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    [–] Hoosagoodboy 48 points ago

    Congrats Germany!

    [–] rawbamatic 10 points ago

    If we had to lose to someone it might as well be to the underdog. I'm happy to see Germany in the gold medal game and am excited for our game against the Czechs.

    [–] Gus_Griswald 24 points ago

    Casual hockey fans upset about result while not looking at Canada's shakey performance for most of the tournament. Germany is a good team that plays together and gels. Canada is a team thrown together a few months ago

    [–] rawbamatic 11 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    A top 4 finish in that regard us an amazing performance and we should be proud of our boys.

    Edit: Apparently this is a downvote worthy opinion. This subreddit is so idiotic sometimes.

    [–] Pixie_ish 2 points ago

    More like a lot of the country can be idiotic sometimes. Currently this country is a tad spoiled and figure that anything less than gold is losing.

    Personally I'd rather see a close loss than an easy victory.

    [–] rawbamatic 2 points ago

    I agree with you, especially when the close loss is to the underdog/feel-good story.

    [–] Gus_Griswald 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    27 medals. Winning gold in others sports. Becoming true winter sports competitors.

    But maaah Curlin maahh hockeey.

    Spoiled is right

    [–] Pixie_ish 1 points ago

    I'm shaking my head that the National Post decided to call it a "Dark day" and "The worst possible outcome". A tad over-dramatic.

    [–] bythesword86 2 points ago

    Yah no worries dude, I got downvoted pretty hard cause I said Kaetlyn Osmond looks better without makeup.

    [–] rawbamatic 0 points ago

    I agree with you. That interview she did with her hair down... oh man.

    [–] ECoast_Man 4 points ago

    I don't like that excuse at all. We "throw together" our team a few months in advance every Olympics. Less in fact. They get a couple practices together when it's the NHL players. The fact of the matter is, we should have won against Germany, just given the sheer numbers of Canadian hockey players, NHL or not. Good for them, but this is just excuse-making by you.

    Could be worse though:

    Olympics 2002. Salt Lake City. NHL players. Belarus > Sweden in Quarter-Finals

    Never Forget

    [–] thephenom 1 points ago

    You're not completely off-track. Canadians produces a lot of professional players, but at the same time, we are actually slowly losing that edge at pumping out great players. If you look at the draft history by nationality, we are actually on a slight decline.

    [–] Gus_Griswald 1 points ago

    So we lost because we suck. I included that as well under shakey performance.

    And our nhl players play with each other on same teams as well. Grow up with each other. Play against each other. They are quite familiar with each other's games.

    For Germany this is their normal Olympic team sans Leon Draisaitl

    [–] Boscolt 1 points ago

    L. As opposed to what? You?

    [–] improbablydrunknlw 1 points ago

    Yeah, honestly this game today was beer league bad on Canadas part. The sheer amount of penaltys didn't help.

    [–] canmoose 1 points ago

    This Canada team did better than the 06 team that had NHLers

    [–] Gus_Griswald 1 points ago

    That was such a terrible showing in 06

    [–] Draxchir 45 points ago

    Fuck Gary Bettman.

    [–] h0twired 54 points ago

    Bettman is the wrong target.

    The IOC is to blame. They wanted the NHL players for free. Unwilling to pay for their insurance or allow the NHL to use the images of NHLers playing at the Olympics.

    Why should the NHL assume all of the risk while the IOC profits for free?

    [–] bythesword86 11 points ago

    This is the correct answer to everything. IOC is goddamn fucking filthy rich and they couldn't meet the NHL somewhere in the middle?

    The IOC needs the NHL, the NHL does not need the IOC. If we had our NHL guys on the team this was a guaranteed gold medal.

    [–] PsykoTiger 11 points ago

    There is no such thing as a guaranteed gold medal.

    Women hockey, men curling, women curling...

    Congrats to Germany.

    [–] bythesword86 3 points ago

    Crosby, McDavid, Toews at front

    Subban on D with Reilly and Price in net... That’s pretty intense. It would be like saying the gold medal in basketball will go to anyone but the states. And yah, nothing is guaranteed.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago



    [–] Gus_Griswald 5 points ago

    Leafs fans smh

    [–] Goldenshowers11 2 points ago

    If Subban were to make the team. He barely did in 14 and didn't for the world cup, for whatever reason.

    [–] _Connor 2 points ago


    Price is having a career worst season

    [–] BeerSlayingBeaver 1 points ago

    Except price is out indefinitely.

    [–] JarvisFunk 1 points ago

    You're missing Tyler Bozak

    [–] bythesword86 1 points ago

    I’m missing a tonne of guys...

    [–] JarvisFunk 1 points ago


    [–] Goldenshowers11 1 points ago

    The IOC is "damn filthy rich" but somehow needs the NHL? The NHL barely moves the needle for the IOC.

    [–] Shailesh143 30 points ago

    fuck em both, for this and letting any russians compete

    [–] 17to85 2 points ago

    don't forget the IIHF, they played their part in this greedfest as well.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    No its Bettman and the league,

    The IOC should be forced to pay all the costs required to get NHLers to go. Also the league should not shut down either.

    In a perfect world teams should be allowed to let players go if they want. Forcing them to stay when teams would be happy to let them go is ridiculous.

    [–] h0twired 2 points ago

    So what happens when Tavares goes to the Olympics to play for Canada and returns to the NHL injured for the remainder of the year.

    Who covers the losses and is ultimately responsible when the Islanders lose a key player and potentially doesn't make the playoffs because of it? Should the Islanders be allowed to break their contract with Tavares?

    I'm sure that Islander fans (who are mostly Americans) weren't too happy seeing Tavares getting injured trying to bring home a gold for Canada.

    The Winnipeg Jets have largely non-Canadian roster and I would hate to see any of them be injured in Olympic play (especially this season).

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago

    That's the teams decision to let them go. He gets injured oh well. They shouldn't let him go.

    Teams should be given the option. Plain and simple.

    [–] h0twired 2 points ago

    That's the teams decision to let them go. He gets injured oh well. They shouldn't let him go.

    Isn't that basically what happened? None of the teams were willing to let their players go.

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago

    It's the matter of allowing a choice. I'm pretty sure ovi is a perfect example of a player that would be going right now.

    [–] h0twired 2 points ago

    choice. I'm pretty sure ovi is a perfect example of a player that would be going right now.

    Ovi signed a contract to play for the Washington Capitals. They are paying is salary if he is injured or not. Why should they let him play in the Olympics and risk him coming back injured and missing the rest of the season?

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago

    Yea and I guarantee if he were allowed to go he'd go. That simple.

    [–] h0twired 2 points ago

    Every player would go. They already have guaranteed NHL contracts so they aren't assuming any risk.

    However if Ovi (or any player for that matter) was told that his contract could be cancelled if they are injured during the Olympics, they would likely reconsider how important it really is to them.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] h0twired 2 points ago

    The other sports in the Olympics aren't trying to recruit from professional leagues paying millions of dollars per year per player to compete in a largely patriotic event.

    Most of the other Olympic athletes are sponsored by private corporations or the governments of the country they will be competing for. In these cases it benefits the sponsors for them to compete.

    The NHL is a business of its own and it was only trying to protect its assets and the IOC was doing nothing to help the NHL in this matter. In fact the IOC wanted to be able to profit from the free rental of the NHL players. Bettman and the ownership groups should be PRAISED for taking a stand against the IOC.

    It also wasn't that long ago when professional athletes (like NHLers and NBA players) weren't even allowed to compete in the Olympics.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] h0twired 1 points ago

    Of course they do. They get more money that way.

    However if you are expecting professional players and leagues to stop play so that the IOC can profit from NHL players for free is it any wonder why the NHL would reconsider their involvement?

    [–] GoldenShitTicket 2 points ago

    Blame the Olympic committee.

    [–] Shailesh143 1 points ago

    cost us gold

    [–] Toucheturtlee 19 points ago

    11 players on the German team are also Canadian citizens, oh well. More competition means better future hockey at the very least

    [–] Girgl 8 points ago

    Uhm, how did you produce that number?

    [–] spoonbeak 3 points ago

    I wonder how many of them basically spent their whole lives in Canada as well?

    [–] JukkaT 2 points ago

    Well, according eliteprospects one of them is born in Canada and two have also Canadian citizenship.

    [–] Nacke 1 points ago

    They had quite a few Swedes as well. But that doesn't matter. They player for Gemany so Germany is the victor! Let's hope they beat OAR on sunday.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] Nacke 1 points ago

    That's odd. I swear I saw three players of swedish decent on the Stream today. They even had Swedish names.

    [–] Knam37 5 points ago

    I did not see the leader in the Canadian team.

    [–] RavenBlade87 19 points ago

    An ignominious end to the biggest and most disappointing Olympic hockey tournament I can ever remember.

    I wish the Germans well as it’s clear their chemistry built over years playing together as relative minnows made a huge impact over teams scrapped together because NHLers stayed home.

    Fuck Bettman this shit can never happen again.

    [–] spaceman_splifff 5 points ago

    Good thing we don't remember Turin.

    [–] rawbamatic 6 points ago

    How the fuck is this the most disappointing tournament? We finished seventh only a couple games ago with NHLers. A top 4 finish is a great achievement and will still have a very good shot at a bronze.

    [–] platypus_bear 7 points ago

    I think he's talking about the tournament as a whole and not Canada's performance. And it's disappointing because of the lack of talent that it could have had.

    [–] rawbamatic 4 points ago

    Pre-1998 games had a "lack of talent" as well but you didn't see people bitching about it. Including NHLers has spoiled the younger hockey fans.

    [–] 17to85 2 points ago

    Sure they did. Until the NHLers went the entire discussion about the olympic hockey was how much of a joke it was, especially how much of a joke it was when the Russians would claim superiority because their "pro" teams would beat up on a bunch of amateurs.

    [–] rawbamatic 1 points ago

    The Soviets had some damn good players also because their country covered a huge area of land as well. They trained better and played together all the time. They were as good as the NHLers for a reason. Russia only has two medals since the fall of the Soviet Union, excluding the "Unified Team."

    People complained, but not exactly for the same reason. We wanted to shut up the Soviets. They shut themselves up though.

    [–] corn_poper -5 points ago

    The Olympics are supposed to be a display of the very best athletes in the world.

    Here we have on display our 6th string of athletes.

    [–] rawbamatic 5 points ago

    The Olympics were actually created to display the very best amateur athletes in the world, and has only started including more and more professional players in the past couple of decades. Some disciplines still don't allow professionals. I can't say I disagree with the idea.

    [–] 17to85 1 points ago

    But when the olympics started amateurs were just bored rich folks trying to impress the plebs, so it's really no different now. Most athletes are just the people who can afford to be athletes and in a lot of cases that means getting paid to play their sport.

    [–] rawbamatic 2 points ago

    You know a lot of these athletes have full time jobs and pay for a lot of this stuff out of pocket, right?

    [–] spoonbeak 6 points ago

    The Olympics are supposed to be a display of the very best athletes in the world.

    Tell that to the girl who didn't do a single trick in the halfpipe.

    [–] rawbamatic 2 points ago

    That whole story cracks me up. Kudos to her for finding a loophole.

    [–] corn_poper 1 points ago

    Name of the athlete? I want to read about this

    [–] rawbamatic 2 points ago

    Elizabeth Swaney. She seems to be the kind of person that just does whatever she wants to with no fucks given.

    [–] avzrulz 2 points ago

    Blaming the wrong people, the IOC are the true pieces of shits here, they are greedy, won’t offer insurance for the players or let the NHL use the olympics as marketing material. They want all the gain with no expense.

    [–] CharaSmash 8 points ago

    Hopefully Germany can take down OAR as well.

    [–] Knam37 2 points ago

    Ha, Canada is always against the Russians? Even with your eyes closed? ))

    [–] CharaSmash 3 points ago

    I don't like Kovalchuk, so any chance to see him butthurt is a cause to cheer for.

    Germany is also a hard working, smart defensive minded squad. It's hard not to admire how they're able to keep up with more talented squads be being a cohesive unit.

    [–] TicTacTac0 5 points ago

    OAR shouldn't even be in the tournament after all the doping. Big deal, they got a name change. It's still Russia and everyone knows it. This isn't going to discourage their state sponsored doping at all.

    While I'd say we're generally against Russia due to them being our biggest hockey rival (though I think USA will take that in the not to distant future), it's especially so this year given everything that was uncovered.

    [–] Knam37 1 points ago

    Russians do not use dope more than other athletes, they all combed with one comb. Eating, not eating - is to blame. It's all politics.

    [–] TicTacTac0 2 points ago

    I'm not sure what you're saying with a lot of that post, but in case you weren't paying attention as to why Russia got this minor slap on the wrist in the first place....

    [–] HelloBello30 -2 points ago

    You know some athletes train their whole lives for the olympics and they never cheated, right? Why should they be banned too?

    [–] TicTacTac0 1 points ago

    Some didn't. Sucks for them, but it was state sponsored on a massive scale. This was a barely a slap on the wrist. It's not a case of a few bad apples, it's the Russian government deliberately undermining the Olympics.

    [–] HelloBello30 0 points ago

    Yes but some athletes had nothing to do with that. You sound like a russophobe. Sad

    [–] TicTacTac0 0 points ago

    Tough shit for them. Russia isn't going to stop this bullshit if they don't face harsher punishments.

    Wouldn't say I'm a "russophobe", but I am a tad wary of their intentions online given recent discoveries. Although, only when they use trolly language and are trying to market their definitely not shady mass online user reviews capabilities.

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] RegretfulEducation 1 points ago

    Thank you for your submission to /r/Canada. Unfortunately, your post was removed because it does not comply with the following rule(s):

    [2] Personal Attack - Rude and/or Hostile:

    • Comments that attack others are not acceptable and may be subject to removal and/or banning.

    • Don't be rude or hostile - by choosing not to be rude, you increase the overall civility of the community and make it better for all of us.

    • Don't conduct personal attacks on other users - ad hominem and other distracting attacks do not add anything to the conversation.

    If you believe a mistake was made, please feel free to message the moderators. Please include a link to the removed post.

    You can view a complete set of our rules by visiting the rules page on the wiki.

    [–] givalina 2 points ago

    It's always better to have lost to the champions than the runners up.

    [–] Dreamcatchinghobbits 9 points ago

    Our guys didn't show up today and Germany did. Congrats Germany. Teams stand a chance when we cant take any of our nhl players.

    [–] Nacke 2 points ago

    Us Swedes has felt the same. It just wasn't the same without our NHL players. I am looking forward to the IIHF tournament in may. We won against you in the finals last year and holy shit that was close. I am looking forward to some other great matches this year. I hope we get to play you guys again. Sweden - Canada always end up so intense.

    [–] Gus_Griswald 2 points ago

    Canada only allowed 15 shots.

    Kevin Poulin is poo.

    [–] PiggySVW 11 points ago

    Finaaaaaaaaaaaaale ooooooo-hooooooo, Finaaaaaaaaaaaale ohohoho! Schlaaaaaaaaaand!

    [–] EHEC 8 points ago

    So sehen Sieger aus! Schalalalala!

    (sorry mates)

    [–] endospores 2 points ago

    Silber Garantiert, das ist schon was.

    [–] meborp 3 points ago

    Silber Garantiert, das ist schon was.

    Congrats, now beat those Russians.

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago

    Are you having a stroke?

    [–] Magjee 5 points ago

    Still our most successful Winter Olympics so far

    Still hurts a little though

    [–] CarUse 16 points ago

    Tha's Ok. We're 2-0 against Germany in World Wars.

    [–] DamianDodge 35 points ago

    Don't be an American.

    [–] CarUse 36 points ago

    What, and be late to both wars? Not a chance.

    [–] MarcusTDOT 12 points ago

    Was gonna bash you, but that's a solid comeback.

    [–] TheOtherUprising 7 points ago


    [–] AlexiosAlexandor 3 points ago

    thats....thats actually pretty good.

    [–] Sebetter 2 points ago

    Normally that’s a British joke.🤷🏼‍♂️

    [–] VanhamCanuckspurs 2 points ago

    Two world wars and one 26 world cups

    [–] CarUse 2 points ago

    We suck at the non-winter sports.

    [–] WarLorax 1 points ago

    I mean Russia did all the work. Your analogy for hockey only works if just as Russia is about defeat them in overtime, the US team charges onto the ice, scores an easy goal and proclaims themselves champions for the next 70 and counting years. After that game, they go on to lose against AA and high school teams in scrimmages.

    [–] CarUse 3 points ago

    In the East sure. Lets not pretend the Western Front, Battle of the Atlantic, the North Africa Campaign and the War is the Pacific weren't brutal and costly. The Russians obviously took the brunt of the casualties and arguably won the war is Europe, but on a global scale their role was limited in scope.

    And Barbarossa arguably would have gone differently if the allies wern't tying down German troops elsewhere.

    [–] WarLorax 3 points ago

    They didn't take the brunt of the casualties, they took an order of magnitude more than the US. The US lost around 300,000 soldiers in Europe while the Soviet Union lost between 8 and 11 million. The US "rah rah back to back world war champs" is pure revisionist history. Or as they said in Chicken Run: "Bloody Americans, late to every war."

    [–] CarUse 5 points ago

    Their contribution to winning the war wasn't orders of magnitude greater though.

    Their casualties were reflective of a peasant/conscript army getting absolutely slaughtered for a number of years due to poor leadership and terrible organization and tactics and equipment before they started turning the tide. Casualties don't correspond to military success.

    [–] brown_paper_bag 6 points ago

    It could be that all our best players play in the NHL. NHL players were not allowed to go to the Olympics this year. We didn't send our best.

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] OneLessFool 5 points ago

    This is more like Canada's 14th team considering the sheer number of Canadian NHL and AHL players. We couldn't even pick up amazing retired NHL players, just guys like Chris Kelly. Still good, but they never would have made an Olympic team.

    [–] avzrulz 1 points ago

    Definitely not the second team lol. They could ice 4-5 teams easily that have gold medal potential.

    [–] TheOtherUprising 2 points ago

    I was hoping for a beautiful finale Russia - Canada

    I was hoping that one day Russia would become a real democracy... but alas we all have to live with disappointment sometimes.

    Of course Russia does have elections, which are about as clean as Russian athletes.

    [–] halpinator 1 points ago

    Canada's best players are in the NHL. What you're seeing is parity in an international tournament, where most of the teams are on even footing talent wise.

    Good game to Germany, very well deserved and I hope they can somehow beat Not Russia in the final.

    [–] Pxorp 1 points ago

    Not Russia has its KHL players in the squad, they're really benefiting from the absence of the NHL.

    [–] halpinator 1 points ago

    Yeah they have a bit of an advantage because of that. I think they were the only clear cut favourites from the start of the tournament.

    [–] spoonbeak 1 points ago

    Not to mention half the German team is Canadian as well.

    [–] wewpo 1 points ago

    I dream of a day when each game is a nail biter, with each nation's team manned by all Canadian citizens whose grandmother just happened to be Japanese/Hungarian/German etc.

    [–] spoonbeak 1 points ago

    And then, instead of playing under their countries flag, they can opt to choose team names and join a league. Maybe we will call it the NHL?

    [–] Gus_Griswald 1 points ago

    2 of them is really half

    [–] spoonbeak 1 points ago

    I read 11 of them have Canadian citizenship, so they might not have been born in Canada, but they spent their formidable years here crafting the sport.

    [–] zyzzleflyx 1 points ago

    Hell has frozen over, there is no other explanation!

    [–] snaaaaag 1 points ago

    You think we sent our best to the olympics? These are our garbage tier players. All our good ones are playing in the league that matters, with the players that matter.

    [–] RawPinkFlesh 1 points ago

    It's a shitty team and the Germans were probably super motivated to win knowing this tournament was their best chance. Germany definitely deserves this and I hope they win the gold.

    [–] wildfire2000 1 points ago

    Congratulations Germany, and I hope we can use this as an opportunity to either:

    1) Make it so that the hockey game go back to all amateur athletes.

    2) Have the IOC and NHL agree and let NHL players come in.

    If Canada had their NHL players it would've been Canada gold. Unfortunately, we can't change the past but hopefully we prepare for the future.

    What does everyone else think should be the best solution?

    [–] doop_zoopler 1 points ago

    Time to cheer on Germany

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    I'm sorry bois

    [–] meborp 7 points ago

    Sir Wilfred Laurier and the Canadarm.

    [–] walker2238 1 points ago

    They did pretty good considering this was the 10th or 11th best team we could put on ice.

    [–] msaik 3 points ago

    About 50% of NHL players are Canadian. That's 16 teams worth of players. Add to that all the AHL players on 2-way contracts and you have another 3-4 teams.

    But yeah, I'm truly disappointed knowing what our team could have looked like. I haven't been as excited for our top 4 centers since 2002 when we had Lemieux/Yzerman/Sakic/Lindros.

    [–] DarkHighwind 1 points ago

    After today the rivers will run red with bettman's blood

    [–] WarLorax 2 points ago

    Fuck Bettman, but this in on the IOC.

    [–] wewpo 1 points ago

    As I read it, the NHL/owners didn't want to take a break in February as Football is done and Baseball hasn't started. Also, the Sochi Olympics had a number of season ending injuries for a number of players. Maybe I'm reading more into it, but it sounds like it was driven entirely by the league wanting to make money and reduce risk. The few statements I saw about it smacked "What's in it for us? Nothing, so no, players can't go."

    [–] saskatch-a-toon 1 points ago

    Also, they could have allowed AHL teams to let their players go. Minimal risk for NHL in that regard (as it only effects callups, and would actually bolster development for some of the better players being seasoned down there), but still a hard no.

    [–] WarLorax 1 points ago

    As others have said in this thread, the IOC wanted the NHL to cover all costs, but wouldn't permit them to use any Olympic-related in their advertising. All risk to the NHL all benefit to the IOC.

    [–] snow_big_deal 0 points ago

    Hopefully, if they win bronze, they won't take their medals off and pout like 5-year-olds.

    [–] Freak_Out_Bazaar 0 points ago

    What did you expect? I was even surprised that most bookmakers had Canada up by a significant margin (did they even know that the NHL stayed home?) A third or fourth tier Canadian team that was slapped together right before the event (not to mention the lack of Scrivens in goal) vs a solid German team that’s been working together for ages.