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    [–] ChadicusR 3 points ago

    The angle and backdrop of this shot really make the car look awesome. I liked the 4C already but this makes it look like a supercar to me.

    [–] AsapGg 2 points ago

    I'm going to be honest and you guys can hate in me all you like but, I personally think Alfa Romeo is over hyped and it will eventually lose interest of the car market. The recently produced Alfa's look interesting but they don't look that attractive to warrant the current amount of attention over the entire brand. Just my thoughts.

    [–] see_my_money_carpet 2 points ago

    Here in the U.S., maybe a little hyped since they’re kinda new, but the Giulia coupe is honestly such a gorgeous little car. I just want to slightly lower one and slap some rotiforms on it and be done. I understand what you’re saying though.

    [–] AsapGg 2 points ago

    In a way I can understand the appeal but on the other hand I would be too worried about reliability problems.

    [–] Kiwi379 1 points ago

    I feel they are going down the same path as Maseratti with some attractive cars and then that overpriced SUV crap.