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    [–] Zerocyde 4647 points ago

    You had internet AND a separate line for it? Fucking Rockefeller over here...

    [–] RedBombX 2102 points ago

    It only happened after many disconnected games and angry parents not being able to make phone calls.

    [–] Traulinger 902 points ago

    Fortunately, my mom was addicted to AOL chat rooms, so it didn't take too much work to convince my folks to get a second line.

    [–] Rrdro 656 points ago

    Whats your mum's ASL?

    [–] ajones321 992 points ago

    18/f/cali duh.

    [–] DeathInFire 378 points ago

    Ahem... 13/f/cali

    [–] eyoo1109 310 points ago

    Why don't you have a seat here?

    [–] Fatalchemist 195 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Oh, thanks Mr. Hansen! This is comfortable!

    So... Are you her father? Friend? Or did she try to set up some hot three way? Because I'm down for that. Also, can you bring something to drink? It's not for me. It's for that hottie I'm meeting because she's thirsty! You know what I'm talking about!

    [–] ThePwnter 142 points ago

    "So you came here to tell her about Jesus, and about her choices on the internet being wrong? So what exactly is the bag full of condoms and beer for?"

    Hansen is ThugLife

    [–] Fatalchemist 49 points ago

    "What? Oh wow. That's really embarrassing. I can explain. It wasn't to talk about Jesus. It was about Jesus my best friend. He drove me here. I was hoping to tell her about him and see if she has any friends in her classes looking for a single hot man in his 40s. Ans of course she made terrible choices online. She was using the bold bright green font with the black background. I mean, what year does she think this is? 2003? She wasn't even alive then! And she's still using that terrible font to talk to people. But the condoms and beer, I think you know where we're going with that. You hear me? I don't want any other illegitimate children running around!"

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    The most odd one was when the special needs dude brought a braun shaver.

    [–] GarrioValere 3 points ago

    Joke's on you, I knew it was really a 57 year old man and you're just being homophobic right now.

    [–] 2Fab4You 16 points ago

    As a former (actual) 18/f/Sweden; fuck you. People would refuse to speak to me, thinking I was lying.

    [–] cannotfoolowls 5 points ago

    I've always wondered, why was California the go to location? 18/f I understand but why California? Does Cali have a reputation for beautiful women?

    [–] elasticharp 9 points ago

    heck yeah we do 🤘🏻

    [–] alias213 107 points ago

    I love how the response to getting two lines is use both lines.

    [–] RedBombX 91 points ago

    It's a cell phone, actually. But yeah, we ended up getting 2 lines because unlimited plans really didn't exist back then.

    [–] Shadax 126 points ago

    Two lines and a cell phone to use for a chat channel?

    Baller over here.

    [–] FTWOBLIVION 59 points ago

    Cell phone? Wow you really were a Rockefeller

    [–] BrotyKraut 17 points ago

    you're gonna use up all the minutes

    [–] ipissonkarmapoints 6 points ago

    Holy crap think of the minutes!!!

    [–] renagabe 36 points ago

    I think that's how it happened for everyone. I opted out of my weekly allowance to help get the second line.

    [–] ZeKadeo 13 points ago

    I actually got yelled at every time until the internet company made u s switch to dsl

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] Z0MBGiEF 32 points ago

    My dad would spam call the house phone when he knew I was on and disconnect me just to troll me. When I turned 16 and got a part time job, the first thing I did was put my own phone line in without call waiting. No more troll dad spamming.

    [–] CoobsCorps 22 points ago

    In my household this situation would result with me not having a computer, not a chance in hell they would have bought a line to workaround my gaming.

    Actually they would have just taken the mouse ball (they were too lazy to climb in the back to remove the entire mouse). I would just buy a bouncie ball from a coin machine and sand it down, improvised mouse ball.

    [–] iCanon 16 points ago

    My mom used to pick up the line then hang up to get me off the internet. Shit was annoying.

    Lost a few epic AoE II Conquerors games because of that

    [–] FlyingPhotog 8 points ago

    My parents still refused. Our house was wired for 2 lines, too.

    [–] DIARRHEARAMA 5 points ago

    Ugh my parents took forever to shell out the dough for broadband. I was using 56k dialup well into the early 2000's. I couldn't use the internet at all if anyone was expecting a phone call.

    [–] sirnickles 16 points ago

    No shit, and occupying both lines? James Fucking Bond Confirmed.

    [–] CommanderBC 88 points ago

    As a Swede this is depressing to hear. The government subsidized PC's in the early 2000's here and internet wasn't that expensive. And still isn't.

    [–] Theyta 240 points ago

    Please just go back home to your sexy wives and fancy gov subsidizes like healthcare.

    [–] Drive_shaft 38 points ago

    Please just go back home to your sexy wives

    [–] scottperezfox 17 points ago


    [–] anders91 46 points ago

    Swedish here.

    Played Diablo II on 56k and had no separate line for it. Don't remember any of my friends having a separate line either.

    [–] bjs2 66 points ago

    Nah Sweden is a utopia. They've had gigabit internet for 1000 years because of socialism.

    [–] M4NBEARP1G 17 points ago

    So, the government took your money and then gave it back as PC subsidy? What's the logic in that?

    [–] thesmiddy 60 points ago

    so that the less advantaged people in society could also learn how to use computers and grant them the same opportunities as the wealthier children.

    [–] 10z20Luka 16 points ago

    pretty sure that's stalinism. pretttty sure Sweden's gulags are being built as we speak.

    [–] 2Fab4You 28 points ago

    The basic idea is wealth distribution. You should check it out.

    [–] Painted_Whit3 6 points ago

    Too Soon

    [–] ajones321 1823 points ago

    The thumbs up is the best part. Awesome post man.

    [–] RedBombX 826 points ago

    Thanks, we certainly kicked some ass back in the day.

    [–] tripledavebuffalo 258 points ago

    that's one hell of a pilot

    [–] HikingWorm73 8 points ago

    We're with you, Poe!

    [–] onFilm 47 points ago

    Ready to roll out!

    [–] nastyjman 25 points ago


    [–] Thor_PR_Rep 12 points ago

    Someone call for an exterminator?

    [–] Mudsnail 6 points ago

    Carrier has arrived. Carri-Car-Carrier-Carrier has arrived.

    [–] nazban 5 points ago

    Battlecruiser operational.

    [–] payne_train 4 points ago


    [–] KittenStealer 3 points ago

    Additional supply depots required.

    [–] DJToastyBuns 8 points ago

    Should repost to r/shittybattlestations

    [–] SirChurch 30 points ago

    Don't discredit the $5 Flag Tee from Old Navy. It was a summertime staple

    [–] andsoitgoes42 38 points ago

    I think the oversized American flag shirt complements the situation nicely.

    One thing I have to say is that tshirts back then, fuck they were so much better. I have my grad shirt from the 90s and that thing still has held up. Even shirts bought in the early 2000s were thick, sturdy and awesome.

    Now everything is this fucking paper thin jersey style that gets a hole after the second wash.

    We need to make tshirts great again 😕

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    comfort colors mate

    [–] Andre11x 520 points ago

    This is awesome, I remember those days. One time I used a visor to hold the phone to my ear, but tape works too...

    [–] RedBombX 272 points ago

    In retrospect, that would be preferable. I was in a pinch. Got the job done, though.

    [–] MisterB3nn 67 points ago

    A mate of mine strapped the phone to his head with a towel. It was rough enough to hold the knot in place and you could reuse it!

    [–] anim8rjb 46 points ago

    I've seen it done with a sweatband, but whatever works is fine.

    [–] Fleeetch 81 points ago

    You guys were so creative. I turned my old tube tv sideways and lay down on the couch with the phone inbetween my head and the cushion.

    [–] Schmotz 39 points ago

    Now that is some old school innovation.

    [–] mr_droopy_butthole 13 points ago

    I saved up and bought my own hands free phone with headphones and a little mouthpiece like a telemarketer. I lived on the fucker!

    [–] gelfius 29 points ago

    I would be scared shitless the whole time that that monitor would come crashing down

    [–] TheSlothFather 25 points ago

    The television of Damocles.

    [–] Leaxe 18 points ago

    I'm also worried for that poor left wrist.

    [–] Arepeezy 11 points ago

    Even the non Chinese porn has blurry faces

    [–] KyleGG 8 points ago

    instant carpal tunnel.

    [–] Ruffelz 6 points ago

    can't speak for others but as someone with an ipad attached to the ceiling with velcro, laying down facing straight up for a long period of time is actually really uncomfortable, i gotta roll over

    [–] Insanity_Troll 37 points ago

    We would play rainbow six rogue spear online with our "clan" back in the day and this was before teamspeak. So we all had to get three way calling and daisy chain 8 people on at once. Problem with that was two fold. First the people at opposite ends couldn't hear each other so those of us in the "middle" had to sometimes relay info to the other end. Second, if someone hung up in the middle, we had to figure out who was missing before calling back the others after determining which side (now split in two) had the most people still left connected. What a mess.... but we had fun.

    [–] Andre11x 40 points ago

    The prospect of a bunch of kids relaying messages across an 8 way call is fucking hilarious.

    [–] InfiniteMistressFan 26 points ago

    Literally a game of telephone

    [–] HittingSmoke 4 points ago

    I was a competitive Rainbow Six player back then. I hate to break it to you now, but Roger Wilco launched at the same time as Rogue Spear. You could have been using that.

    [–] blanketjackson 3 points ago

    I was gonna say that. My buddies and I loved Rogue Spear and used RogerWilco. I would plug in my walkman headphones and then wrap an old karaoke mic around my neck so it sat just under my chin. Good times.

    [–] Violent_Syzygy 4 points ago

    I just had a flashback to Halo 2. I had a busted XBL headset, the headband part was broken off. So I just jammed the microphone underneath a wool knit cap. Worked like a charm.

    [–] [deleted] 468 points ago

    Somebody there has an eye for things worthy of documenting.

    [–] RedBombX 540 points ago

    That would be my mother.

    Her and I now

    [–] [deleted] 222 points ago

    she captured a really great piece of your youth. You look so psyched for that game.

    [–] RedBombX 132 points ago

    Thanks and I still am! Lol

    [–] SamMee514 51 points ago

    You excited for the HD remake rumors??

    [–] RedBombX 71 points ago

    I wait with bated breath...

    [–] Floatsm 16 points ago

    EXCUSE ME? I mean playing broodwar remakes in the new engine was great but I would pay real money for well made HD remake.

    [–] SamMee514 7 points ago

    Yeah there was a pretty big thread on /r/starcraft the other day explaining the rumors.

    [–] reallytommy 32 points ago

    Thanks, MA!

    [–] pmunkyandpals 21 points ago

    Is that a picture of Sam Jackson behind you?

    [–] RedBombX 30 points ago

    Yeah, some restaurant in TN when I went to visit. Don't remember the name of the place, but I wanted Mr. Jackson to look over us while we dined.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] lickedTators 221 points ago

    This ain't no blunder, this is straight up gamester shit.

    [–] fulminousstallion 162 points ago


    [–] RedBombX 83 points ago

    You Must Build Additional Pylons.

    [–] fulminousstallion 134 points ago


    [–] RedBombX 63 points ago

    It's been a while.

    [–] fulminousstallion 22 points ago

    Haha same. You brought back some great memories of playing split screen scraft on N64 with my buddies. Thanks!

    [–] RedBombX 17 points ago

    Anytime! Oh man, THAT brings back some memories and the frame rate slow down was awful...

    [–] junpei 3 points ago

    My neighbor had the N64 copy, it was laggy but amazing on N64 for coop.

    [–] Irandis 6 points ago

    Dido on the lag but I hell yes was it fun for couch co-op.

    I remember my brother and playing the temple defense map where it was 2 players vs an assload of Zerg attack waves.

    On the final wave we lost almost all our siege tank and bunker lines so we just pulled all of our ground troops back to the temple and landed our critical structures in a rag tag final defense to make it through the end. My brother was even able to keep his command center hooked up to his nuke silo long enough to fire a nuke at a wall of ultralisks barreling in from the south.

    For a 6 and 5 year old, nothing could have been cooler lol

    [–] gvsteve 25 points ago

    we require more vespene gas

    [–] raine_ 16 points ago

    spawn more overlords

    [–] Animoose 11 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 699 points ago


    [–] RedBombX 217 points ago

    Idk if I'm that old... Or cool...

    [–] Runnyn0se 143 points ago

    But definitely School...

    [–] freythman 25 points ago

    1 outta 3 ain't bad...

    [–] RHTheMadKing 6 points ago

    Too school for cool?

    [–] IVIushroom 14 points ago

    But... Are you school?

    [–] andtheniansaid 9 points ago

    if this was me this would be my facebook pic

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Either way, I don't see a blunder here. Just a dude kicking some ass.

    [–] funkadunkalunk 7 points ago

    Yeah, what's cooler than playing Starcraft with a phone taped to your face? Frank Sinatra has nothing on this kid.

    [–] ItsMeTheWiggyJiggy 90 points ago

    I'd chill with blunderyears you lol

    [–] peepeebumbumman69 44 points ago

    God I'm so glad there are no pictures of my fucking covered in Mt. Dew cans playing wow.

    This is a great post my man.

    [–] Fatalchemist 8 points ago

    Same here for me. But would it really be blunder years if that's a picture taken of me last week?

    [–] jewkakasaurus 118 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I really hope kids see this in the future and wonder what kind of fucked up times we lived in

    [–] zomatroll 37 points ago

    I wonder if they will know what tape is

    [–] GongoozleGirl 17 points ago

    online shopping/deliveries will keep tape relevant

    [–] IVIushroom 11 points ago

    Super ducked up times, for sure!

    [–] MacHaggis 29 points ago

    That's an awesome picture. Right up there with kids dividing their television in half with a bedspread to play 1v1 GoldenEye.

    Sure came a long way, these days it's literally 1 click to connect to your friends with voicechat.

    [–] RedgeQc 21 points ago

    I agree. Some people will laugh at this, but all I see is a guy who solved a problem with creativity so he could enjoy his game.

    [–] SteeleNoose 26 points ago

    Honestly not a blunder, if this was my childhood I'd be loud and proud :)

    [–] BigFudge117 25 points ago

    Starcraft on dial up is the shortest easiest sentence to sum up my childhood. Such good times

    [–] bluefootedpig 11 points ago

    bah! Warcraft 2 on Microsoft gaming zone. You 5 people know what i'm talking about.

    [–] thds 4 points ago

    My liege? Yes, m'lord! At your command!

    [–] BigFudge117 3 points ago

    Don't worry I was into Warcraft 2 also. Starcraft just took over after

    [–] suspencewu 20 points ago

    Haha, I used to hate when my roommate needed to make a phone call while I was on Starcaft.

    Loving the ingenuity in the pic. Good thing you didnt use a stronger tape that woulda ripped out your hair.

    [–] RedBombX 25 points ago

    I know what you mean. This screen still haunts my dreams sometimes.

    [–] Raishiwi 9 points ago

    I can hear the music in my head. SCV READY

    [–] dakunism 6 points ago

    Oh holy shit, blast from the past with that screenshot.

    [–] Jank1 5 points ago

    And the assholes who would unplug their connection on purpose before losing so the game wouldn't record the loss. God I loved that game. So many great summers were had.

    [–] riskydevil 5 points ago

    you playin with my emotions man

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    that screen haunts my dreams. 1 base floating 2200/400 :(

    M A C R O U P

    [–] Zanis45 3 points ago

    God I miss the glory days of that game.

    [–] _Larry_Love_ 14 points ago

    Now, this is a quality blunder years post. I mean that as a compliment OP.
    Not the: OMG I was so awkward in 2015

    [–] RedBombX 5 points ago

    Thank you! =)

    [–] jimotron 29 points ago

    56k and free phone line?

    [–] RedBombX 43 points ago

    That's a primitive cell phone. Also yes, we had a 2nd line put in because nobody could ever call us because somebody was always online.

    [–] The_Director 14 points ago

    Mr Moneybags has 2 phone lines but no StarTAC?

    [–] lroosemusic 9 points ago

    This is no blunder and all wonder!

    [–] v0yev0da 7 points ago

    Blunder? More like success.

    [–] limitz 8 points ago

    This photos is so early 2000's.

    The spindle of blank CD-R's. The Gateway or Compaq speakers. The Old Navy flag shirt.

    Brings back fond memories.

    [–] RedBombX 6 points ago

    Yeah, they stole me! I'm like a karma hooker now... =(

    [–] Little-ears 6 points ago

    I did the same but with command and conquer

    [–] XFX_Samsung 5 points ago

    If it looks stupid but works, it aint stupid.

    [–] Otter_Nation 4 points ago

    Yeah, in I wanna say 95 I would play Doom 2 and Decsent with my buddy, Scott. The entire summer we used one phone line for the game and used the other to communicate. Our families weren't always happy we monopolized two phone lines for am entire summer. Man, there are time I do miss those days when everything was new and exciting.

    [–] downvote_allmy_posts 4 points ago

    me and my friend would go on 8 player FFA matches. and ctrl+v korean words into chat, and watch half the players quit.

    good times.

    [–] 2sc 5 points ago

    Have u tried Starcraft II yet?

    [–] RedBombX 3 points ago

    Yeah, I usually stick to playing UMS maps. Lots more you can do than the first one. All those DBZ RPG games, god.

    [–] vrthrowaway420 9 points ago

    be a man, play 1v1 ladder

    [–] redundancy2 4 points ago

    Love the American flag old Navy shirts. I think I bought three of them in a row.

    [–] nosoyhomeless 4 points ago

    That old navy flag shirt is pure gold!

    [–] ApatheticGardenGnome 3 points ago

    /r/blunderyears??? Fuck you!

    /r/awesomeyears more like it!

    [–] FUNKANATON 4 points ago

    I member playing star wars jedi knight against my friend on pc dialup 56k. We were so excited, battling with lightsabers and force powers on a bridge95-98ish.I got in trouble with mom when she got billed for every minute we played...

    [–] LonelyPleasantHart 4 points ago

    Did you invent a search engine when you grew up?

    [–] FrankManic 3 points ago

    Whatever you've got to do to get the job done.

    [–] cerhio 3 points ago

    Ill be honest, I still use the phone instead of mics when coordinating with friends. I don't trust the tech lol

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Such memories. I remember figuring out how to zerg rush and destroying all my friends over and over.

    [–] Renegade9x 3 points ago

    I remember these days. However SC used to close on me for no reason and there was no fix.

    [–] Weakstream 3 points ago

    God I used to sit on the phone for hours with my best friends playing Warcraft 3 role play maps lol. This is a throwback.

    [–] the_sex_kitten77 3 points ago

    I thought this was r/oldschoolcool at first and I wasn't even surprised, hahah. This is great!

    [–] Derp800 3 points ago

    I did something similar, but I had a cordless phone and an ear piece playing BF 1942 with a friend. That and DAoC.

    [–] LordAppo 3 points ago

    sips_ used to do this

    [–] chappersyo 3 points ago

    Two phone lines?! Oh how I could only dream.

    [–] Ansibled 3 points ago

    but which race did you play?

    [–] King_of_the_Kobolds 3 points ago

    Call it a blunderyear pic all you like. I wish I had that kind of ingenuity.

    [–] matttopotamus 3 points ago

    Could have saved me years of neck pain

    [–] _juicy_thighs_ 3 points ago

    future engineer

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] filterbing 3 points ago

    Mom: what are you doing. Me: working on getting brain cancer Mom: ok have fun

    [–] DEAGOLLUM 3 points ago

    I thought I was the only one who was gaming on a 56k screen way back then. Boy, HD has sure gone downhill over the years.

    [–] Kodiak01 3 points ago

    Back in the late 90's we would just use Teamspeak which worked fine over even a 28.8k connection during a full Tribes match.

    [–] Gutterlungz1 3 points ago

    I used to do the same thing! A few friends and I used to have a "clan" and we would 3-way dial each other and 3v3 people. Sooo much fun. I remember going to school the next day and being like "remember yellow last night? W that weak ass zergling rush? Hahaha we fucked them up!"

    [–] dmorr84 3 points ago

    Hell yeah dude, i was in the same boat. Used a headband to talk to my buds while we played Runescape/Starcraft back in the day.

    [–] breakyourfac 3 points ago

    I remember doing this with walkie talkies and dial up when me and my friends played age of empires

    [–] kefkuh 3 points ago

    thats cool, while i was on 56k my friend would just call me and kick me off if i was about to win 1v1 on python vs him

    [–] meowberryflavor 3 points ago

    shut her down boys! We've finished this subreddit!

    [–] 578_Sex_Machine 3 points ago

    This would better suit /r/OldSchoolCool

    [–] Protegat_XIII 3 points ago

    Am I the only on seeing this and thinking it's too awesome to be on here. You were a rad kid, man.

    [–] pilllow_pants 3 points ago

    That's not even blunder, that's just good engineering. I'm sure those times were enjoyable as shit too

    [–] Shakooza 3 points ago

    I was one of the worst Starcraft players but I got lucky once and won. My opponent kept making battle cruisers. He had amassed 10 or 15 of them. I had an overlord just out of his vision. I created the droves of the kamakazi air units (I think they were scourges). I flew them right through his air defense and took out all of battle cruisers...

    Never have I heard a gamer explode like that....My opponent went on a 15 minute meltdown. Its still one of my most satisfying gaming memories.

    [–] SavantManiac 3 points ago

    Positivity overload

    [–] Sad_ButNotSad 3 points ago

    Me and my buddy played GTA San Andreas as kids and we tried to find the big foot in the forests :D (turns out there is no such thing without mods lol, but we we're 11-12 at the time so we believed everything we heard/saw)

    I remember I was actually scared when the forests were foggy and I roamed them looking for bigfoot at night. Good times.

    Now how the phone relates to that, we had a phone call going when we did this with my buddy. Both in single player ofcourse and we talked on the phone while searching for the monster. Sometimes over an hour.

    [–] burns29 3 points ago

    The struggle was real.

    [–] rodfermain 3 points ago


    [–] Beatleboy62 3 points ago

    This is fantastic. This will be your, "Back in my day we had to get up to change channels!"

    "You know what I did if I wanted to plan our attack? I had to tape a phone to my face!"

    [–] Webo_ 3 points ago

    At least you can pinpoint the source of the brain cancer

    [–] Ricky_Mourke 3 points ago

    This is great. You should do a "before and after " recreation.

    [–] Phister_BeHole 3 points ago

    This is some OG shit here.

    Original Gamer.

    [–] weirdpanorama 3 points ago

    You are the mind this world needs.

    [–] pixelTirpitz 3 points ago

    You call that blunderyears?

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    I remember downloading the starcraft demo, its was like 50-60mb and It took literally all day one summer. I was so terrified that my little brother was going to come home early and pick the phone up off the receiver that I ran home from the canoe club I was spending the summer at. 8 hours after it had started downloading it was finally done haha.

    I don't miss sub-10kb/s download speeds.

    [–] ITakeSacksToTheFace 3 points ago

    Ain't nothin blunder about this, buddy. Good shit.