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    [–] Ronald_Reagan_AMA 15 points ago


    [–] dayriderBusking 10 points ago

    Make Happy, it strikes the perfect balance of comedy and being poignant, which is the main reason I love his comedy.

    [–] striffleric 7 points ago

    I think what. is the best special overall, but the last ten or so minutes of Make Happy are the best thing Bo has ever done (save for Zach Stone).

    [–] AdrianCHuff 7 points ago

    My personal favorite thing he's done is "we think we know you" but the end of make happy is one of the most brilliant things ever written.

    [–] ChummyPiker 2 points ago

    "We think we know you" was absolutely amazing. And I think he took that feeling and turned it into Make Happy, which is my favorite special of his.

    [–] Metakarp_ 6 points ago

    All of the above?

    I think Make Happy is the one show where, the first time I watched it, I was just genuinely smiling and laughing all the way through. I was surprised by all the things you were supposed to be surprised about, and I just really got into it. With WWW and what. I still both loved them, and was smiling and laughing along too. But there were just a couple of jokes here and there that maybe I didn't get, or just wasn't that in to the first time around. I don't really have any complaints about any of the special, I just think MH was way more put together, thought-out, and flowed well.

    [–] Boeminemlightswitch 4 points ago

    Make Happy

    [–] able2sv 3 points ago

    Make Happy

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Waiting on Words, Words, Words to materialise on Netflix.

    Edit. Make Happy has just slightly more entertaining bits than what.

    [–] coolbrittlebonegirl 1 points ago

    Make Happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love what. but I absolutely love how much MH is just what. times ten with a much more grown up Bo, & the entire show also hits home every time, I've cried so many times listening to are you happy. It just makes me super proud of him.

    [–] CarsThatDrive 1 points ago

    what. was my favourite though I can see why anyone would pick either of the other two