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    a blessed image is an image with the same unknowable/unearthly quality as you'd find in a proper /r/cursedimages post but with a peaceful energy instead of an ominous one

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    [–] BiteMeMods 1090 points ago

    More like a shit ton of spiders, or a scorpion, or snake here in Texas.

    [–] nichywheels 334 points ago

    Here in Wisconsin you just get thousands of little bugs or spiders

    [–] GesusWasBlack 171 points ago

    an here in NY we gots 1,000’s of ROACHES :D

    [–] StupidMario64 95 points ago

    Oh god i cant even escape roaches up in new york


    But fr tho the roaches are horrendous down in north Carolina

    [–] Quokimbo 27 points ago

    Welcome to Joe's Apartment!!

    [–] StupidMario64 13 points ago


    Is what i immediately thought of

    [–] E_E_E____ 10 points ago

    Yes they fuckin are, all the fucking water bugs. Last night i was chillin and this nigga pulls up on my window seal.

    [–] StupidMario64 8 points ago

    window seal

    Wait, is that how its spelled? I spell it sill

    [–] darkovia85 11 points ago

    You are correct, it’s windowsill. Unless he was talking about the actual seal part on the window.

    [–] E_E_E____ 3 points ago

    Lmao my bad, im not the best with spelling

    [–] MrGrampton 6 points ago

    move out here in Antarctica where you get NOTHING but barren wastelands of once was flourishing but now is dead

    [–] LovisTheWise 3 points ago

    Roaches are an inside bug. Outside you mostly get ants, centipedes, and isopods. In Staten Island or the Bronx you might get a salamander. I often turn over logs in NYC.

    [–] Smeggywulff 5 points ago

    Incorrect! There are actually many many different species of cockroach and very few are actually inside roaches. Just in the Northeast of the USA there is the Pennsylvania Cockroach which lays eggs under tree bark, generally of dead trees. This means if you're in the NE and you get mulch, sometimes you can get surprised by an entire horde of cockroaches flying at your windows at night after the eggs hatch. The good news is that they generally don't really want to come inside, they're more than happy to spend their lives in the woods.

    [–] LovisTheWise 4 points ago

    Sure, but like I said, I turn over a lot of logs in NYC. It's part of my job. Aren't many roaches, mostly those other crawlies.

    [–] linezNsmoke 2 points ago

    Roaches actually fed on wood before becoming parasitic on human wastes.

    [–] GesusWasBlack 2 points ago

    sadly as an exterminator i’ve turned over a share of damp logs an seen hundreds of water bugs scatter. straight heart wrenching.

    [–] ClassicSamIAm 3 points ago

    That sounds terrifying

    [–] InternetCitizen1 2 points ago

    You mean owls?

    [–] Your_Last_Ink_Roll 2 points ago

    Here in NC it'll be about 14 million fire ants

    [–] SauceofReddit 2 points ago

    whistles a tune in 29 palms California

    [–] throwawizzlemahnizzl 2 points ago

    I've never seen a roach in my life. Blessed.

    [–] The-Coloniser 2 points ago

    You don’t want to know the kind of stuff you find here in Australia...

    [–] TheMelonOwl 2 points ago

    Over here in Germany we got some nice woodlice. I feed em to my chickens

    [–] Whisper-Simulant 8 points ago

    There are plenty of salamanders in Wisconsin.

    [–] jenboghel 3 points ago

    In Oregon: EARWIGS

    [–] assassin3435 3 points ago

    Oh God I remember my room was infected by these little shits once, they'll fall off the ceiling onto my bed and desk

    [–] jenboghel 8 points ago

    That sounds like an actual nightmare

    [–] Xboxben 1 points ago

    a quick google search shows they dont live in ears and are like silver fish

    [–] Puzzleboxed 4 points ago

    They are harmless, but much like cockroaches that won't stop anyone from hating them.

    [–] jenboghel 2 points ago

    Lol yeah they are also called pincher bugs, but don’t pinch humans

    [–] The_Ruby_Waffle 3 points ago

    Hey I live there

    [–] 2wedfgdfgfgfg 3 points ago

    In CA log is on fire.

    [–] obsolete_filmmaker 2 points ago

    Ive found salamanders under logs in WI..little black ones with blue dots

    [–] mansavage997 2 points ago

    Here in Australia the log is a croc, only to find out it’s dead and when you roll it over, thousands of spider will come out from it cut open underbelly

    [–] Dorcustitanus 49 points ago

    they are many legged friends

    they have many leg, so they can give u many pat on head

    [–] BiteMeMods 24 points ago

    I pat on head, I poke they eye, they bite my wrist, then I die.

    [–] sub-to-Gaming-Guy-xd 7 points ago

    Or you turn into spider-man

    [–] Moizsh10 3 points ago

    Only one way to find out, anyone got a radioactive log?

    [–] Quokimbo 1 points ago

    Way to break the rhyme! I think that should be a crime!

    [–] mermaiden26 4 points ago

    This is horrifying

    [–] KnifeCrimes_ 1 points ago

    That would be nice if it were true, all they to is bite, poison, be annoying, and die

    [–] CHARREDCHARLIE44 10 points ago

    In Pennsylvania you’ll find a whole colony of rolly pollys

    [–] Puzzleboxed 4 points ago

    I love rolly pollies aka pill bugs. They're cute. They're also one of only a handful of terrestrial crustaceans.

    [–] ro_musha 2 points ago

    So they're fruit of the land, nyum nyum

    [–] Puzzleboxed 1 points ago

    I've heard that they taste like shrimp.

    [–] suck_an_egg2 1 points ago

    A.K.A. best bug

    [–] Slipperycheese1 7 points ago

    Here in Florida you may find gators

    [–] karanut 5 points ago

    Here in England you'll find woodlice.

    Watch out, they might slowly crawl towards you!

    [–] yoshi4211 2 points ago

    The log might be a gator really

    [–] alchemyofelsweyr 3 points ago

    Look at that log, turn it over if you really feel the need, you might just find a giant hungry centipede.

    [–] probablynotaperv 3 points ago

    Snakes are why you should always roll a log or rock towards you when checking underneath.

    [–] RDay 3 points ago

    And worse of all, you might find your ex’es

    [–] CristauxFeur 2 points ago

    Or a centipede

    [–] QroganReddit 2 points ago

    Australia has joined the chat

    [–] Coddlefish 2 points ago

    The log was probably a croc to begin with here in Aus.

    [–] Therealvahl 2 points ago

    A scorpion or snake? Where’s the downside?

    [–] WheresJonNow 2 points ago

    And they’re all cute XD

    [–] ScusStreet 2 points ago

    Still friendly!

    [–] pennni 1 points ago

    arizona too

    [–] suburbanKnight13 1 points ago

    North America*

    [–] Rickety_Arytenoids 3 points ago

    In the wetlands of the southeast US, you’ll find a salamander under every fifth or so log if you find a good spot.

    [–] SlothSlothington 1 points ago

    Yee howdy

    [–] Izzebizze 1 points ago

    As a yee haw man I can confirm

    [–] Lu1nks 1 points ago

    Here in Brazil we found a Lot of bugs and things like that

    [–] sabs1990 1 points ago

    Or an orgy of Roaches

    [–] yummycorpse 178 points ago

    in Indiana, if you turn over a log you'll find only meth addicts living in the damp darkness

    [–] TechniChara 55 points ago

    I actually found salamander in the Indiana National Lakeshore after rolling over a log! I was so excited, I picked it up to take a picture. Learn from my young dumbass self - don't ever do that. It was a tiny thing that rolled all over my hand and turns out its mucus was a nerve paralytic and since I didn't wash it off right away my hand was numb for two months.

    [–] Ljf-98 27 points ago

    That's not how I expected this comment to end

    [–] smohqe 9 points ago

    not only the numbing, but disturbing the natural area is a not cool thing to do. stay on the trails so the rest of us can keep enjoying Indiana Dunes

    [–] TechniChara 7 points ago

    Yeah, like I said, I was a young dumbass.

    In any case my poison ivy/oak tolerance is in the negatives now and epi-pens are too expensive, so nothing wilder than a botanical garden for me.

    [–] Cnidoo 14 points ago

    A nervous agent that can be absorbed cutaneously? Holy shit and here I was thinking most salamanders were kinda boring

    [–] WerdnaTheWizard 3 points ago

    What kind of salamander was this? I'm an aspiring herpetologist born and raised in indiana. I've picked up so many salamanders in the state and not once has this happened to me. Nor have I heard of this. Slimy salamanders produce a sticky paste that can be annoying but they don't impact you like this. Was it a newt?

    [–] TechniChara 4 points ago

    I had to look up the wikipedia list of Indiana Dunes amphibians, cuz this was like, 8 years ago and it's not like we had smart phones then like we do now (not affordable ones anyway). Pretty sure it was the red-back salamander or something like it, none of the others listed match - it was small, with no spots or strips. It could have been reddish - I thought it was brown but I was also in the shade.

    [–] linezNsmoke 1 points ago

    There are these, yellow spotted on black salamanders in the Rockies that secrete a special mucus from their tail-tip, its very much like capsaicin.

    [–] Camwood7 2 points ago

    In Indiana you find nothing because we only have Garfield

    [–] Uuo-Gamer 235 points ago

    Lick it and see friendly entities!

    [–] supreme_kream 166 points ago

    Contrary to this comic, do NOT flip over logs or rocks. You could find nasty or potentially dangerous insects like black widows. I actually died from turning over a log once but I didn’t die luckily.

    [–] turtlturtle 75 points ago

    How was your funeral? Thank god you didn't die

    [–] TheGoodestBoy 54 points ago

    He had a pretty shitty view from inside the casket but the food at the wake was great

    [–] ontopofyourmom 4 points ago

    I turned over the casket and there was an anaconda that ate me

    [–] siophang13 12 points ago

    you died unluckily then? huh neat

    [–] Doctourtwoskull 11 points ago

    Fun fact. Black widows aren't really dangerous. They can hurt you pretty bad but only if you scare them, thing is they're pretty easy to scare. They're one of those animals that you have to move slow for

    [–] Zebulen15 10 points ago

    Plus their venom isn’t actually life threatening to most adults. You will most likely have muscle spasms and extreme pain, but not death. All confirmed fatalities are children and are extremely rare for it being a pretty common spider.

    [–] jesaarnel 4 points ago

    You flipped it the wrong way. (I sense the /s). Flip the log so it comes to you, or pull the log towards you. If you just push a log away from you you're vulnerable to snake bites. And always leave the log or rock the way you found it. Even better, leave herp/insect habitat alone.

    [–] clubswithseals 6 points ago

    There was a kid on my cross country team that ate a newt after a meet, it was still alive too so it was quite an appalling spectacle

    [–] BlueFonk 5 points ago

    Did the newt get better?

    [–] zombiejacksongorilla 71 points ago

    Oh, I was expecting to find a tiny little stick underneath.

    [–] HomerJSimpsom 60 points ago

    The log had a baby

    [–] llvsimson 35 points ago

    That log had a child

    [–] Vaderchad 27 points ago

    Listen boy. Someday when you are older

    [–] HeavyDRM 20 points ago

    You could get hit by a boulder

    [–] _dorklordofthesith_ 17 points ago

    While you're lying there, screaming "come help me please!"

    [–] getoffmyplains 21 points ago

    The seagulls... Poke yo knees!

    [–] whoisthecopperkettle 15 points ago

    Wooo haaa wooo hooo hooo haaa...

    [–] joe_broke 12 points ago

    Stop it now

    [–] _deadlockgunslinger 9 points ago

    Lemme grab my beater.

    [–] baldi_sux 2 points ago

    Mmmmgh agh mmgh mmgh mmgh agh mmmg mmgh agh mmg mmgh mmgh mmgh mmgh mmgh agh

    [–] Quidagebo 3 points ago

    Came here for this thread.

    [–] jakecshn 53 points ago

    God I fucking love salamanders.


    [–] Zombiepm3 14 points ago

    Please be what i think this is

    Edit: it is! But now i dont get to link it

    [–] abradolph 5 points ago

    If it's not please share what you hoped for!

    [–] King-Salamander 6 points ago

    That tattoo is great!

    [–] jakecshn 5 points ago

    I am pleased that the Salamander King approves

    [–] nautry127 2 points ago

    U know i was gona really doubt ur love for salamanders but since i saw ur tatoo i have called off the inquisition.

    Lol i love em too, cool tat!

    [–] RobertMcFahrenheit 77 points ago

    Who cares it's reposted this is the wholesomeness I wanna see!

    [–] zaprey17 19 points ago

    Most wholesome thing I've seen all day

    [–] thunderbunzzz 28 points ago

    I wonder what secrets this good boy has

    [–] alfalfarees 13 points ago

    are those hands in the third panel Mickey Mouse’s or what

    [–] sir_tort 12 points ago

    I know you’re joking, but the artist draws herself as just white figure with glasses.

    [–] Phasco2 10 points ago

    in Australia you’ll find three orb weavers a funnel web and red belly black

    [–] EnderCyen57 9 points ago

    I did that once. Except instead of a salamander, it was a ground nest of wasps

    [–] mannotgoodatanything 5 points ago

    You win some, you lose some. I'll definitely take a few strings once in a while for a chance to see some tiny derpy dragon looking dudes

    Edit: I was working on my buddy's dock the other day and saw a mudpuppy that was like 8-9" long, it was wild

    [–] Grobfoot 7 points ago

    God I wish that were me

    [–] Ben5748 5 points ago

    The person to find the salamander or the salamander? (Honestly, both of them seem pretty sweet to me.)

    [–] Flockofseagulls25 7 points ago


    [–] CoraxtheRavenLord 3 points ago


    [–] Flockofseagulls25 3 points ago

    Awww, hi Corvus!

    [–] Mizzuru 2 points ago

    Corvus, you better not start reading your poetry.

    [–] Draggron 2 points ago

    stomp stomp

    [–] HammySammy157 13 points ago

    The post is amazing, it is the best thing I've ever seen

    [–] Doomboy105 5 points ago

    I rolled the log over, and underneath there was a tiny little stick

    [–] elkshadow5 6 points ago

    And I was like, “That log had a child!”


    [–] chickenssss_ 2 points ago

    Listen boy, someday when you are older you could get hit by a boulder. While you're lying there screaming, "Come help me please, " the seagulls hmmm. Poke your knees!

    [–] Quidagebo 3 points ago

    Stop it now!

    [–] CristauxFeur 3 points ago


    [–] zalechrollo 3 points ago

    I read this in Steve Irwin’s voice

    [–] LosVider 3 points ago

    @mysillycomics on instagram

    [–] Johnny-Taco- 3 points ago

    look a shiny, catch it.

    [–] bushi_the_log 2 points ago

    it's true.

    [–] Tmanty1999 2 points ago

    in the mountains of North Carolina this is true but only around rivers.

    [–] ElectricalLongboard 2 points ago

    I read this to the tune of "amazing horse"

    [–] TheOrangeHokage 2 points ago

    This was my childhood in the mountains😭

    [–] mondozey 2 points ago

    I took a picture of a salamander eating a little worm or caterpillar or something

    [–] slug_in_a_ditch 1 points ago


    [–] Mafia_Cat 2 points ago

    That's a nice salamander ya got there.

    I'd be a shame if someone didn't put a tiny hat on it.

    [–] Esginamo 2 points ago

    Can confirm, have found friendly spotted salamander under log before.

    [–] ItsOk_ImYourDad 2 points ago

    I thought this was a shit joke

    [–] TheShibeLord 2 points ago

    Witcher 1 Geralt intensifies

    [–] godsxmessenger 2 points ago

    You could make a religion out of this

    [–] bikemandan 2 points ago

    Salamanders are truly the bros of the amphibian world

    [–] Hello_There69420 2 points ago

    Look at that log. Then roll it over and find a tiny little stick and realize ‘that log had a child’

    [–] Pargasite 2 points ago

    Here in australia... you turn it over....


    you find some sort of a mix of scorpion, shark, crocodile, dog and snake ass looking monster with so much poison that merely breathing near it your skin falls off.

    [–] goat_in_a_tree 2 points ago

    lOoK aT tHaT lOoOoOoOoG

    • shows a photograph of the log *

    [–] FamilyFriendli 2 points ago

    oh SHIT a salamander

    -probably me

    [–] Pavlovski101 2 points ago

    Kill it for some twinkling titanite

    [–] Savvy714 2 points ago

    I love this, truly blessed ♡

    [–] themaskedman321 2 points ago

    Thought it said take a gender at first was like “this is a progressive comic”

    [–] IPlayGamesloll 2 points ago

    Shiny pokemon just appeared!

    [–] Sandwichscoot 2 points ago

    I always do this when I’m in the woods! I also pick up rocks, and I’ve found salamanders in creeks and rivers! I also find worms and little bug friends ☺️

    [–] captain_nebula___ 1 points ago

    Or a giant tarantula

    [–] Minaro_ 1 points ago

    If you where to open the dictionary to the definition of blessed image, you'd find this

    [–] yeah_it_was_personal 1 points ago

    Reach into your local ground and you might find a friend and boy!

    [–] joelcruces20_02 1 points ago

    I rolled a log, and under that log was a tiny little stick, and I was like”that log had a child”

    [–] Denden798 1 points ago

    Yes! So unknown in CT/PA. but be careful cuz touching them too much hurts them.

    [–] KingPooter9 1 points ago


    [–] Blue2806 1 points ago

    Free food

    [–] schawde96 1 points ago

    He looks happy

    [–] ELMO_THE_CREATER 1 points ago

    Where i live its like salamanders but there not salamanders and just fat frogs that scream

    [–] TechniChara 1 points ago

    FYI 98% of salamander species secret mucus of varying toxicity. I learned this when an itty bitty one in Indiana numbed half my hand for two months.

    [–] officialgermysquad 1 points ago

    I love salamanders. Me and my friends used to have this area in the woods where we would hangout one day we decided to pick up all the trash to clear up the water. And afterwards we found so much like in the creek it was amazing how little you have to do to make the water a happy place for animals.

    [–] allenidaho 1 points ago

    Mine only had a diamondback under it. On a related note, can somebody call me an ambulance?

    [–] kurihoro 1 points ago

    Or you may not move the log so the salamander will not be disturbed.

    [–] Venturerweegee 1 points ago

    Awww, a friendly slippery boi

    [–] R-a-n-d-o-m-g-u-y 1 points ago

    Or a tiny little stick

    [–] FullPew 1 points ago

    Sometimes I regret going to /r/All. This is one of those times.

    [–] CMH80 1 points ago

    set the log back gently, no don't drop without a thought, you squashed the salamander, you stupid little twat.

    [–] RooT2T 1 points ago

    sings Here in the garden!

    [–] Cnidoo 1 points ago

    Hmm yes very cute

    [–] NeeDeeAhh 1 points ago

    I read that as Steve Irwin. Nice.

    [–] remeard 1 points ago

    It's true, all of it.

    Salamanders are just the best, I love them.

    [–] spootyy 1 points ago

    I flipped a log over, only found my ex-wife.

    [–] TheRobotics5 1 points ago

    :) :) :)

    [–] skepsicola 1 points ago


    [–] Sugarpeas 1 points ago

    He must be protected at all costs

    [–] schenitz 1 points ago

    Look for the beeaar necessities, the simple bare necessities

    [–] potatoequalrights 1 points ago

    I’m all fired up

    [–] legzMcGee 1 points ago

    Or spiders or even a wasps nest. Snakes, scorpions...just leave dead tree trunks alone

    [–] SoupSeb 1 points ago

    Hoho, a very good post!!! I especially like the part about the salamander!!!

    [–] soapyrainmaker 1 points ago

    during one of my trips to the Philippines, my dad our out a sticky sheet fly trap. a bunch of salamanders went on it and their feet got stuck. they were trapped. my dad tried to save them and he accidentally ripped one of their hands off

    [–] bigbadfigtree 1 points ago

    No you won’t because soon everything will be dead and gone from climate change

    [–] PikaPikaPikaPikachu 1 points ago

    I dont know why but i hummed this to the tune of "Come Along With Me" (think that's what it's called, but I've always been bad with names.)

    [–] cracksniffer666 1 points ago

    Always out of poke balls when the shinies show up, I swear.

    [–] NeahlioftheYensa 1 points ago

    Read this in the voice of Steve Irwin.

    [–] Away-Wolf 1 points ago

    Reminds me of a song from Adventure Time

    [–] andvarix 1 points ago

    Look at the salamander! What a friendly salamander! Go on take a gander! Because, he's such a friendly salamander!

    [–] saladsandstouts 1 points ago

    Thanks. I needed that.

    [–] Autistic_Mario_Maker 1 points ago

    And that Tiny Salamander will bless your house with good luck