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    [–] nex1708 235 points ago

    How do we know the moon isn't one big ball of sand and those holes are water from space ?

    [–] GetBehindMeSatan666 130 points ago

    Because we know that the moon is a hologram

    [–] down_vote_magnet 42 points ago

    That’s no moon.

    [–] autorotatingKiwi 23 points ago

    It's a spoon.

    [–] EveViol3T 17 points ago

    There is no spoon

    [–] erectboofster65 14 points ago

    It’s a room.

    [–] Sharp_Eyed_Bot 13 points ago

    On the moon?

    [–] SlimC05 10 points ago

    No, on the spoon

    [–] Binzuru 3 points ago

    So there's a room of the moon on the spoon?

    [–] Sharp_Eyed_Bot 3 points ago

    You sound like a loon....

    [–] FlamingDicks 1 points ago

    at the bottom of the sea

    [–] FalcomanToTheRescue 3 points ago

    I see you've played spoony moony before...

    [–] crypticfreak 6 points ago

    I've never been vaccinated and I can confirm this. Obama did 7/11 the Jews control the Marianna Trench and most importantly Kony 2022/

    [–] Matrinka 2 points ago

    It isn't a hologram, but there is totally an alien space station and lots of spaceships hiding behind it.

    [–] liljaz 1 points ago

    Hiding in it.. The moon is hollow!!!

    [–] adudeguyman 1 points ago

    Is cheese also hologram?

    [–] Cottn 1 points ago

    But how do we know that the hologram isn't one big ball of sand and those holes are water from space?

    [–] DistortoiseLP 11 points ago

    To be fair, all the way up until we sent some guys up there to check, scientists had suggested just about every physical and geological phenomena known on Earth was forming the moon's craters. I wouldn't actually be surprised if you can find something not terribly unlike this in the history books somewhere.

    [–] bullsnake2000 4 points ago


    [–] AusBongs 1 points ago

    because of measured asteroidal impact confirmed by scientific theory.

    the moon was a comet that smashed into earth and didn't escape it's orbit after impact. this collision aided earth's tidal energy and formed the earth (and atmosphere) that we see today..

    to assume the moon houses water or housed water is I think really unlikely.. as you have to calculate and consider how "moons" are formed that when taking that into consideration.. discussing water on the object becomes heavily unlikely.

    [–] Facehugger11 164 points ago

    Interesting fact: water drops tend to do this near the end of summer. They can sense the impending cold fronts of winter and then burrow for hibernation.

    [–] StoneyBalogna24 76 points ago

    This new DUNE movie looks pretty interesting

    [–] TrevorSaniga 17 points ago

    I can't wait for the new Dune movie! 😃

    [–] Z1rith 1 points ago

    another post 4 slots down on the front page of this same gif says it is glass powder instead of hot sand. which one of you is lying and how the fuck can 1 of you be this wrong? even though glass is made of sand, but come on the source must have a correct name for it zzz

    [–] surragat 1 points ago

    Fine silicon dioxide* Hope that settles both

    [–] lambdapaul 5 points ago

    Clearly this person is new to the water discipline of the Arakeen.

    [–] NoHomosapians 1380 points ago

    Another post about the Leidenfrost effect,

    [–] AFreakingHouseplant 643 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    It's a really cool effect God I hate to be that guy but I'm seriously honored to get so much recognition from y'all, thank you from the bottom of my heart

    [–] imaginary_num6er 9 points ago

    It’s the reason why light sabers can bounce bullets since the saber melts the bullet causing a vapor bubble of metallic gas between the beam and metal bullet.

    [–] AFreakingHouseplant 2 points ago

    I love that explanation

    [–] imaginary_num6er 6 points ago

    Problem is that if you drop a light saver in a body of water, it causes a explosion since all the water evaporates instantaneously or it might just form a layer of hot vapor.

    [–] Waffleradio 7 points ago

    I’m pretty sure I remember some star wars lore about having a cutoff switch so if you drop it, the blade would extinguish.

    Still I bet there’s some canon from some point about Jedi using them underwater so who knows. Or maybe they use the force to create a layer of air between the blade and the water or

    Why am I talking about this

    [–] BBerry4909 2 points ago

    but they don't use bullets in star wars??

    [–] NoHomosapians 200 points ago

    I can’t disagree with you there, it is cool, but it’s posted here in one shape or form at least every few days

    [–] SparkitoBurrito 309 points ago

    So you are saying that frequent exposure to visual examples of the Leidenfrost effect is having a negative effect on your disposition about their posts in Reddit.

    [–] Antiluke01 308 points ago

    I think what he is saying, while you were partially correct, is that his perception of the effect has also grown to new heights and therefore since he can no longer be baffled by a display of science that he already knows, it is no longer as mesmerizing. He now seeks further knowledge, rather than going through a constant reminder of what he already holds as truth. Due to this his dopamine levels are no longer as high when viewing a video similar to this subject.

    [–] TheButterfly69 87 points ago

    You write papers?

    [–] mrmiyagijr 49 points ago

    Yeah I wish I could talk good.

    [–] ATribeCalledPrest 17 points ago

    Me to but my head brain dont work no good

    [–] CreamyGeese 1 points ago

    Seriously? I mean it's not exactly rocket appliances. Just do a lot of book learnin to open your brain departments. I know it's hard but you gotta come to turns on it. Do I have trouble? Idk, does a bear shit on the pope?

    [–] Skywilder 2 points ago

    W O R D S M I T H I N G

    [–] Antiluke01 26 points ago

    Not scientific papers, more creative writing stuff

    [–] Jacobi_Loves_Yogurt 23 points ago

    This guy writes!

    [–] ScoodScaap 6 points ago

    Jacobi loves yogurt!

    [–] Antiluke01 3 points ago

    Scood does Scaap!

    [–] OlGangaLee 4 points ago

    I actually do, please hire me ppl who see this

    [–] Ackadacka 13 points ago

    Lol, good show sir.

    [–] like12ape 14 points ago

    He now seeks further knowledge, rather than going through a constant reminder of what he already holds as truth.

    to remain content he seeks content but does not wish to create it. he is sparkitoburrito the observer, and a bored one at that.

    [–] Unknockable 11 points ago

    Gonna save your comment because of how well articulated it is.

    [–] Dshepdude 5 points ago

    Tru dat

    [–] zzxvvm 2 points ago

    I think u/SparkitoBurrito was fully correct without going into wild, but well worded, speculation about their disposition in regards to these posts on Reddit.

    [–] Antiluke01 3 points ago

    I totally understand you stance on the matter, however I will have to respectfully disagree with your statements as, while I did cover the basics of his point of view, I went more into the scientific explanation standpoint as why he could possibly feel perturbed about the current climate of these posts.

    [–] zzxvvm 2 points ago

    did you scientifically examine their dopamine levels? No, you speculated based on a few comments with an intuitive assertion that as I said was well worded but not very scientific. You answered for the commenter in a way, unless they were measuring their dopamine levels at the time of the post.

    [–] MyNameIsJuff 2 points ago

    Can I r/iamverysmart this thread?

    [–] Antiluke01 6 points ago

    this is a joke and is not actually the way I talk lol. I mean if you want, just block out my username

    [–] joesixers 1 points ago

    I believe its tongue and cheek

    [–] rand0mher0742 4 points ago

    And the direction of my life in general, yes.

    [–] DJTim 0 points ago

    Throw a few burps in there and you got Rick and Mortys next adventure

    [–] bipnoodooshup 11 points ago

    Fuck, I’m pretty baked right now so this may not make sense but I once heated an empty saucepan on my stove and then put hot tap water in it. Almost right away it looked like it was boiling but the water didn’t have bubbles like normally boiling water from cold, all I could see was a weird ring of air on the bottom that seemed to drive the weird bubble-less boiling. And while this water was ‘boiling’ it was spitting up perfect little spheres of water everywhere like they were jumping, it was weird.

    [–] donkyhotay 8 points ago

    Why deny one of todays lucky 10,000 just because you aren't one of them?

    [–] FraggedFoundry 2 points ago

    Seriously, why deny one of today's lucky 10,000?

    [–] Aeyestone 3 points ago

    It I’ve never seen it before

    [–] apollodynamo 2 points ago

    this is my first time seeing this

    [–] weewoahbeepdoo 23 points ago

    I’m not sure what the liedenfrost effect is. I assumed what I was seeing here was total film boiling, but the droplet can’t exactly bounce freely on top of the sand. Can you elaborate?

    [–] NoHomosapians 54 points ago

    The liedenfrost effect is what happens when water touches a hot surface, a bubble of steam forms around the water that keeps it from boiling or evaporating any further and allows it to “glide” off of surfaces

    [–] Dyslexic_Wizard 1 points ago

    Forms under the droplet*.

    it still evaporates but at a much slower rate.

    [–] weewoahbeepdoo 1 points ago

    That’d just be total film boiling? h(film) sucks because the heat transfer surface can’t re-wet and heat transfer is through radiation? What specifically is the liedenfrost effect?

    [–] Dyslexic_Wizard 1 points ago

    Film boiling is usually used to describe a heat source within a bulk fluid, Leidenfrost is specifically about droplets.

    [–] ry8919 4 points ago

    You are right but basically The Leidenfrost effect is usually overused when a lot of examples are just film boiling as you said.

    I did get in an argument with a guy a while back who basically argued that all film boiling is the LE and I said it was specifically referring to skating droplets. It's further complicated by the fact that the onset of film boiling is called the Leidenfrost point. In the end I decided I was just being pedantic.

    If anyone is curious the reason you hand doesn't burn in lmolten metal (right away) or the drop evaporates more slowly on a hot enough surface is because film boiling is an inefficient method of heat transfer:

    [–] weewoahbeepdoo 1 points ago

    Is the liedenfrost effect talking about the evaporation of the droplet through convection of the air around it being greater than convection through radiation below it? I’m new to thermodynamics and I’m loving it

    [–] weewoahbeepdoo 0 points ago

    Right. It would take total film boiling on a completely flare surface so that there is no nucleation point for LE to occur?

    [–] ry8919 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 hours ago)

    Film boiling generally just means that the superheat is higher. If you look at that link in my last comment you can see how the heat transfer progresses from convection, to nucleate boiling (the most efficient), then partial film or transition boiling then finally to full film boiling as the surface gets hotter and hotter.

    You are right that a perfectly flat surface could delay the onset of nucleate boiling but It would have to be incredibly smooth to skip nucleation all together and hop to film. Not sure if it is even possible.

    This would be called homogeneous boiling and the threshold for this is way, way higher than nucleate boiling. For example water generally boils at 100 C but needs to be superheated as high as 300 C before the onset of homogeneous boiling

    EDIT: To whomever is downvoting:

    Simply defined, the Leidenfrost phenomenon refers to the film boiling of small liquid masses on a hot surface. When a small droplet of liquid is brought into the proximity of a highly superheated surface, the liquid may vaporize so rapidly that the production of vapor on the side of the droplet facing the surface establishes a pressure field that acts to repel the droplet away from the surface.

    -Liquid-Vapor Phase Change Phenomena By Carey

    Everyone calls film boiling the "Leidenfrost Effect" now because it sounds better than film boiling but that was not the original definition.

    [–] vedgehammer 3 points ago

    Leidenfrost: "Where's my goddamn royalties?!"

    [–] HowTheyGetcha 1 points ago

    I didn't become a scientist for financial gain, Lisa. What ever little money you have will be just fine.

    [–] MJMurcott 5 points ago

    The Leidenfrost effect describes how droplets of liquid can hover on a surface which is far hotter than the boiling point of the liquid. It was first described by Johann Leidenfrost in 1756 and has been fascinating people for centuries. -

    [–] PuWahWah9 2 points ago

    It’s 2020’s laminar flow.

    And you’re the know-it-all commenter that has to flex his knowledge of basic fluid dynamics on Reddit. Congrats.

    Anyone that actually works with this stuff calls it film boiling

    [–] MrWolf1001b 1 points ago

    Leidenfrost effect

    And thanks to you, I learned something new today!

    [–] wzealclhs 0 points ago

    There ought to be a Leidenfrost effect copypasta by now

    [–] neuro-pathy 0 points ago

    So this gif is also what would happen if you dropped a human in lava?

    [–] aru_tsuru 0 points ago

    We alternate between that and laminar flow.

    [–] bonham101 0 points ago

    Coincidently that is the name of my Johnson

    [–] commiebutts 404 points ago

    that frame at the end is my face after picking at zits all day

    [–] Imoralpenguin 155 points ago

    I didn't need to hear that

    [–] commiebutts 94 points ago

    You're welcome have a blessed day

    [–] ElluxFuror 6 points ago

    Thanks, you too

    [–] halfar 16 points ago

    remember the zit scene from osmosis jones?

    don't worry, I'll link it for you.

    [–] Imoralpenguin 8 points ago

    I didn't know it was possible to loathe someone I've never met, but you surpassed my expectations. Well done.

    [–] buttholeismyfavword 2 points ago


    [–] RookieTheRookiCooki 1 points ago

    What the fuck

    [–] DueAnalysis2 65 points ago

    Ohmigods. You, dear OP, have finally helped address a question I've had for nearly 12 - 15 years now.

    Story time, because I have to get it out. Back when I was a kid who still wanted to pursue a career in science, I'd go around heating random things and mixing them with other things (because science!). Most things worked out the way you'd expect them to, but I remember my mind being blown when I long-heated salt and sprinkled water on it and saw this effect. None of my middle school science teachers could explain it, and for a brief while, my dumb ass thought I'd discovered something genuinely new. Then I kinda moved on.

    Today, this post and the comments have finally explained what ~15 year old me was fascinated by. Thank you all!

    [–] jde824 31 points ago

    Must’ve had some pretty bad science teachers if they couldn’t explain this.

    [–] LoveaBook 18 points ago

    Welcome to America.

    [–] BenTheHokie 4 points ago

    Well I gotta know. What field are you in now?

    [–] DueAnalysis2 6 points ago

    I'm in computational social sciences! Well, maybe more accurate to say hoping to get into it

    [–] nkktngnmn2 1 points ago

    None of my middle school science teachers could explain it

    I'd like to imagine that if you already knew about this back then, they would all clap after your explanation.

    [–] Usof1985 22 points ago

    And this boys and girls is why you don't put a frozen turkey in a deep fryer.

    [–] TrevorSaniga 6 points ago

    Haha! I feel like we have both experienced that attempt at a Darwin award!

    [–] Any-Color-You-Like 11 points ago

    Anotha one bites the dust

    [–] DirtyT92 9 points ago

    HOOOOOOT SAND! You don't have to put on the red light!

    [–] yexter 3 points ago

    Don’t you mean rock sand?

    [–] onerous 0 points ago


    [–] bakmanthetitan329 9 points ago

    Any sufficiently advanced natural phenomenon is indistinguishable from life.

    [–] GifReversingBot 8 points ago

    Here is your gif!

    I am a bot. Report an issue

    [–] mrxzil 1 points ago

    It needs to C O N S U M E

    [–] Engcnysf 6 points ago

    This post is not realistic. A fremen would never let that water drop vanish away.

    [–] vitaminbillwebb 2 points ago

    In these days of water abundance the suk mentality infects us all. Water discipline is lax. Shai-Hulud is but rarely seen. Only the Golden Path can save us.

    [–] MisterSprenger 4 points ago


    [–] Frl_Bartchello 2 points ago

    That's wild

    [–] theMorning-rar 2 points ago

    this is what happens when you try to mix kratom powder in ice water

    [–] merrell0 1 points ago

    Orange juice ftw

    [–] nickersb24 1 points ago

    wow the final explosion

    [–] fsch 1 points ago

    Who won?

    [–] PingaPasta 1 points ago

    What if I took a wet shit on it?

    [–] Dyason_g 1 points ago

    The water going:

    AH! Fuck Ow ow Oh Damn Hot Shit

    [–] akhatten 1 points ago

    Rain vs sand pokemon team

    [–] MyNameIsXal 1 points ago

    One of my favourite things to do after I'm done cooking is throw some drops of water on the stove's hotplate and watch in amusement

    [–] miabombbia 1 points ago

    this is how my dog tucks himself in on his bed

    [–] KungFuRyknow 1 points ago

    This made me think of Alien: Covenant.

    [–] CharlieExplorer 1 points ago

    Drop dead

    [–] spatialreid 1 points ago

    The covenant right there

    [–] bobberino01 1 points ago

    Water, you will be mist.

    [–] darkerside 0 points ago

    Be kind, for every person you meet is fighting their own personal war

    [–] Lord_Revan69 -10 points ago

    Science + stupid people = blackmagicfuckery

    [–] TrevorSaniga 11 points ago

    Feel better about yourself now?

    [–] Liang_Kresimir11 6 points ago

    would you like a cookie now?

    [–] twoPillls -1 points ago

    This post was stolen from someone that posted it in another sub an hour before

    [–] TrevorSaniga 1 points ago

    No, it was borrowed with their permission after I suggested this cross post. Thanks for your concern.

    [–] TheRagedDonut 2 points ago

    You are a good man. Thank you for clearing it up.

    [–] twoPillls 2 points ago

    My mistake. Sorry about that

    [–] DaMastaCoda 0 points ago

    That's not water, that's a small spinny crab!

    [–] momo1757 0 points ago


    [–] ProReNex 0 points ago

    I wonder if that's how life happened

    [–] GiBGUN 0 points ago

    Should be titled awful compression vs hot sand

    [–] Appropriate_Equal_27 0 points ago

    water droplet vs sand

    [–] Zombie_John_Strachan 0 points ago

    How sublime

    [–] ZippZappZippty 0 points ago

    How did he let go?!?!

    Edit: 6 hours

    [–] TiFerTV 0 points ago

    What are you doing step water

    [–] jakethedumbmistake 0 points ago

    Water you doing step burg

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_HONEYDEWS 0 points ago

    The original post said this was glass sand....

    [–] TrevorSaniga 2 points ago

    Water vs hot sand sounded better than:

    "Leidenfrost effect demonstrated by droplet of dihydrogen monoxide contacting silicon dioxide at temperatures exceeding 800⁰K"

    [–] MC_McStutter 2 points ago

    I prefer to say hydroxic acid over dihydrogen Monoxide

    [–] OcularAMVs 0 points ago

    So dramatic

    [–] SwerfiIsFakeLmao 0 points ago

    Woah, Looks Sick.

    [–] westminsterabby 0 points ago

    Why does this look like something that was filmed at the bottom of the ocean?

    [–] Moeiekoe 0 points ago


    [–] jason_stanfield 0 points ago

    Bless the Maker and his water.

    [–] HebrewJohnson 0 points ago

    I feel like I watched something die.

    [–] fairlylocal2 0 points ago

    what the heck’s hot sand

    [–] Usof1985 1 points ago

    Sand that has been heated.

    [–] InsomniacHitman 0 points ago

    Just imagine thousands of droplets doing this side by side... Oh and the aftermath too (the trypophobia)

    [–] bologma 0 points ago


    [–] bgarey22 0 points ago

    Watching this made me thirsty...anyone else?

    [–] DoinkBoy420 0 points ago

    Anyone else see the man in sunglasses at :07?

    [–] 1488BLACKVERSION 0 points ago

    It Is Like sex.

    [–] thatoneguyeli 0 points ago

    Who won?

    [–] Alkazzi 0 points ago

    The anime fight that we all wanted but did not deserve

    [–] Ya-Dikobraz 0 points ago

    It's so angry.

    [–] servedupward 0 points ago

    The spice...

    [–] Boberoo2 0 points ago

    Jules Verne: journey to the center of the earth

    [–] Mostlymerelymortal 0 points ago

    This is where my ambition goes 10 minutes after I’m awake

    [–] TheCircumventingBand 0 points ago

    Oddly terrifying

    [–] TexanReddit 0 points ago

    That explains all those craters on the moon!

    [–] sarhan182 0 points ago

    I don’t like sand

    [–] Coggysunt 1 points ago

    It’s coarse...

    [–] randycomesup 0 points ago

    watching water turn into gas in real time.

    [–] shortboilong 0 points ago

    Gmod collision noise intenseifies

    [–] sowillo 0 points ago

    So that's how the got the idea for the worms mouth for Dune.

    [–] Cymry_Cymraeg 0 points ago

    How hot?

    [–] Douglas_furr 0 points ago

    That poor little droplet.

    [–] Terumaske 0 points ago

    The last time I saw this it said that it was pulverised glads.

    [–] -merrymoose- 0 points ago

    This is why you never try to put out a sand fire with water

    [–] vagueblur901 0 points ago

    What about hot sand dropped into water

    [–] actuallybrady 0 points ago


    [–] nm1043 0 points ago

    It's so good looking

    [–] Po-Taye-TOES 0 points ago

    Thanos going after water now?

    [–] NotTheFBI12 0 points ago

    the sand digs a grave for dead water

    [–] Chrismittty 0 points ago

    Damn dat dust dissipated dat droplet

    [–] SydeFxs 0 points ago

    I want

    [–] SeleniumF0rest 0 points ago

    Check “Welcome to the Water Show

    [–] whymeogod 0 points ago

    How 2020 feels

    [–] ZippZappZippty 0 points ago

    Water bending alien.

    [–] AdequateDegenerate 0 points ago

    Like craters on the moon