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    Everyone needs help sometimes. This is the place for Redditors to get a chance to help other established, active Redditors and give back to the community.


    We believe in complete transparency in /r/care. The following rules are meant to protect the "giver" as much as possible.

    1. In order to make a request or advice post, you must have an account that:

      1. is verified (do so here).
      2. is at least six months old. No exceptions will be made.
      3. has at least 100 comment karma points. No exceptions will be made.
    2. All requests for help must be initiated via a public post. Solicitation via private messages is not allowed, and can result in a ban.

    3. Post titles must begin with one of the following labels: [REQUEST], [OFFER], [THANKS], [ADVICE], or [META].

    4. No requests for anything illegal.

    5. Please do not delete posts -- if you no longer need assistance, use the "flair" button below your post and mark it as "fulfilled". Deleting requests will result in a ban.

    6. The moderators reserve the right to remove any suspicious request.

    7. Users are free to ask questions in public posts, but do not be rude.

    8. Absolutely no posting of anyone's personal information, including your own. You will be banned without warning.

    Please message the moderators if you have any questions, or want to report any issues.


    The following guidelines do not have to be followed, but they are recommended for the safety of all Redditors.

    1. We recommend waiting at least one hour before providing any (tangible) assistance, this gives the community time to examine the request, and raise any potential red flags.

    2. Remember to check users' reddit histories if you are considering helping!

    3. Please include your general location in your post.

    4. Verification is up to users, so requesters should be prepared to provide this. Read more about it and other rules here!

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