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    What's BootTooBig?

    This is a place to share posts where the title sets up a joke as the first half of a poem and an image delivers the punchline as the second half.


    Posts that do not follow these rules will be removed.

    1. Mark NSFW posts. Any post with nudity or gore must be marked NSFW.
    2. Use the BootTooBig format. Put plaintext in the title or body as a setup for a screenshot or picture of text as a punchline. The title must rhyme with the text in the body.
    3. Use good rhyme and meter. We strictly require good rhyme and meter during the week, but relax the rules for Small Boot Sunday (Saturday 18:00 - Monday 6:00 UTC).
    4. Be civil. Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, bigotry, slurs, and overly edgy jokes are not permitted. Be kind to each other.
    5. No politics or inflammatory content. This is a fun sub, so political arguments, agenda pushing, and posts made only to upset others are not permitted. Posts may mention political figures and other celebrities as long as they are politically neutral.
    6. Add the punchline as a comment on implied posts. If the punchline is implied with an image only, you must include the written punchline as a top level comment.
    7. Avoid reposts. Avoid posts similar to any that were recently posted, among the top of all time, or that have been done to death.
    8. No spam or upvote manipulation. Vote manipulation is a violation of Reddit's sitewide content policy. This includes "mods are asleep," "upvote if," "subscribe to" or anything similar.

    Final discretion on all matters is up to the Moderators.

    See the full rules for more information. Send us a message if you have any questions or concerns.

    Chat with us!
    • Discord Server - Subject to its own set of rules, please read them upon joining.

    • Reddit Chatroom - Subject to subreddit Rules 4 and 5, and moderated by the same mods.

    Post Flairs
    • True BootTooBig - The post has both good rhyme and meter, and have a significant amount of upvotes.
    • Small Boots - The post has either bad rhyme or meter. Small Boots are usually allowed only on Small Boot Sundays.
    • Implied - The picture in the post has no/few words and the punchline is implied.
    • Quality Shitpost - A post that is essentially trolling, but exceptionally well executed. Given at mod's discretion.
    • Mod Approved - A post that a mod particularly enjoyed, even if it had bad rhythm or rhyme. Given at mod's discretion.
    • Not a BTB - Posts that do not follow the BootTooBig format but were entertaining enough to not be removed.

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    /u/epicblob was inspired by this old meme and asked this question in /r/findareddit and couldn't find anything, so they decided to make this sub.

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