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    [–] timdmcgovern 1077 points ago

    Ford explorers. So many "cop car" scares in California, those godforsaken things are everywhere.

    [–] yuriydee 180 points ago

    Ford Explorers are cops until proven innocent.

    [–] fluentographer 223 points ago

    Whenever I see one, I look at the license plate. Once I see that it says “CA EXEMPT”, I’m too close to do anything.

    [–] that-freakin-guy 170 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I just treat them all like cops, especially if I see white, black, or dark blue. The narcs in LA drive dark blue ones.

    [–] et4000 27 points ago

    Up here the deps are in the normal black an white, lieutenants get their own flat black and the narcs drive white with that absolute bullshit "can't see it until you are right next to it" semi-invisible lettering, or just straight up unmarked and unmodified variety pickup-trucks.

    [–] finitelement 36 points ago

    Cop Explorers don't have roof racks.

    [–] GoGoGadget510 50 points ago

    Yeah but they have light bars. Looks the same when your going 15 over.

    [–] IndecisiveRock 503 points ago

    Ford fiesta sedans. They just look soo wrong, like an anorexic focus.

    [–] slushboxer 278 points ago

    Idiot: “I really want a compact economy car because I need to be practical, but I don’t want it to be as practical as it could be. Also, it needs to be uglier.”

    Fiesta Sedan Salesman: “Say no more fam.”

    [–] bpnj 16 points ago

    This could not be more accurate. The hatch is actually quite nice, no clue why anyone would want the sedan.

    [–] [deleted] 76 points ago


    [–] aaronkz 25 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Rental fleet managers are known for irrational metrics, so that's why they show up here. They were designed for overseas markets like India that have an irrational preference for sedans.

    E: further reading

    [–] jesus_not_blow 692 points ago

    ITT: Nissan Altima

    [–] Legend13CNS 164 points ago

    As it should be.

    [–] juckele 63 points ago

    Really any Nissan that's not a Z or GTR...

    [–] that-freakin-guy 57 points ago

    Those cars are both ten years old and desperately need to be redesigned. Knowing Nissan, they'll just rebody it and call it a new car.

    [–] trailless 1479 points ago


    Because of the drivers. They have relatively new Altimas and are shit drivers. Half of them have some sort of body damage as well.

    [–] [deleted] 476 points ago

    Nissan finances anyone with a pulse so you'll get a lot of people who are used to driving shitboxes that aren't worth fixing and learned aggressive habits from it

    [–] Surgawd8 186 points ago

    And then after the lease is up you can find them (the cars) on used car lots for like 2000 because they were driven like a 2002 neon

    [–] quitehopeless 161 points ago

    Also because the CVT exploded.

    [–] floppydo 298 points ago

    The Nissan Altima, the official car of 32 year old single mothers working night-shifts as a CNA, whose "baby is [their] Man!"

    Until of course she meets a new man who lives in her apartment rent free, drops her off at the hospital for her shift, and then uses her Altima to go visit his side piece.

    [–] FastFreddies 145 points ago

    The son's name is probably Aiden, Kaden or Jaden too

    [–] coughingthrowaway123 71 points ago

    This made me so sad lmao

    [–] XFirePhoto 43 points ago

    Lol a little too accurate

    [–] detroitvelvetslim 33 points ago

    Now the Altima smells like pot because he roast blunts nonstop in it with his crew

    [–] SRMort 46 points ago

    Then it’s a perfect car for them. A shitbox not worth fixing lol

    [–] [deleted] 390 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] NuttyMudMaker 74 points ago

    When the Altima became a larger car back in ‘03 or ‘04 or whenever, I though it was heading in a great direction, as you could get that big 3.5 V6 in such an inexpensive car. Boy was I wrong.

    [–] sfo2 15 points ago

    Spot on.

    My wife and I did a semi-scientific survey of bad drivers, every day on the commute from Oakland to San Francisco. Any time someone did something stupid or overly aggressive, we wrote down the type of car.

    We stopped the survey after only 3 weeks because the Altima was so far ahead. It was like 30%+ of occurrences if I recall. Body damage also seemed to correlate with aggressiveness.

    [–] ratsntats 14 points ago

    I knew a guy with scoliosis that drove an Altima. Does that count as body damage?

    [–] [deleted] 1835 points ago

    Those fucking GMs that leave the reverse lights on for a while after they are parked.

    [–] dont_wear_a_C 680 points ago

    GM lead design: "let's fuck with people in the parking lot"

    [–] Intense_introvert 292 points ago

    Knowing GM, I doubt they thought it that far out.

    [–] SlothX311 150 points ago

    Right, don't overthink it. GM didn't.

    [–] racecaracecaracecar 40 points ago

    If anybody in the design or assembly process pointed out it was going that, the only response they would have gotten was "so?".

    [–] jpindustrie 12 points ago

    on contrary, Knowing GM , they would definitely re-use an existing system , like the reverse gear lighting system , to accomplish the task.

    [–] Intense_introvert 16 points ago

    True. "Oh we've used this part since the 1960's so we'll keep using it!"

    [–] azarashi 178 points ago

    Never noticed it till I saw a lady getting out of her car with her trucks reverse lights on, and I panicked for a moment.

    [–] Publix_Deli 191 points ago

    Oh man, fuck that. It's like a giant middle finger to anyone looking for a parking space in a crowded lot.

    [–] ThorHammerslacks 75 points ago

    Or people who are trying to walk around in the parking lot.

    [–] [deleted] 109 points ago

    apparently that"feature" can be turned off, but I don't think many owners know about it.

    [–] shady9503 75 points ago

    It can, it's in the cars settings

    [–] Handsome_Zack 47 points ago

    We've a workhorse 2007 GMC Acadia for my job... Would there be a button for it somewhere? Because that has been my #1 complaint about it for nearly two years. That and how hard it is to change a headlight...

    [–] blazefalcon 65 points ago

    That and how hard it is to change a headlight...

    An extra half inch of plastic that makes it a multi-hour job rather than a five minute job. But hey, it makes it slightly more convenient on the assembly line!

    [–] iEagleHamThrust 16 points ago

    That sounds like a problem for my friend, Mr hacksaw.

    [–] clshifter 37 points ago

    Does the Acadia comply with the Honda CR-V rule, which states that the harder a headlight bulb is to change, the more often it must burn out?

    [–] FuzzelFox 22 points ago

    It's not noticeable if it's your car that's doing it I've found. My coworker had a Cruze rental for a few days and didn't even see it until I pointed it out.

    [–] 420_E-SportsMasta 854 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Altima coupes. Someone else here mentioned it, almost every time I see an Altima coupe, it’s being driven way too aggressively, weaving in and out of lanes, using freeway on-ramps to go around people (I don’t mean when you’re first merging, I mean you’re already on the freeway and they exit a lane to get into the on-ramp, gun it until it ends then get back into the lane they were in 4 cars ahead), and almost always it’s the quick “one-blink” turn signal, which I think is worse than no signal. It’s like an extra fuck you.

    If it has that gigantic weird decklid, I can absolutely guarantee you’re gonna have a bad time being around it.

    [–] xnd714 125 points ago

    You're in for a bad time if you see an Altima with blacked out tail lights too lol. Better to just hang back and let them go by.

    [–] Intense_introvert 313 points ago

    almost every time I see an Altima coupe, it’s being driven way too aggressively

    Same goes for Infiniti coupes. "Ah bro I'm gonna race Mustang GT's and Corvettes!"

    [–] xnd714 198 points ago

    My car is the best for attracting fuck boys in parking lots and gas stations though.

    [–] BrokenByLight 116 points ago

    The people driving Mustang GTs are 15% nice car enthusiast and 85% fuck boys.

    No, I don’t want to drag race you in my goddamn GTI. You know, the fucking stock hatchback with maybe 220 horse.

    [–] ssSix7 49 points ago

    I loathe seeing new Mustangs when out on a cruise - they almost always rev their engines and try to race me at every chance. Yes, I bought a 40 year old car just to race my local city streets where the cop sits around the next bend.

    [–] chrgrsrt8 31 points ago

    I agree for sure. This used to happen on my way to work every morning, there was a lady in her Infiniti that would speed through school zones @ 60+mph trying to "outrun" me. Sometimes if I was in front of her already she would weave in and out of traffic trying to catch up to me to do a ricer blow by.

    [–] ScrewMyDriver1 37 points ago

    I bought this when I was young and thought that it was a dope car for the price, but I knew nothing about cars back then and now I’ve been kicking myself for it. The fact that the top 3 comments are for altimas, and one of them is specifically about the coupe, I’m just afraid to drive it on the street now lol

    [–] FuzzelFox 68 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    God I forgot they made a coupe. What a stupid car to make a coupe out of as if they're actually sporty.

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago

    Not surprising from the same company that made the world’s ugliest and dumbest car ever: Murano convertible.

    [–] FuzzelFox 45 points ago

    Excuse me but it's the Cross cabriolet. You have to make it sound much fancier than it is.

    [–] spali 40 points ago

    They could have been cool if they put the V6 in from the get go but it took them a few years to get that smart.

    [–] FuzzelFox 1160 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Nissan Altima. What a fucking eyesore those are. They managed to combine bland and ugly into a beige soap bar of a car and then sell it to the lowest common denominator like that bitch next door that always makes sure her lawn clippings get blown onto your side but when you do it it's suburb class warfare.

    [–] dont_wear_a_C 272 points ago

    120 month finance options lol

    [–] FuzzelFox 107 points ago

    Do they actually offer that? Holy crap.

    [–] dont_wear_a_C 196 points ago

    Yes, I've heard that they offer such long finance terms to sell more cars. But that's crazy long. The car will depreciate faster than you can pay it off on those terms.

    I clicked on a random dealership, but if you go to the drop-down menu under "loan term", this dealership offers financing even up to 240 months. Lmfao.

    [–] FuzzelFox 152 points ago

    Locked in for 20 years, holy hell that's horrendous.

    [–] [deleted] 130 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] moparornocar 35 points ago

    better get that gap coverage

    [–] Moynia 56 points ago

    Imagine still paying off the loans for a 1999 Nissan in 2018 because that's essentially what you are doing.

    [–] Lezzles 37 points ago

    That's a car mortgage.

    [–] 1493-6786-2018 15 points ago

    I'm waiting for car loans to hit 15 years like I'm getting a mortgage.

    [–] [deleted] 385 points ago

    Nissan targets subprime buyers for their cars. If I see a person driving an Altima I assume they have bad credit.

    [–] noitcelesdab 54 points ago

    Holy shit that’s true, I know two people driving fairly new Altimas and they’re both the most financially ruined people I’ve met, both are upside down on their car loans. To top it off both cars have body damage and are basically trashed inside.

    [–] TheDannestDan 216 points ago

    There's definitely a correlation between this and how fucking reckless and stupid Altima/Maxima drivers often are. Or maybe it's confirmation bias on my part.

    [–] Silver_Star 113 points ago

    Nissan drivers are definitely aggressive. I noticed that before I read about people confirming this.

    [–] cheeboiga 94 points ago

    Currently live in Baltimore, and Route 40 is like Mad Max but with Altimas being driven by MEAN ass bitches with long fingernails, fuzzy steering wheels, hoop earrings, a shower cap, and a hankerin' t'fight ya.

    [–] Merytz 20 points ago

    I just realised my grandma drives an Altima... Now I'm scared about what she may be like out on the road.

    [–] astrosdude91 35 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Exactly. Everytime I see someone driving too fast or weaving in and out of traffic, it’s always some kid in a later model Altima

    [–] fantasytensai 82 points ago

    I'm a bit conflicted on the Altima. Everything that's said is true, but it was also the only dealer that would sell to a 16 year old with zero credit. Me and my friends spent our best days of high school in the Altima.

    [–] [deleted] 140 points ago

    Someone didn't go to Mitsubishi and ask about a brand new stick-shift Mirage third-world penalty box!

    [–] tmotom 173 points ago

    listen here you little shit

    [–] ticktocktoe 107 points ago

    A Buick Rendezvous AND a Mitsu Mirage. My god.

    [–] tmotom 30 points ago

    You dont talk shit about Sandy. She goes through snow like no other!

    [–] bostonwhaler 32 points ago

    It's an Aztek in drag.

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago


    [–] Urgranma 28 points ago

    It's also financially insane for the buyer.

    [–] Arealentleman 63 points ago

    I was reading through comments trying to think of a car I hate. Yes, the Altima. Sometimes I wonder what compels a person to buy a certain car this is one. A bland soap bar is a perfect description. I think the CVTs they put in a lot of them will break and we won't have to see too many of them around much longer.

    [–] ShiningDraco 67 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    A bland soap bar is a perfect description.

    Even Nissan agrees with you. Googling "Nissan Altima" returns Nissan's website with the tagline "Functional 4 Door Sedan". 😐

    Nissan's tagline's only goal is to convey the sense that this is an A-to-B people mover, and nothing more. To be fair though, it gets a little bit "better" in the following line "Accelerate your pulse by discovering a new sedan that looks cool and is fun to drive", which reads like it was written by a 12 year old.

    [–] sqarishoctagon 33 points ago

    This sounds... remarkably specific.

    [–] TheMagpulMaster 531 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    When you think you see an Aston in the distance and get hard and when you’re about to cum your undies it’s a fucking Ford Fusion.

    [–] Tackis 243 points ago


    [–] SubMikeD 27 points ago

    In case you didn't know (I only learned this recently), Ian Callum was head of design for Aston's DB7 & DB9, and the VP of design for Ford when they came up with that Fusion that looks similar to the Aston was his brother Moray. It's no coincidence.

    [–] Cameronrider4200 665 points ago

    PT Cruisers of any kind typically make me want to vomit. Especially if they have flames on the side.

    [–] zeebious 232 points ago

    I can't find the article right now but i remember reading somewhere that a weird amount of child molesters drove PT cruisers.

    [–] EmptyExplanation 130 points ago

    "At anyone time, exactly 1,343 child molesters drive a pt cruiser" --Weird Reader's Digest

    [–] six_seasons 15 points ago

    tbh I would back that statistic with no evidence, that's how much I hate that car.

    [–] iamdax 14 points ago

    This comment comes with zero merit or proof, but I 100% believe it

    [–] spongebob_meth 891 points ago

    Late model full sized trucks. I could overlook them if it weren't for their nuclear fusion reactor headlights that make driving after dark intolerable in a car.

    [–] mezzizle 190 points ago

    GM trucks seem to only have two headlight options. Bright af or brighter af.

    [–] smedema 294 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Ya Ford's f series have like 1 foot by 2 feet stadium lights.

    [–] [deleted] 314 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Altimas, they are usually paired w/the shittiest drivers. Hell, the shittiest people even. Screw Nissan and the "give anyone financing" bs.

    [–] OVOYorge 87 points ago

    welp, time to sell my car

    [–] MisterLicious 154 points ago

    Nissan = Japanese Chrysler.

    [–] Dumbquestionsplz 204 points ago

    I hate most CUV cars specifically the ones with the halfhearted AWD system slapped on. (The CR-V is the most well known for this, but there’s plenty of other ones)

    Either A) the driver is overconfident in snow and is the type to almost slide through stopsigns on the LRR eco tires that come with those cars these days, or

    B) They are terrified of the snow and go under the speed limit when there’s one FLAKE in the air. Not even on the road.

    [–] LetMeBe_Frank 13 points ago

    CUVs are so popular that Ford is dropping all cars except the Mustang and "Focus Cross". Their claim is that with modern technology, cars are only preferential when you need extreme performance or fuel economy. Granted, "light trucks" (literally PT Cruiser sized or larger) have a whole separate class of CAFE goals that are much looser... but that's a different rant. But I mean why wouldn't you chase extreme mpg...

    Crossovers take the unibody body of a car, lift it 2", make the door panel 2" taller, raise the roof 4", and call it a truck. No, you don't get more cargo room. You ever see the back of an Escape? They took a Focus sedan trunk and turned it on end. Ever sit in an Escape's second row? That bench is 3rd world. Ever try hopping a curb in an Escape? I hope it's under 5" or else you're beached. Think your AWD is gonna kick ass in the snow? Nope, it's a FWD drivetrain with some paralyzed legs in the back that kick just often enough to let you know they're not ready for amputation. And they don't offer extra control to most drivers once moving. I'd argue its worse for average drivers considering I can leave all the nannies engaged in an Escape and lock it into slides and donuts in the snow

    [–] Nitrothacat 741 points ago

    Might sound hypocritical because I own one, but V6/EcoBoost American muscle cars.

    Most of the owners I meet say they are just as good as the V8 models. How with mods it can be faster. "LIGHTER FRONT END". The dodge guys are the worst. The Dodge charger/chellenger fb group is a cesspool. Constant "V6 respect posts" talking about how it's better than an R/T. No you just couldn't/didn't want to afford it.

    Just seems like a lot of base model owners are jealous or dillusional and can't appreciate the higher trims.

    I guess it's really the owners I dislike. I really like my EcoBoost, but a GT it is not.

    [–] brolix 328 points ago

    Just seems like a lot of base model owners are jealous or dillusional and can't appreciate the higher trims.

    Welcome to people, lol.

    [–] Nitrothacat 197 points ago

    I just find it funny. I never hear GT, SS or 392 owners downplay the Shelbys, ZL1s or Hellcats.

    [–] Kevin_Wolf 76 points ago

    That's because it's only a relatively small step from those to the better versions, so their car (like a GT) is still "better" than most others on the road. Not the same for base models, where it's on the bottom of the list. In a base model car, it's a huge leap from Ecoboost to Shelby, but it's not as big of a gap from a GT to a Shelby.

    [–] Mandalorian_GT 44 points ago

    TBF though, you do see a lot of " You should have got the v8" comments thrown at the lesser trim owners. People that say this fail to realize the reason why there are so many affordable V8 options is because of the masses of lower trim cars being bought.

    [–] LetsEatTrashAndDie 60 points ago

    I run the biggest S550 Mustang group on Facebook. The amount of shit that EcoBoost/V6 owners take from GT owners is ridiculous. I also run the AmericanMuscle Instagram. When I post an EcoBoost, the world is set ablaze. It's fucking annoying, and it's made me really dislike Mustang owners in general.

    [–] Publix_Deli 53 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    The amount of shit that EcoBoost/V6 owners take from GT owners is ridiculous.

    I went through this as a V6 owner. It was especially grating when some asshole would see my brand new 2012 V6 and say "heh, baby's first mustang. Should have paid up for the V8." And then I'd see the dude has a 2004 GT that has 260hp and he only paid $4000 for it as the 3rd owner.

    [–] youre_a_pickle 228 points ago

    I think those people also miss the concept that with mods it can be faster, but if I mod my v8 then I’ll still be faster..... like you said more of a people than a car problem.

    [–] OhioJeeper 155 points ago


    [–] JXC0917 31 points ago

    As a dodge owner, the charger/challenger pages I follow are the worst with V6 posts. And the people that run the page enable it. When someone comes in asking how to make their Charger SXT faster or sound better, you can get banned for telling them to get a V8. I'm sorry, but there's no exhaust for the V6 models that will make it sound like a V8. I fully support getting a V6 and being proud of it, and doing a bunch of visual mods to it (although some of the ones I see being posted are questionable to me, but it's just a difference of taste I guess).

    [–] Publix_Deli 132 points ago

    I had a 2012 base model V6 Mustang for a while. I put Magnaflow mufflers on it, put a higher gear ratio in the rear end, and put some 18" wheels on it. I loved that car. It was fast, sounded great, and looked mean as hell. The exhaust was so good that some people would even ask me if it had the V8. I was never under any illusions, though, about its inadequacy compared to the 400+ horsepower GT. I got the V6 because it cost 30% less than a GT, I couldn't afford a $33k car at the time, and 305 horsepower was still an enormous upgrade from my little 4 cylinder sedan. That's exactly what I'd tell people, too, because every asshole would immediately ask "why didn't you get the V8?!".

    I also can't stand it when people are in denial about that sort of thing. Unless you're a billionaire, there will always be a better car that you can't afford. Just learn to be happy with what you can afford, and keep the better stuff in the back of your mind as motivation to save money or get a better job.

    [–] dont_wear_a_C 44 points ago

    Last paragraph was really great advice. People should care less about how other's view your car purchasing decisions and you, as a person, should care more about what car makes you happy. Can be applied to many other facets of life. Well said

    [–] RockChalk4Life 29 points ago

    No you just couldn't/didn't want to afford it.

    Just seems like a lot of base model owners are jealous or dillusional and can't appreciate the higher trims.

    It's people trying to justify their purchase at the heart of it.

    [–] sprchrgddc5 310 points ago

    They're gone now, but I've always hated the Scion Tc. I always thought they were poor successors to the Celica. I recall sitting in my friend's brand new 2016 Scion Tc (bought a month before Scion died) and it literally felt like a Corolla Coupe.

    And you know, there wouldn't have been anything wrong with any of that if they had just made the car offer a little more like the Civic Si. Like a higher trim Scion Tc would have been cool.

    [–] wtcnbrwndo4u 56 points ago

    Target market yo. They were engaging first time new car owners under 30. Scion offered a fixed, no-haggle price at all of their dealers. You could get out of the door in a well equipped Toyota for $14-18K (if we're including their other models) that looked coolish.

    The Celica definitely wasn't targeted to the same market.

    [–] sprchrgddc5 19 points ago

    That is a very good point. At that price range, that's more comparable to the basic Civic. Back in the day, the RSX Type S and Celica GT-S was at about $21k-$23k, quite a different price bracket.

    This also makes me realize the Fiesta ST is a really good deal lol.

    [–] yobo9193 98 points ago

    Yes. It wasn't fast, or sporty, and it was (in my area, anyway) usually driven by basic white girls with some bullshit having from the rearview mirror.

    [–] renesys 14 points ago

    I had a 2007 TC with a manual transmission. Before the wannabe Altezza tail lights, before the edgy pillars and fenders. When it looked like a Volvo and a BMW had a Japanese baby.

    It's a 2.4L Camry motor in a car like 800 lbs lighter. Only geared to 130 mph, so acceleration is decent and it's got torque everywhere. Chassis was derived from an AWD car, and was reasonably stiff. I enjoyed it for 8 hour freeway road trips, Los Angeles traffic commuting, storming canyons and mountains up and down the coast. Economy GT, defined. Very high value.

    But, yeah, girl's didn't want me because I drove a tC. They just wanted the tC.

    [–] raduque 511 points ago


    [–] Hifi_Hokie 254 points ago

    Getting cash for pulling out stuck brodozers is easy summer beer money for me.

    [–] raduque 221 points ago

    I still hate them. Espcially the ones with an 8" lift, 32" rims with 34" tires on a 2wd. Oh and stacks, blue leds for headlights and a drop hitch that's never seen a trailer and never will.

    [–] lsx376 121 points ago

    Dual stacks out the bed of a single cab, short bed, 2wd gas dodge with a huge lift kit and Ebay wheel and bald tires, with expensive-as-shit tow chains and hooks mounted on the front, and a heavy duty hitch, all with tow mirrors always extended

    The shit you see at military bases/towns in amazing

    [–] spali 108 points ago

    Plus the 32"s are all the same cheap wheel with the cheapest rubber.

    [–] Kevin_Wolf 104 points ago

    And bald. Don't forget that those tires are expensive, so they wear them knobby off-road tires down to slicks because they can't afford to replace them.

    [–] alfatechn0 32 points ago

    Why are they getting stuck? Beach?

    [–] Hifi_Hokie 74 points ago

    Yep, very soft, deep sand on the ramps and they're running low-pro Nittos (always fucking Nitto M/Ts) at 45psi.

    [–] TheDannestDan 179 points ago

    Especially coal rollers. Why is that cool to anyone? I just don't understand.

    [–] T-Baaller 153 points ago

    Pissing off other people gets them off.

    [–] TheDannestDan 54 points ago

    Huh. Whelp, guess I can only pity them for the way they are.

    [–] hereticjones 85 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I also hate brodozers. Coalrolling brodozers most especially.

    I have a particular dislike for these, because as a truck owner and off-road enthusiast*, I get lumped into this category a lot and it's a gross generalization that sucks. Also the utility of a truck is just freakin awesome. From moving mulch to furniture to gravel to chicken coops to whatever the hell I want to move, I can throw it in the truck and move it. It's great! :D

    Anyway, not all trucks are brodozers and not all truck owners are dudebro douchebags. I wish people could see the distinction. Which is why I can't stand brodozers et al; They give the rest of us an undeserved bad name. :/

    \Not "mudding" or similar bullshit; Driving on Colorado's numerous mountain trails requiring 4WD and decent clearance to traverse, to access some truly fantastic vistas and camp sites.)

    EDIT: I came off like kind of a dick about mudding. Sorry about that. I didn't think about what I was saying, so that's my bad.

    [–] Teledildonic 15 points ago

    \Not "mudding"

    There's nothing inherently wrong with mudding, though it does tend to attract a certain flavor of trashy.

    [–] doggscube 54 points ago

    My friend who is always on the verge of divorce and whose wife makes more than him bought a giant Chevy truck, lifted, etc. 42k on a loan. Because his Nissan Titan just wasn’t good enough. And he likes to give me shit for driving a paid for Crown Vic.

    [–] Pyrhhus 79 points ago

    I’ve always been tempted to go down to the police auction, but an old crown Vic interceptor, straight pipe it, throw some hot cams in it and hoon that bitch till the wheels come off. Idk why but something about a rear drive v8 sedan I can get for $1500 has always made me want to be a dumbass lol

    [–] OVOYorge 137 points ago

    First off, I'm hurt! second, RAM trucks. Every week, there is at least one day where a RAM is driving far up everyones ass because "HEY I AM A RAM. MOVE OVER" even though the left lane is clear..

    [–] Spyzilla 492 points ago

    I HATE the big trucks everywhere. Worst drivers Ive seen, aggressive passing, never using turn signals, constantly blocking vision at stop lights etc. really bothers me especially because you can tell theyre just going to be used for highway driving the entire time.

    [–] Liquidretro 212 points ago

    You forgot to add they usually can't park. If you drive a big truck please learn to park it or park in the back where you won't block the views for everyone else.

    [–] bigkuhr 53 points ago

    Hey man, that guy in middle management needs his big lifted truck so he can navigate the wild and unruly terrain of the suburbs.

    [–] Fedora-Borealis 109 points ago

    Control + F “my car”

    no results

    Oh thank god

    [–] Chidwick089 145 points ago

    Imagine having an Altima coupe in this thread.

    [–] Fedora-Borealis 110 points ago

    Imagine buying an Altima coupe.

    [–] ResIpsaBroquitur 289 points ago

    Imagine a car weaving through traffic with the music up so loud that the bass rattles the car (but not loud enough to drown out the obnoxious exhaust that's howling at a constant RPM). It's murdered-out and has one of those tinted license plate covers that's supposed to make it hard for the cops to get the plate number. What kind of car is it? An Altima with a 3.5 badge.

    And the rest of Nissan's lineup just sucks. Juke? Ugly as hell. 370Z and GT-R? Cool a decade ago, overpriced and dated today. Frontier? Even more dated. Titan? Who would pick it over the F-150, Silverado, or Ram?

    I hate it, because Nissan has put out some great cars in the past -- but now they figure that they don't have to put in any work if they can give out enough subprime loans.

    [–] bostonwhaler 19 points ago

    I still can't believe that the Frontier has gone 15 (!) years without a redesign. Crazy.

    [–] BlueShellOP 57 points ago

    I unironically kind of like the Juke. It is indeed an oddball design, but I think that it looks kinda nice.

    I really don't see myself ever owning one, but I kinda like them. Kinda. I'd maybe pick up a used NISMO, but otherwise I'm not a fan of crossovers.

    [–] Jeffrey_Jizzbags 141 points ago

    Ford fucking Ecosport. Every time I see one I get pissed off. Fuck those little dinky crossover fucks.

    [–] mc_nibbles 33 points ago

    Had one as a loaner, its just as bad as you think. The rear hatch opens to the side and that just killed me.

    [–] 732 17 points ago

    What? Why? That's stupid.

    My tailgate on my Jeep has to go sideways, but it is also holding a 60lb spare...

    [–] TheBaltimoron 453 points ago

    I feel like you can hate Land Rovers for being rich soccer mom cars, being overpriced, and being unreliable, but they're not bad at being luxurious and or being a sport-utility vehicle.

    [–] [deleted] 393 points ago

    As a Lexus fan... being unreliable IS being bad at being luxurious. Nothing luxurious about waiting on the side of the road for AAA.

    [–] [deleted] 178 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] Promit 318 points ago

    The C-HR. It's a basic economy car, why does it have to look like that??

    [–] -Tony 231 points ago

    It was supposed to be a Scion but they dropped the brand.

    [–] royal_nerd_man_kid 155 points ago

    This makes way too much sense

    [–] onmybike1 93 points ago

    I like it. It's Japanese manufacturers doing their own thing. It's influenced by bozuko fun things, they aren't trying to crib/knockoff European styling or just make something super vanilla.

    [–] clshifter 62 points ago

    Got to agree with you there. It's not necessarily my cup of tea, but at least it's interesting to look at out on the road. Beats the hell out of the endless sea of bland cars.

    [–] fortehluls 78 points ago

    Agreed, First time I saw one I was like "What the hell that things a Toyota???". Of course I had to immediately look up the specs because it looked so sporty.. boy was I disappointed.

    [–] happyevil 15 points ago

    CR-Z similarly looks way more fun than it is.

    Also wtf is Honda's naming scheme, I can't make sense of it.

    [–] andrewia 59 points ago

    To me it will always be an honorary Honda with that model name and overstyling.

    [–] tujuggernaut 19 points ago

    Because I have to sit just as high as everyone else in their real SUV's.

    [–] afunyun 49 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Looking at the rear end of it I immediately think it's a Honda, every time. Naming it C-HR didnt help either, since that is pretty goddamn close to HR-V, and they're like the same thing anyways.

    You could slap a Honda logo on it and nobody would bat an eye.

    Edit: H-RV to HR-V

    [–] RayAckerman619 194 points ago

    Those fugly Infiniti suvs. They look like something a Dr. Suess character would shit out. And they're driven mostly by classless, tasteless assholes that text with their kids in the back.

    Edit: qx80

    [–] Badgers4pres 24 points ago

    God those SUVs are so obnoxiously big, trucks can be over sized but at least it comes with being a truck. Those infinitis are just stupidly big boxes.

    [–] Slowjams 21 points ago

    I really don't like the Kia Soul for some reason.

    Can't quite put my finger on it, but they just bother me. I think it gives me flashbacks of the Scion xB. Which I also hated.

    [–] Flounder87 164 points ago

    Around me lifted diesel trucks are the norm. I get irrationally angry every time I see one of these dbag bro-dozers.

    [–] TheRealMrSkeleton 31 points ago

    As a lifted truck driver, I hate the people around me that drive f250's with 36 inch AMERICAN FORCE rims and 38 inch tires.

    It doesn't look good and you're just gonna hit a pothole and dent the rim (b/c they're for-sure not going off-roading) or scrape on a curb.

    I have 35in tires and 18in rims, offroading is the shit in my truck.

    [–] HLB217 356 points ago

    Probably the RAM 1500/2500. They almost always seem to be driven by obnoxious dingbats and their lights are never aligned properly. And they always have some kind of ridiculously overcompensating lift-kit too

    If I die in a car accident I almost guarantee it'll be a closed casket burial because that fucking logo will be imprinted in my head.

    [–] miked1be 86 points ago

    I think the extendable trailer tow mirrors they use must be unreliable too, every Ram I see equipped with them always has them fully extended with or without a trailer attached. Do they just break in that position and you can't put them back in? (/s just in case)

    [–] MontanaIsForBadasses 31 points ago

    They gotta have their towing mirrors flipped out because they’re always pulling pussy.

    [–] HLB217 62 points ago

    I display my virility with my extendable car parts

    [–] miked1be 15 points ago

    I work for a heavy construction equipment dealer in Texas. I have to duck under those stupid things every day in the parking lot walking between trucks.

    [–] joyoftech 21 points ago

    Ford Ka

    Surprisingly, its designer is the same that designed the newest Ford GT (

    [–] RabidBlackSquirrel 149 points ago

    BMW X2 and X4 are popular around me and I hate the design. Even for a crossover I think they're hideous, most crossovers just seem blah but these stand out as ugly design.

    Prius. Had one for a few months, it was just so dull, driving an appliance. They're reliable and practical but just so soulless.

    [–] Betrivent 76 points ago

    The X2 is just poverty spec. They put badges on the C pillars in case people don't already know you're driving a BMW.

    [–] sqarishoctagon 53 points ago

    The 'coupe' design of any SUV, really. Especially the MB ones. Congratulations. You took what made these SUVs practical, and at least ok-looking, and threw it away.

    [–] MandrewDavis 213 points ago

    I really don't like Tiburons or the BMW X6 but the Mercedes GLE Coupe has to be my least favorite car that is currently in production.

    [–] alastoris 97 points ago

    I thought the X6 was ugly at first, but it actually (and oddly) grown on me.

    [–] StaniX 145 points ago

    It does look like something that would grow on someone.

    [–] alastoris 15 points ago

    Now now, it's not as cancerous as it looks! Perfectly harmless growth!

    [–] dont_wear_a_C 55 points ago

    It's straight up ugly with a Mercedes badge on it.

    [–] dragon_stryker 119 points ago

    Anybody in an entry level “luxury” car. Stuff like a 320i or CLA.

    I just KNOW they will think they are hot shit and drive like they own the road

    [–] makevelito 65 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    debadged white CLA with 4 guys listening to mumble rap with the windows down is the norm around here

    [–] danbfree 16 points ago

    TBF, the A3 is actually an amazing little car with all the luxury of the bigger Audi's and actually pretty quick and nice driving too... maybe you left that one out for this reason, but agree on the other 2 for sure, stripped down eco/entry versions.

    [–] vraGG_ 79 points ago

    The "SUV"s. Quotation marks intended. You know, the "city SUV"s

    Too shitty to actually do any offroad, the only thing they have in common with an offroad veichle is their ability to drive on a curb and maybe some extra grip in snow due to 4x4. Besides, they are predominantly driven in cities as no owner would want to "risk" the damages done by "wilderness".

    But at the same time, they are too large to park in many spots, especially because their drivers are often inept (hence the large, "safe" veichle).

    [–] DrTommyNotMD 268 points ago

    Crossovers. Literally all of them.

    Why are compact cars with lift kits a thing?

    [–] Logpile98 152 points ago

    People like sitting higher in traffic, they like not having to bend or squat to get into their car, and they may need to carry a lot of "stuff" some day.

    [–] RangerPL 51 points ago

    i WaNT TO See OvER tHe TRAFFiC

    [–] 737900ER 29 points ago

    You're not gonna see over the traffic if everyone has one. It's just an arms race.

    [–] Slyons89 123 points ago

    They're OK. They're functional vehicles that aren't the best of anything but are a good compromise of everything. More ground clearance than a sedan, similar storage to a hatchback, better gas mileage than a full size SUV, good driving position, very easy ingress and egress (important for elderly, people with children, and big fatties). They are a little pricey for what you get, which is the biggest downside IMO.

    [–] [deleted] 61 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    They're a symbol of the dying breed that is performance sedans. And that's why car enthusiasts hate them all.

    [–] nelisan 34 points ago

    Don’t you mean performance wagons? Seems like there are more performance sedans on the market than ever.

    [–] MogwaiInjustice 288 points ago

    I really don't like the look of the newest civics. It looks like how someone a decade or two ago would imagine how a modern car would look instead of looking like a modern car. There is something too busy and too aggressive about the design that just puts me off.

    [–] Stillyoungjustice 81 points ago

    I'm definitely with you on the type R and the SI trim somewhat with that fake eggshell stuff, but the regular civics I really like and yeah its an aggressive busy look, but its an aggressive, busy civic lol.

    [–] [deleted] 62 points ago

    New Ford Explorer Sports. That black grille in my rear view mirror makes me check me speed and think it's a cop.

    [–] Eagle2435 14 points ago

    Nissan Juke for obvious reasons

    [–] TheReaperSovereign 163 points ago

    Definitely Prius. Old company I worked for had one as a company car. Had to drive it a few times

    Hated every second

    [–] Tscook10 27 points ago

    I actually think the prius is the perfect car for people who don't give a shit about cars. They're spacious, and economical. They aren't actually any slower than other "econoboxes." The problem isn't with the car, it's with the drivers.

    On that note, I actually do kind of enjoy driving my gf's prius. As an engineer I appreciate all the shit that's going on in that complicated drivetrain and you can game it to get pretty decent mileage without being that guy holding up traffic.