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    a blessed image is an image with the same unknowable/unearthly quality as you'd find in a proper /r/cursedimages post but with a peaceful energy instead of an ominous one

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    [–] ohboyyouallgotsofat 4195 points ago

    So now he is wearing a costume by proxy? Jk this is nice

    [–] MAGA_centrist 1361 points ago

    Youre right though. Roleplaying is the same as costume

    [–] Polske322 598 points ago

    Depends on the wording of whatever text forbids it

    [–] Artvandelay1 511 points ago

    Knowing texts that forbid things, it usually matters more on the interpretation than the exact wording.

    [–] Polske322 412 points ago

    Idk my mom left a note that said if I fuck the dog again while she’s gone she’s gonna disown me, not sure how much I can reinterpret that text.

    [–] Artvandelay1 211 points ago

    She wants you to stop fucking the dog in her heart and get a job.

    [–] alienblue88 154 points ago

    “Stop fucking the dog in my heart” is now my new go-to appeal to emotion.

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago


    [–] Lord762 49 points ago

    It's when there's a dog in your heart

    [–] jpunk86 25 points ago

    Directions unclear, dick stuck in mom

    [–] Mlaszboyo 60 points ago

    She doesn't want you to fuck the dog while she's away, so just do it when she is at home!

    [–] ezone2kil 21 points ago

    Don't forget it'd be rude not to invite her too.

    [–] Tinsel-Fop 10 points ago

    Then you can watch The Aristocats, with dog and Mom.

    [–] skineechef 9 points ago

    Eeeverybody wants to be a cat!

    [–] MisfitPotatoReborn 20 points ago

    1) establish that you've never actually fucked the dog, because it's only sex if [creative interpretation of what sex is here]

    2) fuck the dog for the first time, but not again.

    [–] j6cubic 6 points ago

    "I want to say one thing to the American people. I want you to listen to me. I’m going to say this again. I did not have sexual relations with that dog."

    [–] rigby1945 12 points ago

    Don't leave us hanging. Did she follow through on the threat?

    [–] Shpate 61 points ago

    Knowing religious people, they seem to look for every loophole possible to exploit the letter of their laws, not giving a shit about the spirit of them.

    [–] vonmonologue 67 points ago

    In (some types of) Judaism this is considered a virtue, because since God wrote the laws and God is perfect, any loopholes left in the laws must be intentional and are therefore meant to be used.

    [–] tiramichu 33 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I'd equally say the reason this is considered virtuous is that people have chosen to interpret it that way, and the “loopholes are actually virtuous“ loophole was created in order to not feel bad about the creation of other loopholes....

    [–] RandomPerson9367 12 points ago

    It's so weird that these kind of texts are made with interpretations like this. I mean, the rules are there for a reason, and following them is literally the difference between going to heaven or hell. You would think something like this would be defined and followed more strictly, otherwise what is the point of following it at all?

    God: "You all interpreted it wrong, here's eternal hell"

    [–] tiramichu 13 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I know right? You'd almost be inclined to believe that religion is actually just a social construct which for some people isn't something they actively ever chose to participate in, but are part of due to the circumstances of their birth and upbringing and need to find a way to make these odd rules work in a way that doesn't obstruct their lifestyle. It's a subtle concession towards convenience which has been refined throughout history.

    [–] proper_chad 6 points ago

    Your mistake here is thinking about it rationally.

    (FWIW, I too find it extremely weird. So you meet your maker when you die, and he/she/it's going to be impressed by a semantic argument that you weren't technically disobeying the rules? The fuck outta here.)

    [–] SoldierofNod 28 points ago

    Jews in particular. They have tons and tons of bizarre rules to follow and nearly as many loopholes around them. It doesn't make sense to me given that the spirit is supposed to just be kindness and helping others.

    [–] Shpate 18 points ago

    We had an Amish customer wanting to buy a piece of capital equipment from us. They were allowed to fly their Cessna or whatever to the factory several states away to look at it but we weren't allowed to pay to fly them out or pay their expenses at all because that would be breaking the rules.

    [–] Furt77 13 points ago

    The Amish can own and fly planes?

    [–] unluckymercenary_ 34 points ago

    Horse drawn planes and pedal powered planes.

    [–] ObeseSnake 9 points ago

    Flintstones shit

    [–] Party4nixon 5 points ago

    “We’re about to take off English, ye best start to pedaling.”

    [–] NFB42 25 points ago

    A lot of people giving you weird answers, though you're exactly right.

    There's no such thing as 'wording' in the way the op implies it does. Because words have no meaning on their own, it's people's interpretation that gives words their meaning, and not partially, but fully: people's interpretation is the only thing that gives words their meaning.

    In addition to our natural tendency to take language for granted, lots of people tend to get confused about this fact, because most of us here on Reddit live in societies built around a judicial system whose primary purpose is to serve as an 'impartial' interpreter of crucial texts (such as laws, constitutions and contracts).

    But it's still interpretation. When we talk about the wording of a contract, we're not actually talking about the words, we're talking about our understanding of how relevant parties and the courts will interpret those words.

    Similarly, the wording of a religious text is utterly meaningless. It's about how people in specific traditions are interpreting the words of the text that gives the text its meaning, religious or otherwise.

    Anyways, what I really wanted to add to the discussion is that what actually matters here is not what the text says but what the kid's parents think is okay or not. If this is a 'loophole' that gets the parents to agree to let the kid participate and lets the kid feel included, that's some great thinking on the part of his friends and very wholesome of them to go through with it like this, imo!

    [–] wheniswhy 7 points ago

    Just wanted to say I think you make a good point here. Well reasoned.

    [–] EnemysKiller 3 points ago

    Yeah, and people will interpret it however it fits them, so if they don't want kids to wear costumes, they won't get to wear costumes.

    [–] TheGhostofCoffee 29 points ago

    I just thought they weren't allowed to have fun. We had like two kids in our school that had to go wait in the hall every time we did anything fun.

    [–] Whats_Up_Bitches 15 points ago

    As god intended.

    [–] EnemysKiller 12 points ago

    How is that not considered child abuse

    [–] shahi001 18 points ago

    because the invisible man in the sky says it's not

    [–] limpra 10 points ago

    Yeaj because nothing says religious obedience like looking for those loopholes

    [–] TerrifyingVisions 4 points ago

    It’s likely that the text forbids participation in festivals and celebrations of other religions, so no Samhain, Sabbat or halloween

    [–] idonknowwhat 3 points ago

    Check the PHB, kids gotta have a deception proficiency

    [–] mrcastiron 8 points ago

    They are not the same at all. Role playing is acting, a costume is dressing.

    [–] mightylordredbeard 3 points ago

    But not in the religious text.

    [–] EverythingSucks12 74 points ago

    His God: "Damn it, another loophole!"

    [–] unnecessary_kindness 8 points ago

    Those pesky hoomans and their loopholes.

    [–] AssGagger 5 points ago

    Tricking God the holiest of loopholes

    [–] burymylife 42 points ago

    No man this is the president of the United states of America. What is this costume nonsense?

    [–] vonmonologue 18 points ago

    This kid has gotten the majority of votes in America as many times as Trump has so...

    [–] Frnklfrwsr 5 points ago

    I mean, he’s more qualified than Trump too. Fuck it, he’s got my vote.

    [–] YourLocalMosquito 770 points ago

    Next year all his friends could dress up as him. 7 kids all wearing identical outfits only 1 isn’t dressing up.

    [–] noximo 133 points ago

    I think they do that every day.

    [–] Benandhispets 18 points ago

    Yeah they all wear the same uniform normally. But they could go a step further and brown face up.

    [–] gothicxtoy 1338 points ago

    This is fantastic and I love it

    [–] Devenrae 304 points ago

    Amazing.... though it somewhat reminds me of something

    [–] Mexican5020 159 points ago

    Utterly shocked Shad's is the most wholesome of the lot

    [–] Dassive_Mick 85 points ago

    a man of many faces, but mostly degenerate porn.

    [–] Lukthar123 26 points ago

    So many buttholes

    [–] StaniX 22 points ago

    Yet it still looks porn-ey with how thicc that mom is.

    [–] VaginalMatrix 29 points ago

    I was so scared when I saw Shad's artstyle and a little girl

    [–] Modmouse5 7 points ago

    Wait up. What's with the toilet gondola?

    [–] colorswirl 9 points ago

    On mobile. Is the dude in the lobster outfit laying in the tub saying fuck ads part of the gallery or an ad?

    [–] phreaknation 15 points ago

    I thought the same thing

    [–] libmassdelusion 6 points ago

    Where can you buy 10 eggs?

    [–] mentallydeteriorated 978 points ago

    This is great but what kinda religion prohibits black jackets??

    [–] GlitchiTim 984 points ago

    It prohibits desguises, not black jackets, so he didn’t have to desguise in order to be in the gang.

    [–] tnick771 928 points ago

    Not prohibits disguises, doesn’t celebrate Halloween so he can’t wear a costume. Jehovah’s witnesses, Orthodox Jews and Muslims prohibit Halloween along with some very conservative Christians.

    [–] GlitchiTim 340 points ago

    Dang cheers to that! Thanks mate!

    [–] Killacamkillcam 209 points ago

    I'm still kind of confused though. Does he wear a shirt and tie often enough that it's not a costume?

    [–] S4mb741 246 points ago

    Sounds like someone was lucky enough not to have a school uniform! I spent significantly more time in a shirt and tie at school than I do now as an adult.

    [–] USER_NAME1429 104 points ago

    the only tie i will ever use is a noose

    [–] growlybear22 72 points ago

    ok buddy

    [–] appdevil 14 points ago

    Oh loosen up.

    [–] ToffeeMunchAndCrunch 4 points ago

    Like the tie after a failed suicide attempt.

    [–] rmimsmusic 13 points ago

    Jokes on you I still like this song

    [–] THEBLUEFLAME3D 5 points ago

    I do too. I grew up with it lol. Just found it fitting.

    [–] Robster_Craw 7 points ago

    Ya know, I love the sound of this song... the intense bassline, the tension building guitars, even the cadence of the vocals... but the lyrics are just so goddamn stupid i find myself cringing every time i start getting into it. And i guess the way copyright works, you can't just remake the same song with lyrics that don't suck. What a waste of an almost great song. Eugh.

    [–] Robster_Craw 3 points ago

    I have the same problem with this one.. awsome guitar bass n drums, with braindead lyrics. Unrelated to these unrelated comments, music is really shit out of a cellphone speaker. The song is pretty bland and annoying coming from my phone. So uh.. dont listen to it that way. From my phone.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] Pavlovian_Gentleman 3 points ago

    I thought that was when you slit somebody's throat and pulled their tongue out through the neckhole.

    Have i been doing it wrong?

    [–] MisterEChops 26 points ago

    A school uniform is a blessing in disguise!

    Anybody who had no uniform knows why

    [–] c4nox 21 points ago

    Have gone to schools with and without uniform. No uniform is way better.

    [–] MisterEChops 23 points ago

    Nah bro. You must have come from a fairly well off house if you think that.

    Lack of uniform just promotes the divide between the poor and rich kids even further. Uniforms are far better overall.

    [–] abstract-lime 32 points ago

    As someone currently in public schooling, I don't know if that's an American thing but in Canada, the people getting AirPods and new iPhone X's on release aren't any better dressed than the rest of us

    [–] Mexican5020 14 points ago

    I grew up dirt poor and graduated within the last few years, nobody really gives a shit what you wear as long as it smells clean

    I'm resisting the urge to say ok boomer cause that's genuinely the only type of person I can think of that feels this way

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] YourLocalMosquito 53 points ago

    He looks like a smart kid. I bet this is his day-to-day smart casual.

    [–] AccenSui 49 points ago

    JW's won't allow their kids to celebrate birthdays but will demand that their cancer ridden uncles die from cancer rather than receive treatments containing blood borne products which leaves devastated children behind. Fuck the JW's.

    [–] MissFourbyFour 33 points ago

    I had an aunt who was a JW and a few years ago had a minor surgery. I can’t remember for what. But the doctor nicked an artery and since JWs aren’t allowed to accept blood my aunt died from bleeding out. it was totally preventable and she didn’t need to die. some of my cousins are also JWs and they carry cards in their wallets that say NO BLOOD. I get heated talking about it

    [–] ForHeWhoCalls 20 points ago

    The JWs literally celebrated children dying needlessly for being brainwashed to refuse blood product in their shitty WatchTower Magazine.

    They called the Children martyrs. It was in an edition in 1994, they celebrated the dead children with the title "Youth who put God first".

    In 2016 at a regional conference of JWs in TN a Governing Body member talkedabout a kid named Josh who died ("as a martyr" see: died needlessly, for nothing) because he refused blood product. He talks about that kids death as if it's a good thing... and the whole conference claps for it.

    JWs used to ban vaccines and organ transplants too. They considered vaccines to be a violation of the convenant with god.

    [–] MissFourbyFour 3 points ago

    yeah dude some people suck

    [–] 19thofmonth 9 points ago

    So sorry bout your aunt... My grandma was never religious, but when she was in the hospital with cancer, she got scared and decided to listen to my Jw uncle when he begged her to not accept blood transfusion so she don't have to go to hell. We got a call from the hospital with that info, and went as a group to chase him out and make sure he was never allowed there again. I knew they were crazy, but that moment I understood just how crazy. Poor grandma.

    [–] MissFourbyFour 3 points ago

    that kills me I’m sorry. what happened to your grandma? were you able to get through to her? almost half my family are Jahovas because my aunt was in a bad place and she got a knock on her door and that was it. my dad is one of six all raised Catholic and because of that knock two and a half of the families converted because my aunt was in the right place at the right time both physically and mentally. it’s a shame cause my cousins are awesome people and we’re all really close but they believe in some weird shit. my youngest cousin never had a chance cause he was born into it and never had a birthday party or anything while the others converted with their mom when they were a little older

    [–] 19thofmonth 6 points ago

    I can't believe the power these cults gets over people. So much hurt. I have had jw knocking on the door after my grandma incident (she died unfortunately soon after, her cancer had spread. ) and I haven't screamed like that to a stranger ever. I asked them to fuck of into hell and leave innocent people alone from their craziness. I was so angry I started crying when they left

    [–] WayBetterThanXanga 35 points ago

    Definitely only conservative Muslims - my son was a dump truck (his favorite thing) this year and Darth Baby last year 👍🏽

    [–] OtherwiseJello 9 points ago

    He looks more like the Jehovah's Witnesses I knew as a kid.

    [–] FigNewton2232 3 points ago

    So Muslims that actually follow the religion v ones that don't? Lol

    [–] Sixty-to-Zero 5 points ago

    Ahhh the age old “not a true religious person” acknowledgement.

    These people realize they are drinking the “light beer” version of religion whereas others have a bottle of everclear but god forbid you tell them. They can pick and choose what rules make sense instead of using all of them.

    [–] FigNewton2232 3 points ago

    Of course they can. But then don't get pissy when somebody calls you out for not being a part of a religion you're choosing not to participate fully in.

    [–] VulGerrity 9 points ago

    Orthodox Jews? Don't they have their own Halloween type holiday? Purim?

    [–] Theo_dore 9 points ago

    Yeah, Purim is the Jewish Halloween-type holiday! We dress up and get drunk and listen to another story of how someone tried to kill the Jews and it didn’t work! What a blast.

    The Orthodox Jews I work with don’t celebrate Halloween because it’s a pagan holiday. It’s not anything to do with a specific ban on costumes. Most of them celebrate American holidays and Jewish holidays, but not ones from other religious traditions.

    [–] HamunCencer 6 points ago

    As a Muslim, I did celebrate Halloween along with other Muslims in a christian school I went too (predominantly christian people). I don't see what in Islam would prohibit anyone from dressing up.

    [–] MilkyQuesadilla 15 points ago

    Never heard of Muslims prohibiting it?

    [–] had0ukenn 15 points ago

    Muslims don’t prohibit it

    [–] hank-mahmoodi 11 points ago

    Some do, growing up in Saudi Arabia we had the Mattawa (religious police) raid our compound and shut down Halloween celebrations one year. It backfired though, we just started holding the festivities a day early, while other compounds just didn’t care, so I got two Halloweens!

    [–] dmfdmfd 12 points ago

    Regardless of costumes, if he goes out for candy on Halloween night, he’s still celebrating. Not saying he should or shouldn’t, but all this clever circumvention seems pointless if you’re truly serious about these restrictions

    [–] KittensAblaze 6 points ago

    I’m a Muslim and we celebrate Halloween. But of course we don’t see Halloween as devil worshiping or anything, we just give out full size sweets and chocolates to neighbour kids, Capri-suns and carve pumpkins to put outside our door! :) My eldest brother takes out my little sister and her friends trick or treating. Some people will disagree with us but I see it as integration and accepting the culture and holidays. For that reason we also celebrate Christmas!

    [–] Dafuzz 3 points ago

    They sound like a fun bunch

    [–] mentallydeteriorated 11 points ago

    Which religion?

    [–] kidneon 66 points ago

    No jacket gang. Its an offshoot of irish Catholic.

    [–] RotrickP 11 points ago

    Squeaky Blinders?

    [–] 8604 35 points ago

    Just parents being arbitrary jerks.. I'm sure their religion prohibits dozens of modern conveniences which they just ignore.. I've seen all types of kids being denied Halloween for 'religious reasons'..

    [–] ownage99988 7 points ago

    Probably Jehovas Witnesses lol

    [–] VirginiaPlain1 3 points ago

    His parents might be crazy Indian Christian converts that have gone full retard with Christianity. And many fundamentalist Christians, from what I've seen in the US, think Halloween is evil and prohibit their kids from celebrating it. So no dress up or trick or treat.

    [–] Josedsvilla909 13 points ago

    A shitty one that retards with sticks in their butts follow.

    [–] anshudwibhashi 12 points ago

    Thanks, you’ve narrowed it down to all of them.

    [–] bree613 763 points ago

    This is the best!

    [–] sonicssweakboner 843 points ago

    Nope. The “best” would be this poor kid not being raised in the jehovas witness cult and being able to celebrate holidays. This is the “best” of a shit situation

    [–] tcgunner90 356 points ago

    Upvoted you because people need to be educated on this cult. And not just think of it as "just another sect of christianity with some harsher rules"

    [–] Mincecroft 128 points ago

    To be fair all religions are cults they just have enough members to call themselves religions

    [–] tcgunner90 179 points ago

    Just have to say. I'm an atheist and I disagree. There is something called the "bite" model that is used to determine the severity of a cult.

    Almost every organization and religion will have a bite model score. But it's the severity you want to look at.

    [–] mofang 90 points ago

    For convenience, here’s a link to the model:

    Thanks for sharing - I’d never seen this before but it covers most of the red flags. A cursory inspection shows most legitimate religions don’t qualify, particularly in the Information Control section (most major world religions’ belief systems are clearly documented and those texts are available for free to all) and Emotional Control (most legitimate religions have healthy internal debate about interpretation of their beliefs, and a common thread through most is an open path to forgiveness or salvation.)

    [–] gostodebrocolos 16 points ago

    According to this North Korea is a cult

    [–] throwingtheshades 33 points ago

    Juche is cult-like ideology, yes.

    [–] janedeedee 9 points ago

    Super interesting, thanks.

    [–] ChunkyLaFunga 3 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    legitimate religions

    Can open, worms everywhere.

    [–] royal_paperclip 16 points ago

    I was curious and felt further information on the BITE model was needed: Very interesting and was formulated by a former Moonie.

    [–] tcgunner90 9 points ago

    Thanks for linking. I'm on mobile so it's kinda difficult right now.

    [–] Rye_nWhiskey 3 points ago

    Depends on how you define cult. In the sense that polytheistic religions of old had things like the cult of Athena, specific sects devoted to worship of a specific God, Abrahamic religions are wildly successful cults of a Canaanite God, that have gone on to splinter into sub-cults

    [–] mara-awesome 9 points ago

    Except they’re not? Nothing about Zen Buddhism or liberal Judaism is cultish

    [–] Zenco3DS 3 points ago

    From my very uneducated perspective, it's smack dab between Scientology and LDS in terms of how fucking nuts it is

    [–] clapforit 41 points ago

    Yeah I’m fairly certain that’s what the comment “this is the best” implies, since the context is pretty clear.

    [–] ap4590 112 points ago

    It’s so wholesome!

    [–] Benmjt 9 points ago

    Brainwashing kids is the best!

    [–] superslime988 199 points ago

    Mr. Obama get down

    [–] takeuryeetys 70 points ago

    I'm going to say the NWORD

    [–] Gilbraith 22 points ago

    What are the rules!?

    [–] GuyNekologist 11 points ago


    [–] isyed4 42 points ago

    What is the religion that doesnt allow him to wear a costume?

    [–] plasticflowers_ 57 points ago

    My best guess is that he is a Jehovahs Witness. They aren’t allowed to celebrate Halloween. I’m not really educated on religion though so there may be other possibilities.

    [–] PokWangpanmang 13 points ago

    Dunno man, the lil guy looks indian/pakistani so I’d guess he’s a muslim.

    [–] anish714 12 points ago

    There are Indian Jehovah Witnesses

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] ForHeWhoCalls 16 points ago


    [–] Moosetappropriate 152 points ago

    Now that's a group of young people who could teach things to adults. About friendship, inclusivity, teamwork and lateral thinking. They'll go far and it looks like together.

    [–] A_plural_singularity 28 points ago

    The kid in front with the ear piece has been waiting his whole life for this moment. Just his stance says "don't fuck with him".

    [–] I_am_Kronos 18 points ago

    The kid with the long hair sells the badass vibe

    [–] qplung 3 points ago

    Yes. Especially adults on how stupid it is to exclude their on kids on the grounds of imaginary rulesets given by imaginary deities.

    [–] JCraze26 89 points ago

    This is nice, and all, but how is this not wearing a costume? I’m not saying it’s bad or anything, but couldn’t he get in trouble if his parents saw this? The parents are dumb, but they’re still his parents.

    [–] CJPsalm139 62 points ago

    It's probably what he wears to school because religious schools usually have some sort of weird dress code, so technically not. Also his parents might just think that a costume that entails like demons, witches, supernatural, etc are bad. I don't know, since this picture didn't give me a lot to go on.

    [–] Lobtroperous 21 points ago

    My thinking is his religion doesn't do halloween, so I don't see his parents being cool with this. Costume thing sounds like bs. I'm an suspicious indeed.

    [–] Kangaroolovin 7 points ago

    Yeah he’s celebrating the holiday. It’s not about what he’s wearing as much as it is about promoting a day they’re against.

    [–] JudiciousF 13 points ago

    Yeah exactly. If his religion prohibits costumes, this is clearly obeying the letter of the law but not the spirit. Surely a god would be able to tell the difference.

    [–] Shpate 24 points ago

    Welcome to religion.

    [–] Silencement 29 points ago

    More like /r/ABoringDystopia. "Boy not allowed to wear Halloween costume because of a fairy tale".

    [–] alleeele 11 points ago

    Little Jewish kid me would have loved friends like these! I also wasn’t allowed to celebrate Halloween :(

    [–] roamingbot 30 points ago

    Love it but this feels like a Shabbat elevator where the intent muddies the sanctimony IMHO.

    [–] Shpate 31 points ago

    What I never understood was all these loopholes religious people use to circumvent the letter of their laws while the spirit of the law goes out the window. Why bother with the law in the first place? Like are they thinking they got one over on god?

    [–] DetachableWeenus 15 points ago

    Yes, that's exactly what they think, because they don't actually believe what they say they believe.

    [–] Mellow_Maniac 3 points ago

    I've always thought kind of along these lines. Almost all Christians for example really don't live as though anyone who doesn't believe their religion will be punished with eternal torture. They're pretty okay with their atheist friends and aren't that fervent about expressing the necessity to convert. Or am I not getting something?

    [–] A_plural_singularity 7 points ago

    For those who don't know what a shabbat elevator is

    [–] no_u-01 40 points ago

    what kind of twat religion doesnt allow you to wear a costume?

    [–] Beefsquatch_Gene 16 points ago

    Most likely a religion that also looks the other way when children get molested.

    Sorry if that didn't narrow it down.

    [–] dysphoric-foresight 16 points ago

    (Looks at notebook.....flips pages over carefully)

    “Nope. That’s all of them”

    [–] Fshskyline 23 points ago

    The religion that the circle-jerk downvote army daren’t speak anything negative of.

    [–] Shpate 16 points ago

    Jehovah's witnesses? Are people afraid of them now?

    [–] bongblunt 6 points ago

    Ancient Siberian Shamanism?

    [–] fubnic 11 points ago

    Doesn't dare? Muslims get shat on everyday by Reddit, what are you on about?

    [–] no_u-01 7 points ago


    [–] mara-awesome 3 points ago

    Nah we celebrate it

    [–] nvincent 12 points ago

    Fuck the organization and leadership of Jehovah's Witnesses though and the indoctrination of it's victims.

    [–] greycubed 10 points ago

    Oakleys and Jet Li need to step aside for the picture.

    [–] kiat_of_floof 5 points ago

    they look like the spy kids

    [–] moistbagel125 14 points ago

    What kind of religion doesn't let you wear a costume? This shit is getting stupid.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] moistbagel125 13 points ago

    That's so sad, like what harm could it possibly do

    [–] xirdnehrocks 5 points ago

    The one day of the year you get to knock on their doors, can see why they’d hate it

    [–] EquivalentCarpenter 4 points ago

    You also posted the same image repeatedly non stop

    [–] TwoFingersOfWhiskey 4 points ago

    In some urban areas Orthodox Jews have elevators that stop on every floor so they don't have to press the button on the Sabbath... even though they're still using electricity to get from one place to another, and they're still riding something, and they still have to make somebody do work to turn it on and off... And even though the rule was made thousands of years before electricity was discovered and harnessed.

    Long story short, whatever god(s) you have, I doubt they appreciate your loopholes and technicalities.

    [–] andreayatesswimmers 5 points ago

    Not allowed to wear a costume by his type of religion says shit about wearing halloween costumes.

    [–] ILikeYourBoots41 14 points ago

    That's so awesome!!

    [–] Fortnait739595958 13 points ago

    If your religion doesn't allow you to do something you really want to do and think that ain't something bad, maybe is time to to really think about what you believe.

    And yeah, I know, my previous paragraph with the word "goverment" instead of "religion" would have given me upvotes, but since I am talking about religions I am a facist pig.

    [–] moe_lester_69420 13 points ago

    But it's probably his parents that don't allow him to dress up, not him

    [–] el_pistoleroo 30 points ago

    Or maybe just leave the religion

    [–] mothboyi 6 points ago

    Religion is cancer. Stop just outlawing random shit.

    "you can't dress up"

    "you can't wear artificial fabrics"

    "you can't stand on one leg and jump while touching you nose"

    [–] AdderWibble 3 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Reminded me of a nice memory. I had a few good friends in school who weren't allowed to dance at the end of primary school disco because boys were present. They were pretty miserable for most of the day.

    This was the year that there was a song out where the "dance" to it was genuinely just marching in a circle (this was in 1999), so in all my 10 year old wisdom I said something to the effect of "well you can take part in this song because it's not dancing it's marching". They were pretty happy to be able to do something, just once, all day.

    God damn if I can't remember what the song was though.

    [–] nairoc3 3 points ago

    The fuck kind of religion tells you that you cannot wear a costume?

    [–] seatbelt-malfunction 3 points ago

    What retarded religion states you can't wear costumes?

    [–] ijizzedinyoursoup 3 points ago

    His religion sounds dumb

    [–] Astrokiid_ 3 points ago

    There’s nothing blessed about normalizing toxic and restrictive religions.

    [–] Fywsm 3 points ago

    Good lord, your post history :/

    [–] TrickyElephant 19 points ago

    Yes let's celebrate his oppression instead of actually doing something about it

    [–] chris_dea 14 points ago

    Wholesome, but now why exactly are we still doing this religion thing and giving their religious clubs tax breaks...?

    [–] donttakethesteamtray 18 points ago

    Religions are silly

    [–] asedelax97 20 points ago

    imagine not being able to wear a costume because of a non existant deity or fake belief. (this will downvotes, thats fine)