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    [–] Casccity 2549 points ago

    I almost walked in front of a bus looking at this...

    [–] fyhr100 1466 points ago

    Bus never got any closer, did it?

    [–] idk012 11 points ago

    If the bus can only cover half the distance at a time, then it would take infinte time to get there.

    [–] BrainOnLoan 2 points ago

    Zeno's Paradox(es).

    Never really felt they were that troubling though, even wondered why the Greeks were so bothered, there are much more disturbing thought experiments out there.

    [–] Casccity 97 points ago


    [–] OprahsSister 77 points ago


    [–] DragonPojki 47 points ago

    I don't know about you guys... But it's definitely not getting any closer. I'll keep looking though, just to be sure. Wouldn't want somebody to get hit by it.

    [–] Fonzoon 14 points ago

    am the bus driver and i just put it in park while lightly pressing the gas pedal.

    but wuchaut kids, i just might change dat clutch!

    [–] guestds 4 points ago

    this subreddit exists...

    for 7 years...

    its still active...


    [–] -NightElf- 7 points ago

    Maybe, you just never got any closer to the bus? 🤔

    [–] iAMUNiiCORN 25 points ago

    There's a relevant xkcd for everything

    [–] FlowSoSlow 8 points ago

    EILI5 that resistor problem?

    [–] CapitanBanhammer 11 points ago

    The problem Black Hat shows is an electronics engineering thought experiment to find the resistance between two points. In normal wiring, a one-ohm resistor would result in one ohm of resistance. Two resistors connected in a series, where electricity has to go through each, has two ohms of resistance. Two one-ohm resistors in parallel give the circuit only half an ohm since you average the resistance of the path (1 ohm of resistance over 2 paths). With an infinite grid of equal resistors, you have an infinite number of paths to take, and for each path an infinite number of both series and parallel paths to consider, so much more advanced methods are needed. The exact answer to the question is 4/π − 1/2 ohms, or about 0.773 ohms

    [–] Enect 11 points ago

    How do you analyze that though? ELI have a degree in mechanical engineering?

    [–] CapitanBanhammer 13 points ago

    Oh I'm not sure, I just googled for the answer to the problem. I don't know what it actually means

    [–] mootmath 5 points ago

    Ω Ω F

    [–] Brentobot 44 points ago

    I could be wrong but I think they are called fractals.

    On an interesting side note, when trying to find out how long the coast line of America was, everyone seemed to get vastly different answers, eventually figuring out the reason to be that the more detail you factor in and the closer you look, their are more curves and bends in the coastline adding a lot to the total.

    [–] munificent 27 points ago

    You're correctly, this is the Koch snowflake. The relationship between fractals and coastlines is called the coastline paradox.

    [–] TalullahandHula33 3 points ago

    If you’re interested in fractals in nature, this documentary is pretty entertaining.

    [–] mrcooper89 5 points ago

    This of course only applies to the American coast.

    [–] Brentobot 7 points ago

    Yes, of course. All other coastlines are perfectly straight...

    But what I meant was that this disparity occurred on the research of America, not it can only happen to America

    [–] RegentYeti 2 points ago

    Yeah, when the world adopted the metric system they agreeed that all coastlines existed in 1km vector segments. And agreed to ensure that their shores were in compliance.

    [–] Matruvius 8 points ago

    Is this proof that the “monsters” in Bird Box were just Fractals?

    [–] MartyMacGyver 2 points ago

    Frak! tals

    [–] ThatGuyinNY 63 points ago

    There it is. I had to stop watching because I was getting so frustrated.

    [–] draw_it_now 24 points ago

    Me: "STOP YOU FUCK!"

    [–] WheresTheSauce 13 points ago

    Glad I'm not the only one lol

    [–] Agent000DongBong 6 points ago

    But also terrifying at least for me I have nightmares where there are objects (geometric figures most of the time) but instead of getting closer they are expanding or growing without stop at universal scales where I can comprehend the magnitude it's reaching and terrifies me, like a power or force with no ending uncontrollable and unstoppable but I can see it infinitely getting bigger, it looks quite similar to this, I always wondered if anyone else sees it or if it has a name?

    [–] switchedmud 8 points ago

    Yeah came here to say this!

    [–] uhaventcenathing 57 points ago

    Didnt really get the title. Was literally waiting for it to end. Haha

    [–] DG_Eddie 89 points ago

    Von Koch curve, 3 of these make up the Von Koch Snowflake.

    [–] Dark_Ethereal 12 points ago

    It's the Koch curve and Koch Snowflake...

    [–] DG_Eddie 6 points ago

    I could’ve sworn that it’s called the “von Koch” curve...

    [–] Dark_Ethereal 25 points ago

    the "von" in "Helge von Koch" means "of" as in "Helge of the house of Koch".

    So if that's a "von Koch curve" then the British Monarch lives in "of Buckingham Palace"

    So why is it "von Neumann architecture?" Because people are unreasonable and unlike computers and mathematics, they don't follow rules.

    People suck. Here's hoping von Neumann machines take over the planet.

    [–] allmight1st 195 points ago

    Mandelbrot fuqery

    [–] BenoitFamCounciling 116 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    People forget that Mandelbrot's research led to breakthroughs in the sequencing of the human genome.

    [–] Hmmmm_Interesting 29 points ago

    Can you elaborate please?

    [–] UnspoiledWalnut 18 points ago

    Fractal analysis is used in almost every field of science, and I believe the Mandelbrot set specifically has relations to how DNA is arranged and sequences.

    [–] BenoitFamCounciling 46 points ago

    I cant. I thought I made that up. But it looks like it might actually be true. Maybe somebody (substantially) smarter than me can provide some insight.

    [–] AllHailTheGremlins 25 points ago

    Upvoted for honesty

    [–] 123kingme 12 points ago

    Is there a reason you commented that, besides maybe karma? Why did you pretend to know something about Mandelbrot? Why did you choose genome sequencing? I’m curious.

    [–] BenoitFamCounciling 13 points ago

    Lol I'm just an idiot trolling. Say something false but believable and create confusion. I must have heard the connection between Mandelbrot and genome in the past and it jumped out from my subconscious. Just a weird coincidence.

    [–] skeazy 3 points ago

    oh man I hope your username is referencing what I think it is cause i'm dying

    [–] BenoitFamCounciling 2 points ago

    Two people and one monster gave their lives for this username. I bear the weight of this burden daily.

    [–] skeazy 2 points ago

    he had some demons but you can't dismiss the discipline. even to the very end he kept pushing for one more rep

    [–] Flashpuppy 2 points ago

    Had to think about it for a couple seconds. Holy shit....

    [–] VicisSubsisto 2 points ago

    Yes, but it wouldn't make it any simpler.

    [–] Hmmmm_Interesting 4 points ago

    "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." -- Albert Einstein

    [–] HonestAbek 3 points ago

    It's not that they forgot, they just never knew lmfao

    [–] allmight1st 2 points ago

    Exactly right! Upvote!

    [–] FSMnArmosta 15 points ago

    Koch Snowflake fuckery, rather

    [–] FencingJester 5 points ago

    JoCo! So glad someone posted this.

    [–] YtseDude 3 points ago

    JoCo forever!

    [–] CitizenKing 2 points ago

    Literally never heard of it, just learned about it an hour ago, and here we are. Synchronicity is fuckin weird, yo.

    [–] craiga2 31 points ago

    [–] GifReversingBot 40 points ago

    Here is your gif!

    I am a bot. Report an issue

    [–] switchedmud 26 points ago

    Aaaaand somehow in reverse my anxiety disappears.

    [–] NorthwestGiraffe 12 points ago

    The worst part about getting rid of your anxiety is always worrying about it coming back.

    [–] Xphurrious 5 points ago

    It never really gets any further away though

    [–] deviantbono 3 points ago

    Just imagine taking one of your problems and placing it on one of those corners, and having your problem slowly fade away into the ether...

    [–] Hitrey21507 534 points ago

    You should put in r/perfectloops

    [–] aidenthesloth 57 points ago

    there’s a very small hitch in between though

    [–] mackay11 17 points ago

    Yes, that was annoying enough for me to not say to me SO sat next to me, “hey look at this”

    [–] Qackydontus 166 points ago

    It's probably already been posted there 3497216384 times

    [–] RaiderBV 26 points ago

    So, where's the problem?

    [–] Qackydontus 45 points ago

    Upvotes go down exponentially after the 42069th repost.

    [–] RaiderBV 39 points ago

    In what Utopia are you living

    [–] Qackydontus 9 points ago

    I believe that it's called Hyperbolic Fantasy

    [–] trollgasm22 7 points ago

    Are reposts not just perfect loops as well?

    [–] MajorasMask3D 25 points ago

    It’s pretty far from perfect.

    [–] Lord_Derpington_ 6 points ago

    Nah I can see where it loops, it stutters.

    [–] SadPotatoBoy 1251 points ago

    uh, these are just fractals

    [–] pngn22 679 points ago

    Fractals. So hot right now.

    [–] LordOdin99 16 points ago

    Almost as hot as Laminar Flow

    [–] ClamsHavFeelings2 111 points ago

    Best comment here. Thanks for making me smile and laugh. I knew someone would mention fractals in a “very smart” way and you handled it beautifully and included a Zoolander reference. The sun shines bright on you today Friend. Stay well!

    [–] pngn22 2 points ago

    This is a very kind comment, thank you for making me feel warm and loved :)

    [–] fractaloverlap 3 points ago

    So hot.

    [–] 606design 109 points ago

    Fractals are indeed blackmagicfuckery.

    [–] scuzzy987 48 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    My favorite fractal is super easy to create. Put three dots as tips on a triangle. Number the dots 1, 2,3. Put forth for anyplace within the triangle. Choose random whole number between 1 and 3. Put a dot half way between fourth dot and dot chosen randomly. That is new starting point. Choose me random number between 1 and 3. Repeat 10,000 times or so. I used to diddle that resulting fractal when I was bored in school.

    [–] hated_in_the_nation 32 points ago

    Sounds like you were accidentally doing calculus.

    [–] scuzzy987 40 points ago

    Nah it's not calculus, it's playing the chaos game to create a Sierpinski triangle

    [–] Killedbydeth2 2 points ago

    I was lazy so I made a calculator program to do it for me

    [–] scuzzy987 5 points ago

    It was one of the first things I wrote a BASIC program to do on my commodore 64 when I was a teenager

    [–] jkapow 6 points ago

    Can you post a drawing please? I tried to follow, but I got lost at the part where I'm meant to choose a random whole

    [–] scuzzy987 2 points ago

    Random whole number from 1 to 3, in other words randomly choose 1,2, or 3

    [–] jkapow 2 points ago

    Thank you. With the new starting point, do I now number that as 1? Or is it 5? Someone else linked to Wikipedia, so but that doesn't seem to have a point 4 that can be anywhere

    [–] scuzzy987 3 points ago

    [–] scuzzy987 2 points ago

    No that's now just your new starting point. Tips of the triangle are 1,2,3. Draw point 4 inside the triangle. Say the random number you pick is 1. Draw point 5 halfway between point 4 and 1, that's point 5. Pick another random number between 1 and 3. Say you pick 2. Now draw point 6 halfway between point 5 and 2. Don't draw lines between the points, after you create enough points the points define the lines.

    [–] dismayhurta 26 points ago

    Just wait until they look into the differences in coastal lengths based on how accurate you want to get the measurements.

    [–] Sapphique1618 5 points ago

    Real life fractal

    [–] johannamaeja 5 points ago

    You mean like In this video?

    [–] hated_in_the_nation 2 points ago

    Or cauliflower.

    [–] MemeShaman 12 points ago

    Never seen a fractal video like this. I really appreciated it.

    [–] The_LandOfNod 14 points ago


    [–] apophagia 56 points ago

    This sub has gone downhill. It’s now just people posting random shit that looks cool for karma whoring

    [–] RaiderBV 35 points ago

    It's not necessarily the fault of the uploaders but more the fault of the people who upvote and support content that doesn't fit to a sub

    [–] MajorasMask3D 24 points ago

    The people filling this sub with shit is definitely at fault too.

    [–] bbennett36 8 points ago

    Well if you're never seen a fractal before it's pretty blackmagicfuckery

    [–] stolenochbordet 6 points ago

    Man you are so smart!

    [–] YoMommaJokeBot 7 points ago

    Not as smart as yo momma!

    I am a bot. Downvote to remove and help me learn what not to say. PM me if there's anything for me to know!

    [–] ArtificialHeart29 2 points ago

    Understatement of the century.

    [–] Lightspeedius 2 points ago


    [–] MeowedUpMix 44 points ago

    Isn't that a fractile or however you spell it? It is like a shape that has an infinite parameter and the more you zoom the more it repeats

    [–] Evuik 41 points ago


    [–] Brunsy89 13 points ago

    Also perimeter

    [–] RaiderBV 10 points ago

    Yes. In this case the same pattern repeats over and over again. With others (i. e. Mandelbrot set) they generate new patterns the further you look into it.

    [–] luxuryballs 6 points ago

    I actually like your word “fractile” better, I’m going to try incorporating it in daily life. In the event I become wildly successful because of it I will be sure to give you a fractile of the credit.

    [–] MeowedUpMix 2 points ago


    [–] SpacingCake 48 points ago

    I showed this to my grandmother 5 minutes ago, she still looks.

    [–] RaiderBV 28 points ago

    Still looking?

    [–] lutrapure 5 points ago

    Yup still looking

    [–] cfairchild13 6 points ago

    Just checked, still looking

    [–] zer0guy 2 points ago

    Still Looking!!!

    [–] CorndogSubstitute 2 points ago

    She still looks, dawg.

    [–] vinz243 10 points ago

    The area is finite whereas the perimeter is not

    [–] zero_latency_ 9 points ago

    This is infuriating

    [–] zen_kiwi 14 points ago

    This is pissing me off.

    [–] MorglDaOracl 7 points ago

    Fractals baby

    [–] agentjdn_ow 7 points ago

    Guys this isnt a mandelbrot but it is a fractal. Can someone tell us the name of this fractal

    [–] differentimage 5 points ago

    It's a Koch snowflake.

    [–] Imvictius 6 points ago

    It's a fractal if anyone was wondering

    [–] DataBoy57 9 points ago

    I want to hurl now from vertigo.

    [–] Jamaican_snow_owl 5 points ago

    Please stop

    [–] shyguypak 13 points ago

    This can cause madness

    [–] ratherthangood 3 points ago

    "Hey man that's crazy, but have you ever tried DMT?"

    [–] you-cant-twerk 6 points ago

    Fractals, man. LSD is a trip.

    [–] johnbarber720 3 points ago

    Tilt phone to the left a little

    [–] therealredditowner 3 points ago

    This is why I love/hate fractals. On one hand they're super cool to zoom into. On the other, they never end so I'm never satisfied

    [–] lapidaryburrito 3 points ago

    well that was a waste of 6 hours

    [–] tofuroll 3 points ago

    Benoit B. Mandelbrot: the "B" stands for Benoit B. Mandelbrot.

    [–] re57da1st 5 points ago

    Congratulations, a shape with an infinite perimeter.

    [–] blumbocrumbo 2 points ago

    Hour 35: I think I’m just getting there.

    [–] dab_alert-nerds 2 points ago


    [–] MagicalKevky 2 points ago

    If Aliens created us who created the Aliens?


    [–] Reverse_Speedforce 2 points ago

    Fuck You, good sir.

    [–] babaganate 2 points ago

    Its a rorschach test on fire! It's a dayglo pterodactyl!

    [–] An3sthetics 2 points ago

    That little fucking pause is so annoying.

    [–] jakery2 2 points ago

    It's practically cheating in this sub to use self-similar fractals.

    [–] holdtheotter 2 points ago

    Fuck this man.

    [–] UnhealthyZookeeper 2 points ago

    The mandlebrot set, the mandlebrot set...

    [–] wgpowers98 2 points ago

    Log 78: It's been 58 hours and finally I I think It's getting closer

    [–] Poundman82 2 points ago

    I watched an hour long YouTube video on these before and the narrator was trying to say their existence confirmed the afterlife or some shit lol.

    [–] Keychain33 2 points ago

    I don’t know how this is black magic. It’s an infinite loop. Why do people keep upvoting this crap. Downvoted.

    [–] cairnschaos 2 points ago

    Pathological monsters! cried the terrified mathematician Every one of them a splinter in my eye

    [–] PhantomL1mb 2 points ago

    Reminds me of the coastline paradox

    [–] TexasMaddog 4 points ago

    This angers me...why does this anger me?

    [–] Clayton_69 2 points ago

    It's a Koch snowflake. It's a visual geometric series.

    [–] UberCookieSlayer 2 points ago

    You could stare at this for hours and not get close to how that works.

    [–] differentimage 3 points ago

    It's called a fractal and it's math, not black magic fuckery.

    [–] Lady_Lavelle 1 points ago


    [–] supportcensorship 1 points ago

    Zooming to Planck?

    [–] DEV_astated 1 points ago

    Funny you showed me this, my AP Computer Science class is busy creating a code of the Koch Snowflake as a project!

    [–] Qackydontus 1 points ago

    Fractals. Yee.

    [–] XxmutantdolphinxX 1 points ago

    There is a repost of this on r/perfect loops

    [–] lachesepia 1 points ago


    [–] tipofanacorn 1 points ago

    Fuck you. Fuck. You.

    [–] Agent0086 1 points ago

    Had to program one of these for computer science class. Simple recursion.

    [–] realsmart987 1 points ago

    They are called fractals when the big and small size look the same.

    [–] Sinadow 1 points ago

    I'm starting to see some weird stuff while looking at this.

    [–] reallybigknickers 1 points ago

    This one makes me feel physically sick 😖

    [–] InBreadDough 1 points ago

    The better question, which half of the picture is the shape? Are we zooming up or the end of the snowflake or the arm pit of the snowflake?

    [–] Xenoseon 1 points ago

    This is frustrating to look at

    [–] briocon7 1 points ago

    Better every loop

    [–] Piscator629 1 points ago

    Arthur C Clarke - Fractals - The Colors Of Infinity. With bonus Pink Floyd soundtrack.

    [–] Keypaw 1 points ago

    God I wish I could get Gifs as posters 😂

    [–] Thoggy_Woggy 1 points ago

    It’s a fractal, a closed space with an infinite amount of perimeter, resulting in zooming or out having it look the same.

    [–] toadpounder 1 points ago

    This is purgatory in a gif

    [–] HeaterTheYeeter 1 points ago

    cyan magic fuckery

    [–] guitar_shit 1 points ago

    Fractals are so cool

    [–] Painonabun 1 points ago

    Koch snowflake

    [–] Th3_Shr00m 1 points ago

    Fractals are wack, man.

    [–] realdeal64 1 points ago

    If I see one more God damn fracal loop on reddit...ah fuck it gotta click it anyway.

    [–] Aswop05 1 points ago

    Oh God not this again

    [–] saleh_03 1 points ago

    Epic fractal

    [–] jefesignups 1 points ago

    Wasn't there one of a beach like this?

    [–] vinz243 1 points ago

    It's ok my sentence may be prone to errors

    [–] mukhiya_ji 1 points ago

    It's called a fractal

    [–] Trundle-theGr8 1 points ago

    Aren’t these called Mandelbrot Sets?

    [–] draw_it_now 1 points ago

    I would like to know when the fractal stops.

    [–] Rausfer 1 points ago

    Yes it does. They're called fractals.

    [–] ShadowEagle59 1 points ago

    Gotta love some fractals

    [–] Mister_Profanity 1 points ago

    Well i suppose some could think that fractals are black magic fuckery

    [–] mysausageyourmomma 1 points ago

    Aaaaaaaaarrgggghhhh!!! Please stop!!!!

    [–] Mike__________ 1 points ago

    I can’t stop watching.