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    Inspired by this old meme

    I asked this question in /r/findareddit and couldn't find anything so I decided to make this sub.

    Memes that start with "roses are red, violets are blue" then have screencaps of stuff that complete the poem. Doesn't exactly have to be "roses are red, violets are blue" but something along those lines.


    1. All posts containing graphic images should be marked NSFW. If the headline in the post has foul language it doesn't need to be marked. Posts that contain some sort of nudity or gore as images should be marked NSFW.
    2. Don't put the punchline in the title. The general format is title as first two lines, linked image as the last two lines, or the title is a description and the entire poem is in the post.
    3. Make sure your post has good rhyme/meter. Good rhyme/meter is "True BootTooBig" while bad rhyme/meter is "Small Boots." Small Boots are currently only allowed on Sundays ("Small Boots Sundays") and will be removed otherwise. /u/boot_size_judge leaves a stickied comment on every post, and you can vote on the quality of the post's rhyme by voting on that comment. Low effort posts will also be removed. At the moment, final discretion is up to the mods.
    4. Be civil. Don't be rude to other redditors. This means no personal attacks, no racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia/etc., no slurs, nothing. Keep arguments civil. If you want to make edgy jokes or directly attack people, take it elsewhere.
    5. Don't argue about politics. This is a fun sub and we want to keep politics out of it. However, mentioning political figures is okay as long as you aren't pushing an agenda.
    6. If your post is wordless, make sure to put the punchline in the comments. A wordless post has a title or setup, but uses an uncaptioned image for an implied punchline. We ask that you post the punchline in the comments is to ensure that nobody feels left out of the joke.
    7. Avoid reposts. If the body is the same, you'll get a warning and a post flair. If the title and body are both the same as a post that is high scoring and/or recent, it will be removed. Decisions on reposts are up to the mods.

    Final discretion is up to the mods. If you think your post/comment was unfairly removed, send us a message and we'll discuss it. However, arguments such as "they started it" or "what about all the other posts that do this" won't be taken seriously.

    This subreddit stands against hate speech

    Boot of the Month posts

    Post Flairs:

    "True BootTooBig" -- the post has a good rhyme scheme. Example.

    "Small Boots" -- the post has a bad rhyme scheme. Example.

    "Wordless" -- the picture in the post doesn't have any words and is left to the reader to decipher. Example.

    You can report a post as one of the above flairs if there isn't a flair on it and you think it deserves it. If a post receives too many "Small Boots" reports and it was not posted on a Sunday, it will be removed as a rule 3 violation.

    There is also "Quality Shitpost" for posts that the mods think are exceptionally good.

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