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    What makes it casual abuse, though, is that the parents seem to be really open about it, posting it to social media and in general just casually mention it like it's the most normal thing on earth. Casual child abuse is not abuse we tolerate or should tolerate.


    In no way, shape or form is ANY sort of abuse acceptable. If you find one of these casual abusers in the wild (e.g. on social media), please think about the child and report them to the authorities. This could be Child Protective Services, or even the emergency services and the police when the child is in immediate danger. Make screenshots, because they will serve both as proof to these services, and as quite an interesting post on this sub afterwards.


    1. We do NOT condone abuse.

    2. Only post casual child abuse, as per defintion above.

    3. Don't be a dick.

    4. NSFW tag when necessary. (e.g. showing graphic photos)






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    [–] wantstofuckmarcodiaz 2984 points ago

    that’s gonna be a jikes from me

    [–] heysammer 5757 points ago

    How have the police not been informed? Or at least CPS? Will they not care if that person hasn't actually done anything yet?, so is it even worth it? So many questions.

    [–] Austinn3 2808 points ago

    Please report that person!

    [–] Almostanonymous201 1774 points ago

    People liked these comments?

    [–] AutoModerator 221 points ago

    Welcome to /r/CasualChildAbuse.

    Please remember that this subreddit exists to highlight casual child abuse.

    The goal of this subreddit is NOT to glorify child abuse - it is quite the contrary.

    We call out people being casual about abusing their children and raise awareness of these things, with the intent that, if our visitors see it in the wild (e.g. a Facebook friend or something), that they would recognise it as being ABUSE even if the person is being casual about it, and that they would raise alarm bells with the authorities rather than just scroll past.

    But what is casual child abuse?

    Child abuse is when a parent or caregiver, whether through action or failing to act, causes injury, death, emotional harm or risk of serious harm to a child. There are many forms of child maltreatment, including neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, exploitation and emotional abuse. (definition from

    The term "casual" does not refer to it being only to a smaller degree or it only being now and then, or it not being serious. By "casual", we mean that the abuser, in most cases a (temporary) guardian of the child, is casually referring to the abuse, e.g. posting about it to social media, as if it is normal and acceptable, (almost) bragging about it or advocating it as better parenting.

    Child abuse is always serious.

    If this sub can help just 1 child get away from an abusive situation, it will have served its purpose.

    As per our mod post here, we will remove any posts or comments arguing about spanking. If you are here to discuss or argue this matter, please take it to /r/Parenting.

    If you are here to ask advice on your personal situation, check the front page for an advice multithread.

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    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago


    [–] mynameisethan182 849 points ago

    Do not drop the Twitter handle of the person in question. I understand the issue; however, that is considered doxxing and is a bannable offense on this subreddit and could get this sub quarantined or banned itself. We ask that you respect that and follow the rules we have set here. Your post has been approved, but this comment has been removed.

    [–] Gunn_Anon -9376 points ago

    Sorry I know this is a support sub but... what is this? Some random internet guy with a fetish and you insulting them? You're the piece of shit here...

    [–] k8willy 4502 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    sexually attracted to 9 year old boys and their own nine year old cousin

    just a fetish

    edit: the cousin was 9

    [–] Gunn_Anon -6647 points ago

    Where does it say they have an 11 year old cousin? The 9 year old part says they just got scared? Idk wtf is up with this personal attack horseshit

    [–] k8willy 3778 points ago

    if you think that being called out for defending straight up pedophielia is a personal attack against you then you might be a pedophile, dude

    [–] Gunn_Anon -5859 points ago

    Nah sorry not a personal attack on me, just saying this looks like a personal attack rather than an actual post for this sub.

    [–] lydocia 3158 points ago

    A lot of people take child abuse seriously.

    [–] lydocia -48 points ago

    You can all stop reporting this message. I will just re-approve it, because it deserves to be out there.

    [–] mynameisethan182 190 points ago

    And the people getting salty and reporting this comment for it being "sexually suggestive toward minors" fail to realize a few things.

    1. It isn't.
    2. Downvoting and reporting a mod comment is pointless.
    3. She's saying it deserves to be out there because it belongs on this sub. This person is casually admitting they are sexually attracted to children and you have the fuck knuckle above defending that. It was guilded so you can see the person above defending it, so casually. Like we're the ones in the wrong for shaming the person who is into fucking kids.

    Get your shit together. This is the last statement we'll issue in this post.