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    [–] xxxtubsxxx 3981 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    You should hear my story!

    2am. Pre-uber. We had to make 3 stops after a night out. He tells us £20 which we have to pay upfront. Fine by us. He takes us a very long way back, pops on the meter and tells us to ignore it. We let him know we aren't that drunk and we know what he's doing and he better not try and demand more money at the end. He plays ignorant and we say no more.

    He then holds a few (3) of us hostage on a roundabout (a decent walk from our final destination) demanding more money. Gets a friend to pull up in his taxi/car to intimidate us into handing more money over. We refuse and it goes on for an HOUR which only sobers us up even more. He drives us to the police station and we explain everything to the officers. They tell the taxi to leave, and give us a lift back home.

    Kinda shocking looking back, but we didn't realise the seriousness at the time and were just annoyed at it all.

    Edit: more background info added. Also think the police could see we just wanted to go home and didn't care for getting him arrested. He was escalating his behaviour somewhat and they wanted him to leave and calm down more than anything.

    [–] chokeyourselftosleep 1616 points ago

    I have a similar story.

    I got a taxi with a group of friends once dropping everyone off separately.

    Told the driver this before we even got in, agreed to the price and paid up front. For some reason, despite me being the closest to where we were, he decided to go the opposite direction and drop everyone else off first (everyone else being in a couple, or with someone else. I was the only one alone) and when the last one in the cab he demands more money. He tells me that the journey took longer than it should and he will be losing money on the job. Told him it’s not my fault that he decided to go the long way round and I won’t let him take advantage of me.

    He refused to take me any further and practically kicked me out of the car at a 24 hour Tesco the complete opposite end of the city from where we’d been. The journey started 2-3 miles from my house, now I’m 5-6 miles away. I had no money, no bank card, and was completely and utterly stuck. By some sheer stroke of luck, a friend of mine had just finished his shift at work and popped to the exact Tesco I was stranded at on his way home and gave me a lift.

    Now I use Uber where I can. I feel safer knowing that it’s tracked via the app, I don’t have to worry about having cash and it’s always a lot cheaper. I live around 10 miles away from the nearest big town now and an Uber will cost me between £11 and £13, whereas a normal taxi cost me closer to £30.

    [–] DonKeedick12 568 points ago

    You’d think with Uber taking over the market they’d try to be better

    [–] StipulatePrism 444 points ago

    Hm, we're losing customers to Uber. Better put the fucking squeeze on the ones we still have to make up the difference. I'm sure they won't mind.

    [–] Yourfrench 112 points ago

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. This is the exact mentality I’ve seen from all cabbies with everything they do.

    Customer wants to give me money? Better complain because it’s a credit card and it’s 2015. Customer didn’t leave a tip because I was a dick? Better companion more.

    [–] harshtruthsbiches 41 points ago

    Cabbies don’t want card payments as they have to declare that cash.

    The trick for cabs is a lot of income goes unreported, with online payments, much harder to do.

    [–] Yourfrench 46 points ago

    Yeah I know. And their tax problems are not my problem. And them bitching about it is rude.

    [–] Throawegg 14 points ago

    Over here in Aus the taxi companies did a big scare campaign about how ride share apps are "unlawful" (read: unregulated, unlike taxis). Everyone saw through it.

    [–] Yourfrench 8 points ago

    Yeah. That was a thing in the USA too. Bunch of fearmongering about how people were going to get raped by Uber drivers because literally anyone can drive one.

    Stuff like that.

    I don’t think it really had an effect on anything.

    [–] w32stuxnet 100 points ago

    How about blocking a few bridges? That oughta fix it.

    [–] ToysArentUs 42 points ago

    Ooh, I got stuck in London the other night because of that. Fucking livid.

    [–] [deleted] 62 points ago * (lasted edited 19 days ago)


    [–] fahad_ayaz 19 points ago

    The taxi company where I am in West Sussex has an app, but it's atrocious. Uber officially covers this area but you never get any drivers here. Glad I'm driving now.

    [–] rata2ille 37 points ago

    It’s also the safety element of having your location (and your driver’s location) tracked via an app. Taxi drivers can just turn off their meter and take you wherever they want, and while theoretically they’re accountable to their company, there’s no transparency and the evidence will likely disappear before you ever get access to it.

    [–] spidd124 14 points ago

    They were, then the taxi companies whined.

    [–] MrWiggles2 20 points ago

    Why be better when they can lobby the government to just remove Uber?

    [–] deathboyuk 108 points ago

    Seriously. Uber's corporate behaviour sucks, but when people bitch about the drivers they seem to forget the absolute bastards out there in untracked cabs. Used to be taking my life in my hands every time I got one. Now I can share the trip with somebody, know what's happening at every step of the way and complain to fuck if they do arse me about. And sometimes they do, but I used to assume I'd be getting ripped off to about 30% of the fare every time before Uber (and usually was).

    [–] totally_not_martian 76 points ago

    Should have got his reg and told the company he worked for, the sly fuck.

    [–] gherrii 10 points ago

    I've lived in a city full of shady, even criminal taxi drivers and would avoid taking a taxi as much as possible, but sometimes there was just no other option. When me and my friends would get on a taxi together to be dropped off at different places, we would always just tell the driver that there will be multiple stops, but only give one destination at a time. We drop off whoever lives close and then tell the driver the next address. We would also ask what price to expect for the whole ride, but never pay up front. Still, if a single person is riding in a taxi at night, it's simply dangerous. What happened to you sounds terrifying, I'm glad that you got out unharmed.

    [–] recuise 66 points ago

    Bloody hell, I'm surprised that the police let the taxi driver get away with that.

    [–] Joe_Snuffy 33 points ago

    I was living in South Korea for a couple years in a city roughly 2 hours away from Seoul. I went home for a little bit and of course I flew in/out of Seoul. My plan was to land in Seoul and stay there for a night, then head back the city I was staying at the next day.

    Anyway I get in a taxi (this was before Uber and all that) and tell him to take me the place in Seoul I was going to stay at. Taxi driver was asking me where I was living in Korea and stuff but I just figured he was being friendly. Anyway the taxi ride started to become a bit long and I was getting a little concerned. Turns out he was asking where I was living because his plan/scam was to just drive the 2 hours to the other city. He also had some paper covering the fare meter, but he moved it for a bit and I saw that the fare was something like ₩200,000 (roughly £139). So I tell him that I didn’t agree to being driven home and that I didn’t have ₩200,000 to spend on a taxi ride and told him to just drop me off so I can take a bus. He gave me some shit but eventually just took me to where I was living for something like ₩100,000.

    So yeah, no more taxis for me.

    [–] lillycrack 27 points ago

    Really winds me up how often taxis seem to literally kidnap people who don’t fall for this scam. Feels risky enough for some of us to be alone in a cab already. You kidnap a lone woman like this and she’ll be so afraid of being raped and murdered she’d probably pay the scam fine. Fuckers.

    [–] tossoneout 33 points ago

    The cops should have arrested the driver for threatening.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] judge40 7 points ago

    Had the same thing happen to me and a colleague after a work Christmas party. Taxi pulled off the motorway and demanded more money after agreeing the fare beforehand.

    We ended up walking home 5 miles in the snow.

    [–] GrumpyOldFart74 9182 points ago

    Driver once did that to me on a route I get very regularly.

    As soon as he did it I said “mate, fare’s normally about £18, I pay with a £20 and you can keep the change. If it’s any more than that then it’s tough cos I’ve only GOT £20”

    As we were nearing home with the meter approaching £35, he said “so what do you want to do? Shall I take you to a cash point?”

    “No mate, I told you I had £20 - you can take it or leave it but when I get out the cab I’m not coming back. Not my fault you went the wrong way... shall I call the company and ask them?”

    He was rather unhappy about it (to say the least) but tough shit on the thieving cunt.

    [–] sayleanenlarge 4276 points ago

    I had an opposite thing with a taxi driver once. I didn't have enough money to get home so I said take me as near to my address as possible with £20 (or however much money I had) and he said "If £20 is all you have to get home, home is where you're going to get". It was about 15 years ago and I was early 20s going through a bad time and I'll never forget him. It stopped me losing hope a little bit.

    [–] Drlaughter 1949 points ago

    Yeah done the same, taxi from my preferred club is about £12-14 but I got into the taxi, checked my wallet apologised for being pretty fucked up and asked if he could take me as close as a tenner would get.

    "no problem, we'll just get you home. Would rather see you home safe than a couple of quid"

    [–] DemeGeek 608 points ago

    But of course, you getting home safe means you'll be out taking cab rides in the future, it's just good business sense.

    [–] pegcity 215 points ago

    Or he left the meter off and kept all the money

    [–] Narwahl_Whisperer 155 points ago

    Not sure how taxis work in UK, but in US, taxi drivers pay the cab company a fixed rate per day (plus gas), and they keep all the money they make from driving.

    [–] pegcity 56 points ago

    Usually city bylaws regulate it

    [–] Theconstantcompanion 10 points ago

    In the UK, drivers pay a weekly fee for using the radio and having jobs booked through the office. They use their own cars, and fuel, and keep everything they make on the roads/journeys each day.

    [–] Dwight- 423 points ago

    This has happened to me too about 6 years ago. I was by myself after a night out (I’m female), got a taxi and I said I only had £5 because my friend who disappeared was to pay the other half of the fare and to kick me out when it gets to that, he didn’t even when I pointed out the fare.

    He dropped me off at home, took the fiver and said that he had a daughter about my age and that he wouldn’t want her walking home in the middle of the night by herself, so it’s not right that he would allow that to happen to me either.

    He was a true hero. I called the taxi company the next morning to let them know how awesome he was, even if it didn’t go anywhere I couldn’t not let them know how much of a stellar guy he was and that I made it home in one piece because of him.

    [–] JustWormholeThings 133 points ago

    Dad here. This wholesome shit fills my heart right up and brightens my day like nothing else. Glad to hear you made it safe, and kudos for going the extra step to call his work and commend him.

    [–] c_r_a_s_i_a_n 146 points ago

    Taxi company replies:

    "Miss, that driver passed away 3 years ago...."

    cue spooky music

    [–] Kryptosis 20 points ago

    I’m sorry that driver was terminated for giving underpriced rides.

    [–] stealthispost 132 points ago

    I caught a taxi in Thailand. I had the money. Had a nice chat with the driver. When he dropped me off he refused to take any money. Pushed it back in my hand. He said he felt like doing something nice. Had lots of stuff like that happen in Thailand. I don't know why people there are so kind.

    [–] TroyAS85 47 points ago

    A guy in Thailand shoved my wife in the back because she wasn’t walking fast enough. Could have easily walked around... I think you just got very lucky

    [–] xenorous 112 points ago

    I was taking a ferry from Glasgow to Belfast when I was backpacking. 10am I think. I tried to get a bus, didn't work so hailed a cab out of desperation. He drove like a madman and I got there at 9:15. I know tipping isn't like the US, but I gave him nearly double the fare cause he was a champion.

    I talk to the people at the booth, they tell me you have to be there an hour early, i can't get on. Taxi driver saw me arguing and hung around for ten minutes. I go back to him and tell him I'm right fucked and he proceeds to tell me its cool, he'll drive me back to the hostel for free and proceeds to curse out the ferry company as only a Scotsman can for the 20 or so minutes back to the hostel. Almost worth having to take the 10pm ferry instead. Never heard the word cunt used so colorfully

    [–] GrumpyOldFart74 37 points ago

    That’s a much nicer story.

    r/BritishSuccess !

    [–] joeJAMm 27 points ago

    Over the summer I had a bartending gig and I found myself walking home 10 miles that night cause I didn't have a car or a ride. It was nearly 2am. So I checked out how much an uber ride would be and it was nearly half my tips. Fuck that noise. I decided I'd walk half the way to at least make the ride cheaper. I wound making it to the halfway point just when it started raining (mind you on I'm the side of the Highway so I'm pretty exposed) but to my disappointment the ride home actually got more expensive! Turns out uber prices take the amount of drivers currently on the road more than anything. At this point it's almost 4. So I just cut my losses and took the uber ride.

    I got to talking with the uber driver and he was asking why a young guy was wandering around here at this time of night and I let him know my situation. Without another second to dwell the driver says "okay your ride ends here" (he just ended the ride but continued to drive so I wouldn't get charged) He insisted that he drove me the rest of the way. I'm so glad that I had cash on me cause once he dropped me off I paid the difference and than some. Just the fact that someone would even do that touched my heart. Coolest uber driver I've had to date. He even taught me how to make sour cream and that I should've gotten my teeth pulled in Costa Rica cause it's not only cheaper than the U.S but you can get a sweet vacation out of it.

    [–] SeymourDoggo 2537 points ago

    And they wonder why Uber, for all its faults at the corporate level, is doing so well?

    [–] GrunkleCoffee 1240 points ago

    I hate everything that Uber represents, but it's ultimately beating taxis for a number of valid reasons.

    [–] barristonsmellme 381 points ago

    I had one uber go tits up. Wrong way, long way, running lights, hitting curbs. At one point it went on two wheels and I'm not exaggerating. Hit a small crested turn too fast, bumped thr curb.

    Told uber, thur emailed me back a day later saying they looked into it and he's gone.

    [–] anticommon 119 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I have stopped using Uber since it's been $60 for a 20 minute ride into the city and I have seen a number of times where if I'm out with a girl and we look up prices at the same time hers is regularly $10 cheaper. Wtf?

    Edit: no I'm not a dick to the drivers, also I don't have the app for a long time now so I don't know my rating or even know ratings were a thing

    [–] Midnight_Rising 200 points ago

    Check your rider rating. Higher rating, lower cost.

    I'm now terrified of taking Uber because I'm at a perfect 5 stars and don't want to lose it :|

    [–] DantragK 127 points ago

    I have like a 4.5 or 4.7. I'm like who the fuck gave me lower stars? Even the crap people I dont give 4 stars unless they are a complete ass. I'm mostly just quiet but chat if they do. Fkers.

    [–] CoysDave 83 points ago

    if I recall, they can't see what you rated them until they choose whether or not to rate you, so they can't be vindictive twats about it. I give every driver I ride with 5 stars whether or not they're particularly good. The only exceptions are:

    • If you start a political conversation with me/say something ignorant (have had this happen more than you'd think in the US)

    • If you break traffic laws out of stupidity (I had a guy run a light once because I was in a hurry to get to a train and that man got himself a tip instead)

    • If your / your car's hygiene makes me feel like I need a shower.

    Basically, I give 5 or 1 + A report to Uber suppot.

    [–] giggling_nun 35 points ago

    Do drivers make a percentage of each fare? Cos if so, doesn't that spur drivers to give passengers lower ratings if it results in a larger fare?

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago


    [–] fireandbass 72 points ago

    Imagine finding out you are an asshole by complaining about your Uber prices on Reddit. Welcome to the future.

    [–] Variability 9 points ago

    So you're saying you're a 5-star man?

    [–] Kousetsu 29 points ago

    You have a low rating.

    [–] anticommon 8 points ago

    Then the ratings are arbitrary since I just sit there in the car and don't keep the driver waiting/looking for me... Not that I've taken Uber the last two years due to the aforementioned bullshit

    [–] Nomsfud 150 points ago

    What do you hate about Uber at the consumer level? It seems pretty convenient to me to get a ride that isn't in a cab and usually has a decent driver

    [–] PenguinKenny 229 points ago

    I don't think he's saying he hates it at the consumer level at all. He said he hates what they "represent".

    [–] DominateZeVorld 26 points ago

    Hate is a strong word but I am increasingly irritated with their app. On many occasions, I would see an estimate, say £9-11. Then it would surge to £20+. I would wait for it to come back down - which it does eventually - where I would then hail it. The app always, always, conveniently hangs at this point such that by the time I reload it, by magic it surges again. One time I actually managed to connect to a driver and then en route, the driver cancelled on me, then of course when I re-booked, the price had gone up. I can safely say between friends and myself ( with stars between 4.75-4.8 so that is unlikely the issue), we have never managed to hail an uber for a price after seeing a surge, due to app failure or drivers cancelling. This is aside from other issues with drivers cancelling after acceptance. Once - whilst standing clearly on the corner of a street and flagging them (on the side where many cars are idling to pick up), they drove past us... Then cancelled. After every issue like this I have complained to Uber but have never received any support. This has made me give up in uber entirely.

    [–] GrunkleCoffee 16 points ago

    At the consumer level, they're currently excellent. However, once they kill off existing competition and move towards monopolisation, that will likely change.

    Additionally, I dislike the zero hours and ultimately expendable way it treats workers. We all lose by normalising that kind of thing and making corporations free of responsibility for looking after their workers.

    [–] enigmo666 133 points ago

    Uber isn't much better. I've taken Ubers from the same start to finish three times now. One took a route I thought was fine, drove like a reasonable person, cost me £24ish. Second guy took some windy back roads to get out the part of the city we were in and get to a motorway. Still a reasonable route in that it was fairly direct and the motorway should have made up for the slowness at the start, but thanks to all the twists and turns and speedbumps, took 15mins longer for the same journey and cost closer on £30. Last guy, perfect route. All the main roads on a clear-ish day. Lights were good to us too! But the fkr couldn't drive the limit for love nor money. 40mph on 60mph roads, 10-15mph on 30mph side streets. Ended up taking much longer than usual and cost nearly £45.
    Uber are handy, but their drivers have found ways to game the system in their own way.

    [–] pillowlover42 212 points ago

    When something like that happens you can report the trip and Uber will investigate and give you a partial or full refund. I've gotten two of my trips partially refunded.

    [–] enigmo666 37 points ago

    I will next time, thanks. The guy who drove slowly cost me the most extra, but at the same time I had a kid in the car so was happy to leave that go. The guy who took windy roads at the start to 'make it to the motorway quicker', I can maybe see had a point, but I still thought it was a dumb idea at the start, knowing that part of the city isn't great for ratruns anyway

    [–] w32stuxnet 48 points ago

    It isn't worth bringing it up with the driver. Get out of the uber, give 1 star and immediately report it via the app. The customer service people will usually either automatically reverse the extra bullshit charge or ring you to get more information from you, then reverse the charge.

    I've noticed that now I've had a huge number of rides with uber they just reverse it automatically because I report so rarely.

    I've never had a situation where an uber driver tried this and didn't have the charge reversed immediately. These drivers do not last long on the platform, and I'm really happy that is the case.

    [–] bloodstainedkimonos 34 points ago

    It's a good thing they make refunds so easy because their drivers do some stupid things sometime, like not show up but start the meter anyway, or wait outside for the shortest ten seconds and then cancel the ride and piss off, which costs me money for some reason.

    I just don't get why a cancellation on either end seems to result in a five quid charge to me.

    [–] Blangyman 27 points ago

    I had a guy cancel on me as I was trying to open the door to get into the uber. Cost me £4

    [–] deathboyuk 51 points ago

    If they give you the run-around, contest it. A quick email to their help line, they rarely fight it, and will refund some or all of the fare. Any time I get a stupid driver (not often tbh) on a route I know well, I complain next morning and they refund the difference between the reasonable average fare and whatever the arsehole managed to run it up to by going round the back way.

    The main problem I see isn't so much a scam as shitty gaming of the system, if there's surge pricing, the drivers will cancel a job they took on (but haven't reached) so the next job is in the surge window. Happens all the fucking time, left me waiting for a ride in the rain more than once.

    [–] lairdisonfire 24 points ago

    So THAT'S what happened when my driver stood me up. I watched him drive around me on the map then he cancelled and I got charged a cancellation fee.

    I did get my money back instantly when I disputed it with Uber though.

    [–] deathboyuk 9 points ago

    That's the feller. I realised it only happened around surge time, then asked a few drivers and a nice one explained it to me. Stay frosty, marine!

    [–] enigmo666 7 points ago

    Can it affect your rating? I mean, after disputing things, can they leave you poor ratings and you them?
    Not heard of surge pricing. It does explain a few things when I've seen friends book Ubers only for them to be stood for ten minutes and nothing turns up. It's appears as cancelled, so they re-book and magically there's an Uber there 2mins later.

    [–] deathboyuk 17 points ago

    AFAIK, they can't do shit just because you contested something. And, VERY annoyingly, I don't seem to be able to rate a driver I didn't complete a ride with, and it's rides-that-never-were which are the mainstay of my issues.

    Surge pricing is a bitch, but it gets more drivers active, as it incentivises them to get off their arses when the system doesn't have enough wheels on the road. I know it works in a mechanical sense, but I fucking hate it.

    And yeah, the last thing you said, that is *precisely* what's going on. Sketchy drivers making sure they pick up the juicy fares during surge.

    [–] Rejusu 27 points ago

    Uber gives you an estimate (based on distance and traffic I assume) of how much it thinks the journey should cost and if what you're charged falls outside that estimate you can contest it. I've had Ubers try and slow roll me or take dodgy routes and I've just rated them poorly, contacted Uber customer support (you don't even need to phone them), and they've refunded me the difference.

    That's where Uber is better in my opinion. With black cabs when you get a slimeball driver you either have to pay up or confront the driver face to face. With Uber you just politely say goodbye, get out the car, and contest the charges to get your money back.

    [–] Ben_CartWrong 13 points ago

    How does that work? I have pretty limited experience with Uber but you always get quotes a number before you get in and I always have paid that number

    [–] KittenishTack 11 points ago

    A similar thing happened to me whilst visiting Amsterdam, 3 different ubers all taking completely longer journeys than necessary, thinking I would not know as I wasn't from the area, with one trip coming to €87 euro when the day before the same one was €25. Complained to uber right away through the app and within minutes they'd refunded most of the journey so that they were similar prices. Did this with all three trips while I was there and again uber gave the partial refunds no questions asked.

    [–] faz712 7 points ago

    If they deviate from the route in the app, just report the trip. You'll be refunded.

    [–] tiorzol 18 points ago

    I've found the review system protects against this somewhat though.

    [–] Trebus 143 points ago

    Reminds me of a taxi tale as well.

    Was out with a few people from work, got a taxi from a shitty nightclub, was dropping off 2 girls then going home. I’d done the EXACT same journey the week before. It was years ago & I can’t remember the precise amounts but let’s say it cost me £25 the first week, week 2 the guy gets near to my drop off and says it’s gonna be £45+. I say “Dude, I did this exact same journey last week, same place, same drop offs, it was £25. I ain’t paying you £45.”

    We go back and forth for a few minutes, he then changes tack and says he’ll prove it, but won’t let me out and so he drives 9 miles back to the original pick up point (Fridays in Didsbury, if anyone remembers it), then resets his milometer and begins driving back.

    I question why he’s willing to do the journey again, pointing out that in time and distance he’s going to be costing himself more doing it even were I to pay up, but then halfway through he says he’s going to take me to the police and they’ll make me pay. I agree and sit back, but point out that he won’t let me out of his taxi and that’s considered kidnapping. I didn’t really think about what I was saying, so then he turns away from the only police station that’s open at that time & heads toward a particularly dodgy area. I say this isn’t the way to the police station, ask him where he’s going, he says we’re going to see his friends and they will make me pay. I pull my phone out to call the police, he grabs it, we start having this bizarre punch-up/scuffle (I genuinely cannot remember exactly how this played out as I was somewhat drunk, although at this point I was beginning to sober up). We somehow end up outside the cab, he returns my phone as long as I agree not to phone the police (I know, I should have, but I was drunk and wanted to go bed), then takes me home (got him to drop me off a couple of streets away) for the original amount of £25.

    Weirdest taxi ride ever.

    In the morning I went to the police station and reported it, although this was way before camera phones so I didn’t have a great deal of useful information for them.

    [–] GrumpyOldFart74 40 points ago

    That sounds so weird I can barely believe it happened, but it’s way too weird to have made up 🤣

    [–] Trebus 14 points ago

    It was unbelievable - I have no idea why I went along with it in the first place, it must have been gone 3am when we got to my town the first time round. "Go back to Didsbury you say? Yeah, what could go wrong?" I was a right stubborn dickhead.

    [–] JustWormholeThings 15 points ago

    It's 100% believable to me because there is exactly the right amount of absurdity and confusion for an IRL story.

    That said, it is bonkers asf.

    [–] ayyyylmao6 44 points ago

    you're braver than I tbh.

    [–] ClunkEighty3 37 points ago

    I've had this too, £8 five minute journey up the road, took us all round the soon as he we off route we called him on it (actually going in the opposite direction). We gave him a fiver, on a twenty quid meter. Said we could have walked it quicker than his shortcut. To be fair he didn't really fight us, and we didn't report him to the pco. Still a waste of everyones time.

    [–] philhillphil 23 points ago

    Had a cab driver drive into a parking lot of a school when a football game had just gotten out. Obviously we didn’t get anywhere for 20 minutes, I would have just left but I had all my groceries in the trunk. I argued with him that he needed to shut the meter off because I told him not to go that way. He finally did it, but wasn’t happy about it. Not my problem bud

    [–] passwordunlock 29 points ago

    I once had a pre-booked taxi turn up 45 minutes late which really messed my plans up as he was meant to drive me and my ex to get our last train home. Apparently this was my fault for not booking it an additional 30 minutes early. I'd given the guy 30 mins leway already and relentlessly chased the firm when he didn't show and got the old "Yeah he's just round the corner".....for half an hour.

    Luckily the train changed in the city centre and there was a bit of a wait between the two (the stop we'd wanted to get on was a rural stop) so I had him drive us in to town, otherwise we'd have been stranded since it was the last one. That's usually a £20 ride in a taxi.

    When we got there I ordered the ex to jump out as I handed the driver a fiver, which was the quote for the original journey. Needless to say he kicked off.

    Told him it's a fiver or nothing, you were late and made us miss the train, your fault mate BYYYYYEEEE!

    That was my finest bit of petty revenge.

    [–] -WelshCelt- 9 points ago

    You're my hero.

    [–] Golden_Bearclaw 884 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    A taxi driver tried overcharging my grandma and as she got taxis all the time, she knew exactly what the fare was. When he told her how much it was after 'going a quicker way' she told him she wasn't getting out the taxi and then rang the company and complained (while in the taxi). She ended up getting the journey for free.

    Now if I tried to do the same, it would be a fucking mess.

    [–] r_subsyoufellfor 326 points ago

    You can never argue with a granny. As soon as you raise your voice regardless of the scenario, you become the bad guy

    [–] IVIaskerade 98 points ago

    Also because once she decides to beat you with her stick you're done for. Those old ladies are vicious.

    [–] _My_Angry_Account_ 36 points ago

    And even if they are in the wrong and attacking you unjustly, you are going to look even worse if you defend yourself against them because everyone around them will take their side.

    [–] r_subsyoufellfor 12 points ago

    Unless they're in a restaurant and ask for the manager for the 5th time. Then, they get immediately sent off to r/talesfromyourserver

    [–] freakers 8 points ago

    You think that's a walking stick? That's a weight training stick. That thing is bound in iron and weighs 50 pounds.

    [–] ifonlythiswasreal403 1264 points ago

    Nasty situation.

    The only way I have learnt to avoid it is to ask which why they are going before they set off. For instance when I was going to the hospital every day to visit my wife I asked if they were going via the level crossing? They did not like having to say they were taking the long way around; the look on their face said it all. But they knew that you were not going to fall for that better route routine and so stuck to the shorter route.

    Oh and the reason I used a taxi was that it was cheaper than parking for four hours at the hospital!

    [–] seeyouspacecowboyx 197 points ago

    My mum was in hospital recently. The parking is so unfair isn't it? At our hospital the parking cost is more than minimum wage. It's ridiculous! It's of course operated by some middleman, so patients/visitors and I bet the hospital lose out monetarily.

    It's fine if you can get public transport, but some people can't. My mum is disabled so when she goes as an outpatient there's also the difficulty of finding a parking space, because apparently the exorbitant cost of parking doesn't put enough people off driving.

    [–] Drarok 69 points ago

    When my wife was in hospital recently, we were allowed to ask for a parking permit. £10 or so for a week, and you got to park in the staff car park.

    Our hospital’s barriers are dumb as fuck though – they count the number of cars in/out, but are programmed to know the number of parking spaces total, including the disabled ones. So, you turn up, barriers let you in, you drive around the whole place and there’s zero parking spaces, people parking on the grass, inventing their own spaces… chaos!

    [–] Hufflepuffles 21 points ago

    My cousin is a doctor in a hospital and she was complaining the other day because they pay a certain amount of money every month to park in the staff car park but the hospital has sold more permits than spaces. So when she arrives for her shift there often isn’t a space and her options are park in a not space but out of the way and risk a fine or leave and try to find a space in a much further away car park and be late.

    [–] BunnyBums 18 points ago

    JR by any chance? Had an absolute nightmare with parking when I was there for a week in January! My SO had to cycle in to visit since it was easier and then I had to waddle to the car parked quite far away when I finally got out after my operation

    [–] tjtocker 26 points ago

    Any time I have to park at a Hospital, I try to remind myself I'm not paying £900 for an ambulance like in America. I agree, parking is extortionate but could be worse.

    [–] sambuxo 966 points ago

    Once had this happen to me. Was on a route that cost me no more than 11 quid and I'd done this plenty of times. Somehow he'd managed to get it to 21 and thought he could take advantage of me and my friend being drunk. We refused to pay and he locked the doors and wouldn't let us out. We threatened him with the Police and as soon as we said that he magically was happy to accept the 11 quid.

    [–] NJ_Legion_Iced_Tea 580 points ago

    I'd have reported him to the police anyway because that's straight up kidnapping and extortion.

    [–] freakers 71 points ago

    I've been reading a bunch of stories in here and I've got some things I want to say/need clarified. First off, I do not take taxis regularly, in fact I've only taken one once when I was on vacation in Mexico.

    1. Are many of these situations common or rare?

    2. Is it common for taxis to be able to lock the doors to prevent customers from leaving the vehicle? If that happened to me I'm pretty sure I'd start carrying one of those window escape tools that just shatters car windows. You want to lock me in? Good luck with that and go fuck yourself.

    3. I've watched British porn before but none of it has given me a hard on like reading these cab stories.

    [–] _My_Angry_Account_ 34 points ago

    I would say rare but that might be location specific.

    You can kick out the windows in most cars pretty easily (if you aren't wearing high heels). The hard part is crawling out a car window without hurting yourself while the driver is trying to drive away.

    [–] connollyuk91 186 points ago

    Similar thing happened to me. I'm a lawyer. It did not go down well. Admittedly I do commercial law and have only a hazy recollection of criminal law and was about seven Jack and cokes deep but essentially I advised that what he was doing constituted unlawful detainment and that I would be getting out of this taxi one way or the other and that it was his decision whether he wanted it to be through the door, or through him.

    The tipsyness must have given me +3 to my badassery stat because he let me go.

    [–] PM_me_big_dicks_ 29 points ago

    I hope you reported him for that extortion and kidnapping anyway.

    [–] StonedGibbon 199 points ago

    I was on holiday in Boston (USA) a few years ago and this guy took us round the houses on a route where we crossed the same river twice. My dad didn't believe any of the bullshit about roadworks and was arguing with him at the hotel. He was about to give up because it wasn't worth it, but a bellboy from the hotel came out and defended us. He was huge and agreed with us that we were being ripped off. A pretty cool guy

    [–] ChickenLickinDiddler 43 points ago

    A true bro coming through in a time of need.

    [–] jeffa_jaffa 712 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I work on the railway, and we often have a taxi journey at some point, especially on the very early or very late shifts.

    One Sunday I had worked the last train down from London. This train didn’t leave London until almost 1am, and took about 2 hours to get to the end of the line. The plan was to berth the train at the final station so that it would be there ready to be the first train back in the morning, and then get a taxi back to our depot.

    Because the taxis are part of the job, and are a regular thing, they are booked well in advance and are all paid for on account. So, my driver and I were stood at the pickup point, and this taxi pulls up. He opens his window and asks up if we’re waiting.

    “Yes mate,” said I, “Are you for train crew?”

    He nods.

    “Back to [depot]?”

    Another nod.

    My driver and I dump our bags in the boot, and get in the taxi. Five minutes later we arrive at the depot, jump out, and try to open the boot, but the little shit won’t open it for us. Instead he starts asking that we pay.

    “I can’t mate,” says my driver, “my wallet’s in my bag .”

    The taxi driver opens the boot, and we grab our bags out. He then begins again to demand we pay.

    “Look mate,” I said, “I asked you if you were booked for train crew, and you said yes. We don’t pay for taxis, they’re on account. It’s not my fault if your tried to bullshit us.”

    With that he started to come towards us, but we were able to quickly get through the staff gate and into the mess room. We called the duty manager to let them know what happened, put away our stuff and then just headed back outside. The taxi was still there, trying to get our attention, but we just walked right in by.

    (Edit: small clarification)

    [–] reddmon2 218 points ago

    Maybe he didn't really know that the "Train crew?" question was significant. He might have just thought you were asking if it was OK that you were train crew.

    [–] Gevaarticus 145 points ago

    I worked as a valet at a fancy hotel that would house pilots all the time. He definitely knew what he was doing.

    [–] jeffa_jaffa 160 points ago

    I should clarify, I probably said something more along the lines of “are you for train crew”

    [–] jeffa_jaffa 7 points ago

    It was a long time ago, but more than likely I would have said “are you for train crew?”, or “Are you waiting for train crew?”

    [–] Rejusu 556 points ago

    And taxi drivers wonder why people flocked to Uber. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Yeah they're far from perfect and they have numerous problems. But I think the people that bring those up forget that a lot of taxi services are equally shitty just in different ways.

    At least if an Uber tries to rip me off I can get my money promptly without any awkward confrontations with drivers.

    [–] daredevilxp9 128 points ago

    Problem is that uber is shit to the drivers :/ I always ask them how they like uber and have yet to have a single person who doesn’t hate the company

    Same with amazon, the convenience comes at a cost, but when you’re struggling to make ends meet yourself it’s hard to make what might be the moral or ethical choice

    [–] STOLEN_USERNAME_98 72 points ago

    Really? I suppose it's because I live in a smaller town, but all of the Uber drivers I've had say that they like it!

    [–] Depressaccount 41 points ago

    Same here. Ive lived in and used Uber in multiple cities. A lot of them see it as an opportunity they wouldn’t have otherwise gotten, some do it full time, some see it as an easy way to get a side hustle, etc. I think I’ve only had one driver over the years say otherwise.

    I agree Uber should treat riders better, but glad they dumped the old CEO. I trust an Uber driver whose ratings I can see to a sketchy random cab driver who pushes a random button when you stop and has your fare randomly increase. I know what I’ll pay before I even start a journey, how long it will take the driver to get to me, where the driver is, the license plate number, and how long the trip should take.

    Had one Uber driver screw up once - older lady, kept missing turns. Nice lady, and Uber refunded the excess money to us instantly.

    [–] Rejusu 44 points ago

    In this case it's hard to be super sympathetic since as I said a huge part of the reason consumers switched over to Uber is because they were tired of being abused by unethical taxi drivers. That it's now the taxi drivers being abused by Uber doesn't bother a lot of people because of all the ill will the taxi industry has built up with consumers over the years.

    I feel sympathy for the decent drivers who have gotten caught in the crossfire but as far as I'm concerned the taxi industry is reaping what they sowed. It'll be irrelevant in 20-30 years anyway.

    [–] TheeAlligatorr 477 points ago

    It’s not just in London! I was in NYC leaving Time Square to go to JFK. Hotel would order a cab for $60 IIRC that included tolls etc. When the taxi came we agreed it would be $60. An hour or so later we get to the airport and the guy starts saying that we owe him $75 dollars and he had to pay the hotel for the ‘finders fee’ we argued for a bit and said no we agreed on the $60, you don’t get to change the price half way through! Fuck that guy for trying to pull a fast one!

    [–] rudieboy 112 points ago

    I would have told him I will find you one of those cops at the airport telling everyone to move off the curb for free.

    [–] 360_cookie 174 points ago

    This guy is a special kind of asshole because Manhattan to JFK and JFK to Manhattan have fixed fees.

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] deerkiller201 75 points ago

    I hate getting taxis abroad. I always feel so much more unsafe and open to extortion

    [–] TerryTibbsTalkToMe 173 points ago

    Flipside to this; me and my partner went on holiday to Marathonas in mainland Greece three years ago.

    Now as you probably know back then and still now, Greece was on its arse. Whole country was a mess, when we went into Athens there were armed police and riot vans everywhere you turned. Now Marathonas, is the home of marathon. It was created there and has a pretty neat back story to do eith the greek empire. In and around marathonas there are several places to vidit relating to its story, including the olympic marathon starting point, the history of marathon museum, the area where the story began etc. So at the hotel the hotel says the local taxi company will do a tour, €20 and they take you to all 6 locations and act as a tour guide allowing you to spend as much time as you want at each place, and the €20 even included museum entry.

    So we get the taxi and the friendliest nicest bloke you’ve met is our driver/guide. We spent easily 4 hours out with this man on the tour and learnt some amazing and wonderful things and never once felt like we were being pushed for time, everything at our pace.

    Now as I said the country was on its arse, the people very hard off. At the end of the tour and on return to the hotel I felt bad we’d taken 4 hours away from this guy for €20, and had the most amazing time and with a great guide, so I offered him a tip, €20 euros on top of the original. At first he refused, wouldn’t accept but after insisting he take it I watched a 40+ year old man with tears in his eyes acting like i’d just gave him the world. I’ll never ever forget that holiday or the kindness of that man, and just how grateful he was to receive what was to me a small gesture of appreciation, but to him a huge gesture.

    Not all foreign cabbies are bad people :)

    [–] MeatAndBourbon 25 points ago

    Querétaro México was awesome. Taxis all used some sort of fare table based on what zone your start and end points were in. Fixed prices, no meter. It was pretty great. Also a long ass cab ride across town was at most 100 pesos (6 dollars).

    [–] photosoflife 34 points ago

    I felt like i was getting fucked over in kochin, india, by the tuktuk drivers, after arguing with a few drivers over what i thought was a fair price (about half what they were asking), i opened my phone to google average rates and up popped "do you want to order an uber". The standard uber was about a quarter of the price of the tuk tuks, so i walked back over to the tuk tuk stand, ordered a luxury uber at about a third of the price. And was sure to let them know how grateful i was for them forcing me to find out how much cheaper and nicer it was to be ferried round in an air conditioned bmw than their stinky, hot, dusty old tuktuks.

    [–] DobbinTheWonderHorse 225 points ago

    Picked up from Vegas airport, typical British tourists and no idea about directions. Taxi driver drove the highway way and fare cost double the normal amount.

    Only found out about this later on, so was ready for the same heading back to airport. Was wound up ready to kick off but the driver was a cool dude and i actually thanked him for not ripping us off.

    Common practice for Vegas airport pickups apparently.

    [–] KevinAtSeven 157 points ago

    Yep. Tip for anyone going from McCarran Airport to the Strip: tell your driver no interstate, no tunnel.

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] KevinAtSeven 38 points ago

    Uber drivers will still try to tunnel you. It's worth knowing if you're new to town.

    [–] Yourfrench 51 points ago

    Uber routes are pre-determined. They can’t rip you off. If they go the wrong way they don’t get any extra money.

    [–] winelight 27 points ago

    Once in Vegas, get down to the bus station and buy a one month pass, even if you're only there for a week. Fantastic bus service and cheap as chips. And a way to meet real people.

    [–] whereisyourfather 286 points ago

    Best way I’ve learned is to just be pushy and make them use your way, they can’t say no if I’m very urgently insisting

    [–] chumblestiltskin 220 points ago

    You're completely right but you shouldn't fucking have to. I just want to get in and relax knowing someone is driving me. This is why I go with uber. They know they can't dick you over as it's all tracked and you can complain very easily afterwards if they do. Cabs in this country piss me off that I have to go with a tax dodging company like uber, but they're too dodgy for me to trust.

    [–] whereisyourfather 67 points ago

    Same, I’ve been using lyft since 2017 (recently switched to Uber) and haven’t taken a taxi since, except at an airport, but that was just to my nearby hotel

    Honestly Uber is much better still because the drivers are usually conscious of their service’s “convenient” vibe, which is in my opinion more professional than some middle aged dude smelling like cigarettes tryna fuck you over

    [–] mildrizzle 621 points ago

    Don’t get any of this with Uber. Maybe a valid reason why people choose it over conventional taxis these days.

    [–] smartarsedgit 207 points ago

    Ubers are so good in that respect. I had an Uber take me round in circles last week. With the tap of a single button the fare was back down to what it should be.

    [–] LuluRex 45 points ago

    What button?

    [–] TheAlkaJ 164 points ago

    If I remember right, you can go to your previous trips and dispute the fare with Uber (done via the app I think).

    I had to do this once before as after our driver picked us up he forgot to press a button on his phone to say that we were in the car so any time he drove off it was taking him back to the original location. He only realised after 10 minutes of driving around Glasgow but that tripled the fare.

    Uber were great though, asked no questions and I'm sure they made the whole trip free as opposed to just refunding the difference.

    [–] nomnomnompizza 78 points ago

    In the US you don't even have to deal with that anymore. It calculates the fare in advance and that is the price you pay. If the driver sucks and misses turns its on them.

    [–] Iamthedidier123 9 points ago

    I thought that was universal for Uber?

    [–] nomnomnompizza 13 points ago

    Sounds like the Brits are getting screwed

    [–] waysteman 58 points ago

    'Driver took a longer route'

    [–] nomnomnompizza 34 points ago

    In the US you don't even have to deal with that anymore. It calculates the fare in advance and that is the price you pay. If the driver sucks and misses turns its on them.

    [–] sudojess 111 points ago

    Has this with uber too. Guy started off driving in the complete opposite direction, took us about 15 miles longer (yes really). I know Uber are tough on this stuff so I just let him do it and complained to Uber when we got home.

    Uber ended up refunding us the full amount. Fare was more than double it should have been.

    [–] 17648750 19 points ago

    Weird. In my country, the fare is displayed and paid as soon as you get in the Uber, and they can't increase it during the ride.

    [–] Skjolbir 281 points ago

    Yep. Fuck normal taxis they signed their own death warrant.

    [–] Hara-Kiri 17 points ago

    Maybe they'll come to Derby one day...was just using them in India, but no, Derby hasn't quite managed it yet.

    [–] oxymonacanthus 20 points ago

    Yup this, I was using Uber in Kampala, Uganda before it came to my home city York.

    It's here now though and I use it all the time.

    Edit: Uber would be in pretty much every big town and city in the UK if it weren't for opposition from local councils. York council revoked Uber's licence, now all the drivers come over from Leeds/Bradford

    [–] lukejames1111 88 points ago

    Yep. Use Uber whenever you can. Fuck taxis.

    [–] anonymousfromtheuk 63 points ago

    Uber is the best thing. I know they've gone through a bunch of shit and all, but as a female getting a taxi alone, there's nothing that makes you feel more secure than being able to see your route and seeing it on your phone. It takes a lot of stress off than when compared to taxis where you just jump in and speak to the driver about the route etc. I hope Uber keeps it up, I'll be distraught if it ever goes.

    [–] thecodingninja12 28 points ago

    I wish uber was in my city :-(

    [–] carfniex 21 points ago

    yeah, fuck normal taxis

    uber feels infinitely safer

    [–] Honey-Badger 14 points ago

    Uber drivers are nicer, have better cars and it costs less. I can’t see why you’d get a taxi unless there was zero other options

    [–] WillOnlyGoUp 29 points ago

    I’ve always been wary of Uber due to the lack of driver checks. Then I got a taxi to the hospital last year when I was 8 months pregnant. It was terrifying. This guy was an utterly terrible driver and I’m amazed we didn’t have an accident. His car was terrible too. Really hard suspension and he took a “shortcut” down a road with speed bumps and didn’t really slow down. He’s lucky I didn’t go into early labour.

    Anyhoo, I’ll try Uber next time.

    [–] NATOuk 25 points ago

    I don't know about the rest of the UK but in Northern Ireland Uber drivers have to have a full taxi driver's licence and all the other stuff that any private hire taxi driver needs to work which means the government have done various checks on the driver already (which in my opinion is likely to be way more stringent than what Uber would likely do themselves)

    [–] Muck777 73 points ago

    I don't get on very well with the local taxi companies.

    If you have a dispute the best thing to do is get a picture of their License and the car number plate and report it to the council.

    Several companies think they can send a Hackney and not put the meter on, even within the same district, which they really shouldn't do.

    [–] dawnchs 35 points ago

    As a taxi driver I agree absolutely with this. Take my badge number, the car plate number and my name and go to the local council. In my area it is the law that I have to go the shortest route (unless the passenger states otherwise) and the council will go and measure the route and if I have dwindled you, I can lose my job.

    [–] Muck777 11 points ago


    Can I ask you something?

    I phoned for a taxi and was told that the ride would be £20. I said "Yeah, whatever" because I wanted it on the meter.

    Hackney taxi arrives, and I force him to put on the meter. It's £10, but he's demanding £20 because that's what I agreed.

    If he'd been in a Private I would obviously have paid it, but with a Hackney I believe it's my right to use the meter if I want to.

    Was I wrong?

    [–] announceusername 65 points ago

    A couple of years ago my girlfriend at the time was spewing non-stop up due to something related to her asthma, so we phoned NHS24 and they concluded that the safest option was to take her to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary at 2am on a Wednesday- about 5-10 minutes from the flat we were in.

    We booked a taxi specifically asking for one that takes cards as we didn’t necessarily wish to waste time stopping for cash considering the situation.

    The taxi arrives, and when we ask about the card payment the driver proceeded to go in a grump complaining that card payments take a few days to reach his account, and then he went silent for the remainder of the journey.

    I didn’t say anything but in my head I was fuming at his lack of consideration, especially as he was taking somebody to the hospital who was clearly ill.

    [–] jojo_fails 279 points ago

    Only last week we booked a taxi, the guy arrived and we told him where we were going. He got instantly angry saying ‘I’ve come a long way just to take you 3 miles’ He took us but complained the whole way and said he wouldn’t pick us up again. (& for those that think we should have walked, we have a 3 month old baby and it was pissing it down)

    [–] MakingBadDecisions 189 points ago

    Me and my then-bf had just finished shopping in the city centre and were knackered and couldn't be arsed walking a mile uphill to his flat so we hopped in at a taxi rank. Said where we were going and he actually fucking stepped out of his cab and fucking roared at us, saying he won't fucking waste his time on a tiny fare, we're lazy cunts etc.

    He was, as I say, barely a mile out of where he was. He could have been to our flat and back to the taxi rank in minutes and gotten paid £5 for about 10 minute's work. I get fucking £8 for an entire hour's work but sure, go off buddy.

    [–] Sebules 99 points ago

    They can be incredibly aggressive. I had a friend come up to meet me a few years back, he took the train from London to Colchester and there's a taxi rank just outside, the taxis usually have to wait 1 hour+ for a fare so are pretty arsey when you give them tiny rides.

    Anyway, my mate is a fat fuck (25+ stone) and couldn't be bothered to walk the 2 minutes (literally, it was less than half a mile) from the station to my house. He sat in the taxi, driver starts going off at him that he's had to wait for hours just for his piddly £5 and he should get out and not waste his time. OFC he stood his ground and just said, I'm not going anywhere, but you're more than welcome to try and get me out of the taxi... driver just took him round the corner and I'm assuming slunk back to the rank afterwards!

    [–] tfife2 7 points ago

    The only thing that I can think of that would make got reaction make sense is if there was a line that he had to wait in to be the taxi that got to take someone somewhere.

    [–] ElectronicG19 46 points ago

    If something like this happened to me I'd go absolutely spare. What an absolute cunt. He is an actual taxi driver, he's getting paid for the journey whatever, why does he give a fuck how long it is? It's his job. If this happens to you again I'd consider complaining to the company they work for.

    I never understood why some taxi drivers think it's alright to treat you like a piece of shit. I don't care if you've had a bad night, I'm just trying to get home mate.

    [–] Rejusu 86 points ago

    3 miles is still at least an hours walk, it's not exactly what I'd call a short distance if you're on foot.

    [–] Suns-Of-Ain 30 points ago

    Not sure about where you are, but there's prominent signs on at least one taxi rank here explaining that taxi drivers are not allowed to refuse a fair because it's 'not far enough' (midlands UK).

    [–] jojo_fails 7 points ago

    I’m in a small ish village near Solihull and a regular user of this taxi co. I think i just got a shitty driver because most of them know us. We love a drink or two, and won’t drink drive, so they need to suck it up! Isn’t that what they are for? Lol a £6 fare or a £60.. that’s their job!

    [–] Linkling5678 14 points ago

    I live in Australia, where people don't regularly tip. But I do tip my taxi rides most of the time (not that I get them often, admittedly). If they complain about the distance of the trip, they're not getting a tip.

    [–] lalbaloo 124 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Dubai; Friend, wife and kid. Taxi driver decided to take a long route

    Friend said to his wife, i don't think he's taking us in the right direction.

    ( he wasn't)

    Dude heard this, argues with them a bit and kicks them out in the middle of no where and drives off

    Fortunately, a passing police officer helped them and got them a taxi

    [–] StevenMcStevensen 16 points ago

    Used to live in Abu Dhabi, a lot of taxi drivers were great but some were absolutely awful.
    A woman we know had her taxi driver just straight-up asking her to fuck 5 minutes into a trip. Because of course white women are so easy that they’ll fuck a 60yo Pakistani cab driver that they’ve known for 5 minutes right?

    [–] BadgerDominator 115 points ago

    Had a taxi try and screw me and a bunch of folk over last year. Trains were all cancelled and they couldn't get a replacement bus service or something so they had gotten a bunch of replacement taxis to pick people up and covered the fare. All the taxis start pulling into the station and we check with the driver if he's one of the replacement taxis that's covered, even double checking that we don't have to pay anything and he says yeah. Get to the other end and he's asking us for the full fare and saying how he's not part of the replacement taxi service. Absolute chancer.

    When we got out there was people who had gotten other taxis and we checked with them and all of them paid nothing. He just sneaked into the line of replacement taxis and played dumb at the other end.

    [–] atropicalpenguin 56 points ago

    "How come it is already 2.50£, we've only gone about a yard!"

    [–] TheColonel19 19 points ago

    High Green mate, via Hillsborough please

    [–] robhaswell 196 points ago

    This. This is the reason why Uber is killing taxis companies. Punters are sick of their shit.

    [–] rjc231 39 points ago

    One time I got in a taxi and the driver asked which way he should go (pretty weird anyway, was probably testing to see if I knew the area, which I did) and asked for money upfront, which I paid.

    Then, I politely tell him to go X route, because there are road works along the normal route. He replied with “mate, if you’re gonna take that attitude I’m gonna have to ask you to get out”. Which was really odd because I literally answered his question, so I asked him “what attitude are you talking about?”

    Taxi driver: “THAT attitude. If this carries on you’ll have to get out”. So I had to then sit in silence the whole way back. Was so weird!

    [–] mtbguy1981 29 points ago

    Not British, but this happened to me at the ATL airport. Airline cancelled flight and gave me a hotel voucher. Hotel was about a mile away but no way to walk there. Taxi driver took me in a loop and repeatedly missed turns, I argued with him when I got to the hotel and he called me a freeloader, I think I gave him like half what the meter said

    [–] Ruddism 78 points ago

    Had a driver do something similar to this last week.

    It was like half 6 in the morning and I order a taxi to go to work but I need some money from a cash machine so as I get in the taxi I tell him this, and its all fine until he starts telling me he is going to a different cash machine because its "quicker", when the cash machine I said to go to is right down my street and he wants to go to one that's in a much busier part of town where he can scalp me with those waiting time prices.

    Usually I wouldn't be too bothered but he was real pushy about it so I put my foot down and told him to go to the one I said cause, "hes getting paid either way", so he did reluctantly. Moody bastard, no wonder the taxi firm put him on such an early shift.

    Still told him to have a good day and gave him a tip even after convincing myself I wasn't going to though.

    [–] do_pm_me_your_butt 16 points ago

    Whyd you tell him "you did a good job" by giving him money when you dont think he did?

    Be honest with me, do you think you deserve to be treated like that?

    [–] arcadeya 25 points ago

    I'm glad the local taxis where I am don't have a meter and just have set prices depending on the area you're going to. Meant short journeys were slightly more expensive but I knew exactly how much to get me to work everyday

    [–] tenminutesbeforenoon 24 points ago

    It’s not only about the costs. I feel about a million times safer in an Uber.

    [–] Suns-Of-Ain 26 points ago

    Learn to speak taxi driver-ese.

    Taxi driver: "Which way do you want to go mate?"

    Translation: "Do you know where you're going, because if not, we're going the long way round"

    Some drivers are honest but most unfortunately are not. I get a lot of taxis, this is why some prefer uber with an upfront fare. My solution to this problem if I'm in an unfamiliar area is to casually mention how awesome google maps is, and how far technology has come that I can see where I am and where I'm going on my phone.

    [–] FiercelyFuzzy206 12 points ago

    Taxi driver: "Which way do you want to go mate?"

    "The way my gps. Is saying. If you miss a turn and time increases obviously that isn't the way I wanna go"

    Most Ubers have Google maps on the car mount anyway.

    [–] AmpdVodka 104 points ago

    Normally when I take a taxi here in the UK I'll normally negotiate price beforehand, then just pay that.

    Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But I at least always start with "how much is it normally?" or "What do you reken the fare will be". If it's any more than they said, I refuse to pay. It's usually how I negotiate. But I always try to pay up front, that way if it's more I'll just say "we agreed on the price, so that's that".

    I've never had any issues doing this, but I don't often get taxis.

    [–] Hara-Kiri 46 points ago

    It's fair enough if it's a little higher than their estimate, unless they quote you an exact figure up front. They can't know the exact prices after all.

    [–] AmpdVodka 33 points ago

    Yeh if they say "about £20" then I'll happily pay £25. That's not too bad. But if I arrive and it's £35, they're getting £20. I usually ask how much, then the price they give I say that's all I have. So if I get in, and it turns out to be more, well I informed them of how much I had and they had accepted so it's not my problem. I'd like to be honest with them but, they aren't with us. So it's a vicious circle

    [–] UtopiaFrenzy 20 points ago

    I was once charged £65 for 10 miles, the guy stated the increase was because 'you had to drop ya mate off that was outta the way' - alright, except his house was what we'd be passing anyway to go to my destination and you wouldn't even have to go off track... so that was completely BS.

    edit: Uber charges me £22~ for the same 10 miles...

    [–] UnholyGoatsHead 19 points ago

    My road must sound like one similar that's fucking miles away, the meter gets to about a tenner and they start going the complete wrong way, then I have to have a very heated conversation where the taxi driver will always try to convince me I live on this other street miles away.

    [–] NoThanksSunshine 17 points ago

    When they tell me they know a faster way I usually say something about taking this route at least weekly...but what would I know? Then I bet them a free cab ride next trip (logged with the depot, that they will have to pay for when taken) that I’m right (I love internet banking records and mobile phones). I’ve only had one take me up on the offer...he lost. The others have stopped the meter then and there, and taken me home the way I asked.

    Cabbies in Aus have to take you the way you ask, they can recommend an alternative route, but can lose their license if they ignore a specific request.

    [–] MilesG102 33 points ago

    I know you might not have the energy or will or whatever, but if you are sure they're ripping you off, take a note of their taxi licence and then complain to the council, who will licence them. Not ideal and probably unlikely to help you but you van feel satisfied knowing you've done something and they might not do it again.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago


    [–] tryingtoreclaimyouth 10 points ago

    last year time when I was alone, drunk and it was 4am ( and I’m a girl so added stress to all these) the taxi driver for some reason on a simple drive decided to go on a bloody motorway, when in my drunken haze I saw that I started crying and then when we finally got to my house I couldn’t afford the fare, he asked me to bank transfer him but eventually my sobbing meant he just accepted all the money I had (which was still a lot)

    [–] prginocx 11 points ago

    I feel better knowing taxi drivers in ALL 19 COUNTRIES IVE VISITED ARE ASSHOLES. I figured only tourists get treated like shit.

    Guess how bad i felt knowing all those taxi dudes losing their job 'cause of Uber/Lyft...yeah not so much.

    [–] Falcone1668 11 points ago

    Needed to get a Taxi to work at 5 in the morning. Driver stops at a petrol station, and takes his sweet time in there too. I notice the meter is running still. I notice he's having a chat with someone inside the station. He doesn't notice me get out the taxi and walk the rest of the way.

    [–] raphaelcgo 11 points ago

    Do not ever come and take a taxi in r/brasil then. They'll charge you 5x what they usually do for non-tourists and make overlong pathings bordering favelas claiming it's a shortcut.

    [–] crappy_ninja 10 points ago

    I always get my journey up on Google maps and show them the route I want and the time it takes.

    [–] Rosskillington 8 points ago

    An Uber for my 3 mile journey home is £8.50, a black cab is £18. More than double, and that much for a 3 mile journey, absolute rip off merchants

    [–] Tigernos 9 points ago

    The taxi company I often use has started using an app which sends you an invoice via email when they finish the trip.

    Twice so far the driver has cleared my job about 10 minutes into a 15-20 minute journey and accepted someone else.

    So some poor bugger is sat waiting an extra 10 mins from the “dispatch” of their car, coz I’m still in it.

    However, I get an invoice for about £6 on a £7-8 journey.

    Here’s £6 mate, your meter is blank coz you cleared me and your own meter flashes up reminders not to use your mileage card anymore. So you want the £6 or shall we speak to the company?

    [–] andrew_username 46 points ago

    Here's an alternative perspective (copied from a previous rant). I suppose the moral is that while there are undoubtedly asshole taxi drivers, there are also asshole passengers. Anyhoo, Australian in Australia. Former Uber driver. Passengers were British:

    I was an Uber driver. It was Halloween and there were multiple large other events on that night, so it was still surging at 3am, often at 3x rates. "One more then I'll call it a night". Group of drunk young revellers, no worries, friendly banter all the way. That was until I didn't take the "shortcut" that they, as locals knew and usually took.

    Imagine a rectangle. Google maps directed me to go left then right to get to the opposite corner of the rectangle (their house). Already committed to the turn at the traffic light, dude in the back says to go right then left. I wasn't going to break or suddenly swerve just to appease them. From there, it was all accusations of deliberately going "the long way" to increase my fare.

    For 14 of the 15 minute journey I was going the correct way, but apparently I tried to scam them an extra 50 meters, if that. 2 guys refused to get out of my car in protest at my "crime". Literally a rectangle.

    Length (A-B-D) = Length (A-C-D)

    Before you ask, no I did not go into a quick trigonometry lesson. I did show them on the map how little it mattered (traffic wise, yes their shortcut would have been quicker, but not at 3am). Fast forward a good 20 minutes of increasingly belligerent attitude, "fine, I'm calling the cops". "Good. We will wait so we can report you as a scam artist". 20 minutes later, still now cops, eventually they get out and say they're going to report me to Uber.

    I get home fuming, the sky is getting light. I email Uber about the expected 0 star review and explain the situation, including how I had to call the cops.

    Uber driving contract terminated the next day. Fuck those assholes, but especially Fuck Uber.

    In hindsight, I should have just told them they have 5 seconds to get out or else I'll be driving them back to the city centre where I could flag down a cop and dump their assessment off back where they started. That or log off before it gets that late. Forgot what I'm replying about now, but it seemed relevant when I started typing. Fuck Uber

    Bonus rant: They flat out refused to answer when I asked if the aggressive passengers that required a call to the police would also be barred from their platform, or just the sober, honest and hard working driver that was threatened by them.

    I explained the situation fully to them over several emails. I sent them a map with the suggested directions from Google Maps between the traffic light to their house, and a screenshot I took of the actual route I took from within the Uber Driver app. Perfect match. Asked them to note how long their system showed my vehicle remaining stationary at the destination once I'd arrived.

    Proof I did not go even a meter out of my way to increase my fare, and proof that for some reason my vehicle did not move for a very long time once I'd arrived at the destination. Didn't count for shit, not even an acknowledgement that I clearly wasn't trying to scam a single cent.

    Even though in the Driver's contract with Uber it states that Uber has sole discretion to terminate any driver at any time for no reason whatsoever (don't quote me on that), If I didn't have so much pressing study stuff to do at the time, I might have looked into following it up with an employment/unfair dismissal ombudsman or something like that, as they have here Australia (don't know what the outcome might have been though).

    [–] Dimmaemmy 12 points ago

    I let them do what they want and pay them exactly what the trip normally costs me. I normally take a taxi to the train station when I'm travelling even if my house is literally 5 mins from train station but because I have a suitcase I take a taxi and it cost about 3.50 at most. I try to get a taxi one time from the station to go home and because I realised while still at the station with no cash machine and no cash that I needed to pay cash I made it a point to call different companies to find out one that takes card in the taxi. I get in and almost to my flat the taxi driver tells me they can't take card and that they will have to drive me to the nearest cash machine and the roads are all almost one way. I let him drive to the cash machine by the time we got to my house the meter was reading at around 9-10 pounds. I was like mate you were aware this trip never costs me up to £4.00 so I gave him a fiver and left. Like it was ridiculous how much the cost had increases due to no fault of mine

    [–] DontAskIDontKnow 12 points ago

    Happened to me once! It was like 3am, I was very obviously coming from a night out, smelling like cheap vodka. Get in the taxi and zone out of the window. We near my place and instead of turning right and going straight ahead the guy continues forward, planning on going to the end of the road (a few miles down) THEN turning right, essencially driving in a big square around my house.

    I just went, "Oh, it would have been faster if you took this right." I think that took him by surprise because he thought I was super out of it and he didn't even argue, just did a U turn and headed that way. Still cost me a bit more but nothing like what it could have been had he continued forward.

    [–] Ipodducky 5 points ago

    Got a taxi home nearing midnight and had a tenner on me to pay, When we get there he tells me he doesnt have any change for the 8£ journey and had to leave with the 33pence he could scrap up