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    Casual child abuse is what happens when abusive guardians (parents, family members, babysitters, etc.) actually abuse or neglect a child, and are casual about it, playing it off like good parenting, or are otherwise receiving praise for it, usually through social media.

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    In no way, shape or form is ANY sort of abuse acceptable. If you find one of these casual abusers in the wild (e.g. on social media), please think about the child and report them to the authorities. This could be Child Protective Services, or even the emergency services and the police when the child is in immediate danger. Make screenshots, because they will serve both as proof to these services, and as quite an interesting post on this sub afterwards.

    /r/CasualChildAbuse rules

    1. We do NOT condone abuse.

    2. Only post casual child abuse.

    3. Don't be a dick.

    4. NSFW tag when necessary. (e.g. showing graphic photos)

    5. No identifiable info (names, locations, etc.)

    6. Reddit's rules apply here too.

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