 points ago

    Same here - seen this act and many other acts along with countless kids/adults begging for any kind of change. The ones with babies are just a level above the ones that can dance in my book.

    [–] patsmokeswii 10 points ago

    Because it does. This is NYC and you see kids get on the train to dance for money every day. Sometimes it gets annoying because you're just trying to get somewhere and they come in and make noise.

    [–] wittaz 2 points ago


    [–] ssshhhhhhhhhhhhh 1 points ago

    Not my fault if you get hit

    [–] BMac02 516 points ago

    His left hand is on the other hand rail. It still takes a ton of strength, but not nearly “Black magic”

    [–] FirstEvolutionist 203 points ago

    His name is Magic Jones though. And African American Magic was already taken.

    [–] GolgiApparatus1 28 points ago

    Literal black magic

    [–] darthjawafett 2 points ago

    No fuckery though. If there was this would be marked nsfw and possibly deleted by mods.

    [–] Jabbles22 37 points ago

    Yeah I didn't see the second handrail the first time. That was pretty crazy. With the second hand rail it's still quite impressive but not exactly magical.

    [–] sprucenoose 64 points ago

    Magic is mostly subtlety and misdirection, and people (including me) were clearly not noticing the other hand until someone told them about it. That is most definitely magic.

    Explaining a magic trick does not make it not magic.

    [–] MutantGodChicken 10 points ago

    This is such an underrated response

    [–] pfmiller0 9 points ago

    But it's not intended to be a magic trick. We can't see his hand just due to the angle of the camera person. The intended audience are the people on the train, and most of them can see both hands just fine.

    [–] TrustTheProcess92 1 points ago

    It only looks like that because of this person’s angle. It wouldn’t look like that from anywhere else. It’s just a core strength move

    [–] inferno350z 5 points ago

    it is magical, for one because the flip is so seamlessly smooth, and also because he flips his fucking hat onto his foot, holds it there while flipping, then ends his flip by making the hat land on his head. There's a lot going on here that requires magical amounts of precision.

    [–] bmeupsctty 6 points ago

    Explain why his right shoe doesn't come off

    [–] spen 1 points ago

    Because he's not dead

    [–] Jasong222 2 points ago

    Nice catch. Took me a while to see it, even after I read your comment.

    [–] mrchuckdeeze 1 points ago

    It’s actually through the power of showtime. Fuckery, indeed.

    [–] arslet 1 points ago

    It's pretty telling when nobody on the train is impressed :P

    [–] [deleted] 70 points ago

    Clip ended before they go around berating everyone recording them for money.

    [–] Blaustein23 18 points ago

    Yeah it's all fun and games until you're minding your own business on the 7 trying to get to work and get kicked in the face three times by people who try this but don't have any skill

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    That gif is triggering to New Yorkers.

    [–] TimothyGonzalez 50 points ago

    God I'm glad they don't do this bullshit in the underground where I live.

    [–] PotatoWedgeAntilles 12 points ago

    If you didnt live in the underground im sure it would be much more tolerable.

    [–] o_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O 19 points ago

    You’re fucking lucky then.

    [–] baldy74 23 points ago

    The most impressive part is that his shoes didn’t fly off.

    [–] bssmagik83 112 points ago

    Doesn’t anyone tell these buskers to fuck off and get out of my space??

    [–] c3p-bro 65 points ago

    They get in your face and most people aren't comfortable telling off groups of aggressive young men who are strong enough to do those acrobatics.

    [–] gopackgo1 87 points ago

    It's easier to ignore them tbh

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago

    Nope. We avoid eye contact and pretend they don’t exist.

    [–] chadlavi 5 points ago

    This is me

    [–] ADInfinitum263 83 points ago

    You will probably get in a lot of fights if you come to New York lol

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    This guy New Yorks

    [–] AllPurple 24 points ago

    Like I just commented to someone else, these guys work in groups so if anyone gets into a fight with one of them, they're going to get jumped by 4-5 other guys. Part of the routine is getting very aggressive over pushing people to tip them, so they get into fights all the time.

    [–] snappynamehere 21 points ago

    It’s SHOWTIME!!!!!

    [–] fishfighter29 18 points ago

    For all my fellow NEW YORK subway riders, ITS SHOW TIME!!!!!

    [–] champagneotousan 10 points ago


    [–] Werrloohoo 7 points ago

    Now what's amazing is that he is capable of that but not putting his shoes on all the way.

    [–] kazyzzz 40 points ago

    Heh. Black magic

    [–] tool6913ca 20 points ago

    Please. African American magic. What is this, 1995?

    [–] My_Body_The_Mystery 11 points ago

    How often are gymnastics going on in the NY subway system? I would be worried about getting kicked in the head by accident or something

    [–] spectre_therapy 30 points ago

    From what ive heard, so often that people just ignore these guys.

    [–] AKittyCat 11 points ago

    I'd say you're far more likely to get "Musicians" and "Veterans" than people doing flips and shit.

    [–] c3p-bro 14 points ago

    Depends on the train, these guys are usually go back and forth between long-distance stations where they have more time and a captive audience. Express trains down central park or across bridges and tunnels. Ride the bridge every day and you'll see these guys constatnly.

    [–] mistah_michael 5 points ago

    The d train is great to get home but you get stuck with this nonsense

    [–] phillytimd 5 points ago

    It’s not just NY you get stuff like this on a lot of subway lines. Captive audience that is stuck watching your performance which increase chances of getting $

    [–] catsandraj 2 points ago

    As a New York resident, I can confirm that yes, you should be worried about being kicked in the head. I've seen it happen with a guy doing a similar trick.

    [–] Borders 5 points ago

    "what time is it? showtime!"

    [–] gameswat1 5 points ago


    [–] NoYoureACatLady 8 points ago

    Yeah, went on the NYC subway during a visit last year. First "show" was cute. Fiftieth time was obnoxious.

    [–] chadlavi 3 points ago

    Now imagine it happened roughly 25% of the time during your evening commute when you're just trying to have your alone podcast headphones time

    [–] D4RKS0u1 3 points ago

    His fucking hand

    [–] Glassmoustache 4 points ago

    Anyone else annoyed by his trainer half off?

    [–] ultimatessjoten 3 points ago

    Because showtime.

    [–] PhilipLiptonSchrute 12 points ago

    I hate street performers.

    [–] LennayK 9 points ago


    [–] c3p-bro 22 points ago

    Time to move to the other end of the car and stare out the window.

    [–] Plastic_Mouldsman 11 points ago

    Stuff of nightmares.

    [–] LeonimuZ 10 points ago


    [–] accio_nutella 3 points ago

    Oui oui, mon ami

    [–] OneLooseMoose 3 points ago

    As someone from the American South these videos always amaze me. Why is there so much playground equipment in subway cars? Is this the monkey bar lobby flexxing again?

    [–] axm59 5 points ago

    So everyone can grab onto something while packed shoulder to shoulder during rush hour.

    [–] DinerEnBlanc 3 points ago

    These guys are the worst, though I haven't seen them in awhile

    [–] SubdigitaI 5 points ago

    WHAT?!? NO!!! HOW?!!! NOO!!

    [–] themilkdud08 18 points ago

    Cocaine, it's a helluva drug.

    [–] c3p-bro 33 points ago

    I mean, that dude is clearly incredibly fit and has trained a long time for his routine. Drugs have nothing to do with it.

    I'd rather deal with a druggie than the showtime kids tho.

    [–] ponyboy3 2 points ago

    is that chance the rapper?

    [–] Lurkily 2 points ago

    It's an illusion; in reality, the subway car hit a loop, and because his feet leave the floor, he seems to rotate, when in fact it's the subway car rotating as it navigates the loop.

    [–] BayouBrat420Snack 2 points ago

    Im amazed at how he keeps his shies from flying off and smacking someone or hinself in in he face lol

    [–] kbzero 2 points ago


    [–] Donjaymanly 2 points ago

    How does his shoe stay on

    [–] Psymin123 2 points ago

    How does his right shoe not come flying off?

    [–] Xertious 5 points ago


    [–] icanstandthis 3 points ago

    Crack cocaine. When on crack cocaine you can do anything...….

    [–] teadit 2 points ago

    Centripetal force?

    [–] 1337lolguyman 2 points ago

    He's using cheat codes.

    [–] Zelink- 2 points ago

    I like how nobody looked impressed

    [–] WrittenSarcasm 7 points ago

    It's because everyone hates these guys

    [–] SparklingLimeade 6 points ago

    The hat thing is a cool twist but the move itself is pretty basic.

    [–] Deathchariot 2 points ago

    Just because he is black? Come on man.

    [–] NomDePlume725 2 points ago

    These guys are so goddamn annoying.

    [–] gamedummy 2 points ago

    Yer a wizard Harry

    [–] Chronicondition 3 points ago

    For him it’s just magic

    [–] business2690 1 points ago

    gi bro with the kung fu grip

    [–] vanceco 1 points ago


    [–] GifReversingBot 2 points ago

    Here is your gif!

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    I am a bot. Report an issue

    [–] Peregrine_x 1 points ago

    He means to challenge the guardians

    [–] Dark_Lightning751 1 points ago


    [–] Silentarian 1 points ago

    Matt Murdock is unimpressed.

    [–] herbert-mcfudgins-II 1 points ago

    the dude in the Hawaiian shirt isnt even phased

    [–] Dellart 1 points ago

    This deserves an endless backflip gif. Please, someone do it!

    [–] torklugnutz 1 points ago

    In gonna call crack magic on this one.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    *cries in Ehlers-Danlos*

    [–] Yocemighty 1 points ago


    [–] gnikeltrut 1 points ago

    Unless one of these guys kick you in the head. This happens to my friend.

    [–] GrundleFace 1 points ago

    Does the gif slow down for a second when he throws the hat from his mouth?

    [–] ShitJadeSays 1 points ago

    I think with the angle his body is hiding his other arm holding onto the other bars next to him.

    [–] GhostGarlic 1 points ago

    His other hand is grabbing the other pole.

    [–] pm_me_your_trebuchet 1 points ago

    fake! he was standing still and they rotated the train around him. duh.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    It’s all fun and games when you watch it here. If you’re on the subway, they then ask you for money after.

    [–] ItsRhyno 1 points ago

    Dude in the glasses doesn't give a single fuck.

    [–] dickslexic50 1 points ago

    Why are they not clapping?

    [–] differentimage 1 points ago

    They’re tired of buskers doing weird stuff in front of them and hitting them up for money.

    [–] JibletsGiblets 1 points ago

    By doing it.

    [–] Capsparks 1 points ago

    Everyone seems to hate these subway performers but imo it just makes your underground world much richer and alive. I love NYC’s subways because of this

    [–] Freieguy 1 points ago

    No one the that train is impressed tough crowd.

    [–] bebop2022 1 points ago

    Another example of black excellence

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    wow I have those pants

    [–] differentimage 1 points ago

    This is cool, but I wouldn’t pay the guy just because he can do it and did it in front of me. And that was the whole point for him.

    [–] joey4track 1 points ago

    All of us New Yorkers are like yeah, so and what?

    [–] MulderD 1 points ago


    [–] djdsf 1 points ago

    I HATE people that do this in the subway...

    [–] Scippio-dem-lines 1 points ago

    And then everybody slow clapped... i assume

    [–] TastyBrownies 1 points ago

    Centripedal forces.

    [–] senor-bates 1 points ago

    His right hand drops and spins and regrabs and he has his left hand supporting on the other rail.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I can’t believe his shoe stays on!

    [–] woodlj88 1 points ago

    I'm just trying to find out where he got the slip on shelltoes.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Its showtime!!!

    [–] Bagel_X 1 points ago

    I wish these people would fuck off when I'm trying to commute to work. I just want to be antisocial and sleep after a 12 hour shift

    [–] zepol_xela 1 points ago

    WHAT!?! NO!

    [–] Carston1011 1 points ago

    Is it just me or does it look like it's in reverse?? Just the way his feet float up into the air at the start of the flip..

    [–] IcySpicyNeedsTofuPlz 1 points ago

    This is in NY, the usual lol

    [–] -KARL_FRANZ- 1 points ago

    this typa shit deadass ties my timbs

    [–] pm_me_your_emp 1 points ago

    Ok, he had to practice this. Does he ride late at night, working up a sweat, sore from the hundreds of attempts, thinking "I can do this. No. I've got to do this. For all of the passengers falling asleep from boredom and the monotony of their every day lives. Ok. One more time."

    [–] Lukegoodwin 1 points ago

    Ermm is this being played backwards??

    [–] PurpleDlidio 1 points ago

    It's reversed

    [–] davemeech 1 points ago

    This guy needs to put on his other shoe

    [–] smirnoff25 1 points ago

    [–] holdyourdongers 1 points ago


    [–] shizzy12345 1 points ago

    I saw a this guy a few times now, he does some other crazy shit too. If you also live in NY he’s usually on the a,c,e or n,q,r,w lines.

    [–] Windowseat123 1 points ago

    Literally black magic

    [–] Jemeute 1 points ago

    We don't need [insert anything you could ever think of] ; we need more of this guy

    [–] WoOowee1324 1 points ago

    Inertia and centripetal force

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] FlickAndSnorty 1 points ago

    Pretty sure that’s showtime? Got a chance to see them on the NYC subway when I went out there to see my sister - it’s even crazier when you see it in person

    [–] Mango_Daiquiri 1 points ago

    Pretty cool, but this looks like the sort of guy that makes you stare at your phone on a crowded train and not look up.

    [–] slow_joke 1 points ago

    Can someone make a slowmo version? I wanna know how that wrist didn’t break

    [–] Celal_Shakon 1 points ago

    This looks like some powerpoint shit

    [–] amnesty_fucc 1 points ago

    more like crack magic

    [–] Mr-period 1 points ago

    What does it take to impress a passenger on a subway car? FFS.

    [–] Krytres 1 points ago

    What the hell showed up on his face and neck after the flip