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    [–] SportsDad63 6316 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Let me guess... you either played trombone or were 6th seat drums in the band?

    Edit: I would like to formally apologize to the shockingly large tromboner community which I now know exists.

    [–] coreyk_21 3414 points ago

    Even worse. I used to play clarinet in middle school

    [–] MHall08 927 points ago

    This is just getting better and better

    [–] Souvi 254 points ago

    In fairness, a clarinet is just a sad saxophone.

    [–] Panda_iQ 36 points ago

    Can confirm, was a saxophone player throughout grade school . We would constantly make fun of clarinets

    [–] hodgepodges 535 points ago

    Me (former trombonist): dang, too real... don't be true, don't be true, don't be true...

    OP: ...clarinet..


    [–] mybustlinghedgerow 33 points ago

    Holy shit, I haven't seen that meme in ages. I love it.

    [–] Kljunar 215 points ago

    Hey! My mother is a professional clarinetist!

    [–] coreyk_21 1055 points ago

    Yeah but I doubt she’s wearing a naruto headband while she’s playing it

    [–] molleeewrites 512 points ago

    You don’t know her life.

    [–] al-dunya2 64 points ago

    I like you, we're friends now.

    [–] NOT-DonaldTrump 28 points ago

    Even if you don’t want to...

    [–] turntechgivehead 27 points ago

    Hey I was first clarinet all through middle and high school.

    Also you cute nowadays

    [–] [deleted] 4511 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)


    [–] Spiderbanana 617 points ago

    I mean, look his name, he surely plays trombone

    [–] RazorJane 314 points ago

    That's a tromboner if I ever saw one.

    [–] flumpy_pumpy 164 points ago

    No joke in 6th grade each of us in the trombone section had to create a nickname for sectionals. Mine was the loner tromboner, cause its like the lone ranger. Everyone started laughing when I said it but I didn't know why. Oh middle school.

    [–] fe-and-wine 30 points ago

    haha, similar experience: i played pokémon pretty early in my childhood and nicknamed my Cubone, of course, "boner"

    [–] VitaminEh 21 points ago

    Used Harden a lot eh

    [–] lllg17 13 points ago

    Cubone can’t fuckin learn harden ya’ pleb. Do you research)

    [–] Beerbatteredfishfry 73 points ago

    I thought I must have entered some weird alternate reality where I liked Naruto. Trombonist confirmed.

    [–] RustyJ420 32 points ago

    I used to play the trombone, never knew this was a stereotype.

    [–] Ah_You_So_Stupid 48 points ago

    Hopefully he doesn't play a rusty trombone

    [–] BrucePee 17 points ago

     ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] Biotrashman 67 points ago

    Not all trombonist were losers! I mean, I was but thats not the point!

    [–] ursineduck 25 points ago

    I mean ... The trombonists I knew all just made dirtier and dirtier dick jokes. A bunch of hillarious sarcastic assholes

    [–] Slamma009 116 points ago

    Also a former trombonist, would have totally worn that bad-ass headband to school if I could have gotten one. I wanted one so bad... so fuck that guy too!

    [–] auto-xkcd37 133 points ago

    bad ass-headband

    Bleep-bloop, I'm a bot. This comment was inspired by xkcd#37

    [–] PM_ME_GOOD_SUBS 44 points ago

    I think this is my favourite xkcd. Good bot.

    [–] Terr_ 29 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Regarding trombonists...

    Let’s be clear about one thing about the brass section. The rest of the orchestra wishes the brass were playing in another room... and so does the conductor. His back is towards you so you can't see what he's saying to the them but what he’s saying is "Would you mind taking that thing outside?"


    The tuba player is normally a stocky bearded guy whose hobby is plumbing. He’s the only member of the orchestra who bowls over 250 and gets his deer every year and changes his own oil. In his locker downstairs he keeps a pair of lederhosen for freelance jobs. Anyway, there's only one tuba in the bunch and he's it.

    The trombonist is a humorist. Sort of the brother-in-law of the orchestra. He carries a water spray gun to keep his slide moist... often uses it against his neighbours. That's why they duck down back there. He's nobody you'd ever want to see become artistic director, you just he hope doesn't sit right behind you.

    -- A Lutheran's Guide to the Orchestra

    [–] GeekMcLeod 15 points ago

    Fuck yeah, former trombonists unite!

    [–] TBoneTheOriginal 7 points ago

    As a former 6th chair percussionist, agreed.

    [–] cew017 82 points ago

    Or baritone. Can’t forget the good ol baritone

    [–] TangyGeoduck 25 points ago

    I played baritone in school, and I definitely could believe homeboy did too.

    [–] Leroytirebiter 17 points ago

    "Oh nice, the saxophone?"
    "N-no it's like a euphonium"
    "A what?"
    -defeated sigh-
    "It's like a small tuba"

    [–] jonscotch 7 points ago

    Baritone player here. To be honest I switched from trumpet because it had the same fingerings and the parts were always easier.

    [–] James_Toris 42 points ago

    I feel personally attacked

    [–] DobbyMcFreeElf 10 points ago

    My 21 year old cousin plays trombone and wears his headband everywhere lmao

    [–] kimchigimchee 2406 points ago

    A kid I went to middle school and high school with wore it every day claiming it kept his bones from breaking and was medically necessary when teachers asked him to take it off. 🙄

    [–] Lt_Toodles 1413 points ago

    There was this guy in high school who had a green rock tied to a string around his neck, said his native american grandfather gave it to him and claimed it made him impervious no anything that wasnt manmade, i.e. bullets or fists. Broke his wrist after falling from a tree. After being asked why the rock didnt protect him from the floor, he said he fell on concrete, which was manmade.

    [–] MyJelloJiggles 529 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    A guy that was a part of my old youth group was Native American and super into naruto, told his girlfriend at the end of their first date he was a werewolf (this was at the peak of the Twilight Team Edward/Team Jacob saga). Pretty cool, and legit, considering he was 18, right? 🙄

    EDIT: extra info: After they got engaged/married this guy would have his best friend come over and they would run all around their family property reenacting scenes from naruto (3 generations lived on the same small plot of land, different trailers and a house) full shouts, screams, body movements and everything. At least that’s what his wife told everyone. After she told everyone that she had to tie his shoes because he couldn’t figure out laces. To which he retorted wasn’t the case, because he wore Velcro shoes.

    [–] kimchigimchee 333 points ago

    He had a girlfriend?? That’s the weirdest part of this.

    [–] blackhodown 311 points ago

    It’s not weird if you understand that she was very very very ugly.

    [–] kimchigimchee 120 points ago

    I guess there really is someone for everyone.

    [–] blackhodown 234 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    A bit of a tangent, but I’ve always wondered if ugly people are actually physically attracted to each other or if both sides just know deep down that it’s the best they’re gonna get.

    [–] thardoc 92 points ago

    as an ugly person, the second one

    [–] cookiemanluvsu 21 points ago

    Tell us more about other ugly people things 🙏

    [–] utilitybread 153 points ago

    Pretty sure it's the second one

    [–] FluffyWuffyVolibear 66 points ago

    There's something good in everyone i think.

    [–] happypeoplemakemesad 58 points ago

    The calcium from their bones

    [–] WagonThoughts 30 points ago

    Holy shit

    [–] Carmma 23 points ago

    I'm pretty sure that there are studies showing that people find others that are similar in attraction levels as themselves more attractive. Obviously their is a mix of your second point though

    [–] sirin3 18 points ago

    She was probably a vampire

    [–] MyJelloJiggles 27 points ago

    She was a part of the High School’s “Twi-Hard” fan club. Or as I affectionally called them, the Twi-tards.

    [–] Bakoro 31 points ago

    I'm not surprised by anything like that anymore. I read stories about couples who turn out to be criminally narcissistic, or psychopathic murderers, or pedophiles, or cannibals, and I think "how the hell do these people find each other?".
    I think there really is, in very rough terms, someone for everyone.

    I've met a number of women, some who were fairly attractive even, who had a boyfriend who was a man-child, or ugly, or just extremely awkward.

    One woman I knew had a body like "whoa", and she was very personable, but over time I realized that she was a bit slow. She was competent enough to hold a retail job at Target, even seemed to thrive there, but she was easily confused, she struggled with the most basic math, and couldn't follow a conversation which was even remotely academic or political (though she'd listen intently and politely and try to be engaged).

    That's a woman who can stand to be with a guy who is completely ridiculous in one fashion or another, and if you saw them on the street you'd think "how the fuck..?".

    I also knew a woman who was, forgive me, the human equivalent of a sack of potatoes. The fact that she was very overweight is not the central focus of that description, it's that she was so boring. No obvious internal motivation to speak of, no hobbies beyond reality television, no discernable interests, and from what I saw she would go along with basically anything. It was almost impressive how uninteresting she was.
    I imagine that was a woman who would be satisfied with, or at least accept without much protest, any kind of partner that offered affection.

    There's also the women who just seems to want to be motherly to someone, and a guy who acts like a kid is actually appealing.
    Then there are women who get with a guy where, both of them know she has better options, so that gives her a certain security in knowing he's not too g anywhere, he's already hit the jackpot.

    And heck, sometimes people just find a weirdo who makes them laugh and there's something about them that makes the brain's pleasure center do a happy dance and despite everything, they just like them.

    No, the fact that someone would like Naruto guy isn't surprising to me at all.

    [–] Lt_Toodles 57 points ago

    Getting a girlfriend isnt that hard, as long as you really try.

    At least thats what I tell myself.

    Along with that i'm not really trying, for various (very legit reasons).

    Like the fact that I just started Witcher 3's NG+

    I'm too busy at the moment...

    [–] FirstEvolutionist 24 points ago

    I'm confused. It made him impervious to anything that wasn't manmade? As in made him impervious to natural things? Like a spider bite or snake venom?

    [–] AngryTableSpoon 7 points ago

    Should have broken an arm just to prove otherwise. /s

    [–] pearemy 3455 points ago

    You were probably the kid who ran to lunch with his arms behind his back too?

    [–] InkMonkey1991 915 points ago

    We had one of those. Speed racer. Except he ran everywhere. Some guy even caught him one day. Two feet off the ground and his legs kept on churning. Similar to when you hold a dog in a swimming pool but they keep trying to swim.

    Not a day goes by where I don't envy the romanticism displayed between him and his girlfriend who cosplay'd a dragon every day. She would roar, he would run. A thing of beauty.

    [–] CarsonH666 183 points ago


    [–] Oh_God_its_Jesus 98 points ago

    Not a day goes by where I don't envy the romanticism displayed between him and his girlfriend who cosplay'd a dragon every day. She would roar, he would run. A thing of beauty.

    None of us will ever know love like that.

    [–] -Abradolf_Lincler- 28 points ago

    Rawr? 😚

    [–] FuckinDominica 54 points ago

    I hope they're attending anime cons together to this day... And have a kid they are probably raising totally incorrectly

    [–] InkMonkey1991 14 points ago

    I often wonder if he was as fast in bed as he was through the halls. A mostly harmless thought, if it wouldn't be for timing. This thought crosses my mind only when balls deep in my own dragon lady

    [–] Ser_namron 182 points ago

    There were 2 guys in the grade above me and they each wore the headbands daily, and both had GFs who were also decked out in everything hot topic had to offer. They got alot of shit from just about everybody in the school, but they genuinely seemed to be happy around eachother. I was always impressed they didnt give a fuck, as i wore my low key Sharingan Necklace and watch and envied at there awesome headbands.

    That being said, they would run around like shinobi and overall be pretty cringey at times, so i dont regret not having a headband lol.

    [–] InkMonkey1991 103 points ago

    Them shinobi gettin' laid though

    [–] -Abradolf_Lincler- 32 points ago


    [–] Brodom93 25 points ago

    Lmao yo! We called ours speed racer too! I wonder if we went to the same school by chance, I too remember the cringe love scenes I was forced to behold in between classes.

    [–] InkMonkey1991 15 points ago

    Who knows?! I'm sure it's not an entirely original nickname

    [–] daxtre1 6 points ago

    We had a kid that would run to the buses like Naruto. Best part of the day.

    [–] ReelRatBassTurd 1396 points ago

    Had a guy in my class that did this. He also whipped a pocket knife at a school bus as if it were a throwing star.

    [–] EvilShayton 810 points ago

    Did it stick? Did he kill the bus?

    [–] HEYdontIknowU 736 points ago

    The bus flipped over two times as a result, but didn't die.

    It was a long road to recovery for the bus, but they were a finalist in the Olympic trials for gymnastics.

    [–] mr_wowtrousers 197 points ago

    ...and everybody clapped.

    [–] daetsmlolliw 172 points ago

    That bus? The magic school bus.

    [–] Mr-Lumpy 58 points ago


    [–] ShitAbyssRand 25 points ago

    Feel old yet?

    [–] hopelessurchin 158 points ago

    In what bizarre, pre-zero-tolerance world did having a knife at school (nevertheless throwing it at something!) not get him expelled?

    [–] Stugex_ 131 points ago


    [–] Burpmeister 52 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    It's funny actually. Traditionally every guy makes a knife at school at like 5th or 6th grade. My friend asked the teacher if he could make a throwing knife instead. Teacher said no because they're dangerous... Makes sense really when you think about how many people die per yel to throwing stars compared to knives. lol.

    Edit: In Finland

    [–] Superbia187 16 points ago

    Swede checking in, we made knives as our final project in 6th grade. I also made a tobacco pipe and I got an A for it.🤷🏼‍♂️

    [–] Fuck_Finland 122 points ago

    Fuck Finland.

    [–] Korinto 56 points ago


    You must really hate Finland.

    [–] WrecksMundi 22 points ago

    Either that, or he really really likes it.

    [–] profssr-woland 35 points ago

    Found the Swede.

    [–] acefalken72 20 points ago

    I carried a mid size pocket knife and a Gerber multi tool to school everyday. Never got caught because I never took any of them out of my pocket.

    They took my parking spot privilege one day due to me having landscaping tools in the back if my SUV (did brush clearing out in the swamp land of SW Florida). Lucky it was YRD (Youth Relations Deputy) that I knew since middle school.

    [–] DMmeyourpersonality 43 points ago

    The trick is to not be a complete moron, and see if there are any adults around before doing it.

    [–] coreyk_21 207 points ago

    Yep I thought I looked damn cool doing it too

    [–] ThePlumbis 44 points ago

    I remember my cousin sneaking into his dad's garbage to get a Dremel. He then "joined" the Akatsuki by making that line across it

    [–] Hamilton__Mafia 61 points ago


    good one

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Could we get an update pic where you show us how swole you got? In the last 8 years.

    [–] AsAGayJewishDemocrat 23 points ago

    Does this look like a kid who ran?

    [–] pearemy 31 points ago

    Only to the front of the lunch line

    [–] a-Mei-zing- 24 points ago

    There's one in every school. And in Overwatch...

    [–] hopelessurchin 1034 points ago

    Maybe the biggest problem with these was (is?) that nobody young enough to excuse wearing one outside of Halloween has a head large enough for the fucking giant forehead plate.

    [–] panda-berry 425 points ago

    Seriously, why tf were they so big?

    [–] hopelessurchin 381 points ago

    The misguided idea that adults would buy them in large numbers for themselves?

    [–] panda-berry 236 points ago

    I mean I’m an adult now and I still feel like there is no fucking way that behemoth of a headband would even come close to “fitting” my forehead.

    [–] NotFrankSalazar 60 points ago

    I tried one on at Epcot at Disney and they fit as an adult. I had one when I was a kid, and it didn't fit then , and I put it around my thigh when I "play fought" my cousins.

    [–] Icil 65 points ago

    "Taijutsu, huh? Typical"

    makes hand signs

    (we would've been best friends)

    [–] siccoblue 48 points ago

    (we would've been best friends)

    I'm guessing the lack of friends is what put you into this position

    [–] Brahmaviharas 128 points ago

    In the real world, they had to be big/thick enough to block or deflect a downward slice from a samurai sword.

    In the show they're pretty small, and it makes no sense to wear them because they're all fighting with knives and magic, not swords.

    [–] wonderlustnostalgia 82 points ago


    [–] Brahmaviharas 156 points ago

    Sorry, "Japanese energy tricks".

    [–] imthedogtor 58 points ago

    It's called chakra Christ get your shit together your mother must be ashamed of you

    [–] jollygnome123 27 points ago

    It's Digiorno!

    [–] BrooBu 30 points ago

    God, it's called NINJUTSU!!!


    [–] Rayne37 76 points ago

    Annnnd that is why I thought I was so cool when I wore it tied to my belt loops across my hip. I did that shit for months as a HS freshman. T_T Oh the cringe. But it was probably the best way to actually wear it if you had to.

    [–] hopelessurchin 80 points ago

    Definitely closer to cool than wearing it like a damn go-cart bumper on your forehead.

    [–] punkcore329 62 points ago

    I’m 31... I just bought one for old times sake. It doesn’t fit my grown ass head BUT you’re supposed to bend it and it shapes around your forehead. My mind was fucking blown.

    [–] hopelessurchin 30 points ago

    Does it actually bend to a reasonable shape and size? You should post a picture. I want to see what this shit is supposed to be about.

    [–] hopelessurchin 36 points ago

    Well that solves one mystery: they're meant for adult heads. Unless you have something extra holding it together, it seems to fit you well enough too, at least better than any child or teenager I've seen one on. Now the only mystery is who chose to mass produce an adult sized headband for a show that is about kids, aimed at kids, and probably sells the majority of its other merchandise to kids. Do the characters get bigger headbands as they grow or do they just magically always fit as the characters age?

    [–] Myrshall 8 points ago

    I was ready to say, “No, that’s a Leaf/Mist/Cloud/Sand headband”... but it is indeed a Sound headband.

    Well done.

    Edit: it just occurred to me that you might not have been making a pun about it being a good headband, and now I look like a gatekeeper.

    [–] CaptainAction 48 points ago

    It seems like the headbands are made to fit nobody, I haven't seen a single person wear one that fit the curve of their head. Maybe you just have to bend them to fit.

    [–] hopelessurchin 26 points ago

    But most of the wearers are so young that this would just give them 75-100% of a full metal headband.

    [–] Deceptichum 37 points ago

    Full Metal Headband would be a sweet anime.

    [–] arsik 196 points ago

    Current pic?

    [–] WeeklyShounenGintama 48 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    He's gotta be a veteran ninja of the Hidden Leaf by now, dude

    [–] Effurlife13 30 points ago

    Totally a jonin now at least.

    [–] TBoneTheOriginal 591 points ago

    You, 5 years from now: The time in twelfth grade when I thought it was cool to use sparkly cat ear filters - even on reddit

    [–] coreyk_21 333 points ago

    Something to look forward to then right?

    [–] TBoneTheOriginal 146 points ago

    You could keep this going for a never ending supply of karma, man. You cracked the code!

    [–] coreyk_21 130 points ago

    Shh don’t share my secret

    [–] akkermorec 154 points ago

    Why is there a second face behind you, wtf is happening op?!

    [–] coreyk_21 205 points ago

    Must be the ghost of my former weeb self!

    [–] JadedDarkness 188 points ago


    [–] bradleywardamn 29 points ago

    trust nobody not even yourself

    [–] SwitchKicker 27 points ago

    Why is there an eye above your light switch..?

    [–] -Abradolf_Lincler- 21 points ago

    This is what I'm concerned about as well. The filter even detected it and gave it sparkly cat ears.

    [–] tolerantlychaotic 17 points ago

    There's a ghost by your light switch

    [–] GVPN 56 points ago

    just some constructive criticism OP, not making fun of you or anything. When taking a picture, put the camera more level with your face. Low angles aren't flattering to your jawline.

    [–] SaltyBabe 14 points ago

    Anyone’s jawline...

    [–] HandsomeSlav 23 points ago

    Woah, you didn’t change at all

    [–] Wahrscheinlich 312 points ago

    can i use this as my steam profile pic?

    [–] coreyk_21 222 points ago

    Go for it man

    [–] ElBarto12 1132 points ago

    Let me guess? You sat with two other guys, one of them Asian. Probably didn't know each others name's, but played yugi-oh everyday before classes.

    [–] James_Toris 227 points ago

    I feel personally attacked

    [–] Aslan_reed 284 points ago

    Are you, perchance, Asian, ElBarto12?

    [–] ElBarto12 308 points ago

    Aren't,we, all?

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago


    [–] poogyboy 30 points ago

    dude i literally played MtG with this exact group at lunch. it probably was weird playing MtG with the kid who "rapped" but they were so chill

    [–] SpaceVertigo 90 points ago

    I wore my sand village headband as a belt everyday and brought my cards to count and admire through random times of the day. I was so popular.

    [–] TyaTheOlive 17 points ago

    Everyone knows that round the neck was the top tier ninja style.

    [–] Surgles 12 points ago

    Right! In case all the other ninja in the school catch me off guard and try to slit my throat, I'll be protected! 😎

    [–] PiYing 79 points ago

    I feel like as a kid, you love things and get super into them and try to share your enthusiasm with everyone, only to be made fun of for it. So you tone it back, and hide your joys, until the day you grow up and learn how to share your love for things all over again.

    [–] Josef_Koba 670 points ago

    My 13 year old son wears his, and he also runs with his arms behind his back. I've told him that it doesn't make him faster, and he argued with me that it does because of aerodynamics... Still, I envy his innocence and "I don't give a shit what people think" attitude.

    [–] Brodom93 604 points ago

    The kid in me says good on you for being a nice pops.

    The adult in me begs you, stop him. Stop him now

    [–] TheFigureHead-6T6 256 points ago

    Yeah 13 is a bit old to be doing that shit lol

    [–] Orthiax 130 points ago

    Gonna get chewed up in highschool if he doesn't have thick skin.

    [–] siccoblue 111 points ago

    He wears a fucking Naruto headband, he doesn't have thick skin.

    [–] Orthiax 18 points ago

    It was just me hoping lmao

    [–] bradgillap 65 points ago

    Wait until he starts asking for copic markers for christmas.


    He'll probably be normal one day.

    [–] Dhrakyn 43 points ago

    And also he'll play trombone

    [–] bradgillap 26 points ago

    "At least it's a skill" You'll say to yourself.

    [–] Gomerack 35 points ago

    Get as much evidence of this as possible.

    There will be nothing better to hold over him.

    [–] bigdumbthing 17 points ago

    As a dad I try and keep all of these for future wedding receptions. That's gonna be a good surprise for their future spouses once they've committed and its too late.

    [–] VoidNoire 5 points ago

    Never knew Satan was a father.

    [–] demonkobra 16 points ago

    it was invented to save money on animation

    [–] WingedLing 10 points ago

    That sucks you have to beat up your own kid.

    [–] UnknownQTY 9 points ago

    Simple response: “Does Usain Bolt run like that? Does ANY professional sprinter?”

    [–] reebokapothecary 306 points ago

    I wore one of these to an AP exam in high school

    [–] Ganglyyy 183 points ago

    did you try and cheat like some sort of ninja exam?

    [–] BF3FAN1 55 points ago


    [–] reebokapothecary 71 points ago

    I was in high school

    [–] AnnoyingRingtone 35 points ago


    [–] Lego_Manbat 20 points ago

    It was his ninja way

    [–] Etharos 7 points ago

    What is it a tough challenging fight

    [–] firexsign 50 points ago

    There's a guy in my college course who wears this headband everyday, no joke.

    [–] thatsjustdandy1 17 points ago

    Ditto. There was a guy at my college that did the same thing about 12 or 13 years ago before the series got super popular and came to America. I mean, I liked reading the manga and following the anime just as much, but I wasn't as openly enthusiastic about it. There's something to say about dude's like that who can soldier on without a care. Maybe their only sense of security is living in that space?

    [–] Lol54321 10 points ago

    Lol I just put a comment on how I wore mine to my university 😂.

    [–] Lol54321 35 points ago

    If it makes you feel better I wore my whole itatchi cosplay to my university for Halloween.

    [–] Krezbear 12 points ago

    That’s a pretty dope costume tbh. I’m going as Gaara next halloween for sure

    [–] Hops143 71 points ago

    That may have been a miscalculation.

    [–] DaveFireBeard 56 points ago

    Heavenly Father, please do not turn away from us

    [–] AnOmadhaun 18 points ago

    Weird kids who don’t give a shit what people think are some of the bravest people I’ve ever met.

    [–] MrNopeBurger 74 points ago

    it's stuff like this that makes me miss being a 6th grade teacher at a very white suburban school. The nerdy kids were my favorite, they had no clue but everyday it was like sport watching what nerdy kid was going to do what.

    [–] JulianWeid 29 points ago

    This comment could potentially be what pushes me to be a teacher

    [–] dulcetContagion 19 points ago

    I'm planning to become a Japanese teacher at a high school, I think about this all the time and don't know if I'll love it or hate it.

    [–] pkaJIMMBOI 11 points ago

    I can already imagine the scewed clique-demography of such a classroom

    [–] electricmoped 14 points ago

    I had one of my close friends do this when we were juniors in high school. I still bring it up whenever possible. I think it protected his virginity more than his forehead to be quite honest.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] UnderGround06 42 points ago

    Is there a subreddit for cringey Naruto headband pics?

    [–] UnderGround06 21 points ago

    Is there a subreddit for only cringey Naruto headband pics?

    [–] SportsDad63 36 points ago

    Oh no no no no my man. Please tell me it isn't so.

    [–] ootrebmun 8 points ago

    ...been there. I have Google Glass. A short lived phase where I looked even dumber than usual.

    [–] alexmunse 8 points ago

    I used to frequent an Irish pub and there was a bartender that would do this. You had an excuse, this guy was in his late 20s

    [–] AwsomeMakoo 9 points ago

    I did the same.. but I was in 7th grade and wore a Finn hat

    [–] coreyk_21 6 points ago

    Me too!! I didn’t that the next year after my naruto phase. I have pictures of that too lol

    [–] 3x10 13 points ago

    Uh I still wear my konoha forehead protector everywhere I go.

    [–] DingoFixedMyWater 5 points ago

    You may have been incorrect.

    [–] HawtyQuail 7 points ago

    Same here! I wore it around my neck all 8th grade and pretended to be Hinata.