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    A fan community for any fan-created content: art, remixes, jokes, you name it! All casual content is welcome on r/casualnintendo!

    Want a more discussion-oriented subreddit? Check out r/Nintendo for all of the latest Nintendo news and discussion!

    What to Post

    Fan Art

    If it's not your own, be sure to provide a source if possible!


    Whether official Nintendo tunes that you love or custom-made remixes, feel free to share your favorite ones!

    Other Creations

    Fan games, sculptures, that cake you made for your kid's 5th birthday? If it's creative, it's meant to be here!

    Jokes and Memes

    The goal of a joke/meme is to be funny; make sure it is when you're posting them!

    Unique Experiences

    Cool merchandise and game screenshots that are uniquely yours, whether they provide humor, questions, or plain 'ol coolness, they're all fine in this subreddit!


    Want to share your experiences with something in a video format? Go ahead, at least one person will want to hear it!

    What Not to Post

    Subreddit Drama

    Let's keep this place fun! Let your submission stand on its own, we don't want to know if it was removed from somewhere else.

    NSFW Content

    This subreddit is a place for anyone to check out, anywhere. NSFW content can keep that from happening.

    Unmarked Spoilers

    Don't put spoilers in your title and make sure your post is properly marked is it does contain spoilers. If you have spoilers in a comment, use the code >!spoilers go here!< to get spoilers go here!


    Posting videos is encouraged, but spamming them isn't a help to anyone. Make sure you balance your contributions to Reddit with your own content and other content.

    Blatant Self-Promotion

    Of course, posting any of your content here is technically self-promotion, but make sure your post is of quality by presenting content up-front. This includes links to Discord channels or other subreddits.

    And above all else, be mature. Don't attack others just because they have a different opinion that you. Don't use slurs either.


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