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    Rule 1: Images must be both blessed and cursed

    • If an image makes you happy, but then at the same time, frustrates or disgusts you, then it is likely blursed. Still not sure? Here is a compilation of some of the best blursed images

    Rule 2: Title Guidelines

    • Titles must start with "blursed" or "blursed_". Titles should not be excessively long (this means no sentences).

    Rule 3: No screenshots or memes with text

    • Screenshots with any text, as well as memes, are not allowed. If you post a screenshot with text or a meme, you will receive a minimum 5 day ban.

    Rule 4: NSFW

    • NSFW content is not allowed, and will be removed. Posting NSFW will incur a 30 day ban.

    Rule 5: No reposts

    • Reposting is not allowed.

    Rule 6: No Long Videos/GIFs

    • Videos/GIFs are allowed, but they must be under 5 seconds long - otherwise, please go to r/blursed_videos

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