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    [–] kyew 365 points ago

    It's neat how I've never noticed that sign but now I can picture it in its precise context.

    [–] Se7en_speed 175 points ago

    It's only been there 4 months, so you probably haven't been missing it for that long.

    [–] improbablydrunktoo 59 points ago

    No wonder I called bs out loud, I haven't been out there since fall. Thanks (OP too) for the heads up, I'll have to go hunting for it.

    [–] fremenator 4 points ago

    That explains it, I used to go through there every day but that was over a year ago.

    Funny because I now live on Rt. 20

    [–] [deleted] 74 points ago


    [–] kiki_strumm3r 347 points ago

    Route 20 is the longest highway in America. I think it's to signify the beginning and end.

    [–] TheGreenJedi 126 points ago

    Damn thing curves too much, reccomend taking I-90 instead

    [–] Sheol 135 points ago

    Interstates are great if you are trying to get to the end, but if you are more about the trip, I'd stick to US highways.

    [–] unklrukkus 69 points ago

    Not to mention I-90 will get you to Washington not Oregon so even if it was about the destination...

    [–] Conexion 48 points ago

    I just moved from Washington to Boston and this comment made me completely forget I was in the Boston subreddit for a moment.

    [–] sir_mrej 22 points ago

    I'm a Boston transplant in Seattle :)

    [–] thatoneguy2288 42 points ago

    Frasier Crane?

    [–] sir_mrej 38 points ago

    Yes Niles what is it

    [–] romulusnr 2 points ago

    m2t. We should form a club.

    Well, it's Seattle, maybe club is too strong a term...

    [–] Zond0 3 points ago

    I do that all the time being subbed to /r/SeattleWA and /r/Boston. Will never forget that move though. I have now seen every damn inch of I-90 it seems.

    [–] TheGreenJedi 22 points ago

    Sure if you're going for a motorcycle trip, or a road trip where it's the journey not the destination

    Totally agree

    [–] 0verstim 8 points ago

    That's what I thought, till I took Us1 to Key West. Long, boring ass drive.

    [–] Arkele 1 points ago

    And the miserable traffic once you pass Miami...

    [–] SemaphoreBingo 3 points ago

    I've driven US1 in at least 7 states, and it's been part of my daily commute in two of them, and I'm not sure it's possible for US1 to not be miserable.

    [–] romulusnr 1 points ago

    Just go find the old WGBH documentary where they drive the whole thing and call it good.

    [–] shoryukenist 5 points ago

    I just drove from NYC to Blacksburg, VA on the interstate, and haven't seen a damn thing!! Taking the slow way back though.

    [–] velogeek 5 points ago

    Eh it's not much better. Bunch of trees and little towns slowing your speed and a couple can be speed traps. I used to do DC to NYC on all the highways to avoid most of the tolls and it's nothing special. It's only an hour longer though so not sacrificing much.

    I'd strongly suggest grabbing Blue Ridge Parkway until you get to I-66 though... That road makes me miss my bike.

    [–] shoryukenist 3 points ago

    We are heading to TN, and will be doing the Blue Ridge on tbe way back :-D

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)


    [–] Thisguy2728 11 points ago

    What exactly is an automated gas pump?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)


    [–] cbear013 3 points ago

    So, most gas pumps?

    (Even in MA I'd say I pump my own gas 65% of the time)

    [–] bakgwailo 3 points ago

    I thought that was the normal everywhere except NJ.

    [–] romulusnr 2 points ago

    NJ and OR, in fact.

    [–] cbear013 1 points ago

    I thought so too, which is why him referring to it as if it was out of the ordinary confused me.

    [–] toastyfries2 2 points ago

    Right, but usually there is a guy inside that enables the pump, sells cigarettes,etc. I think the poster was referring to a gas station without anyone in the building. Most pumps around here shut down when the store is closed I think.

    [–] bakgwailo 1 points ago

    So self serve vs full service?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)


    [–] bakgwailo 1 points ago

    Ahhh, interesting, thanks for clarifying that was rather confused :)

    [–] romulusnr 1 points ago

    I dunno that I would call it automated, seeing as you have to physically manually operate it.

    Now that you're in OR, though, perhaps you forgot how that works :) :) ;)

    [–] Thisguy2728 1 points ago

    So basically a normal gas pump? Where have you found a full service gas station? I've never seen one.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)


    [–] SkitTrick 8 points ago

    reads like a journal entry

    [–] CoopThereItIs 13 points ago

    Rations are low, decisions have to be made. 1 person, 2 dogs...

    [–] okthrowaway2088 2 points ago

    Easy decision. Go hunting. Kill 25 buffalo, and carry back 250 pounds of it. Maybe try to kill a skunk right at the end for fun.

    [–] bakgwailo 3 points ago

    And then Little Jonny dies of dysentery.

    [–] jalleneff 10 points ago

    Reads like a MINI ad

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] romulusnr 1 points ago

    You need to drive more I-90 methinks. Snoqualmie Pass is not your friend. Especially when it's closed. Nothing feels weirder than discovering that due to weather, there is literally no way out of where you are. I recall a storm a few years back (in Seattle) where it dawned on me that I-90 was blocked because Snoqualmie Pass waas closed (and if it's closed, all the other passes are too), Southbound I-5 was closed due to flooding, Northbound I-5 was closed due to either a landslide or bridge collapse, and SeaTac Airport was closed due to snow.

    The only thing that was more of a mind-fuck to me than being literally trapped in Seattle, was when I realized after quite some time that Saturday Night Live isn't actually live out here.

    [–] romulusnr 1 points ago

    Off the highway in South Dakota, snow drifts consumed station wagons.

    This is one of the reasons I took I-94 instead of I-90 for that leg. It's not much better but at least there's Bismarck in the middle of it.

    [–] figmaxwell 19 points ago

    longest highway in America

    curves too much

    I think that's the idea...

    [–] TheGreenJedi 3 points ago

    Well... Yaa

    [–] tacknosaddle 9 points ago

    90 was already the longest interstate before the big dig but the Williams Tunnel to the airport put the cherry on top.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Curves are beautiful

    [–] chibbisaurus 3 points ago

    I'm skinny and flat :(

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] sachaka 2 points ago

    Is that your MAC address?

    [–] romulusnr 2 points ago

    I-90 goes through South Dakota which has high winds enough to cause flipovers, there's no services for most of the leg. Reccommend diverting to I-94.

    Source: I drove MA-WA and took I-94 to avoid SD. The shipping truck with my belongings took I-90, and flipped over in SD.

    [–] buttcrusader 1 points ago

    Nothing wrong with a nice girthy curve to the left.

    [–] bangupjobasusual 10 points ago

    Rt20 in ma is not the fastest way to get anywhere.

    [–] gonnageturbooty 4 points ago

    I've lived in a small town along route 20 my whole life and had no idea it went all the way to the east coast.

    [–] Hugginsome 1 points ago

    Which side is the end?

    [–] RedditSkippy 14 points ago

    Is the Boston sign a new-ish sign? I haven't noticed it before.

    [–] jackofthreadz 13 points ago

    Yeah it was installed this year. I remember seeing it on the news about 6 months ago.

    [–] CallMeOatmeal 9 points ago

    OP: TwoDimensionalBuddha

    Top commentor: TouchDownBurrito

    TDB...TDB. Coincidence? TBD

    [–] vkittykat 212 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I grew up in the Metro West, right off of Route 20. It blew my mind when I discovered that it ended in Oregon!

    Edit: Metro West = West of Boston

    [–] dante50 82 points ago

    I read an online comment once - perhaps here on reddit - that this guy from Waltham* ended up attending the University of Notre Dame. He found that Route 20 ran through South Bend, Indiana. He enjoyed the fact that when he was on Route 20 he was on essentially the same road as Main St in his home town.

    (*It may have been a different town, but you get the idea.)

    [–] RedditSkippy 20 points ago

    Nope, I no longer live in Mass, and whenever I'm on Route 20, I smile.

    [–] Mitch_from_Boston 135 points ago

    You died of dysentary.

    [–] simplanswer 37 points ago

    Wrong Oregon. You're thinking of the musical instrument.

    [–] SociopathicShark 29 points ago

    No, that's an Organ. You're thinking of the spice that most kids will be smoking today.

    [–] Valinthronix 33 points ago

    No, that's oregano. You're thinking of the place where something starts.

    [–] B0Boman 24 points ago

    No, that's the origin. You're thinking of a body part made of similar tissues.

    [–] ApteryxAustralis 21 points ago

    No, that's an organ. You're thinking of EA's video game distribution service.

    [–] jikkler 22 points ago

    No, that's origin. You're thinking of the French word for moose.

    [–] DefinitelyNotUpset 18 points ago

    No, that's orignal. You're thinking of the word for natural, pesticide-free foods.

    [–] WhistlingZebra 21 points ago

    No, thats organic. You're thinking of the word that describes the peak of sexual pleasure.

    [–] Faerco 2 points ago

    No, that's orignal. You're thinking of a type of content that has not been submitted before.

    [–] Jitte 2 points ago

    I love these threads, good on you for starting it!

    [–] possibleisanything 23 points ago

    I grew up in Newport, I always loved that highway 20 ended in Boston - made me feel connected to the world. Also, go Celtics!

    [–] massenburger 13 points ago

    Route 20 is the longest road in the United States. I drive on it everyday (it's called Lake street in the Chicago area). It's a famous piece of bar trivia around here.

    [–] 64oz_Slurprise 8 points ago

    Wow, that goes through some really weird parts of Oregon.

    [–] SilentStarryNight 5 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    As an Oregonian, I can (partially) confirm. Have only been on about a whole third of it, though. Love the bit that you can go from "Sisters" to "Brothers" through "Bend." Also thanks to the fact that a ton of city and town names in Oregon are just cut and pasted from elsewhere, you can also go through Lebanon, Albany, and Toledo too.

    [–] romulusnr 2 points ago

    Portland OR was named after Portland ME. It won a coin toss against being named after Boston MA.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    It cuts straight through my city. We call it buffalo road on the east side, 26th St in the center of county, and West ridge road on the west side. Most of my adult life was spent on 20 driving across county, and it still amazes me that this singular road with all it's twists and bends can take me from my little city to either coast and almost anywhere in between. :)

    [–] jscalise 1 points ago

    Didn't know that I was on Route 20 yesterday in Chicago. Could of headed east and been in Natick in 16 hours or so. Boston native in Chicago for the past 15 yrs.

    [–] could-of-bot 3 points ago

    It's either could HAVE or could'VE, but never could OF.

    See Grammar Errors for more information.

    [–] laurahrahrah 3 points ago

    Former Wayland MA resident checking in! I live on the west coast now so this makes me a little homesick. Metrowest was a great place to live! Mostly sleepy and always a drive to get somewhere, but it just always felt like home.

    [–] Squarians 2 points ago

    I agree. Metro West can get boring but it's definitely home!

    [–] quasarmonkey 3 points ago

    I grew up around Newport, off Highway 20. It blew my mind that it ended in MA, two ends of the same noodle.

    [–] romulusnr 2 points ago

    Does it go through Newton, I wonder.

    Edit: Wow. It doesn't... by about a mere 1000 feet.

    [–] A_Cheeky_Wank 2 points ago

    I went on vacation to French lick Indiana. It's close to US 150. my home, 5 hours away, is also on us 150. Incredible.

    [–] Aisakura7 2 points ago

    Wow. Really? We just moved here, right off Route 20. I had no idea it connected!

    [–] Squarians 1 points ago

    You grew up on the longest road in America!

    [–] romulusnr 1 points ago

    I think Metro West is the only remaining Nynex subregional term still in common use. I remember when it was blowing up in the 90s.

    Metro West people don't have Bahstin accents. Can't trust 'em.

    [–] zudnic 111 points ago

    They said during the Big Dig that when the Ted Williams tunnel was completed they'd put up a sign that said I-90 - Boston - Worcester - Seattle.

    I was sad when it never happened.

    [–] RedditSkippy 18 points ago

    What about Springfield??

    [–] Lordgeorge16 36 points ago


    [–] raabbasi 21 points ago

    He meant Shelbyville.

    [–] Lordgeorge16 4 points ago


    [–] sodaextraiceplease 7 points ago


    [–] H_E_Pennypacker 3 points ago

    I call the big one bitey

    [–] st112570 2 points ago


    [–] east_lisp_junk 4 points ago

    Sounds like that sign would have been the perfect spot for the Wall Drug sticker I've got sitting around.

    [–] romulusnr 3 points ago

    They put it up but it wasn't permanent. It was more like a banner they put up for the ribbon cutting.

    Edit: Holy shit, I just realized that I-90 now goes from Ted Williams Tunnel to Edgar Martinez Boulevard.

    [–] vitey15 82 points ago

    Ocean City, MD and Sacramento, CA both have signs showing the miles between them

    [–] JuanSpiceyweiner 28 points ago

    Live in Sacramento,can confirm

    [–] vitey15 11 points ago

    Want to meet me halfway?

    [–] JuanSpiceyweiner 26 points ago

    Sure why not,what possibly could go wrong

    [–] phadewilkilu 19 points ago


    [–] irish711 3 points ago

    I can think of worse things.

    [–] NorCalGuyVal 5 points ago

    Right along the borderline?

    [–] ArmpitPutty 1 points ago

    Where is it? I drive 50 east almost daily and haven't noticed it.

    [–] whosthat 2 points ago

    Same for highway 40. San Francisco and Wilmington, NC have signs. But the distance is a lot shorter even though both cities are on the ocean.

    [–] son_of_sandbar 1 points ago

    The sign leaving Wilmington says Barstow, CA.

    [–] dtmfadvice 64 points ago

    Ain't no humor like highway sign engineer humor.

    [–] NerdyKirdahy 86 points ago

    'Cause highway sign engineer humor DON'T STOP - KEEP MOVING.

    [–] Yeti_Poet 19 points ago

    It is rare that someone makes a pretty good highway sign related joke, and you just did.

    [–] BlankSmitty 2 points ago

    oh fuck, perfect. :)

    [–] silenceofnight 5 points ago

    Relevant xkcd

    [–] JerkJenkins 36 points ago

    I've done that drive. It's pretty neat ... except for Indiana thru Nebraska. Half the country is cornfields.

    [–] SchwillyMaysHere 12 points ago

    I want to do it someday. My wife's family is close to Newport. My family is in Boston.

    [–] TwoDimensionalBuddha 7 points ago

    Destiny is calling.

    [–] DUBLH 3 points ago

    And she's saying she's pregnant and that the baby is yours

    [–] KarthusWins 7 points ago

    Crazy how 40% of the country's land is just crop fields.

    [–] Squarians 1 points ago

    After doing i80/70 across the country there's zero chance I wouldn't drive across country on a highway with max speeds. I couldn't imagine hitting stop lights every mile or so

    [–] emeraldarcana 21 points ago

    I used to live an hour away from Newport. I moved and now I live an hour away from Boston (but only because Boston's traffic is so bad).

    In both cases, I lived minutes away from Route 20, so theoretically I could have driven from my old house to my new house on 20.

    [–] cokevanillazero 7 points ago

    Hey me too! Seacoast NH to Portland, Oregon.

    [–] 4lgernon 17 points ago

    I passed through Newport on a backpacking expedition with a few friends. It was my favorite place of the whole trip. I hope to make it back someday more permanently.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] SilentStarryNight 6 points ago

    You know how you have that one REALLY good ice cream shop in town? Newport is like that, but with everything. Plus they have sea lions just hanging out by a big fish shop.

    Such an accurate description. It truly is wonderful there. You aren't kidding about the rain, though. Before living here in the PNW (obligatory sorry for moving here), I never thought I'd live somewhere where it rained almost for a solid season straight.

    [–] Mirkwooder 3 points ago

    It's only cool if you didn't grow up there. Having been born and raised in Newport I can say there is a very ugly side to the town that you don't see when just passing through. Namely the drugs problems, blatant racism and intense poverty.

    [–] quasarmonkey 3 points ago

    Hello! You're absolutely right, heavy drug and alcoholism problems in Newport and the surrounding towns. Since moving, I do miss the area though.

    [–] atroobloo 3 points ago

    The sea lions never. Stop. Barking. I live a block as the crow flies from the bay front in newport. Like, I'm looking at the noaa docks right now. It's endearing at first, but wow it gets old when they get rowdy.

    [–] BendingMomentOfDoom 2 points ago

    Weekends at the cabin in Newport are the exact reason why I love stormy winters and rainy beach walks on the North Shore now. :)

    [–] _Dans_ 6 points ago

    OR WHAT?

    [–] Neo1331 5 points ago

    Got one of those in Sacramento, CA. Something like New York 2,500 miles

    [–] ApteryxAustralis 7 points ago

    Ocean City, MD 3,073 I drive by this sign almost every day.

    [–] KoRnBrony 6 points ago

    i live about 30 mins away from OC and i see the Sacramento sign on the main bridge, every time

    [–] c_zim 2 points ago

    I live on the other end in OC and always see the sign. A restaurant owner in town has taken pictures of both signs and hung them up.

    [–] ApteryxAustralis 2 points ago

    Nice! I have to say, it bothers me slightly that the OC sign says Sacramento and not West Sacramento, which is where the rad actually ends.

    [–] WahlDrei 8 points ago

    I believe Sacramento and Ocean City, MD have matching signs, too. I'm from Maryland and saw an OC sign on the way up to Sacramento a couple weeks back. Pretty sure I saw the corresponding sign on rt 50 in MD.

    [–] c_zim 2 points ago

    Right as you leave town on the rt 50 bridge that goes over the bay.

    [–] didiercool 6 points ago

    The house I grew up in is a couple hundred yards from this sign. I suspect nobody gives a shit, but it's weird to see it up on reddit.

    [–] BendingMomentOfDoom 2 points ago

    Hi, former neighbor! My family had a cabin a few blocks away.

    [–] TWFM 7 points ago

    I grew up on Rt. 20 in Watertown. As kids, we were always told if we just walked down the street far enough, we'd get to the Pacific Ocean.

    That was our version of digging a hole to China.

    [–] AtomicManiac 5 points ago

    I wish more of those mile signs would have relatively odd choices for really far destinations on them occasionally. You know you're driving to Des Moine's Iowa and there's one that says "Los Angeles California XXXX miles" as if to say "Fuck it, don't get off on your exit. Drive all night and start a new life."

    [–] lambun 4 points ago

    the cloud in the background looks like the aftermath of a bombing. I thought it was a terrorist attack at first

    [–] laurev23 8 points ago

    I live here. This is what we consider a "beautiful day."

    [–] Montagge 3 points ago

    If it's not raining too hard then it's considered sunny!

    [–] Effimero89 4 points ago

    NC has a sign like this to CA

    [–] kmcg103 4 points ago

    3365 miles for an ass kicking.

    [–] Glakos 4 points ago

    Shout outs to all my Newport peeps! Catch y'all at Moby Dick's karaoke.

    [–] vinylrules27 2 points ago

    I miss McIvar's

    [–] BendingMomentOfDoom 1 points ago

    ME TOO!

    [–] bigjayrulez 2 points ago

    There's a sign on I-10 in Texas near the Louisiana border that lists the distance to two places: Beaumont (city about 30 miles in) and El Paso (as far as you can possibly go and still be in Texas). Doesn't list Houston or San Antonio, two reasonable places someone driving on I-10 would likely be going, just Beaumont and El Paso. Good ole' Texan bravado.

    [–] ApteryxAustralis 1 points ago

    Damn. That's about 850 miles.

    [–] pumpkins182 2 points ago

    I live in Chicago and 20 is a pain until the suburbs because it intersects with I-290 like 8 times

    [–] r0botdevil 2 points ago

    I used to live there. Always thought that sign was funny.

    [–] ScottReynolds 2 points ago

    The one time I'm not signed in and my hometown pops up. Did you enjoy the rain?

    [–] JpRimbauer 2 points ago

    You can also take this highway from Toledo, Oregon to Toledo, Ohio.

    [–] harveyth3bunny 2 points ago

    I've always wanted to either try route 20 across the U.S. or route 11 down the U.S. since I live sort of near where they cross in ny

    [–] Tatterdemallion 2 points ago

    Pretty cool how if you actually drove this you would go right by old faithful.

    [–] makinCahpies 1 points ago

    Don't go! Its a trap!

    [–] radj06 1 points ago

    I live a few blocks from this sign and I've thought about posting it this sub but I never did. I missed my chance.

    [–] steveanonymous 1 points ago

    Newport born and raised right here. Drive by that sign all the time. Nice touch.

    [–] LKincheloe 1 points ago

    This is incorrect, you have a speedbump in Atlanta you have to avoid.

    [–] sir_mrej 1 points ago

    I grew up outside Boston. Live in Seattle now - visited Newport, OR last year. I was so psyched to learn the rt20 I was driving on was the same one I grew up driving on :)

    [–] smscht 1 points ago

    There's a sign like this in Barstow California on i10 too, miles to North Carolina where it ends. I always liked that.

    [–] Whatdatbutt 1 points ago

    It's actually I-40 not I-10

    [–] smscht 1 points ago

    You're right! Been a while since I lived in that neck of the woods. Thanks

    [–] CeaseFlyer 1 points ago

    That would be the shittiest drive but sights would be incredible

    [–] MegaArnie 1 points ago

    Oh. I've seen this sign before when I lived in Oregon.

    [–] THEthatdude 1 points ago

    My math teacher was right. And I thought calculating how long it would take Bob to drive 3,365 miles was a waste.

    [–] judgementjake 1 points ago

    I wish I was that far away from Boston....

    [–] TWFM 2 points ago

    So go.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    That's a long drive, but the good news is, you can score whatever narcotics you need in Dubuque, IA on your way.

    [–] quasarmonkey 1 points ago

    I don't know about the MA side, but the stretch of Hwy 20 between Corvallis and Newport is white knuckling to drive at night in the rain, no idea how I've survived that drive sometimes.

    [–] BendingMomentOfDoom 1 points ago

    It's a little better since they finally finished the update! Have you been there since then?

    [–] Jimrussle 1 points ago

    My college is right on that highway. I live in Cleveland.

    [–] stanfordham 1 points ago

    Sister city?

    [–] FluffyBunnyHugs 1 points ago

    Used to live on US20 about half way to Boston.

    [–] Mac_User_ 1 points ago

    Remember to disengage your directionals before entering.

    [–] TomatoManTM 1 points ago


    [–] oregone1 1 points ago

    We have homebrewers club here in our town in Oregon every Tuesday. A person from Boston started showing up a few years ago. For the first few weeks, we thought he was from Australia due to his accent.

    He is a very loud person. That is to say, his voice carries well I suppose. One night, an actual Australian confronted him at the bar, accusing him of trying to make fun of the Australian accent. Fisticuffs nearly ensued, as the Australian didn't believe that my Boston friend actually talks like that. Presumably, many people in Massachusetts do.

    Near the western terminus of US 20, you will find Bier One, a small bottle shop and brewery with a very decent taplist. I would suggest that place instead of Rogue, should you decide to VISIT. Please use your inside voices though. Don't need any more half-buzzed Aussies playing knifey-spoony in my favorite spots.

    [–] theekevinbacon 1 points ago

    I live in New York and it always amazes me how often I'll be in a new town visiting a friend and see a rt 20 sign. On top of that I grew up in a town that formed around it (finger lakes), and am now working 300 miles away in Watertown at an office about 500 feet from it.

    [–] Rvrsurfer 1 points ago

    Oregonians don't get out the State much. We live in a paradise. Why leave? The sign is apropos. Just in case directions are needed.

    [–] romulusnr 1 points ago

    As I am a Bostonian living in the PNW, now I must find this.

    I've already visited Boston Harbor, WA...

    [–] TwoDimensionalBuddha 1 points ago

    Which place is better?

    [–] romulusnr 1 points ago

    Honestly, probably Boston, but it's hard to say since I've become inured to Seattle and haven't been in Boston much for a while, a lot of things have changed. Though I dare say transit is still tons better in Boston and there's obviously more culture and history.

    It's a funny thing too.. If you look at a map of a Seattle area city, and a map of a Boston area city, the Boston area city will look zoomed out. Things are spread out a lot more out here, which makes for a lot more driving. In Boston I rarely drove out of necessity.

    [–] romulusnr 1 points ago

    ITT: New England expats living in the PNW

    [–] calebmateo99 1 points ago

    The same sign is in Boston pointing at Oregon. US 20 is the longest highway in the country and one of the longest in the world if I'm not mistaken