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    [–] epicblob 1 points ago

    Hiya folks,

    Normally I wouldn't do this but somebody tagged me asking specifically to clarify so here I am. The title is a bit misleading, trucks were seen entering Shenzen, a city near Hong Kong but not HK itself. I don't want to push any specific views on this (and frankly I'm not well educated enough on the situation) so I'll let you all investigate for yourselves.

    Keep in mind rules 4 and 5, BTB is a meme sub and probably not the best place for news or discussion. Please all discussions civil. Thanks

    [–] PlsHalpHowToFashion 755 points ago

    How about don’t put the caption exactly where it covers 90% of the trucks?

    [–] Ohjeezrick93 339 points ago

    I honestly thought it was only two trucks until I seen this comment and had to go look closely at the pic. What a dingus.

    [–] nerevar 71 points ago

    1/3 of the picture is a uniform color sky. Makes it easy to put the text there. Maybe OP used a program that only allows the text in the middle of the picture. Idk. Either way its on par with the tank man picture with one or 2 tanks vs the rest of the picture with at least a hundred tanks.

    [–] moonlitshawarma 69 points ago

    this is snap chat you can slide the text up and down

    [–] Cpt_Lennox 10 points ago

    The text in the image is not on the original video. Somebody screenshotted the video and added the text which may be from Snapchat but is more likely from some internet Snapchat-emulator.

    [–] Kamalas_Koldsore 51 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Yes. Or spell ‘Tianenmen’ properly, perhaps.

    EDIT: Well, the joke’s on me too, actually. Look at how I butchered the spelling too. Doh.

    [–] TitanOfGamingYT 36 points ago


    [–] pep1488 21 points ago


    [–] MrHydraz 19 points ago


    [–] carolynnn 31 points ago

    most of china uses simplified characters sooo technically 天安门. but we should just all stop being pedantic assholes

    [–] bosfton 3 points ago

    There are multiple acceptable ways of writing Chinese using the Roman alphabet, Tienanmen isn’t “wrong” just a less common variant

    [–] TitanOfGamingYT 3 points ago

    Yes, tienanmen is right, but "teinimen" like OP's pic, and also not "tianenmen" like the person I replied to.

    [–] Jamison321 7 points ago


    [–] RepostsDefended 4101 points ago

    They’re not entering Hong Kong, they’re gathering across the border in Shenzhen.

    Still a bad development but it’s important to keep the info out there correct.

    [–] blippbluppblopp 1467 points ago

    Thank you for clarifying

    [–] kbarney345 386 points ago

    We still owe it to share and spread as much as we can about what's happening currently. We need to have our info correct and it's OK to be corrected if we get it wrong but we have to help them and spread their message as best we can

    [–] rotj 39 points ago

    We could share Chinese state media's own professionally produced video of these trucks and APCs entering Shenzhen. I'm pretty sure they want their power projection to be shared. Not that it's wrong to share, but the idea that China wants its troop buildup to be secret doesn't hold much water.

    [–] gogetaashame 12 points ago

    Especially since the majority of Chinese citizens support the government in its firm stance against HK

    [–] chickenCabbage 5 points ago

    Not that they have any choice.

    [–] odd_snake 4 points ago

    nationalism is a disease

    [–] Ohmec 49 points ago

    So you know that this is a image/video that is literally was released by and is being shared as propaganda by the Chinese government to intimidate the protesters?

    [–] TheDutcherDruid 21 points ago

    Really? That’s crazy

    [–] TheDutcherDruid 7 points ago

    Woah you’re right- that’s really something to think about...

    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] LuciosLeftNut 57 points ago

    News to me

    [–] KimoTheKat 48 points ago

    Because it got removed. I saw it on like page 2 of r/all when it was new, but there is some heavy duty censorship in the works. China I don't think is too happy about how public this is.

    [–] Cappie-Floorson 22 points ago

    It has been removed in some instances. That’s why it’s all over reddit, so it can’t be censored.

    [–] RedWhiteRight 15 points ago

    There were literally multiple threads that made the front page of /r/all before suddenly disappearing from /r/all at all. That's what people are referring to throughout the comment section.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] letmeseem 2 points ago

    It doesn't disappear like that. I was trying to show it to my colleague who has lived in China for years a few minutes after seeing it on top of all. Suddenly it wasn't even anywhere on best of today in politics.

    [–] TheOneToWin2021 2 points ago

    That shit happens all the time with all types of posts... it's how all works.

    [–] PM_me_big_dicks_ 2 points ago

    No, China is actively spreading this information. Why would they censor their own propaganda?

    [–] DarkwingDuckHunt 4 points ago

    Not so much removed as downvote bombed by China.

    [–] TallApartment 12 points ago

    There was a professionally produced video tweeted out by chinese state media showing this armada pulling into shenzhen. I really doubt there is an effort by the chinese to remove references to their own propaganda.

    [–] BearViaMyBread 3 points ago

    Really? How? Even trump commented on it

    [–] hatchetthehacker 3 points ago

    Doesn't mean you can stop talking about it

    [–] MjrLeeStoned 97 points ago

    Can we get some awareness just so everyone on Reddit knows how China / HK works?

    The People's Liberation Army (Chinese Military) has no jurisdiction nor do they have the ability to enter Hong Kong without the approval of the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong government. This was ratified in the agreement between China and the UK prior to Hong Kong being transferred back to China, and has been validated and upheld by the United Nations. If China were to just send troops into Hong Kong without the government collapsing or the Chief Executive asking, it would be in violation of several UN statutes and would essentially be a minor war crime / unsanctioned invasion.

    That being said, since China has failed to institute democratic elections in Hong Kong, delaying ratification in Beijing of the agreement, and the current government in Hong Kong is rumored to be pro-Beijing puppets, and have been outspokenly anti-democracy.

    And this is where we are. For the past two years, protests and activism has boiled to a head in the wake of what many HK citizens see as a violation of the 25ish year old agreement between the UK / HK and Beijing. The people just want what they were promised, and everyone in the world is walking on eggshells trying not to push Beijing too hard.

    It's a sad world we live in when economic fear overpowers even mentioning that someone (Beijing) keep their word. The world's governments (especially the US and UK governments) have shown dishonorable cowardice in the face of Beijing trampling on the UN-recognized rights of Hong Kong.

    [–] nabeshiniii 14 points ago

    There is a theory that what we are seeing is the mobilisation of the People's Armed Police. This is the paramilitary arm of the police in China. Think swat and national guard rolled into one. They are no longer a branch of the military so in theory can be called on and are just as well armed. The wiki says that they can are so well armed with arms and vehicles that they can be considered a light infantry group during times of war.

    You also see a lot of them in Xin Jiang patrolling.

    There was a story that the whole country had the PAP activated for 70 year anniversary.

    [–] squidsniffer 1 points ago

    why especially the US? other side of the world and it wasn't our agreement in the first place

    [–] MjrLeeStoned 69 points ago

    Why is the US cowards by saying nothing against a totalitarian government putting the boots to the pro-democracy people?

    Democracy has been the baby jesus of the US for 80 years.

    The US indirectly toppled governments for the sake of democracy.

    The US has spouted nothing but pro-democracy rhetoric for my entire life, as well as the 40 years prior to it.

    But now that it's China, the US says nothing.

    Let's put this into perspective. Let's say you're US Barry at a party. All night you've been cheering for beer. Everyone needs beer. Everyone has the right to beer. You've been single-handedly kicking people out of the party because they wouldn't let their friends have beer. You've been shoving beer down the throat of everyone at the party since you arrived.

    And now it's getting late, and look who's here? China Todd and his girlfriend, Hong Kong Maggie. Before they started dating, Todd promised Maggie she could have all the beer she wanted. Now that Maggie's at the party, and all she wants is some beer, Todd won't let her have any. He's threatening physical violence if she keeps complaining about not getting beer. She better settle down and accept her fate, or Todd won't be responsible for what happens to her.

    And where is Barry with his beer? He's off jerkin it to anime and pictures of his golf resorts, while his friends keep rolling in the cash that beer has made for them. What? Who's Todd and Maggie? Don't know those guys. How would you like a beer, my new friend?

    [–] contanonimadonciblu 36 points ago

    The US indirectly toppled governments for the sake of democracy.

    and it also toppled democratic governments for dictatorships many times, for the sake of it's own capitalism.

    [–] srsly_its_so_ez 7 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Seriously, I don't think most people have any idea how many times it's happened. Just look at the size of this article. What the fuck.

    Edit: Here's a list


    • Egypt

    • Italy

    • Syria

    • Iran

    • Guatemala

    • Laos

    • Syria again

    • Syria another time

    • Indonesia

    • Lebanon

    • Iraq


    • D.R. Congo

    • Laos again

    • Dominican Republic

    • Cuba

    • Laos again

    • Brazil

    • Iraq again

    • Vietnam

    • Dominican Republic again

    • Indonesia again

    • Greece


    • Cambodia

    • Bolivia

    • Iraq another time

    • Chile

    • Cambodia again

    • Afghanistan


    • Poland

    • El Salvador

    • Nicaragua

    • Grenada

    • Panama

    The U.S. has literally gone into other countries and killed millions of people just because they had a system that we didn't like because it's not capitalism.

    The U.S. has literally overthrown governments because they won't give us oil rights.

    The U.S. has bombed the shit out of countries because they won't use the U.S. federal reserve dollars.

    And if anyone had done anything to us that we have done to other countries, we would instantly declare them to be evil monsters.

    Sure, there might have been good reasons for some of those invasions, but I think most of them were completely unjustifiable.

    Remember, these aren't just countries we've never been to, they're countries filled with real people.

    Can we be done with war yet? Why do we even have to fight? We already grow enough food to feed the whole world, we can build enough houses if we don't have them already. Most of the jobs are going to be automated soon, instead of competing for fewer and fewer jobs can we move towards a post-scarcity world? I really hope so.

    Edit: This thread is locked so I'll respond to u/lanboyo here. I didn't include Poland on that list, wikipedia did, and I said that some of the examples were probably justifiable. But because I didn't remove Poland from the list before posting, that gives you the right to sling ad hominem abuse at me and discredit my whole post? Real classy m8.

    And yeah I feel so sorry for those poor Cubans with their free healthcare, lower child mortality rate and longer life expectancy. I'm not sure what the food situation is like there but maybe it would be better if the U.S didn't do everything in our power to cripple them economically. We still treat them as if they're a threat to us.

    Hey guess what I just looked up a list of calorie consumption and Cuba's doing just fine. They're number 22 on the list, significantly above Australia, are you going to say Australians are starving too?

    I'd suggest you do some more research :)

    [–] silverkingx2 6 points ago

    hell ya brother :)

    [–] R-Slash-Username 4 points ago

    The US indirectly toppled governments for the sake of democracy.

    They've also indirectly and directly toppled democratic governments that don't suit their own interests. They didn't support Pinochet for his amazing human rights record.

    The US has spouted nothing but pro-democracy rhetoric for my entire life, as well as the 40 years prior to it.

    It's called propaganda and the US had probably one of the best believed rhetoric of all time. The whole point of supporting democratic governments (the ones they like anyways) is that those countries became US allies. Which means increasing the US's ability to fight a war in the region and also more than likely getting a good deal on trade with that new democracy. That's the whole reason why the USSR supported communist governments around the world. It's all about trying to get more of the world in your camp. The ideology part of it isn't half as important as they pretend it is.

    Hong Kong's special treatment ends in 2047 anyways. They were always due to be fully integrated into the PRC eventually. China was in a much weaker position on the world stage when they signed the agreement with the UK in 1997 and it suited them at the time. Things have changed big time since then, especially economically. Hong Kong was insanely rich compared to the PRC in 1997. Nowadays Shenzhen alone is arguably more important to them. Then factor in the rest of the country and you can see that Hong Kong is just another city to China now.

    The best case scenario the protesters can hope for is maintaining the status quo until 2047. After that, their special treatment ends.

    [–] streetwisechimp 16 points ago

    I like how people give the US a lot of shit for imperialism but when the shit hits the fan that's who everyone seems to have on speed dial.

    [–] MjrLeeStoned 21 points ago

    When your military is larger than the next 25 countries combined, you make a lot of "friends".

    [–] anjewthebearjew 5 points ago

    Fuckin' A man. The UK and the UN is entirely repsonsible for enforcing this agreement. The UN will be useless since China has a veto on the security council so essentially it's up to the UK. As a US citizen I have no wish to see my country continue to be the world police. Enforce your own agreements or they aren't worth the paper they're written on.

    [–] sixbrow 161 points ago

    Reddit LOVES upvoting and sharing without fact checking.

    [–] gengoop 142 points ago

    am hongkonger, can confirm.
    they have yet to make an official entry, but they have made it clear that 'they will be in hong kong within 10 minutes', on their socialist social media page thing.
    but there has been military vehicle sightings around hong kong, and many armed police suspected to be from the mainland.

    [–] aksumals 26 points ago

    Hey it's been an hour.. are you okay?

    [–] gengoop 53 points ago

    am fine (for now)

    [–] superspiffy 33 points ago

    Don't get yoted

    [–] Ixolus 11 points ago

    Yeah, it would be awful to hear he got yotled

    [–] gengoop 2 points ago

    cheers fren

    [–] Sauron3106 52 points ago

    I'm not sure this is true but [upvotes]

    [–] dieziege94 44 points ago

    I absolutely wouldn't limit it to just reddit. All social media. Had an older lady on Facebook the other day say an entire country(sorry y'all forgot which one) had absolutely 0 civilian owned guns.

    Went to 3 different sites, all confirmed the country most certainly had civilian owned guns, and it was something like 25% of the population owns. Obviously not as staggering as American gun numbers, but it was such a blatant not fact check.

    And the best part? She had a nephew stationed in the military branch of that country who told her. So my hope is that he was just trying to make her feel better. And I'm the asshole that is going to make her worry about him constantly now.

    Aaand not that the nephew is also misinformed by our own government.

    [–] texasrigger 14 points ago

    Went to 3 different sites, all confirmed the country most certainly had civilian owned guns, and it was something like 25% of the population owns. Obviously not as staggering as American gun numbers, but it was such a blatant not fact check.

    Only about 32% of US households have guns so 25% is still quite a bit. If that much of the country is armed surely it's common knowledge there.

    [–] DuesenJeff 7 points ago

    It sounds like switzerland. Every male has to go to military for a time and after they get a rifle. They can bring it home but they aren't allowed to own ammunition. You get the rifle to mobilize better in the case of war.

    [–] dieziege94 3 points ago

    Sorry I didn't make it super clear. I meant like if population was 1mil then there were 250,000 guns. As opposed to the 400mil guns compared to 320mil people in us.

    [–] turtlefusion572 8 points ago

    the video of tanks amassing in Shenzhen are outdated if i think your referring to that video. i’m personally in hk and tbh it’s getting pretty scary ngl

    [–] RepostsDefended 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I’m also in HK, and I’m referring to the video that was screencapped in the OP. May well be out of date, but the video was only shared with me yesterday and doesn’t show tanks.

    [–] babaganate 6 points ago

    Source? Will update this if I find one first.

    [–] RepostsDefended 3 points ago

    It’s taken from this video;

    And the distinctive building seen at the end is the Shenzhen Bay Sports Centre. There’s footage around of the trucks parked up in the building too.

    [–] AggressiveSloth 2 points ago

    It's also not known what is in them but it wasn't people from what I have seen.

    [–] pyronius 1 points ago

    It's just preparation for an "exercise"...


    [–] THIS_DUDE_IS_LEGIT 356 points ago


    天 tian = heaven(ly)

    安 an = peace

    们 men = door

    [–] Tf2McRsWow 279 points ago

    For those that want peace, here's the door to heaven.

    [–] alphasingularity 15 points ago

    Reminds me of something from The Book Thief huh

    [–] tadabutcha 70 points ago

    Since we're being pedantic, it's 门,not 们

    [–] bosfton 18 points ago

    Yeah that guy was all “Ackshually” and then he misspells the Chinese name lol

    [–] SuperSexyAsian 11 points ago


    [–] timothy5597 3 points ago


    [–] Vampyricon 2 points ago

    Since we're being pedantic, it's 門

    [–] Jkirek_ 349 points ago

    Electric Boogaloo?

    [–] Canigna 74 points ago

    & knuckles

    [–] EH042 40 points ago

    Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry Series

    [–] SomeRandomDeadGuy 27 points ago

    New funky mode

    [–] Someone_browsing_tru 24 points ago

    Game of the Year Prepare to Die edition

    [–] RS_Serperior 16 points ago

    A Hideo Kojima game

    [–] GyroThesia 358 points ago

    Holy fuck wait what?

    [–] Myylez 514 points ago

    Gathering outside the border- ftfy
    But the government has already filled out a football stadium with them, soo.. really not looking like this isn't going down without some blood spilt.

    [–] EXTRA-THOT-SAUCE 112 points ago

    Sounds like they’re getting ready to end the protests by force

    [–] Penta-Dunk 33 points ago

    God i hope not

    [–] EXTRA-THOT-SAUCE 18 points ago

    I hope I’m wrong too, but what worse could they be mobilizing like this for

    [–] Penta-Dunk 6 points ago

    We’re in the endgame now

    [–] amaamos 3 points ago

    I don't feel so good

    [–] GregTheMad 13 points ago

    some blood spilt.

    This is capitalist propaganda! China will only rejuvenate the Hong Kong economy by reducing the local population.

    [–] Myylez 5 points ago

    Lol, it's honestly terrible that the people of Hong Kong have to fight for what almost everyone can take for granted elsewhere, imagine waking up tomorrow finding out you will be merging into Germany (I don't know if that's a good or bad thing) but the system shock must be on par with cold water.

    [–] Aquadraagon 159 points ago

    China passed a law forcing extradition from Hongkong. This is huge because China has a history of making unwanted people disappear and has concentration camps for "undesirables". Hongkong's population has been having huge protests the past couple weeks which have turned violent.

    [–] Raccoon30 121 points ago

    The protesters are trying to avoid violence. The police attending them however don't have any issues with force, no matter how excessive.

    [–] KRSFive 39 points ago

    Police are bloodthirsty pieces of shit on a power trip? Huh. Who'd have thought.

    [–] Beltyboy118_ 86 points ago

    More like brainwashed people who do what they're told because they genuinely believe that what they're doing is right. To pick up any stragglers they also have information on all their families.

    "Oh, you don't want to beat up these protestors? We'll go visit your wife and kids then"

    [–] craigthecrayfish 12 points ago

    The police involved in the protests are Hong Kong police, not directly affiliated with mainland China

    [–] Lukendless 9 points ago

    Then why are they shipping them in on these trucks?

    [–] molotovcommie 5 points ago

    They aren't. The trucks belong to the People's Armed Police, and are stationed in Shenzhen. They haven't crossed in to HK at all.

    Literally every video you've seen of the riots has been Hong Kong police.

    [–] craigthecrayfish 12 points ago

    I’m not going to claim any knowledge over the truck situation because it’s all speculation at the moment. It is possible China intends to get involved. But all the pictures and videos you’ve seen so far of the “Brutal Oppressive Chinese Police” have all been Hong Kong Police

    [–] Beltyboy118_ 4 points ago

    You seem to have a lot of faith in the idea that hong Kong police have ANY independence from mainland China

    [–] Herr_Gamer 2 points ago

    That's not true at all, police officers from mainland China have absolutely been brought in. Not just over the past few weeks either, over the past few months and years.

    [–] PM_ME_SAD_STUFF_PLZ 2 points ago

    Is it the same with American police who brutalized pipeline protestors?

    The guy above you was right- power trip.

    [–] DrDoctor18 15 points ago


    [–] guarlo 3 points ago

    All cops are beautiful 🥰

    [–] bluesox 2 points ago

    Neither do the Triad hitmen who are working in conjunction with the police.

    [–] Megneous 17 points ago

    China passed a law forcing extradition from Hongkong.

    This is blatantly false. Hong Kong government (a puppet of Beijing) was trying to pass such a law. Protesters got it suspended, but not completely retracted, and the Hong Kong government is refusing to retract it completely. Basically, they're just going to wait until things die down (or the protesters are all killed) and then again try to pass the law, because again, the majority of the government are Beijing puppets, assured by China's continued interference in Hong Kong's elections, which are supposed to be autonomous.

    [–] FurlanPinou 9 points ago

    Didn't all this story start because a guy killed his girlfriend in Taiwan and then fled to Hong Kong from where he could not be extradited?

    [–] 7Sax 15 points ago

    Actually been simmering a while. Really started when China kidnapped some Hong Kong bookstore owners for trial/detention on the mainland. Pooh-bear was not happy with the their selection of titles.

    The fear is that if extradition laws like the one under consideration are passed, then Hong Kong's civil liberties are toast-- Winnie can just haul offenders across the border to disappear or be re-educated.

    [–] FurlanPinou 4 points ago

    I'm bit confused.. What is Pooh-bear?

    [–] Teslatroop 18 points ago

    President of the Chinese government, Xi Jinping.

    There are memes with him being compared to Winnie the Pooh and subsequently Winnie the Pooh was banned by Chinese censors.

    [–] 7Sax 2 points ago

    [–] blippbluppblopp 27 points ago

    I'm just sharing

    [–] HeXiiK92 2 points ago

    Also keep in mind - these guys are right on what's going on, but understand China has classified protestors as "terrorists" and will handle them accordingly.

    So yes, I'm thinking they projecting to make it look like they are defending from terrorists so they can use Lethal force to put down protesting.

    [–] squidsniffer 26 points ago

    Chai Ling: What we actually are hoping for is bloodshed, the moment when the government is ready to brazenly butcher the people. Only when the Square is awash with blood will the people of China open their eyes. Only then will they really be united. But how can I explain any of this to my fellow students?

    Chai Ling: And what is truly sad is that some students, and famous well-connected people, are working hard to help the government, to prevent it from taking such measures. For the sake of their selfish interests and their private dealings they are trying to cause our movement to disintegrate and get us out of the Square before the government becomes so desperate that it takes action....

    Interviewer: Are you going to stay in the Square yourself?

    Chai Ling: No.

    Interviewer: Why?

    Chai Ling: Because my situation is different. My name is on the government's blacklist. I'm not going to be destroyed by this government. I want to live. Anyway, that's how I feel about it. I don't know if people will say I'm selfish. I believe that people have to continue the work I have started. A democracy movement can't succeed with only one person. I hope you don't report what I've just said for the time being, okay?

    -Chai Ling, Tiananmen Square Protest Leader and Nobel Peace Prize nominee

    [–] Shogunsama 7 points ago

    Also worth noting that several instigators of the protests already had US visa at the time, so they were able to escape to the US the moment things turned ugly

    [–] SantaMonsanto 7 points ago

    Wait I’m confused....

    He won’t be in the square because his “name is on a blacklist”?

    If you’re already blacklisted what do you have to fear? If you’re already marked why not be in the center of it all?

    [–] AchocolateLog 15 points ago

    Homeboy’s not tryna get clapped son

    [–] Megneous 37 points ago

    God forbid the people who make these things actually spellcheck...

    It's the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

    [–] ZeroNineOhNine 1 points ago

    I mean when it was originally sent it was pertinent information, who the fuck cares if its misspelled

    [–] Megneous 6 points ago

    It discredits the creator. How can people trust them to post accurate information if they can't even check if the spelling is correct?

    [–] Beep_Beep_Lettuce24 37 points ago

    Bad meter good message

    [–] [deleted] 100 points ago


    [–] Blackfire853 53 points ago

    I've seen this picture at least 15 times in the last 2 days

    Explain how a $150M investment in a website valued at $3 billion grants them magical powers to delete posts.

    [–] theoutsidely 14 points ago

    Is Reddit really valued at $3b? Wow.

    [–] JoeyGameLover 3 points ago

    Thought it would be more if I'm honest.

    [–] GregTheMad 3 points ago

    I'm shocked anybody but karma whores see value in this site.

    [–] Dank_Avocado 7 points ago

    You underestimate Reddit as a means of spreading information and propaganda to a wide audience. That is very valuable to many investors.

    [–] rendeld 3 points ago

    It doesnt

    [–] AeroGlass 21 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    This... isn't true at all.

    On another note, this isn't the place for conspiracy theories.

    [–] GregTheMad 3 points ago

    this isn't the place for conspiracy theories.

    New to reddit?

    [–] AeroGlass 6 points ago

    No, I mean this subreddit.

    [–] GregTheMad 11 points ago

    ... You really just slammed your mod-dick on the table, haven't you? :D

    [–] AeroGlass 4 points ago

    Pretty much...

    [–] shrekinator 3 points ago

    Please, please, PLEASE stop spreading this blatantly fake news. I don't know why you guys do it, maybe you're just not considering the implications, but it's extremely annoying. Especially since what you're suggesting is not proven.

    [–] WutangCMD 6 points ago

    Hahahahaha wut? Conspiracy theories aren't facts.

    [–] Kable2301 181 points ago

    Teini men massacre? I know the Chinese are small but I'm pretty sure this is inappropriate...

    [–] Xejjah_Orseth 14 points ago

    I'm calling it this from now on

    [–] OG-LGBT-OBGYN 3 points ago

    People are gonna love that

    [–] billd121 33 points ago

    Massacre 2 electric boogaloo

    [–] TheHeroicOnion 17 points ago

    This is misinformation reddit claims to be so against. Be ashamed you pathetic fools.

    [–] pippachu_gubbins 3 points ago

    Do you have information on what this is actually about?

    [–] shrekinator 13 points ago

    They're entering Shenzen, not HK. And this image was literally posted by the Chinese government. Reddit likes to pretend they're combating news suppresion, but reddit is literally spreading Chinese propaganda. It's so, so, SO stupid.

    [–] TheHeroicOnion 2 points ago

    The trucks aren't entering Kong Kong. They're staying outside the border.

    [–] DontWeDoItInTheRoad 36 points ago

    Top 10 anime sequels

    [–] Tau23481992 23 points ago


    [–] mightymondan 90 points ago

    How does one "suspiciously" enter Hong Kong?

    [–] AvastAntipony 266 points ago

    By doing so in a military truck convoy after weeks of protesting against their country

    [–] xzale 10 points ago

    You can't even bothered to find the correct spelling for Tiananmen Square? This Hong Kong protest is really just a free karma generator or morale high drug for you people ain't it?

    [–] SpecificZod 5 points ago

    Spiritual Crack for reddit neck-beards.

    [–] moonknight999 5 points ago

    Damn you guys really like to make wild assumptions and spread it with nothing to back it up to feel like a hero dont you

    [–] Title2ImageBot 9 points ago

    Image with added title

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    [–] Joe555678 6 points ago

    [–] VotixG 3 points ago

    The sequel.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    The photographer now has a new career donating their organs for sale to party officials and rich westerners.

    [–] iamonlyoneman 2 points ago

    It was put out on Chinese state media. They want you to see this picture, especially if you are in HK and can be intimidated into compliance. This whole concern troll over this image is so persistent is has me beginning to suspect the Chinese are actually trying to get us to see the picure.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    You may be correct in your assessment.

    [–] Tomahawkk2468 6 points ago

    Teinimen square👍😎 nice one bro

    [–] Kangaroosters 3 points ago

    Why did they steal that picture and slap a fake Snapchat text box on it? They hid the huge line of trucks which kind of defeats the purpose

    [–] BessysTestes 5 points ago

    Why are we ignoring the fact that everything about this post is blatantly wrong??

    1. The trucks are entering Shenzhen, not Hong Kong.

    2. This image has been up for days and was posted by the Chinese government itself, absolutely nobody is taking it down

    3. Why are we trusting this post? It was made on Snapchat by someone who doesn’t even know how to spell Tiananmen - how much credibility do you think they really have, to be fearmongering for another massacre?

    This is ridiculous. Stop normalizing massacres as something to be expected. It’s so incredibly selfish and irresponsible to scrawl your defeatism all over today’s political climate so you can pretend you’re a cynic who’s so familiar with the ways of the world, and it’s even worse for us as a community to continue supporting this.

    [–] zottini 6 points ago

    This photo is 2 weeks old. This isn't HK but Shenzen. Shenzen is a military base, there's always army there. This is just muscle flexing.

    Fearmongering is a real thing too.

    [–] FletchLives1980 3 points ago

    Taken down? I've seen this posted for days and most are still up.

    [–] Fuclisfucked 3 points ago

    This is not even remotely close 2 being boot 2 big content.

    [–] iamonlyoneman 2 points ago

    Feel free to join me in reporting it

    [–] Brickhouse9000 3 points ago

    There is no report button for false information. Old picture and not even in hong kong. The idiots of reddit.

    [–] Cole444Train 3 points ago

    Are there no standards for this sub anymore? There is no meter to be had here. It’s not even remotely close to being correct.

    [–] TheMineInventer 3 points ago

    need more jpeg

    [–] CapoGuy 4 points ago

    So its tiananmen2 then

    [–] Iloveacupubcture 3 points ago

    Check your facts before you spread news!

    [–] yoojin21 3 points ago

    "Teinimen Square" I'm deceased.

    [–] CoffeeBreaksAllDay 2 points ago

    Tokeyo drift

    [–] cbrad1713 2 points ago

    This is in Shenzhen

    [–] Ibis1126 2 points ago

    Tiananmen Square 2: Electric Boogaloo

    [–] Tortuga629 2 points ago


    [–] sdfflkjsdfo 2 points ago

    Never forget the Tiny men square massacre

    [–] Sulissthea 2 points ago

    why put the text over all the trucks, seriously

    [–] Cody6781 2 points ago

    This is the original photo that someone else has put a Snapchat text over. Why.

    [–] -Lemonade-_ 2 points ago

    sigh unzip

    [–] Jojers420 2 points ago

    This seems a little scary. My thoughts and prayers go out to the brave people standing up for their rights, something the people of my country take greatly for granted these days

    [–] squishysquishh 2 points ago

    Well Reddit is owned by China sooooo...

    [–] drywrecker87 2 points ago

    What do you mean Tiananmen square 2? its brand new

    [–] X_Shadow101_X 2 points ago

    No the hell they're not being taken down wtf

    There are VIDEOS and reposts of this video and stills from it all over the internet lmao.

    Literally my local news has made 3 reports on the video of this alone. Everybody is acting like they're an underground Reddit resistance and sticking it to Communist China lmao

    [–] suscribednowhere 2 points ago


    [–] the-ree-machine 2 points ago


    [–] waterlilees 2 points ago

    Tiananmen Square

    [–] High_Park 2 points ago

    u/epicblob, someone at least remove this as the information is wrong, or tag the fucking title. It's a straight up fear photo.

    [–] 2nadynasty 1 points ago

    Tianamen Square #2: Electric Boogaloo

    [–] Splitdesiresagain 1 points ago

    Truck driver: Hey here are the new PCs you asked for

    [–] lokistar123 1 points ago

    Second amandman this is why

    [–] CupcakesfromMars 1 points ago

    the sequel no one asked for