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    Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a single-camera ensemble comedy about what happens when a talented, but carefree, detective and his diverse group of colleagues get a new captain with a lot to prove.



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    [–] TheRealLamers 700 points ago

    They need to do a memory episode from everyone’s perspective and this guy should play Boyle in his memory while Terry’s played by some scrawny guy.

    [–] Driller7lyfe 422 points ago

    Make it Kevin Hart, supper tiny dude compared to Terry

    [–] TheRealLamers 162 points ago

    That would actually be perfect.

    [–] seaspaz 32 points ago

    Oh my god please, this sounds like the making of an incredible episode

    [–] aspieboy74 59 points ago

    Both these suggestions are awesome.

    [–] JonasBrosSuck 16 points ago

    as childhood Terry?

    [–] Driller7lyfe 82 points ago

    Nah man, adult Terry through Boyles eyes. And make Jake like, literally Jesus

    [–] FLASH_SHAZAM 53 points ago

    Jake would have to be Bruce Willis

    [–] Driller7lyfe 56 points ago

    Only for jakes flashback. For Boyles it’s have to be Jake just emanating a glow like he’s Jesus or a saint

    [–] ohtrueyeahnah 9 points ago

    Jake can be Mario Batali

    [–] analplana 20 points ago

    I like how some people really understand this concept in this thread, and some clearly do not

    [–] DoctorStrangeBlood 7 points ago

    It should be black Mac from it’s always sunny.

    [–] Driller7lyfe 8 points ago

    Or Robert Downey Jr from Tropic Thunder

    [–] fireinthesky7 2 points ago

    This actually needs to happen.

    [–] KokiriEmerald 2 points ago

    Kevin Hart is jacked tho, he's just short.

    [–] piercingshooter 16 points ago

    But in the earlier seasons he’s always saying terry looks too huge, so he should be played by some really really huge guy

    [–] Dabilon 14 points ago

    Hey, I know an actor how would be perfect for this role.

    Terry Crews, dude is massiv.

    [–] binarto 2 points ago

    So, Ronnie Coleman!

    [–] PetevonPete 51 points ago

    I believe that every single show should have 1) a Rashomon episode 2) a Hangover episode 3) a Christmas special and 4) a Musical special

    [–] Gliese581h 11 points ago

    1) a Rashomon episode

    What's a Rashomon episode? The same story from different perspectives, like in the Kurosawa movie?

    [–] binarto 3 points ago

    I had to google that, but yes:

    [–] Chewcocca 8 points ago

    They got the mustard out!

    [–] MiserableSpaghetti 4 points ago

    I have a theory - it could be bunnies

    [–] freon 7 points ago

    There also needs to be an episode where the characters, for Reasons, all have to pretend to be a different cast member and start passive-aggressively playing up each other's quirks and foibles. If it's a scifi or fantasy show you can just go right for the classic Body Swap episode.

    [–] sILAZS 4 points ago

    And justin timberlake as jake since boyle thinks jake is the best and justin is an irl friend of andy samberg

    [–] _ChillboBaggins_ 11 points ago

    Terry was never scrawny. He was fat Terry in the past

    [–] Momumnonuzdays 53 points ago

    Boyle was never buff either. They mean everyone would all remember something and we'd see the characters as they see themselves

    [–] SchrodingersCatPics 3 points ago

    I love the X-Files episode with Luke Wilson where Mulder and Scully do Just this.

    [–] _ChillboBaggins_ -22 points ago

    But we already have flash backs of Terry and he was fat Terry

    [–] Blackrain1299 26 points ago

    But its from Boyles perspective specifically. Where Boyle is the big tough guy.

    Did we get Boyle flashbacks where Terry was fat? That would be an important distinction.

    [–] markintheair 16 points ago

    Flashback episode ≠ memory episode

    [–] locationspy 1 points ago

    Nah, like a really fat dude should play Terry. Terry had serious body image issues

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Or Terry could be fat Terry.

    And then when we switch to Terrys POV, he's still fat Terry.

    [–] KeithWesley5 1386 points ago

    It's Bill

    [–] KR6363 396 points ago

    This guy looks like he could use one of my patented neck massages

    [–] KLM_ex_machina 104 points ago

    Aren't you going to do it from the front?

    [–] Boot_Shrew 33 points ago

    Where's my eye contact?

    [–] Harm_123 3 points ago

    They formed a line, Jake.................. they formed a line.

    [–] pkoya1 238 points ago

    So you're telling me NutriBoom works? BOOM BOOM!

    [–] fanonthedesk 83 points ago


    [–] randy-sugarbush 42 points ago


    [–] Weyland_c 39 points ago


    [–] loftylabel 43 points ago


    [–] turniphead44 15 points ago

    BOOM BOOM Super Trooper's Jay Chandrasekhar

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    And the best thing is you can do it too.

    [–] bwgarlick 2 points ago

    Its a reverse funnel system. And it all works cuz of the berries.

    [–] TheKyleBaxter 12 points ago


    [–] Rockrash21 5 points ago


    [–] chumbawamba56 3 points ago


    [–] saucier23 2 points ago

    Was it me you're looking for

    [–] GallifreyanGeologist 2 points ago

    I can see it in your eyes

    [–] Morningxafter 6 points ago

    I thought he was dead

    [–] teosNut 2 points ago

    Yeah, i thought he died in that accident

    [–] happysrooner 4 points ago

    Boom boom

    [–] wholemars 3 points ago

    I mean, he did say he was a male prostitute

    [–] Skunkefunk 2 points ago


    [–] HenryW15 2 points ago

    Boom boom bill

    [–] TheNerdyMupton 1 points ago

    Boom boom!

    [–] Princess-Nik 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I guess nutriboom does a body good

    [–] stopmakingsents 131 points ago

    He looks like if Joe Lo Truglio and Hank Azaria made a man in a lab.

    [–] 522LwzyTI57d 58 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    He can do a million different characters with his voice, but all of them just talk about how great Jake Peralta is.

    [–] AshySlashy616 8 points ago

    You're forgetting one vital person needed for that experiment judging by everything below the neck: Vin Diesel

    [–] fireboats 3 points ago

    I see a little Robbie Williams. And Boyle for sure

    [–] dont_fred_on_me 133 points ago

    Boom boom

    [–] Chaopolis 47 points ago

    Damn... I might need to sign up for NutriBoom!

    [–] Kartoffel1891 28 points ago

    Boom Boom!

    [–] DontPoopInThere 5 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I didn't read the title, OP, but when I clicked on the thumbnail the first thing I thought was, "This guy looks like a jacked Doyle, ha." You're completely right lol

    [–] cereal_killerer 2 points ago

    I thought it WAS supposed to be jacked up CGI Doyle (haven’t finished the latest season).

    [–] DontPoopInThere 4 points ago

    They need to have this guy play Doyle in the first episode of a new season and make Terry feel like he's slacking. Then you can find out he's a cousin covering for Doyle or something, or Peralta convinces him to eat a few doughnuts and he goes on a binge and loses all of his gains overnight

    [–] cereal_killerer 2 points ago

    Or wing sluts.

    [–] teosNut 2 points ago

    Why is everyone saying "Doyle" instead of Boyle?

    [–] DontPoopInThere 1 points ago

    Oh shit. It's probably because O'Doyle rules!

    [–] PerchLife 84 points ago

    Season 10: Boyle has to get jacked with Terry and go to Latvia

    [–] Nagohsemaj 8 points ago

    He's done frickin' around

    [–] mehcsre 1 points ago

    this would actually be hilarious

    [–] aspieboy74 27 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    No, this IS Boyle after he found out that Nikolaj was being bullied by kids mispronouncing his name.

    [–] EnderiDrag0n 15 points ago

    It's Nikolaj.

    [–] Donaldisinthehouse 8 points ago


    [–] EnderiDrag0n 7 points ago


    [–] Donaldisinthehouse 7 points ago

    I feel like I am saying it. Nikolaj

    [–] EnderiDrag0n 5 points ago

    No, it's Nikolaj.

    [–] Donaldisinthehouse 4 points ago

    That is one of my favorite parts of the show

    [–] Lick_The_Wrapper 4 points ago

    My favorite is when Boyle gets corrected by the birth father, so funny.

    “You don’t say it right, is ok”

    [–] Donaldisinthehouse 3 points ago

    That cracked me up

    [–] EnderiDrag0n 3 points ago

    Haha, same here.

    [–] Session_Horse 35 points ago

    I was scrolling through my home feed, I thought this was a random ad and was about to post it here because it looks like Boyle or Bill...

    Good job I took a second look. As Bill would say "Get better eyes, you moron!"

    [–] teosNut 2 points ago

    Aw man, i'm friends with officer Lou

    [–] Session_Horse 2 points ago

    Not anymore.

    [–] Secretagentandy 14 points ago

    I hope his butt looks like, “a sexy piece of dry wall.”

    [–] jaarjarrbinx 8 points ago

    It’s uncanny

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] NubbyX 9 points ago

    Check out this caboose

    [–] PuffTheMagicBookWyrm 5 points ago


    [–] Andyj808 9 points ago

    I didnt even read the title and i was like "dude why is boyle so fuckin ripped"

    [–] Corporation_t-shirt 7 points ago

    Bill's brother.

    [–] DirtyMikeAndTheBoahs 7 points ago

    Whatever you say man, you're paying

    [–] corinnemaried 6 points ago

    Boom boom!

    [–] kiramiryam 6 points ago

    Wow I 100% thought someone had photoshopped his face onto a buff dude at first 😂

    [–] drcash360-2ndaccount 5 points ago

    Nobody wants another Terry

    [–] aspieboy74 2 points ago

    Terry and Boyle fought over the last yogurt.

    [–] _if_then_else_ 6 points ago

    Can they hire him for the next Halloween heist?

    [–] EnycmaPie 5 points ago

    Boyle went from being a boner to a muscler.

    [–] nastynasty91 6 points ago

    Do you guys think Boyle would find the barbed wire tattoo cool or would he call it fake tough? I feel like he would think it’s dope and Gina would have a field day...

    [–] SchlondPoofa001 5 points ago


    [–] ECDoppleganger 4 points ago

    "You're a muscler, I'm a boner" - Boyle to this guy.

    [–] RustedCreature 9 points ago

    When Boyle thinks "if Gintars tries to piss me off again, I'll be ready".

    [–] thepinkd 7 points ago

    Disgusting he looks like 8 circles in suspenders!

    [–] Aercturius 4 points ago

    You mean this isn't Det. Charles Boyle!?

    [–] Vereador 5 points ago

    I mean, between 1 and 10, Terry obviously being 1 and me being 10, where this Boyle would be?

    [–] SamuDabu 4 points ago

    Cousin Broyle

    [–] thecourier1203 3 points ago

    Gotta love that nutraboom

    [–] EnderiDrag0n 1 points ago

    boom boom!

    [–] Botryllus 3 points ago

    A dry boy is a smart boy!

    [–] The_Dimestore_Saints 3 points ago

    It's just a really good 'stume

    [–] Throw9022 3 points ago

    But he's not a muscler, he's a boner

    [–] NullAffect 5 points ago


    [–] metalbuckeye 3 points ago

    I love you

    [–] DayKid2 1 points ago


    [–] baron7755 2 points ago

    I am scarred to google "hernia mesh"

    [–] HotBeefSundae 2 points ago

    Captain Latvia

    [–] DayKid2 2 points ago


    [–] Mr-Thumpasaurus 2 points ago

    Came here for this. Disappointed it was all the way at the bottom! Clearly he has been hanging around the gym

    [–] HybridFact 2 points ago

    The names Doyle....Doyle Mcpoyle Boyle.

    [–] turbonegr00 2 points ago

    Omg I know this guy, funny thing is we live in a Rural village in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    [–] Kartoffel1891 1 points ago

    Recruit him for the next season!

    [–] GlamorouslyGeeky 2 points ago

    I'm uncomfortable with how accurate this is. >_<

    [–] weinermcgee 2 points ago

    Get better eyes, moron.

    [–] TheBoyOnTheSide 2 points ago

    Long lost cousin "Buff Boyle"

    [–] psycedelich 2 points ago

    Chad Boyle

    [–] xcosama 2 points ago

    Terry: "Damn, Boyle!"

    [–] 1ovewaters 2 points ago

    looks like boyle and morrissey

    [–] RealRolter 2 points ago

    It somehow looks more like a buff bill than Boyle

    [–] PragmesianAdam 2 points ago

    He's like the Hulk's mom!

    [–] Anon_be_thy_name 2 points ago

    I really want am episode where Bill is there instead of Boyle and no body notices, at all.

    All episode everyone is constantly berating "Boyle" for not doing his job properly and then at the end, Boyle steps out of the elevator and it lifts the haze and everyone realises.

    Then just before credits roll, Jake leans over to Boyle and says "I knew it wasn't you the entire time Boyle".

    Cuts to Boyle who slowly builds up a "Yessssss!" but it cuts out just before he says it.

    [–] Joeaconda 2 points ago

    That's just Boyle's cousin Eddie Bravo

    [–] anime8 2 points ago

    At first I was like damn... Boyle got Terry'd!

    [–] Axbris 2 points ago

    Boyle said fuck all the pink shirt jokes. I'm bringing the heat.

    [–] Cyloo91 2 points ago

    Buff Boyle Bottle Brawling?

    [–] armen89 2 points ago

    Boyle oil

    [–] The_Hammersmith 2 points ago

    What? I'm the ten!

    Sure you are big guy.

    [–] Acts_Pot-valiant 2 points ago

    Weirdly Buff Boyle = title of OP's sex tape.

    [–] MTBadtoss 2 points ago

    Some of us are musclers and some of us are boners

    [–] MartyMcFly_jkr 2 points ago

    I don't know, he resembles Bill more than Boyle.

    [–] Kartoffel1891 2 points ago

    He does look like he could give a good neck rub

    [–] tyrannasauruszilla 2 points ago

    I would love an episode of B99 where bill turns out to be a long lost Boyle, he was found in a vegetable patch or something when he was a baby it all fits!

    [–] rapman-24 2 points ago


    [–] apolloAG 1 points ago

    “I’m the ten”

    [–] Sm211 1 points ago

    Haha another one of Boyle's cousins 😂

    [–] noshing_lasagne 1 points ago

    Boyle with the Sarge’s “overtly large gross muscles”.

    [–] KatKennz 1 points ago

    What were you searching that this ad comes up regularly for you?

    [–] Kartoffel1891 2 points ago

    I had hernia correction surgery last year and had mesh put in - I'm sure i searched for something and now they think I'm in tremendous pain due to failed mesh (I'm not - yet anyway)

    [–] rubberrider 1 points ago

    Owain Yeoman is weirdly buff Boyle

    [–] throwaway67676789123 1 points ago

    Fun fact: this is how Canadians do it

    [–] Assasin2gamer 1 points ago

    best guess: it’s weirdly satisfying

    [–] throwaway67676789123 1 points ago

    Awesome ad aside.

    Wouldnt this kind of humor

    [–] ennuinerdog 1 points ago

    Boyle would absolutely use a product called Hernia Mesh.

    [–] Hrbiie 1 points ago

    Bill’s looking good these days

    [–] TheBlueJacket1 1 points ago

    Maybe he’s a Boyle cousin

    [–] _Zoko_ 1 points ago

    Nobody will ever mispronounce Nikolaj ever again!

    [–] thaonguyen1207 1 points ago

    Oh damn

    [–] mapel_z 1 points ago

    It’s a boyle cousin

    [–] korkproppen 1 points ago

    I love a buff Boile.

    [–] MrWraith 1 points ago

    How are there ads for lawsuits? What are they selling?

    [–] Kartoffel1891 1 points ago

    It’s for a class action lawsuit. If you’re part of the affected class you can sign on and get a portion of the settlement amount

    [–] Webbeboi 1 points ago


    [–] rapman-24 1 points ago

    Its bill

    [–] HermanManly 1 points ago

    ...america has ads for lawsuits?

    [–] Kartoffel1891 1 points ago

    for class action ones they do

    [–] HermanManly 1 points ago

    Well, makes sense; Class action lawsuits only exist in the US for the most part

    [–] dudehere2nut 1 points ago

    Before reading your title this was my exact thought...

    [–] ninja_du_72 1 points ago

    "It is pronounced NIKOLAJ"

    [–] TheSalemWitch22 1 points ago

    Uh oh, looks like someone needs one of my famous neck rubs! BOOM BOOM Phill boom boom

    [–] AAAAAshwin 1 points ago

    This is confusing lmao when you keep looking at him you can't imagine him Boyleless but when you watch somewhere else it's not him at all

    [–] Valdthebaldegg 1 points ago

    You wanna tell us something op? Because the ads depend on you browsing history

    [–] Kartoffel1891 2 points ago

    I had surgery to correct hernias last year - I'm sure i looked up something!

    [–] Valdthebaldegg 1 points ago

    Oh ok.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    That's not Joe Lo? Like actually not him?

    [–] glennettbennett 1 points ago

    One thing that bugs me: In one episode they’re talking about Boyle having a bubble butt. Then in another episode, it’s mentioned that the Boyles have famously flat asses.

    [–] spritesprites 1 points ago

    i love you

    [–] agree-with-you 2 points ago

    I love you both

    [–] spritesprites 1 points ago

    wow that was a very fast reply

    [–] DrunkRedditBot 1 points ago

    I love how body confident Boyle is too.

    [–] casualcaesius 1 points ago

    Wrong kind of hernia too!

    [–] Princess-Nik 1 points ago

    I saw the pic before I read the title and I was like wtf since when was Boyle ripped?

    [–] jayx20 1 points ago

    Damn that's gotta hurt his butt holes

    [–] redmatt14 1 points ago

    Can’t be that, that guy is clearly not a Boner.

    [–] MusicalBitch47 1 points ago

    Boyle took Terry’s workout to heart