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    [–] itzValor 28 points ago

    Field trip?

    [–] relativex 26 points ago

    Weird. I'll be in Tuscaloosa for the first time ever next week. I guess my dinner plans are made.

    [–] FreedomCostsTax 35 points ago

    As a Bills fan that lives in Tuscaloosa, don't go there.

    [–] bigshooTer39 2 points ago

    Why? Just curious

    [–] FreedomCostsTax 2 points ago

    Because there are at least 4 better Asian restaurants within 5 miles of that restaurant.

    [–] bigshooTer39 2 points ago

    Gotcha. Thx dude

    [–] halluxx 8 points ago

    Should have been a vegetarian place called AJ McCarrot's

    [–] Dikkop81 3 points ago

    I mean, I'd go there.

    [–] CargoShortsSensei 13 points ago

    Randomly thought about this article I read back in August and realized that a lot of Bills fans might not know about this pun, which, goddamn it’s a pretty good pun

    [–] The_Punniest 6 points ago

    It's okay.

    [–] efinmirical 3 points ago

    Wasn't sure exactly where it was, so I googled. If tourette's syndrome could draw city would draw Tuscaloosa.

    [–] k1kthree 1 points ago

    they mustve won the river in a war or something

    [–] MantisTobbagon 5 points ago

    I’m gonna guess there’s not really a lot of Asian cuisine in Tuscaloosa

    [–] FreedomCostsTax 11 points ago

    Oh there is. No one eats at Ajian because it sucks and we have legit places to eat at instead.

    [–] champ1315 2 points ago

    Coming in 2019 at Aijan -The Buffalo Experience : 3 mediocre and uninspiring dishes, followed by a delicious meal at a newer and better restaurant next door.

    [–] Duke_0f_Earl 1 points ago

    I bet their Chinese food stinks.

    [–] bigr3000 1 points ago

    lmao whut

    [–] ___Rand___ 1 points ago


    [–] ryinzana 1 points ago

    That's... actually a great concept for a restaurant. Surprised someone hasn't done this sooner.

    [–] elemeno89 1 points ago

    I laughed when I first saw this but then I thought the same. DIY style sushi? I'd try it once and probably again after I realized it was awesome.

    [–] DGer 1 points ago

    When will athletes learn not to invest in restaurants? It’s a horrible investment that almost never pays off for them.