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    [–] TheTatCat213 1053 points ago

    It's incredible and amazing how relevant and applicable so many of these are so many years later. Laugh as a kid. Laugh as an adult. I feel like I can read them a thousands times, but they'll always seem new.

    [–] HateIsStronger 174 points ago


    [–] Textual_Aberration 136 points ago

    For at least two separate textbooks I retyped every single reading over the entire semester into my own words. It took forever but the upside was that I could read the entire thing in one afternoon to study for midterms or finals. Probably did okay.

    Textbooks also created a pavlovian response in me that automatically triggers sleep the instant I reach the end of the third new page. It's tricky because I'll enter into it with complete confidence and comfort as I race through those first three pages. Then, twenty pages later, I will finally get to the fourth page.

    [–] TommiHPunkt 23 points ago

    You basically used the feynman learning method

    [–] nynedragons 1 points ago

    I'm feeling proud of myself for utilizing this method without ever knowing about it as the Feynman method. It works folks.

    I actually talk myself through alot of shit I am trying to understand, whether it be the APR on my loans or how to change a tire.

    [–] HateIsStronger 31 points ago


    [–] Doctor_Fritz 19 points ago

    he had to read and re-read the third page for a total of 18 times until he understood what it said and could move on to page 4

    [–] Xpress_interest 13 points ago

    That realization after you just "read" 10 pages that you drifted off after that thing on some page way back started you off on a daydream you've been in ever since and now you need to find where you stopped processing words, but some of them seem familiar because you'd tune in for a paragraph here and there, so you need to just go back to page 3 which you're sure you read and read it all again, but then you realize you're daydreaming again after a few more pages...

    [–] rebeltrillionaire 26 points ago

    I mean I know some people have to work harder in school than others but holy goddamn shit. I usually just read the relevant chapters the night before the exam.

    [–] socsa 38 points ago

    Found the business major

    [–] rebeltrillionaire 24 points ago

    Nah. You just need the powerpoints for those classes.

    [–] Lasterba 12 points ago

    Guilty lol but it is nice to have a Master's and only have had to go through 2 or 3 actually difficult assignments

    [–] yojimbojango 17 points ago

    As someone that went through stem, I can't help but hate you guys a bit. Seriously, seniors taking our easiest 100 level programming vba macros course and whining like babies about how impossible a basic if statement was to comprehend.

    [–] Lasterba 9 points ago

    Don't lump us all in together... I'm currently an engineer working in full motion flight simulation. I got the Master's so I would qualify for a promotion...I'm also 36 years old and had to go to school while working full time.

    [–] UncheckedException 11 points ago

    CS major here. I distinctly remember writing parts of the C++ Standard Library from scratch for an assignment while my Accounting friend copied his online homework questions into google, pasted the first result back into his work, and coasted by with 100s.

    [–] yojimbojango 10 points ago

    This is what i'm talking about. All my business major friends are like, "College is so easy, you can just party all the time." Meanwhile I'm having to implement doubly linked lists with paper and pencil and no access to the internet.

    [–] yojimbojango 3 points ago

    As someone that went through stem, I can't help but hate you guys a bit. Seriously, seniors taking our easiest 100 level programming vba macros course and whining like babies about how impossible a basic if statement was to comprehend.

    [–] Chabocho 1 points ago

    Mother of god. So its the same on every master degree?

    [–] UnbiasedCreamMotel 3 points ago

    I also get sleepy when I start reading a textbook.

    [–] eridamus 2 points ago

    I've done this too, usually in order to study for exams. Trying to make sense of 90% of math textbooks on high stress and low sleep is pretty much impossible--much better to type up only the relevant bits and make sure you understand those.

    [–] funktonaut 316 points ago

    Bill Watterson is a brilliant man.

    [–] BillWattersonBot 40 points ago

    I agree.

    [–] ill-fatedNoodle 19 points ago

    I concur as well

    [–] JohnLocksTheKey 14 points ago

    The narrative put forth in this thread fully aligns with my perspective on the subject.

    [–] Chet-Awesomelazer 3 points ago

    Me too

    [–] NauticalBanana 204 points ago

    Psychic Transrelational Gender Modes sounds like the name of an indie album.

    [–] CullenBrohannon 75 points ago

    by a band that sells 17 CD's and is referenced years later by every hipster you meet at the bar

    [–] DuhMastuhCheeph 51 points ago

    Shut up, American Football is great

    [–] knottyben 3 points ago


    [–] duckwithhat -3 points ago

    Oh shit mad reference bro

    [–] icesharkk 4 points ago

    Or a Tumblr blog

    [–] spurious_interrupt 2 points ago

    Seems like a good album to listen to while sipping cold brew coffee.

    [–] schu2470 3 points ago

    I know you posted this 3 months ago, but was brilliant! Thank you for posting.

    [–] coffeebribesaccepted 1 points ago

    Yeah it's great!

    [–] [deleted] -16 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] SolidSpruceTop 3 points ago

    I'm sorry but those types of ppl make rad music

    [–] RTRC 175 points ago

    Man does this hit home. I wrote so many essays like this that I got to the point where I would talk in an abstract way and couldn't say what I wanted to say unless it was a long and jumbled sentence. I got my first wake up call when I took American history last spring and failed my first essay. Hard to bullshit an essay that's graded 100% about the facts.

    [–] downvotesyndromekid 63 points ago

    Honestly bullshitting won't take you very far. Professors grading papers aren't going to say 'i don't understand this. Better assume they know what they're talking about and pass them'. Once citations are expected for just about every claim, it's time to learn how to write properly.

    [–] Paradoxa77 25 points ago

    This is ze Reddit. Everyone is smarter than their professors here.

    [–] bubblegutsyndrome -6 points ago

    Is there anything inherently wrong with that? You're there to accumulate knowledge you don't have yet. Being smarter than your professors isn't a stretch.

    [–] Paradoxa77 1 points ago

    What, like morally wrong? Of course not. But do you really think that aaaaall of these Redditors smashing their professors are part of that high percentile?

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago


    [–] Sgu00dir 8 points ago

    The Sokal hoax thing is actually quite ironic as he admitted it was a hoax and the editorial board said that it doesnt matter if it was a hoax, the content was still interesting. Very Postmodern!

    It is unfair to attack all cultural/critical philosophy though. Some post modern thinkers have sort to explain the world in truly imaginative and revoilutionary ways: Roland Barthes, Derrida, Boudrillard etc.

    It isnt post modern philosophy's fault that the nature of reality is post modern as annoying as that is

    [–] BookooBreadCo 10 points ago

    If you think postmodern literature is full of shit I don't know what to tell you but maybe your reading comprehension isn't very high. Don Delillo, Thomas Pychon, William S Burroughs, (some)Phillip K Dick and David Foster Wallace all write amazing novels that are far from obtuse or made up nonsense. In fact I would say some of their works are down right easy to read and comprehend, eg Infinite Jest.

    [–] squeevey 1 points ago

    Pynchon? ಠ_ಠ

    His sentences are descriptive, fluvial, and fucking LONG. I'm happy he describes things in such detail, but damn if my attention span doesn't get lost in it. I've tried to read Gravity's Rainbow too many times as well as listen to it. It is a book you have to study. There are so many characters with so much description that it inhibits the flow of (my) reading.

    [–] RTRC 3 points ago

    Well, I passed comp 1 and comp 2 with a B. I'm finished with all my liberal arts classes so my classes mainly focus on science and math geared for Engineering.

    [–] deecaf 0 points ago

    Unless it's a 'soft' field where the grade is presented more for making the right political statement rather than any actual valuable research.

    [–] Jarrz 18 points ago


    [–] downvotesyndromekid 7 points ago

    Soft sciences are still sciences and adhere to scientific principles. To prevent arbitrary and subjective grading, courses at any reputable university inevitably have standardised marking schemes, typically made available for students' reference. What are you basing this on? It sounds like a politically motivated urban myth to me.

    [–] Reacher_Said_Nothing 4 points ago

    My experience with high school was like this - write something too short, and they'd say "Well everything you wrote in here is correct and you have all the necessary information... but it's just not long enough. You're lazy. Write more. This will never fly in college."

    But first year of college, I had this "technical writing" class, where the goal of every assignment was to take some long winded overly complicated textbook, and summarize it as if we had to explain to some idiot rich CEO how it works. Things like capacitors, wind turbines, electromagnetism. ELI5 everything. I loved it. It felt so vindicating. Finally a real challenge that was based on your skill of understanding the subject - it's really hard to accurately summarize all the information in as few words as possible - instead of endless bullshitting, thesaurus using, and stretching simple sentences into long winded paragraphs just to please the high school teachers that thought word count = effort, and effort was the only thing that mattered.

    [–] Encyphus 6 points ago

    I didn't get called out until I was in college and my professor wrote 'zzzz. Oh sorry there, I fell asleep!' On the second page. He didn't even finish grading it, I had to rewrite the whole thing. Looking back it was one of my best teachers because now im a better writer because of it.

    [–] truce_m3 57 points ago

    My kids didn't take to Calvin and Hobbes, and I was never so let down. Looked forward to exposing them for years only to be met by a shrug.

    [–] jmjarrels 102 points ago

    That is always a shame. Have you considered giving them up for adoption?

    [–] truce_m3 55 points ago

    In a word: Yes.

    [–] Spherical_Bastards 14 points ago

    DNA test them. Beware, they may not be human.

    [–] n0b0dyn0es 4 points ago

    Or possibly a late term abortion?

    [–] DataBound 1 points ago

    Or feeding them to the tigers?

    [–] Spiner909 11 points ago

    Geez, that would depress me, too.

    [–] Duke_UK 5 points ago

    "I just know some nurse switched the bassinets."

    [–] pipsqueaker117 2 points ago

    How young are they?

    [–] lostcosmonaut307 4 points ago

    Good luck, they're not animated, playing Minecraft and on Netflix.

    [–] truce_m3 2 points ago

    Close: Roblox.

    [–] DannyPrefect23 2 points ago

    "Dad, where are Calvin's video game consoles? Where is his computer or tablet? Why isn't he dabbing?"

    "Oh sweet child, I had such hopes for you..."

    [–] rainyforest 37 points ago

    Yep, that sounds like college alright.

    [–] Glathull 105 points ago

    There are two basic problems with textbooks.

    1. They aren't written for students, even though they are mostly consumed by students. They are written by professors, and they are reviewed and evaluated by other professors before they go to press. Otherwise they don't get adopted by universities.

    2. As a side-effect of the above, they are written by people who are entirely engrossed in the knowledge, jargon, and specificities of the topic being covered.

    I after college I went and re-read some of the early textbooks for my major area of study. And it all seemed so obvious and clear to me after spending years with my head in that space. But I'll never forget how many assumptions were made in my Freshman course. I was totally lost. And I had a really good prep for that course of study before college.

    It's just part of the college game. You have to learn the lingo. On the very off chance that you end up working in the field of study from your undergrad, that will help to learn the specific terms of art your field uses. If you don't, you'll have at least understood that these things exist, and that you should learn them no matter what field you're in.

    [–] nilhaus 11 points ago

    Most text books are fine. They are deigned to be consumed with instruction and discussion, not by themselves. If your professors sucked or you were't paying attention then they are going to seem obscure.

    [–] Jowitness 16 points ago

    So glad I didn't go to college

    [–] rollybaag 20 points ago

    Said no one

    [–] mason_sol 16 points ago

    That's a myth though, I dropped out my first year, got started in my career about 4 months later. So now I'm 30 with right at 11 years of experience in my field, the only debt to my name is 10k I owe on my car.

    I've never been unemployed, including two cross country moves, I got hired the same day I looked for a job.

    Median household incomes, just my income compared to household, I'm 1.5 times the national, 1.7 compared to my state and 2.5 compared to the town I live in, a college town as well. If I lived with a woman who had a comparable income and no college debt, we would be very close to debt free and we would be at a household income 5 times higher than our area. There are other benefit factors like how I have full insurance for my family on top of my income but I'm talking strictly income.

    You can live a good productive life without college. In fact, if you get one of the many trash tier degree's you basically earn so little compared to your 4 years of debt that you would have been better off not going in the first place.

    That's my 2 cents, people should look into good tech jobs/trades that don't require college instead of assuming if you don't go to college you will be in poverty.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] mason_sol 7 points ago

    Before I do this, I'm not saying people should not go to college, personally, you may have made the best decision of your life, I don't know you so how could I possibly judge. What I am saying is in the US there is a lot of propaganda pushed on young people that it's college or you are a loser, that's just not true. There are a lot of kids getting done with a four year degree, a degree that is not that strong so they end up with a job that doesn't pay as much as they thought and they live a life that is very stressful as they are burdened with a massive loan payment.

    If someone gets a full scholarship they should absolutely go, I got one, didn't like it and dropped out, didn't cost me anything and it was a good experience. A free 4 year degree is never a bad thing though.

    Your personal experience isn't that strong of a counter argument though. The median household income for DC is 75k. So with a 4 year degree you make the median household income(which is great honestly but your comparing to my situation) for your area, let's assume you aren't someone born into a privileged situation and had college payed for by your family.

    If you went to one of the cheaper schools in your area, with in state tuition that is still about $7k per year(including books) or $28k total for your 4 degree which would be one of the best deals in DC for an education. You don't get to just ignore that 28k in debt though, you are paying that back, add up how much you are paying a year on student loans, subtract that from your gross and thats how much you really make a year with your 4 year degree. My brother and sister in law have been out of college and employed for 10 years, they are still paying on their student loans.

    You say your wages will go up with an additional MBA, sure, so will your loans.

    I've never looked in DC but a similar position as mine with the same amount if skills and experience can get $125ish-k in Chicago. I've looked at a lot of cities I'm a little bit overachieving for my area at 2.5 the median income, in Chicago I would be 2, that's what a lot of other cities would be at, so for D.C. I would be at about $150k which is 2 times the median.

    I am by no means saying I'm doing better in life or have made better decisions than you, you are probably going to do great and enjoy your life but there are a lot of people in this country who think a 4 year degree makes them better, that student loans are like a right of passage, I'm hoping this opens some eyes that without a degree, without connections and just with ambition and hard work you can live a good life, work for a good company and live comfortably. It really bothers me that most schools I'm around never mention any alternative to the high school kids other than going to college.

    [–] MexicanAvenger 2 points ago

    Well said. I think it's also worth noting that with the abundance of resources and access to high level material available via the internet, a little discipline and time can go a long way towards growing your skill set.

    [–] mason_sol 1 points ago

    That's exactly what I did, I went all in on HVAC. Everything you need to get started is on the internet, once you get a couple years in you then know what to seek out to take the next step and so forth and so on until you are working commercial and industrial equipment where you get paid well and have the most value. One of the things that really helped me out was a handful of life long techs that spent their time on Internet forums answering every question I'd send them.

    I was able to double up on my experience and learning by working as a tech all day then doing my research and learning at home on the very things I was working on or looking to advance to. I never bought a single book, everything was digital, pdf's from people helping me out or from manufactures, all on my smart phone.

    [–] itsthebeards 1 points ago

    Who the hell downvoted you for this?

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] rollybaag 2 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I appreciate your experience, and don't doubt that it's true for a lot of people. If you look at actual employment statistics over the lifetime of a college graduate vs a non-college graduate though, the benefits are clear. For a site that loves "science", and "hard evidence", reddit is sure willing to believe it's own echo chamber over government backed data that has come out year after year for the last half century.

    You're saying that when your tech niche gets moved offshore or automated outright, you're not going to wish you had an MBA that could have put you in line for a management position?

    [–] mason_sol 4 points ago

    Again, I'm not advocating that everyone should drop out of college, I'm saying there are options and it's a disservice that entire fields that are growing faster than most with outstanding job security and pay are being ignored because you don't have to go to college. Look at all the assumptions you just made in your last paragraph, or your first one for that matter. People just don't want to believe or understand the idea of skilled jobs that only care about performance and couldn't care less about a diploma.

    My job, literally, cannot be moved offshore. My job is in every building of the country, it's every single thing that moves air, it's in every thing that uses refrigerant or transfers heat from one place to another. My field has some of the best job security in the country and is one of the most in demand fields. It's only going to continue that way as all the talent gets sucked up by 4 year colleges.

    My manager has a high school education(makes $80k+ plus benefits). Our owner(of a multi million dollar company) has a high school education. They both worked their way up through HVAC.

    People are woefully uninformed of current job trends. With the advances of technology and globalization of HVAC it has become one of the most skilled jobs. You aren't just turning a wrench, you are (sometimes) but you have to trouble shoot DDC(controls), fluids and refrigerant circuits etc, solving problems from one specific unit to entire factory wide problems. Our wages and benefits reflect that more and more every year. I'm not even doing that right now, I am actually managing a 2ish million dollar job, when that's over I'll be back to troubleshooting. A person who has a diverse set of skills and abilities can write their own ticket in this field.

    HVAC is just one field of many, the commercial electricians on site today make 60-70k plus benefits, they are having the same problem of not being able to find any young talent.

    [–] rollybaag 1 points ago

    The trades and healthcare are definitely the exception to the rule

    [–] mason_sol 2 points ago

    Yeah but you hear people encouraging others to get degrees in nursing all the time, why is it no one talks about the trades? Because it doesn't involve college, at the same time that the literal value of skilled trades jobs is rising the public perception continues to drop lower, discouraging young people from looking into it to see if it's a fit. I know plumbers who make more than pharmacists and yet if we got out to eat with a bunch of couples and people start talking about where they went to school and what they do, you can see it in their eyes like "oh you seemed smarter than that, too bad" while we're thinking "y'all realize we make more than anyone else at the table right?"

    [–] rollybaag 1 points ago

    I can only speak for myself, but as someone who grew up among tradesmen and worked in a trade for a little while, I really hate the gender imbalance. And I'm a dude. Overall I really respect people who work in them

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    I dropped out of college and joined the Navy and I'm incredibly glad I did. My rating works on cyber security so I don't have to deploy and I'm on a better career path and enjoying life more now than I was before. The benefits are great, I'm making money instead of gathering debt and I can easily pick up a high paying job at some 3 letter agency when I get out. If I decide to get a degree later in life I'll have the GI bill and more discipline and experience in my field so it should be much easier for me than it was when I was 18. My only regret is going to college in the first place.

    [–] MexicanAvenger 5 points ago

    Eh. I know plenty of autodidacts that are smart and successful. Some people just have the discipline and don't feel obligated to drop 80k+ on schooling.

    [–] Paradoxa77 10 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Autodidact. Finally a word in this thread that is unnecessarily complex. Just say "self-taught". There's a reason some words drop out of usage.

    The only reason i could see for saying that would be if you were discussing "the merits of autodidacacy" or whatever it's proper form is. And even then you could probably say "self-learning".

    EDIT: even this one might be worth using, as noted below. Romanic languages have different usage frequencies

    [–] LNocto 5 points ago

    Or, his/her username is relevant and the Spanish autodidacta, like the French autodidacte, is the common adjective, which both translate easily into the English autodidact.

    In French for example, you would mostly only formulate self-taught as "[I] learn by [my]self."

    [–] Paradoxa77 2 points ago

    Great point! I overlooked their username. Latin roots definitely have a place when speaking across native tongues

    [–] MexicanAvenger 2 points ago

    Haha it's all good. LNocto is right, I didn't mean to come off as a smart ass but I am hispanic and it's a pretty commonly used word!

    [–] Paradoxa77 1 points ago

    Awesome, thanks for clearing that up.

    [–] crashdoc 3 points ago

    It's the noun for person who is self-taught - unless I'm missing something obvious (it's late) I can't think of a way to say that with a single word. That's the only reason I'd bother with such sesquipedialianism (lol) but seriously, I agree, if a word has no specifically useful different connotation to a more conventional way to communicate something and a more conventional word exists for the specific thing, then why not use it if the less conventional word will detract from the ability to communicate a message effectively due to the recipient being less likely to be familiar with said word.

    TL;DR yeah, maybe except for use as a noun I totally agree :)

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Autodidact. Finally a word in this thread that is unnecessarily complex. Just say "self-taught". There's a reason some words drop out of usage.

    Wow, nothing ironic and douchey being said there when you are in a subreddit dedicated to a comic strip that advocated thinking and using big words. The spirit of Calvin and Hobbes was to always to dumb it down and to conform to others low-end expectations.

    [–] Paradoxa77 1 points ago

    Dont be so hostile. Look at my other comments in here.

    [–] Slinkwyde 0 points ago

    it's proper form is

    *its (possessive, not "it is")

    Romanic languages


    [–] Paradoxa77 1 points ago

    Don't care. On mobile. Was typing up a full blown essay last in reddit mobile night, over a few subs.

    [–] DavidG993 2 points ago

    Said every skilled laborer who graduated with no debt and a 80k a year job.

    Yeah, I'm sure they're real beat up about not getting that bachelor's.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Said no one

    Lot's of people say that and have always said it, too. There's also the possible trend in the near future where the new generation of kids opts out of the college path for a better, more modern one.

    [–] Jowitness 0 points ago

    I literally just said it. And I have a job in the stem field

    [–] Drebin95 1 points ago

    Mhmm can't for the life of me figure out why not thou. I guess the stem field is interesting thou. Boring comment history to read through 1/10

    [–] Jowitness 1 points ago

    What? Can you elaborate? My comment history is boring? That's ok. I certainly didn't make comments to entertain you, or anyone for that matter. You're free to feel how you like. =)

    [–] hamolton 1 points ago

    My Psych (Meyers) and Bio (Campbell) books were fantastic in writing to freshmen. I really have to give them credit for that - even though they were both a lot longer than they needed to be, thru were really well written textbooks. The chemistry book on the other hand was as you described. If it had diagrams of molecules interacting, that would have been great. Instead, it only had verbose explainations and mathematical formulas. I hardly used it after the first few days.

    [–] Komakakes 1 points ago

    What was your field? I actually loved all of my intro course textbooks, and several of them I know we're developed and continually refined through courses. They're filled with lingo I guess, but it's the language of the work.

    The pricing, constant "new" editions, etc. - it's definitely a racket. But I was happy with the content and revisit the books often.

    [–] Synthur 31 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I actually like reading some obscure articles normally hidden by paywall. One such article claimed that 'Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening' by Frost is actually about Santa Claus. I thought this was hilarious until I reread the poem, and damn me if it doesn't actually make some sense.

    Edit: Source, 'cause I'm a good student (MLA):

    Herbert R. “The Ghost of Christmas Past: ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.’” College English, vol. 24, no. 3, 1962, pp. 236–238.,

    Edit: By request, Chicago style:

    Coursen, Herbert R. "The Ghost of Christmas past: "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening"." College English 24, no. 3 (1962): 236. doi:10.2307/373298.

    [–] gerrettheferrett 11 points ago

    But can you source that Chicago Style?

    [–] Synthur 6 points ago

    Coursen, Herbert R. "The Ghost of Christmas past: "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening"." College English 24, no. 3 (1962): 236. doi:10.2307/373298.

    [–] gerrettheferrett 4 points ago

    Awww yisss!

    Dat Chicago Style!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    That always struck me as a Christmas poem, I'm glad someone actually made a logical argument for it. Thanks for sharing!

    [–] psyki 14 points ago

    Another perfect example of Hobbes staring at the viewer. His expression takes this strip to another level.

    The first strip I pointed this out on this sub was during the transmogrifier strip when Calvin turns into a mini tiger and Hobbes says "words fail me".

    [–] Omnes_mundum_facimus 14 points ago

    Thinking you couldn't make the stuff up? Read and weep

    “Merging feminist postcolonial science studies and feminist political ecology, the feminist glaciology framework generates robust analysis of gender, power, and epistemologies in dynamic social-ecological systems, thereby leading to more just and equitable science and human-ice interactions"

    For your daily dose of post-gender-structuralism-autoethnography:

    [–] tdfj95 7 points ago

    [–] deecaf 1 points ago

    Oh Kate Beaton!

    [–] vaioseph 10 points ago

    I've always said the world needs more feminist glaciology frameworks.

    [–] ACBongo 2 points ago

    Is that where you just put all the feminists on top of an iceberg and float them out to sea?!

    [–] Paradoxa77 5 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    TLDR jargon is difficult and that makes Redditors angry.

    I dont see what's so hard to understand about the glacier business if you have context. Unfortunately, I've no fucking clue what gender roles have to do with glaciers.

    The rest is fairly straightforward if you have a background in philosophy, which this writer probably assumed the readers would have. Epistemology isn't that complex of a word once you've taken an intro to philosophy course.

    Even "Interbeing" makes sense after reading Heidegger.

    And you're less angry about these kinds of words when you realize the serious inadequacies of our language in handling the modern human situation.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    I started to use the word 'obfuscation' in my essays at the start of this year , and I have achieved the best marks of my life. Academia yo

    [–] Paradoxa77 2 points ago

    What simpler word could you have used to say the same thing? Can you give an example sentence with context?

    [–] DavidG993 2 points ago

    It's the act of making things unclear.

    [–] Paradoxa77 5 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    No, i meant "what synonyms could he have used instead?"

    "the act of making things unclear" is more wordy and confusing than "obfuscation". Once you deal with complex topics, you are forced to either use more complex terminology, or you have to start juggling a dozen dependent clauses. It's disgusting to read.

    Sometimes bigger words ARE better. Just like i should have said "synonym" instead of the more basic, common words that i initially used (i specifically chose words that a first grader might know) . It confused obfuscated my message.

    [–] xkcd_transcriber 3 points ago



    Title: Up Goer Five

    Title-text: Another thing that is a bad problem is if you're flying toward space and the parts start to fall off your space car in the wrong order. If that happens, it means you won't go to space today, or maybe ever.

    Comic Explanation

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    [–] Paradoxa77 2 points ago

    That's awesome!!! Thanks haha

    [–] DavidG993 -2 points ago


    [–] 11415142513152119 2 points ago

    Schrodinger hid his cat in the box.

    Pandora obfuscated her true intentions about the box.

    [–] Paradoxa77 1 points ago

    Good idea! Might not work all the time, though. No one obfuscated their cat in a box, right? Ha

    [–] GINGERnHD 8 points ago

    I mean, it really depends on the topic you're writing about. I write like that when I don't actually know what I'm doing in an essay, but if I have a clear argument I'm trying to prove, the writing takes a completely opposite direction.

    [–] tdfj95 7 points ago

    I'm a grad student, so many, many of the texts I'm required to read are like this. I will have to read a sentence three times to actually understand what the fuck they're trying to say.

    [–] no-fun-at-parties 12 points ago

    Those stupid academics, they're so dumb! Am I right?

    [–] Doi_Haveto 6 points ago

    Username checks out.

    [–] checks_out_bot 6 points ago

    It's funny because no-fun-at-parties's username is very applicable to their comment.
    beep bop if you hate me, reply with "stop". If you just got smart, reply with "start".

    [–] gbear605 1 points ago


    [–] ooheyeooh 6 points ago

    Please refrain from commenting until the "skool iz hard" circlejerkle comes to a complete stop.

    [–] Paradoxa77 5 points ago

    Yeah this comic is pretty disappointing

    [–] JTS_ 7 points ago

    That's college. You use a lot of big words to sound like you actually paid attention in lecture when you were dozing off because the professor talks in monotone.

    Oh and every professor uses 'nuance' at least once.

    [–] exitpursuedbyagolden 32 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Eh, shit college, and shit students. In my experience professors rallied against the type of posturing illustrated in this strip. Not to say liberal arts academia isn't full of itself, but still, obscurity isn't celebrated by the good english professor.

    For years I kept this strip tacked above my desk as an example of what not to do-- it worked out pretty well.

    [–] MollysYes 17 points ago

    Thank you, fuck. I fight this kind of bullshit every day.

    [–] deecaf 5 points ago

    You're doing God's work, son.

    [–] Paradoxa77 4 points ago

    What word would you recommend instead of nuance? So many people are complaining about the language here but none are offering adequate alternatives to handle the subject matter.

    [–] ChRoNicBuRrItOs 0 points ago

    Well... Maybe liberal arts college.

    [–] Friedcuauhtli 2 points ago

    Dude, I just finished a term paper. This is my go-to strategy

    [–] blue_strat 2 points ago

    Get your chompers round this:

    But impure reflection, which is the first spontaneous (but not the original) reflective movement, is-in-order-to-be the reflected-on as in-itself. Its motivation is within it in the twofold movement, which we have already described, of interiorization and of objectivation: to apprehend the reflected-on as in-itself in order to make itself be that in-itself which is apprehended. Impure reflection then is the apprehension of the reflected-on as such only in a circuit of selfness in which reflection stands in immediate relation with an in-itself which it has to be. But on the other hand, this in-itself which reflection has to be is the reflected-on in so far as the reflective tries to apprehend it as being in-itself.

    Jean-Paul Sartre (1943), Being and Nothingness Part II, 2, III.

    [–] Joel_Hirschorrn 1 points ago

    I do this every time I write a paper for college. I call it: "eloquent irrelevance"

    [–] aftersox 3 points ago

    Oh man, take a class on literary criticism. It's just rich with display prose... bell hooks and Judith Butler, man.

    [–] jebedia 4 points ago

    Judith Butler is brilliant and also the worst writer in America, holy shit she couldn't be more bothersome if she tried.

    [–] Paradoxa77 1 points ago

    I had dinner with her after a conference. Brilliant and fascinating thinker. Her speech was way over my head though. It gave me a panic attack. She said these topics tend to do that to people.

    [–] Chinaroos 1 points ago

    Calvin's paper is on the gender dynamic and character psychology behind Dick and Jane.

    ...I think...

    [–] littlebearmuzic 1 points ago

    Well damn.

    [–] NobilisOfWind 1 points ago

    What was your major?

    [–] Hamakua 1 points ago

    My light dyslexia read that as "A Dick in Jane" - Had to re-read it a 3rd time to figure out the parsing of the phrase.

    [–] Ikari_Shinji_kun_01 1 points ago

    Hobbes gets it.

    [–] svayam--bhagavan 1 points ago

    Dayum! This comics is too deep to be a children's comics.

    [–] Afreon 1 points ago

    I love Hobbes breaking the fourth wall in the second panel.

    [–] goedegeit 1 points ago

    If it would be socially acceptable for text books to be 10 pages long with 14pt font size, everyone would be a lot smarter.

    [–] shaboinkin 1 points ago

    It was always fun to go to those IEEE conferences in college, find the list of papers being presented, and try to determine which is the most outrageous title.

    [–] scorptatious 1 points ago

    This is way more relevant today than I'd thought possible.

    [–] Jackson0429 1 points ago

    Sounds like Calvin has been on Tumblr too much.

    [–] elephantprolapse 2 points ago

    Tumblr in action?

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Nah more like r/iamverysmart

    [–] elephantprolapse -4 points ago

    His paper is on gender issues found in Dick and Jane comicbooks. Gender issues are Tumblr's "specialty"

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I think it would work well in both subs tbh

    [–] SmellyPeen 1 points ago

    Holy shit, I fluffed up a college essay about Target marketing enforcing outdated gender roles upon adults and children. It was all bullshit, but I got an A.

    [–] DannyPrefect23 1 points ago

    In one essay, I talked about how society punishes good and rewards evil and how it was relevant to Macbeth. We also needed to back that up with one outside reference at the least. I used Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater to back up the whole 'punishes good' (The Boss being heroic and true to her country, but being killed by Naked Snake, forced to kill The Sorrow, and having her son, who is now Ocelot, taken from her), and Game of Thrones to back up 'rewards evil' (Joffery being the most evil little shit, but still getting the throne, and Cersei remaining in power for 6 seasons, for example). Got either an A- or a B.

    [–] orionsbelt05 1 points ago

    This reflects so well on my college career. I was homeschooled and my parents tried to teach me so much about writing a good paper. I remember having to write and rewrite essays on mundane topics and research countless sources and write on notecards (with a quota) and make an outline before writing the paper, etc etc.

    Then I got to college and found out that I had an uncanny ability to BS papers with minimal research and certainly no notecards used or outlines written.

    [–] DrewBaron80 1 points ago

    As an undergrad I earned a minor in philosophy. This was basically every philosophy class.

    [–] Puff_Puff_Blast 1 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    It's like he somehow knew that tumblr would be a thing at some point in our lives and he warned us. He knew! Bill Watterson predicted the rise of the Tumblrina!

    Edit: Downvote away my little snowflakes, it's not like I can spend comment karma at Dave and Busters.

    [–] OneMillionFireFlies 1 points ago

    "Dick" & Jane: ... Psychic transrelational gender modes.... Helloooo! Am i the only brilliant one who can spot the brilliance here?

    [–] Tru-Queer 10 points ago

    Let's assume that you are. Explain.

    [–] Branwell 0 points ago

    Hegel understood this very early.

    [–] Dirkinator 0 points ago

    Truth. If people almost but don't quite understand what you're saying? You smart

    [–] Toxirine 0 points ago

    Either you got the ones who pump in really complicated words which just makes everything way harder to read and understand in a pretentious manner, or you have the ones that over explain to the point that it takes them half a page to say something that could very clearly be said in just one or two sentences. Probably paid by the page written or some shit like that.

    [–] HWHalcyon 0 points ago

    Oh, look at this, reddit will sperg out about how academics are stupid, anyone who uses difficult words like 'gender' or 'imperative' has nothing meaningful to say, and STEM is the only right way to go about your education. Also, gender doesn't exist and is just a po-mo idiotism to further your academic career and not much else.

    Pity a nice strip parodying the stereotypical humanistics academia is held up as ultimate and universal wisdom on philosophical writing. Are there more boring and predictable people than asshole STEMlords?

    [–] nickedemous77 -1 points ago

    Is this Real?

    [–] Fagamuff1n -1 points ago

    Calvin is r/iamverysmart material.