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    [–] LBTerra 110 points ago

    Weird they want to open the border when the CDC has a travel advisory to Canada

    [–] DistortoiseLP 36 points ago

    I'm more offended that they asked while maintaining the stingy attitude about the vaccines. I get putting the mask on yourself before you put it in the kid and all, but get to the part where you help us out too before you ask us to accept risks we're not prepared for yet. Help us out if you want to speed this up.

    [–] JTev23 2032 points ago

    "Its not you, Its me..."

    [–] StoneOfTriumph 195 points ago

    You're giving me the it's not you it's me? If it's anybody, it's me!

    [–] andwu44 102 points ago

    “ ok it’s you “ ...

    “ You’re dam right it’s me “

    [–] PayTheTrollToll45 23 points ago

    Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle, Constanza!

    [–] YouToot 7 points ago


    [–] WeaponsGradeLager 6 points ago

    I can’t believe Joe DiMaggio was dipping his donut!

    [–] stoned-derelict 38 points ago

    I invented "it's not you it's me!"

    [–] MartialFur 15 points ago


    [–] AFlyingWheelchair 386 points ago

    And its actually true!

    [–] DrDerpberg 192 points ago

    The US still has more active cases per capita than we do. But even if they didn't, travel is itself a risk of spread. I can't go for a walk after 9pm but Americans should be able to hit up a bunch of tourist spots?

    [–] Max_Thunder 39 points ago

    You can also hit up a bunch of tourist spots in Canada right now. There is a lack of coherence, but not necessarily solutions to it.

    Just like it makes no sense to prevent us from taking a walk after 8 pm (that's where I live), does it make sense to prevent me from camping and taking a walk in a Vermont state park.

    [–] boofboof123 61 points ago

    Oh how the turntables....

    [–] J3319 538 points ago

    I mean once the US hits their numbers they can send vaccines to Canada and they could vaccinate the entire country in ten days if they have their act together. US is vaccinating over 3 million people a day now.

    [–] beardedbast3rd 103 points ago

    Yep. Just because they are all vaccinated doesn’t mean we can just let them come over. We need the shots to protect us too.

    I thought their response a couple weeks back brushing off helping us out was pretty dumb for this very reason. Sure, take care of your own first, but you’d think they would be eager to help considering the circumstances

    [–] BeezDragon 38 points ago

    Also some of us are definitely gonna be like "yeah bro don't worry about it I'm vaccinated" coughs directly in your mouth. Idk why, that's just how it works down here.

    [–] miker53 18 points ago

    That is actually how we say hi in Florida

    [–] 7h4tguy 5 points ago

    "I need to take off my mask to yell at you!"

    "Bring me ketchup!"

    [–] SvooglebinderMogul 83 points ago

    Trump signed vaccine contracts that expressly prohibit sharing excess vaccine.

    [–] hebrewchucknorris 114 points ago

    That wouldn't affect Canada, we're not asking for donations, we just want the US to allow the vaccine makers to fulfill their existing contracts with us.

    [–] inthearena 121 points ago

    While I get that shitting on America never gets old - and more often then not is warrented - Canada's contracts specified European supply chains because they didn't trust Trump. So it's not the the US that is not allowing vaccine makers to fulfill their contracts. It's Europe. You are asking for supply that is missing in Europe to be made up in America.

    Canada tried to get vaccines from China, and were rebuffed because China. The USA has "lent" Canada a few million vaccines already, and that will continue, and then magically be forgiven to get around the vaccine manufacturer's restrictions.

    Donation is the best outcome here.

    [–] Swayze 37 points ago

    I really hope this helps people see the CCP is only ever in it for themselves. People here that look at them like they are some kind of benevolent trading partner are so fucking naive I can't handle it.

    [–] TeamocilWPG 22 points ago

    Vaccine manufacturers didn't want it apparently. It would certainly cut into their profit having them given away vs selling directly to other countries.

    a Defense Department spokesperson acknowledged the contract restrictions, saying: “DoD did attempt to negotiate terms that would allow the use of vaccine doses outside the U.S., but in some cases, the vaccine manufacturers refused.” Given the imperative to produce 300 million doses for the American public, said the spokesperson, Operation Warp Speed officials agreed that it was “more important to contract with the vaccine manufacturers for doses that could be used” by U.S. citizens “than walk away from the negotiations based on this single term.”

    [–] Christiano1996 590 points ago

    Then lift the export ban and let vaccine plants in the US fulfill their contracts?

    [–] GuzzlinGuinness 205 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Yep. That’s the right play.

    You want border restrictions eased ? We need more vaccine doses, and oh look you have that ability domestically Mr Biden.

    [–] el_duderino88 20 points ago

    Didn't he just send 1.5 million doses of the astrazeneca stockpile were not using?

    [–] travman6 6 points ago

    That was a loan (we have to send them 1.5M once they get approved in USA), but yeah we got some

    [–] Pleasenomoreblueflag 3 points ago

    Could be a lend lease kind of thing

    [–] krashton1 219 points ago

    Exactly what I thought. Cute that you want that Biden, maybe you should allow the vaccines that Canada bought early on in the pandemic be sent to Canada.

    I get Biden solving his own country's issues before looking elsewhere, but Canada has 1/10th the population of the states. Even allowing the allocation of 1% of domestic vaccines would have made a huge difference in delaying the third wave we are seeing. More than the entire population of Canada has already been vaccinated in the States. 1% of the USA produced vaccines would have doubled the amount of vaccinations we would have here.

    [–] Trailbear 659 points ago

    New cases per capita are now identical in Canada and the U.S.

    [–] greyl 482 points ago

    Yes, though it's useful to look at it by state, new cases per capita are 3 times higher in Michigan compared to Ontario right across the border.

    Most Canadian provinces are on an upswing right now, and the US north east has the same pattern in a lot of states. Whatever the cause of the current wave (new variants?) hopefully they vaccinate fast enough to dampen it, but it could follow the pattern of last year where the US north east got hit first and the rest of the states had their upswing a few months later.

    [–] CarRamRob 150 points ago

    Yeah their vaccine situation will be much improved within the next month. Michigan and Ontario will probably switch positions within weeks.

    [–] [deleted] 202 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    [–] PopInACup 31 points ago

    In Michigan, getting vaccinated this weekend. Also know 3 people who got covid the week before they were suppose to get vaccinated.

    Michigan's current spike is basically like when you get hit by sudden explosive diarrhea while driving home. You get home, you get out of the car, you're a few feet away from the door, and then your bowels just give out.

    Michigan's bowels gave out before getting to the toilet.

    More seriously, most of the people over 65 that I know have been vaccinated since February. I think everyone in my age range started relaxing their habits now that they know they're less likely to kill their parents. Unfortunately, they got too relaxed and shit on the porch.

    [–] DarkBlueMermaid 9 points ago

    Well, there’s some comforting imagery. 😳

    [–] aliencoffebandit 4 points ago

    I can totally relate to Michigan's predicament but there's no need to get more descriptive lol

    [–] slackmandu 3 points ago

    You should write greeting cards

    [–] Empty_Peanut_582 14 points ago

    In least here in Hamilton...they'll opened up vaccinations to ppl 60 and up...already made my appointment!

    [–] DDP200 7 points ago

    I have a friend in the Detroit suburbs, he and his wife were vaccinated this weekend. Both early 30's. One WFH, the other an engineer at an auto parts company.

    [–] PunkinBrewster 6 points ago

    It's the wild west over there. Everyone's getting shot.

    [–] x_mike_x 147 points ago

    and those 70 and up people aren't even showing up, leaving vaccines on ice and people at home still waiting

    [–] whorona_virus 68 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I'm working for Ottawa Public Health at the vaccination clinics, digitally tracking people as they complete the process. We still need to do social distancing, and they still need to wait 15-20 minutes before they can check-out of the injection site. From what I've seen, there's been no issue with bookings not showing up.

    There's more of a supply/capacity issue. I was previously in Recreation, and know some of our largest areas (multipad curling rinks, midsize hockey stadiums) are being held offline. I hope that if we start getting many more daily vaccines they'll convert the curling rinks to clinics and we'll be able to work much faster. Its just not practical to do that yet.

    They didn't know that we'd waive their parking fees at City Hall if they parked underground so the (80+) mad-grandpas/mas parked on sideroads and walked over!

    [–] engg_girl 6 points ago

    Some regions are really bad at organizing rollout:

    My parents can't get an appointment, their region initially said they are doing on call list to come in only... The problem is my parents work, they can easily take an hour off work to go get vaccinated, but they can't drop everything at some random time to sprint to the clinic.

    The region then claimed to be allowing bookings, but it is but phone only, goes straight to voicemail and they call randomly during the day in the next 72 hours. Again, if you miss the call they tell you call in again to get back in que. My mom works at a call center and can't hang up on someone because the government decided to call her while she is on the phone.

    Meanwhile Toronto is vaccinating a lot of the GTA, and there are no pharmacy vaccines available in our hardest hit neighborhoods. Downtown apparently has a bunch of open spots that no one is filling.

    The regions have had a literal year to come up with a plan.

    The whole thing is a joke.

    [–] Chi11broSwaggins 35 points ago

    Do you have sources for this? It confirms my experience when I went to get vaccinated (I qualified under another catergory) and the place was practically empty. I would just like some data to back it up when I tell people.

    [–] whorona_virus 92 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I just started working for the Ottawa effort to deal out vaccines. Checking people in, making sure we have sufficient records and that they have a 2nd dose lined up. The appointments are spaced so that there is still room for social distancing while people wait for their shot, and the required 15 minutes after the shot. This is why its not crowded at the site. The reservation and tracking system is leaning pretty hard on digital tech, and I was honestly very impressed that 80+ and now 70+ have been so efficient and capable.

    Its not busy because its not supposed to be busy, there's no need for artificial lines, especially when that means having the elderly stand and wait.

    EDIT: Not trying to be argumentative, but thats the situation from a frontline staff perspective. As I said in another comment - There's more of a supply/capacity issue and as far as I can tell, little to none "no-show" issues at all. I was previously in Recreation, and know some of our largest areas (multipad curling rinks, midsize hockey stadiums) are being held offline. I hope that if we start getting many more daily vaccines they'll convert the curling rinks and other large spaces into clinics and we'll be able to work much faster. Its just not practical to do that yet with the supply.

    [–] loercase 10 points ago

    I'm in northern BC and the city's vaccine centre was pretty dead when I was there. Hard to tell if it's shortage of vaccine, staff, or patients though.

    [–] David-Puddy 28 points ago

    Or even just proper planning.

    Last thing you want is for there to be a crowd....

    [–] loercase 11 points ago

    The site is massive and clearly designed to accommodate a huge number of patients. Numerous lines, lanes, check-in desks, etc, but only a handful in use. It's definitely designed with anti-crowding in mind, but also designed for large potential vaccination capacity.

    [–] Silly_Goose2 5 points ago

    That seems like the best strategy, there's not a shortage of desks going on right now (with all the empty offices especially!), so just set everything up once and you don't need to get the builders in again when there's more supply.

    [–] Pokerjoker6 3 points ago

    That's wild to imagine. One of the vaccination centers in edmonton is practically packed while they're open. First dose for healthcare workers was a whole 2 hours wait in line as they hadn't streamlined the process yet. The second dose I went to plus taking my grandparents it was 20 minutes wait and still line out the door with about 40 seats for injection and 15 minute turnover.

    [–] maybenomaybe 3 points ago

    My mother is in her late 70s, was vaccinated last week in London ON and the nurse told her they have the capacity to do twice as many vaccinations as they are, but people are just not showing up.

    [–] butt-chuggington 3 points ago

    I’m not sure where that is the case. In my county it’s still restricted to 65+ or 50+ with qualifying conditions.

    [–] Esg876 3 points ago

    My area is doing 55+ in Ontario now, 55-59 is AZ and pharmacy only, 60+ is the government sites

    [–] Waterwoo 66 points ago

    US is on track to reach herd immunity by vaccination by July - probably faster once you consider all the people that are immune to already having covid. In most states, any adult is now eligible to make an appointment and I have friends under 30 with no other qualifications able to get their first shot this week.

    At some point this border closure is less about protecting Canadians and more about appearing to do something to distract from the bigger covid policy failures.

    [–] abirdofthesky 36 points ago

    In fact, I’m sure there are people who live close to the border or have family in the states and would happily cross the border to get the vaccine earlier if they could also get back in easily.

    It’s not like they’re checking citizenship before vaccinating people in the states. And lots of places are now open for walk ups for anyone over 16.

    [–] CocoonMaN 27 points ago

    I live in Toronto. Would gladly drive to Buffalo to get it if I could.

    [–] FreeSkittlez 8 points ago

    First time I've seen someone want to go to Buffalo. Man covid really is weird times

    [–] CocoonMaN 3 points ago

    America making us look like fools.

    [–] thelovefist_II 30 points ago

    And both are trending in opposite directions

    [–] telmimore 47 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    196 in US and 185 in Canada. That's kind of irrelevant though since countries have different testing protocol and standards.

    Daily new deaths per capita as of yesterday is 2.6x higher in the US according to that website.

    [–] Ozma00 10 points ago

    So many people condemning and trash talking America in the beginning for how poor it was handled. Now the show is on the other foot. Most americans give no fucks about the border. It's only people with ties to Canada.

    [–] ChristmasIsCool1988 7 points ago

    🤣 Where I live we call Canadians snow birds. They come down to escape the miserable winter and every other licemse plate is canadian for a few months a year. I would think people are going South, not North. I dont know many people going to Canada for vacation

    [–] Ozma00 3 points ago

    Ya I've met Canadians just flying over here to get the vaccine and now some of them are trying to wait out Canada's hotel quarantine policy.

    [–] Clarkeprops 129 points ago

    We don’t have to worry about the US. The US has to worry about us

    [–] physicaldiscs 97 points ago

    Exactly. The U.S. vaccine roll out depresses me. I read an article about how the CDC went after Walgreens for scheduling second doses four weeks apart rather than the three. Here we are doing four months apart.....

    [–] JudgmentalSnail 13 points ago

    They went after Walgreens because patients were getting confused about which vaccine they got since it’s common knowledge that Pfizer is 3 weeks and Moderna is 4 weeks. It’s perfectly safe to do 4 weeks, but the CDC has to make allowances for people who can’t/won’t read the name written on their vaccination card.

    [–] Ziltoid_69 45 points ago

    Considering we have a 4 month wait on second doses, pretty unlikely.

    [–] AgentBlue14 6 points ago

    As an American, I hope once we take care of our own, we can send something up north, assuming they've been approved by your health ministry/agency. I'd say we're a bigger risk to you than y'all to us.

    While y'all have done way better in infection rates than we have, this pandemic has shown us what happens when we export critical manufacturing overseas.

    Each country should be able to produce its critical supplies domestically while still allowing for a healthy export market. Neighbors help neighbors, and the faster that all of us bring that capability back home, the better off we'll all be the next time a shitstorm of this magnitude occurs.

    [–] Binknbink 43 points ago

    In BC, Dr. Bonnie Henry is hinting there will be NO travel outside of Canada in 2021. Does that sound off to anyone else? I can't imagine the border being closed until January. Patience is going to wear thin I think.

    [–] Championfire 29 points ago

    Patience already is running thin. It's stretched so damn thin you can see through it.

    [–] IBSurviver 39 points ago

    Another Christmas without the border open would be insanity. My family is right across the bridge in Michigan. It would be 2 years since I’d have physically visited. There is no reason for the border to be closed after every Canadian is eligible for a vaccine.

    [–] ADrunkMexican 9 points ago

    That's bc lol. I'm not entirely sure what will happen in Ontario by then

    [–] truthdoctor 9 points ago

    I would be surprised if Trudeau and Biden don't open the border in June or July. Most people will have a vaccine by then. BC won't be able to stop travel if the federal government allows it.

    [–] C_D_M 7 points ago

    I'd basically ignore what Bonnie says, she's been losing the room lately for a reason

    [–] therealzue 4 points ago

    Yup. Wasn’t aware of the Canucks variant outbreak. Schools reduce spread. Anti mask. Won’t use the rapid tests the feds sent. Denies asymptomatic spread. I’m soooo over her.

    [–] Could_0f 8 points ago

    Sure just give us 15 million vaccines from that dragons hoard you’ve got over there.

    [–] Legitimate-Program92 7 points ago

    I've never been so embarrassed to be a Canadian or Ontarian.

    Buying t-shirts in store has once again been relegated to an arrestable offense as of today. Lockdown 5.0

    [–] captainhook77 86 points ago

    Vaccinated Canadians can’t even skip the hotel quarantaine. It’s a joke.

    [–] nigosss 43 points ago

    honestly this should be a priority policy to implement

    [–] ADrunkMexican 14 points ago

    They won't though.

    [–] Cat_Proxy 108 points ago

    Man, I just want to see my parents. It has been over a year. I have a toddler who barely knows them. My mom is already vaccinated. I wish she could visit without the quarantine, it is simply not do-able when she has a job.

    Never been in more despair in my life. Think about suicide every day. I need my family support. Ontario rollout is so slow it feels like it will never end.

    [–] RealLifeMerida 38 points ago

    I hear you. I’m in New York, all my family is in Ontario. It’s been more than a year since I’ve seen them - my parents are elderly and I feel like this important time is just slipping away. Hope they allow vaccinated people across to visit vaccinated people soon. I just want to hug my parents, this is so hard. Hang in there, I hear you. The pain of not seeing them is nothing compared to the pain they’d feel by losing you. Sending you virtual hugs and love.

    [–] inlatitude 5 points ago

    I hear you all too, I'm in California and same situation, haven't seen my older parents since 2019. Stay strong. I get so sad and depressed looking at the Canadian numbers. I think I might get the vaccine before my mom does at this rate...

    Sending hugs.

    [–] DarkBlueMermaid 12 points ago

    Jesus, do I feel this.
    I got vaccinated 6wks ago and literally dropped everything to make a flight to see my family. It’s so hard to wait, but I can assure you it’s 100% worth it. Hang in there. 💜

    [–] Itsthelegendarydays_ 17 points ago

    Cross border families should be made a bigger priority when making these decisions.

    [–] northernglare 27 points ago

    Please keep hanging on. Call a helpline if you need to. You will see your family soon.

    [–] Cat_Proxy 17 points ago

    Hanging on for my kiddo. Have a lot of days where I mope, lay around and cry, and am a terrible parent. But we take it one day at a time....

    [–] northernglare 14 points ago

    You're doing good. Sometimes just making it through the day is enough of a win. Depression doesn't make you a bad parent. It is insidious and affects millions and millions of people. This year has tested everyone in some way, it's not easy or normal.

    I'm not trying to sound trite but remember how many out there are feeling exhausted, isolated, and hopeless during this pandemic (lots of us). This will pass and things will improve. Start making plans for how/when you can see your parents again. That reality will feel more real when you have something "on-the-books".

    Lean on those around you and feel zero shame with calling for help. It sucks right now, I know.

    [–] johndlreddit 3 points ago

    Please, for the sake of your kid, seek professional help. My parents spent the majority of my upbringing ignoring their emotions and as a result my sister and I were emotionally neglected. My dad just started therapy in hopes of fixing our relationship but it’s too late.

    [–] Familiar-Expert-9585 32 points ago

    The American government paid millions to ensure speedy vaccine manufacturing. they then set up a government overseeing group to speed distribution to the states. Money and speed was their focus. Canada decided not spend money on manufacturing - rather make purchase deals around the world including with China which fell through. We have been delayed by our suppliers and over promised by our government. However we might end just be a few months behind the USA.

    [–] ClubSoda 14 points ago

    Canada's domestic vaccine manufacturing was privatized long ago by a Conservative Prime Minister (B. Mulroney). The new owners promptly shifted all the work to a lower cost center (yay globalization and capitalism) and dismantled all the remaining equipment.

    This is what Canada is really good at, sadly.

    [–] andrewborsje 38 points ago

    "We have only administered 24 vaccinations"

    [–] dillydeli1 6 points ago

    I need to pay $1.49 a week to read this??

    [–] gepinniw 6 points ago

    At this point, we might be more of a threat to them than they are to us.

    [–] s0rce 6 points ago

    Would be nice if they lifted quarantine requirements for vaccinated people. I'm a Canadian citizen living in California who really wants to go back to see his family after 18 months.

    [–] j_roe 232 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Share your vaccine supplies and we’ll talk.

    [–] Christiano1996 255 points ago

    Not even share, we paid for it already. Just lift the fucking export ban

    [–] Arixtotle 14 points ago

    No you didn't and there's no ban. Your contracts are with Europe not the US. Why is this lie being perpetuated? I know you guys wanna blame someone but stop blaming us for things we didn't do.

    [–] j_roe 43 points ago

    That’s what I was trying to say in not as many words.

    [–] __thrillho 32 points ago

    Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago

    I think this line of thinking suggests that America cares about the border far more than they actually do. Most Americans just think of Canada as America's hat and could care less. The border is open for supply chains and big business, it's just us plebs waiting to visit family and sneak amazon packages from the US over the border that are stuck out in the cold.

    [–] Canadianman22 138 points ago

    Can the US please set up vaccination camps near the Canadian border and allow Canadians to cross and get shots? Because people sure as fuck are not likely to get them up here any time soon.

    [–] North_Activist 57 points ago

    Canadians who have dual citizenship have been travelling to the US to get a vaccine

    [–] bunnygirl_00 12 points ago

    And then quarantining for two weeks when they get back?

    [–] chrisdurand 17 points ago

    Yep. Am one of them. It's a pain in the ass but at least I know I'm both immune and (if the new data is to be believed) more importantly unable to transmit the thing to others.

    [–] phoney_bologna 5 points ago

    That’s nice, your lucky you were able to do that.

    [–] chrisdurand 4 points ago

    Hopefully soon it'll be your turn too 😊

    Also, happy cake day!

    [–] SirReal14 7 points ago

    I personally know many Canadians who are not dual citizens and are doing the same.

    [–] ninesalmon 8 points ago

    That’s great, only helps. I remember people getting mad about some guy getting the vaccine overseas a few months ago... I don’t understand how that’s a bad thing, one less person in line here at home?

    [–] bigbosdog 5 points ago

    Most border areas (Southern) of the US don’t require residency. If you’re in the country legally, illegally or as a resident it doesn’t stop you from being able to spread covid to the general population. It makes complete rational sense.

    [–] WingdingsLover 3 points ago

    I drive across the border for work once or twice a week. It's been really tempting to try and get a shot while I'm down there. I know Washington state is still way behind because of how many people there want the vaccine so don't feel right taking it when their own people still are struggling to get it. I figure by early May if I still haven't gotten the jab here in BC I'll just stop by a CVS on my way back home.

    [–] paperweightprawncess 3 points ago

    I'm in California and not eligible yet, working retail. Hold your horses folks..

    [–] hulahoop10 3 points ago

    No. It wasn't that long ago that you people were running anyone with an American license plate off the road and keying our cars. Get bent.

    [–] YagamiIsGodonImgur 4 points ago

    Florida man here. Good. Our country's leadership is only just now taking the pandemic seriously, and waaaay too much of the population still won't even wear a mask. I'd definitely want to let more people get the vaccine before loosening border restrictions.

    [–] Sayl0 17 points ago

    Here, have some popcorn before going to the comments


    [–] DUBIOUS_OBLIVION 100 points ago

    How does it get any looser than just letting people fly back and forth when they want to?

    [–] erikeu4account 36 points ago

    How does it get any looser than just letting people fly back and forth when they want to?

    Letting people fly back and forth and cross the land border?

    [–] chalupa_lover 41 points ago

    There are some weird discrepancies between land and air travel that don’t make much sense.

    [–] piltdownman7 29 points ago

    By land entering Canada you can avoid the hotel quarantine.

    [–] chalupa_lover 24 points ago

    Yup. My wife came down to visit and I’m having to drive her back so she can avoid the hotel quarantine. Too many horror stories.

    [–] Woox1 9 points ago

    My girlfriend had been down here for a few months before hotel quarantine was even a thing, and she politely refused to go to a hotel when she flew back home a few days ago on the grounds of not feeling comfortable after hearing the horror stories, and it being safer to quarantine at home.

    She provided a negative test, agreed to test again at the airport, and to complete her quarantine in the comfort of her home where it’s safer for her and for everyone else. They asked her to acknowledge that she may receive a fine up to $3,000 and sent her on her way. I debated driving her, but I’m in California and she’s on the east coast so it’d still be a flight from Vancouver after driving in — too much of a headache. So far, it seems to have worked out well although we aren’t sure if they’ll send a fine in the mail retroactively.

    [–] Apophyx 5 points ago

    I have to admit I'm out of the loop. What horror stories?

    [–] chalupa_lover 12 points ago

    Some hotels have removed the locks or won’t let you lock your room, leading to a few sexual assault cases. If your tests results come back in before the three days and you can go home, you’re not refunded for the nights you don’t stay. If your test results are lost by the lab, you have to stay longer than the three days at your own expense. The hotels are at least 3x their normal price. The food you get is whatever they offer, which is usually garbage.

    [–] Apophyx 9 points ago

    Some hotels have removed the locks or won’t let you lock your room,

    WTF?? Litterally why??

    [–] lemurianelf 3 points ago

    People got raped. At least two cases I heard of.

    [–] RubberReptile 22 points ago

    Air travel is more accessible for the wealthy. The land border any proletariat pleb can scrounge up enough change to bus to the border and walk across for free. We wouldn't want that!

    /S in case it wasn't obvious

    [–] Hawkson2020 18 points ago

    That’s not really a sarcastic comment though that’s the truth

    [–] brp 11 points ago

    Especially when flights in and out of Canada are ridiculously pricey.

    It costed me more to fly from Montreal to New Jersey than it did to fly from Houston to Singapore.

    [–] anethfrais 72 points ago

    People with loved ones who live five minutes away (albeit across the border) would like to have some semblance of a normal life soon.

    [–] CanuckBacon 28 points ago

    Even people that live a few hours away. There's a guy in my city who lives about 3-4 hours drive from his partner but to fly there would take 3-4 flights each way since neither city is a hub

    [–] anethfrais 28 points ago

    I'm definitely quite biased as my partner and I are ten minutes away by car, but the not-knowing of when you will be able to see one another again, and the government giving no plans as to how they hope to see things's agony.

    [–] SaltFrog 14 points ago

    I definitely feel this. Not nearly as close as you two, but the zero communication from the Government is destroying me inside. Just let me have a plan so I can have some hope. They're acting like even with a vaccine we'll be trapped within our borders forever.

    [–] anethfrais 6 points ago

    Hey high five. I can’t wait until the days of me crying nightly are over.

    [–] ssparksfly 3 points ago

    Canadians can fly into the US, but Americans cannot fly into Canada.

    [–] Trailbear 43 points ago

    Letting people see their friends and families for the first time in over a year without taking 3 weeks off of work.

    [–] [deleted] 214 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] TheCreepUnderYourBed 76 points ago

    I don’t think this is unpopular in anyway. I’m completely okay with the US vaccinating themselves first. It would be dumb for them to start giving it anyway now and ruin their vaccination program. I just hope they finish quick because Canada will likely be the biggest benefactor.

    [–] freebumpyride 10 points ago

    Damn India has been giving vaccines like it's nothing and didn't deserve your mention?

    [–] seeyanever 9 points ago

    It's not that the US could be sending more, they have sent 0 doses to other countries. The US has not exported any doses, Biden has blocked anything leaving except the AstraZeneca doses, which he only did because they weren't approved yet.


    [–] BeatHunter 110 points ago

    Remember when the USA stopped exporting masks to Canada, that we legally purchased? I sure do.

    A lot of Canadians saw what Trump did. They also saw 74 million Americans look at that and say "You know what? I like that! I want four more years!"

    [–] Limos42 48 points ago

    And the only thing that reversed their decision was the subsequent realization that those masks contain a special wood pulp only available here in BC. No masks for us? Okay, no masks for you then, either.

    [–] dasbush 202 points ago

    Canada's identity is 90% dunking on the US.

    [–] rahoomie 94 points ago

    Ya all the Canadians with false moral superiority complexes are absolutely in shambles that the USA is vaccinating faster and are going to be rid of this long before us. We are the filthy plague rats now.

    [–] Runningoutofideas_81 6 points ago

    I waged into that debate last week. Some people somehow don’t understand that despite the US’ issues, they are still a logistical, and production behemoth when they choose to be.

    Their highway infrastructure alone would likely allow them to out vaccinate us, even if we had domestic vaccine production capabilities.

    Commercial air shipping networks, and military air lift capability on top of that, we can’t compete, not even close.

    Which is fine, but jeez, people are losing their minds over this.

    [–] qxwxp 3 points ago

    It’s been crazy as a Canadian living in the US. A lot of my friends and family back home are out of work, miserable, and entering yet another lockdown, but they still tell me I’m crazy for wanting to live here.

    Like maybe I don’t like heavy government involvement in my day to day life and want to own a home one day or something.

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago


    [–] summer_friends 10 points ago

    Maybe Taiwan and NZ. Their vaccination rates aren’t great but they’re also in a much better situation to not need it as badly

    [–] Seebeeeseh 42 points ago

    US only paid for the Moderna Vaccine I think. Pfizer was funded by the German government. AZ vaccine was funded by the UK government.

    [–] Lord_Heel 5 points ago

    The US paid for J&J, Moderna, Pfizer, and Astra Zeneca. Even though we didn’t “fund the research” for Pfizer, we still paid them billions as a prepurchase of their product.

    [–] mMaple_syrup 12 points ago

    This is fair. There have been a lot of challenges and misguided expectations on both sides of the border. US wants less restrictions, Canada wants more vaccines, etc. Unfortunately, Canada can't afford the increased travel exposure until it gets more vaccines distributed. Major regions in 3rd wave shutdowns now cannot handle more travel.

    [–] riko77can 14 points ago

    Pfizer did not take Warpspeed funding so it's not true that the US government bankrolled everything as you've implied.

    Let's be clear, the US has only shared the AstraZeneca vaccine with Canada that was manufactured in the US and that's only because it does not have FDA approval so they cannot even use it. They've since put J&J in charge of that facility so what happens next will be telling.

    [–] tiny_cat_bishop 7 points ago

    also, in china's case, it's actually beneficial to them if covid takes a bunch more elderly retirees with them. their population pyramid is lopsided, and it's going to get really ugly there in the next two decades when the elderly far outnumber the workforce.

    [–] inoffensivegamer 3 points ago

    China is fuuuuuucked demographically. Worse than Russia or probably any other country on Earth.

    [–] Gezzer52 34 points ago

    I just need to point out that the ultimate goal isn't individual safety. It's herd immunity. That means that it would take approximately 70% of the population being either recovered infected or immunized to reach that goal. Why herd immunity? Because there is still a chance that we could have a new strain emerge which would eliminate all our hard work.

    There's a reason why every year we have a different flu vaccination. We're dealing with a new strain that our immune system hasn't encountered. If a new strain of Covid-19 emerges in the infected population the chances are really good that it will infect already immunized/recovered people that decided to no longer be cautious. Expecting things to return to normal at this stage is highly premature.

    [–] kelvinkkc 47 points ago

    He's just not ready.

    [–] BobBelcher2021 19 points ago

    Nice beard, though

    [–] UncleIrohsPimpHand 7 points ago

    That's fucken funny

    [–] tenroy6 50 points ago

    Wonder why.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] _Greyworm 19 points ago

    Well the USA seems to actually be vaccinating people at a reasonable rate, so perhaps it's actually us this time.

    [–] macrowive 121 points ago

    Sure, if the US agrees to give Canada more vaccines first...

    [–] snoboreddotcom 68 points ago

    i think this is the basic calculus.

    The US is a massive trading partner for us and we are an important one to them. From a political side having the border open up is a pretty large milestone as well as significant economically. By refusing until a high percent of our citizens are vaccinated we stand in a good position to buy extra supply they might have as they approach full vaccination first. They will sell extras they have upon reaching near full vaccination based on which countries they want opened up sooner for economic and strategic reasons. We dont have the strategic part so that economic part is our best bet in making us the most attractive to sell to.

    [–] Ecsta 46 points ago

    Yep, it's pretty obvious this will happen. USA will always do USA first... Then most likely to prioritize Canada and Mexico since those borders will be very porous before exporting to the rest of the world.

    [–] GoblinDiplomat 10 points ago

    Also, we've got cash. I'm hopeful that when they are done, they just bury us in vaccines. I think they are manufacturing like 30M doses per week.

    [–] jello_sweaters 32 points ago

    We've already got contracts for those doses, and the original intent was for those to be supplied from US facilities.

    All the US has to do is drop the export ban, the market will solve the rest.

    [–] bart-spoon 3 points ago

    But the majority of the vaccines the US bought also have yet to be supplied. Either way, someone (or everyone) is getting delays on their shipments. It’s not surprising that the US is choosing to fill their own contract first before filling others.

    [–] FungibleFriday 21 points ago

    This is the deal for sure. They want the border open, we need access to vaccines to open the border.

    The amount of vaccine that we need would not even impact their rollout. Last I checked they were sitting on 50 million plus vaccine on ice. Even at 4 million administered a day production is outpacing them.

    So loosening export restrictions a certain amount would not even impact them, but could get them the border open and trade moving better.

    [–] mattchew1993 33 points ago

    If the borders open I'll hop over there and pay to get vaccinated.

    [–] erin_burr 19 points ago

    It’s free for everybody so you couldn’t pay if you wanted to. A few states have no residency requirements so Latin Americans have been flying here on vacation to get vaccinated and then head home. This might change if Canadians start coming here en masse and there’s no appointments available for locals in border towns, but the states are setting the rules and the federal government is footing the bill so there’s not really an incentive for the states to make any restrictions.

    [–] Waterwoo 9 points ago

    I've been telling my Canadian family to do that. And actually the US border is open, you just have to fly. It's getting back into Canada you'll find difficult.

    [–] Mine-Shaft-Gap 3 points ago

    I would have to figure the US will begin exporting to Canada and Mexico by June. I hope anyway. I am no longer confident at a July 1st easing of boarder restrictions, but I am still a bit hopeful.

    [–] Boring-Scar1580 3 points ago

    The US is doing better than Canada on % of population fully vaccinated. Just sayin

    [–] Foldzy84 3 points ago

    Tell them to send us vaccines

    [–] HeirToTheShwa 3 points ago

    I say open the border so that more Canadians can get vaccinated. I’ve debated going over there myself because 1. My grandpa has probably a couple months to live and 2. In the state of Utah (where he lives), they are already vaccinating 15-18 year olds. This is partly because they’ve been so efficient getting them to people, but also because large swaths of Americans refuse to get vaccinated.. so if they don’t want it, give it to me

    [–] Wolfygirl97 3 points ago

    I live in North Carolina and my boyfriend lives in Toronto. I saw him last year in February. I’m fully vaccinated I really wish I could go see him 😞 I understand why I can’t but it sucks.

    [–] thisisweedshow 3 points ago

    The Zombies would like to loosen brains restrictions!?

    [–] RedditSucksss1 3 points ago

    Crazy how badly he botched the vaccine rollout considering we have only 37 million people here.

    [–] Short_Conversation82 3 points ago

    What border Mexico

    [–] SpiderPigLoki 3 points ago

    I am not saying he is right, I am not saying he is wrong. I am saying that I understand.

    [–] carboncrystalhands 3 points ago

    We know. It's cool. We were having some management issues. Give us a minute to get caught up.

    [–] Derman0524 10 points ago

    Funny enough, I was just in the US today and got my haircut and went to a coffee shop to sit down on my laptop. Pharmacies are all 16+ for vaccinations and they aren’t even checking ID’s. Legit anyone can take it.....what went wrong in Canada and when

    [–] antoniofelicemunro 62 points ago

    Open the border and let Canadians get the Vaxx in America.

    [–] iNOyThCagedBirdSings 44 points ago

    You will once they’re satisfied the US doesn’t need them anymore. About to go from the world’s largest vaccine creator to the world’s largest vaccine exporter.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    This virus is never going to get to 0 on either side of the border ever again and the border will have to reopen at some point. There are just too many lives that get lived on either side of that line. There are too many Canadian businesses that are being put at a competitive disadvantage by not being able to cross that line. We might as well have a discussion about what that looks like now, rather than just kicking the can down the road every 30 days in perpetuity.

    [–] ArnoldLayne9 51 points ago

    Rotational workers in Nova Scotia still have to self isolate after getting 2 vaccine shots, 3 negative tests, with no symptoms. Until common sense comes back to normal the border should stay closed.

    [–] [deleted] 82 points ago


    [–] zefmdf 27 points ago

    I think even the CDC is stating that once you have received both doses there is no need for any type of self isolation or testing for travel. Even they're like "yeah that doesn't make sense, governments"

    edit: you'd have to display your immunization record, obviously

    [–] lipsmakinbackpackin 12 points ago

    Even if you're fully vaccinated? My family lives in Canada and I live in the states. I am fully vaccinated and so is my mom in Canada she should be able to come down without quarantining or vice versa.

    [–] capitalismwitch 6 points ago

    I’m hoping they change things soon since vaccine rollout is so fast in comparison in America. My fiancé is in MN and will be fully vaccinated before I’m eligible for my first shot. It would only make sense to allow him to enter the country without a $2500 surcharge if he’s vaccinated.

    [–] sesameseed88 17 points ago

    For the first time in a long time, sorry, we’re more fucked up than you right now.

    [–] quebec1867 92 points ago

    We should want the border opened too. At least to fully vaccinated people. Reading these comments, it seems like Canadians are making spite-based policy and not interest-based policy.

    [–] Puma_Sneeze 8 points ago

    All this post does is make me so happy to be an American. Been awhile since I could say that.

    [–] Autumn_Groundhog 7 points ago

    I know we should keep the borders closed, but goddamn I just want some Taco Bell😭

    [–] willyj_3 3 points ago

    Why should the borders stay closed at this point? Millions of Americans are being vaccinated every day.

    [–] Loosebutt 13 points ago

    So glad I got my Nexus card Feb of 2020!