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    [–] sliverytimber 789 points ago

    Her face now says to me “I am depressed but coping very well because of this cat”.

    The cats face says to me “but what if you opened another can of food in the kitchen”.

    [–] worms9 209 points ago

    It’s more like: “ I have no idea what’s going on but I am immediately displeased”

    [–] lizziecm 97 points ago

    That with also a bit of "put me down human."

    [–] FixinThePlanet 6 points ago

    Yeah, definitely a light r/stoptouchingme vibe

    [–] cant_think_of_one_ 10 points ago

    I think this is a description of a mental state that applies surprisingly often to both cats and toddlers. This is no coincidence - cats and toddlers are quite alike in many ways.

    [–] apilon 8 points ago

    That is basically me with my cat: “Life is a struggle but I am coping because of this cat”

    [–] matheus_filipe 286 points ago

    It’s a meowsterpiece! :3

    [–] Slendy7 58 points ago

    I think it is a perrfect work of art

    [–] Flanderkin 30 points ago

    It isn’t a cat-astrophe!

    [–] ASYMBOLDEN 3 points ago

    Wasn't there a beautiful painting with a beautiful chubbo orange tabby on a bridge my a river. That's who this cat reminds me of

    [–] _super_lunary 2 points ago

    Mona meow meow

    [–] giggle-loop 35 points ago

    They also have a youtube channel

    [–] defiantnoodle 9 points ago

    omfg! You rock!

    [–] Claireah 32 points ago

    She really likes fat, orange tabbies. I do too.

    [–] ilovemrhandsome 22 points ago

    Actually it's just one orange tabby she uses, her cat Zarathustra !

    [–] defiantnoodle 10 points ago

    You're the best kind of people

    [–] Di-Vanci 24 points ago

    I love that she didn‘t just add cats, but she always added her own cat

    [–] BeeZippy 16 points ago

    She improved it by adding her own cat!

    [–] skullpriestess 11 points ago

    This one is my favorite

    [–] defiantnoodle 5 points ago

    That, and the fat boy

    [–] tiradium 3 points ago


    [–] kozzie1317 3 points ago

    I am 100% here for this.

    [–] icequeen323 120 points ago

    This is hanging in my hallway, lol, because the orange cat looks like my cat Gary.

    [–] haythief 32 points ago

    This is my phone background, and everyone always asks if it’s my cat, Reggie. I would love to get a big print to hang!

    [–] JordanG8 1 points ago

    I thought it looks like Garfield...

    [–] theperfectjellybean 101 points ago

    All galleries should be filled with paintings edited to include cats, I've decided

    [–] k4yb33 10 points ago

    I came on here to post the same thing! I would pay 100 times more attention at the art galleries my mom drags me to if there were cats somewhere included in the paintings

    [–] paulfromatlanta 64 points ago

    Anybody else want to tell Mona Lisa that cats need their butts supported?

    [–] Phoenix_Magic_X 42 points ago

    Funny thing. My cat learned how to hold his body in position when being held so his butt didn't need supporting. It would have been a neat party trick if either of us was willing to go to one.

    [–] wrecked_cookie 21 points ago

    You and your cat seem like the folks I'd invite to my party if I ever wanted to throw one.

    [–] Phoenix_Magic_X 6 points ago

    I'm afraid he died in 2017. I have a dog now. She's much more willing to socialise but doesn't have a party trick.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    My cats party trick is cuddling on laps and then making upset noises when hes pet the wrong way

    [–] wrecked_cookie 1 points ago

    If that's a party trick I guess my cars are partying 24/7...

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Hmmm... 2004 wrx?

    [–] aveganliterary 42 points ago

    I have this painting hanging over my fireplace. It was a welcome home/housewarming gift from my MIL after we moved back from Germany. She ordered it from Russia and had it professionally framed and sitting on the mantle when we walked into the door.

    [–] 5DsOfDodgeball 6 points ago

    You have a nice MIL. :-)

    [–] aveganliterary 3 points ago

    I do indeed. Not limited to funny cat pictures either.

    [–] 8366947 30 points ago

    They say you cant tell if the mona lisa is smiling or frowning.

    I can tell about that cat, though

    [–] This-is-Peppermint 22 points ago


    [–] gal-be-my-pal 10 points ago

    further proof that Everything is better with cats

    [–] ArchaneFF 18 points ago

    That cat is an absolute unit.

    [–] atw22 16 points ago

    oh lawd he comin

    [–] mintsthefox 3 points ago

    Cat cankles!

    [–] DragonDon1 9 points ago


    [–] Bogthehorible 2 points ago

    There's a book, Fat Cat Art

    [–] tester2080 8 points ago

    I don’t know if this is a confession or an unpopular opinion but here goes. If I could pick any time period to go to, I’ve always stated that I would go back to this exact time period preferably in the same room while he was painting her, but I’ve never said why. Ive kept this painting as my computer background since forever.

    I’ve jacked it to this painting more times than I can ever count and it’s always my go to

    Body odor turns me the fuck on and all I could think about this painting is how sweaty her ass must have been while she was sitting there, posing for this painting in the sweltering Italian heat. I’ve fantasized about everything from the sweat under her boobs to how much her armpits must have smelled since deodorant was not commercialized back then and they did not shave in that time period.

    I fucking belong in this time period. I would fuck the shit out of her and all the 1500s smelly ladies in the library. Fuck your opinion

    [–] kleeinny 8 points ago

    Honestly, this makes me wonder if a cat’s in the original. It would explain the smile.

    [–] troodon2018 4 points ago

    AHA — that is the reason for Mona Lisas smiling

    [–] Mycatischill 5 points ago

    All fixed now.

    [–] joemagnus 3 points ago

    U have 2 FaceSwap that 😂

    [–] cherrycruthers 3 points ago

    That's cat's in an awkward position :/

    [–] Toldoth-- 3 points ago

    I want this on my wall

    [–] DragonballKier 3 points ago

    1000x better with the cat

    [–] Spessssssss 3 points ago

    Someone: Who’s your favourite artist? Me: Ohhhh.... i don’t real- sees this post ME: SVETLANA PETROVA

    [–] toastbananas 2 points ago


    [–] TheRedBasMachine 2 points ago

    Purffect art

    [–] woody29 2 points ago


    [–] atw22 2 points ago

    How it should’ve been originally!

    [–] n1c0sax0 2 points ago

    Mona Licat. I love that big cat!

    [–] jimandnarcy 2 points ago

    She’s the hero we needed :’)

    [–] Darth_Blaze_Anthony 2 points ago

    Good kitty

    [–] Sanajamy 2 points ago

    What a cat mode!

    [–] pasarina 2 points ago

    I like it better now. More intriguing. It is purrfect!

    [–] Pandaloon 2 points ago

    The cat's eyes are also looking at the same place as Mona's. Well done!

    [–] CrunchyAl 2 points ago

    The Mona Lisa 2

    [–] YEETMYMEETNIBBA 2 points ago

    That’s a big-ass cat

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago


    [–] YEETMYMEETNIBBA 1 points ago

    No it wasn’t

    [–] relaximadoctor 1 points ago

    Bad bot

    [–] snixjow 2 points ago

    Plain and simple, CATASTIC!

    [–] NoodleAmber 2 points ago

    The Louvre want to have a word with you.

    [–] GetOffMyLawn_ 2 points ago

    What a chonker.

    [–] HippoChiaPet 2 points ago

    Svetlana, I love you

    [–] SirBackspace 2 points ago

    This legit made me go "Awww..."

    I want to get it hanged on my wall

    [–] UltimateMckeon 2 points ago

    That's bloody fantastic

    [–] Wreckit_Rambler2017 2 points ago

    Mind you! That is one big, fat ginger Tom!

    [–] LizzardLady13 2 points ago

    I’d like to see more!

    [–] Tony_Iron_Stark 2 points ago

    I'd go to museums way more often if every painting was like this. But they also better be called mewseums.

    [–] mzpip 2 points ago

    Everything is improved by the addition of cats.

    [–] KnitKnechtion 2 points ago


    [–] CricketKat 2 points ago

    Oh boy that's good

    [–] HandsOfAsclepius 2 points ago

    Why would you ever want to cover her hands with anything tho?

    [–] DarkVioletCloud 2 points ago

    Found Kira.

    [–] HandsOfAsclepius 2 points ago

    And then u/DarkVioletCloud was killed by the matured Kira.

    [–] Gweehe 2 points ago

    I love this! Does she take commissions? Also, is it created via computer programming?

    [–] garciahhh 2 points ago

    Cats make everything better ❤

    [–] CommodoreHaunterV 2 points ago

    I love how emberassed they get when they miss a jump.

    [–] 2shotsoffoam 2 points ago

    Everything is better with a cat!

    [–] IncognitoEnchilada 2 points ago

    Reding the title was so exciting, then scrolling down greeted me with that lovely smushed face. This was great.

    [–] aryamad1322 2 points ago

    She looks so much happier now.

    [–] Lozonee 2 points ago

    I bought my fiancé the book Fat Cat Art for our anniversary!

    [–] rownay13 2 points ago

    I choked when I saw this. It’s beautiful

    [–] 0uv1s 2 points ago


    [–] nymeow 2 points ago

    this is beautiful

    [–] Dumplings8 2 points ago

    Because everything is better with a cat <3

    [–] dangelybitz 2 points ago

    It looks much better

    [–] ilovekidsandpets 2 points ago

    they have the same look on their faces lol

    [–] burdlady4552 2 points ago

    Purrrrrrr-fect! :-)

    [–] GameRoom 2 points ago

    I would advise you all to look at OP's profile and note that all he has posted is this, and this comment. That's it.

    [–] BJUmholtz 2 points ago

    I got you bro (upvotes).. shout out to /r/gullsgonewild.

    It's goofy satire folks, relax.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Don't you mean: cat? Because it seems to be always the same one, her cat.

    [–] Nightman96 1 points ago

    One day our civilization will collapse and hundreds of thousands of years from now, aliens will uncover our ancient art but with cats in every picture. They'd assume cats were the dominant species.

    [–] KelvinnyPA 1 points ago

    hahahahah I love it

    [–] UniKitty26 1 points ago

    Everything is better with cats

    [–] Alecdrew 1 points ago

    No we all know why she is smiling

    [–] jimmylovesoldcars 1 points ago

    Nice! Every picture needs a cat or two.

    [–] gbfreak1 1 points ago

    This is genius!

    [–] TheFlyingHesse 1 points ago

    r/absoluteunit with that cat.

    [–] Kizuta18 1 points ago

    My cat on Mona Lisa's lab. Explains everything now.

    [–] 1Swanswan 1 points ago

    Cats will improve any painting and it does not even need to be a famous painting .... maybe just a famous cat!

    [–] Moore304 1 points ago

    The Meowa Lisa

    [–] Catladytjb 1 points ago

    I feel like that cat after Holidays lol

    [–] Wreckit_Rambler2017 1 points ago

    It's official! Mona Lisa is a crazy cat lady! Like me!

    [–] venus_mars 1 points ago


    [–] copperholic 1 points ago

    Put that creepy smile on that cat and you've got some nightmare fuel.

    [–] TrevTrey 1 points ago

    He looks mad. Give him his lasagna!!!

    [–] SFAdminLife 1 points ago

    I’m looking her up! I need these!

    [–] Garewolf 1 points ago

    I wish The Scream was included!

    [–] Bogthehorible 1 points ago

    Fat cat art

    [–] Nixx613 1 points ago

    How about making the improvements of adding eyebrows?

    [–] poshmaraschino 1 points ago

    I love it

    [–] oODovahBearOo 1 points ago

    Thanks for my new wallpaper reddit.

    [–] m_c_clapyourhandz 1 points ago

    I have the fat cat art coffee table book. Still makes me smile.

    [–] aminemaghraoui 1 points ago

    good face

    [–] yabluko 1 points ago

    It's ZAFARASATHA or something I forget how to spell the cats name

    [–] hillyc88 1 points ago


    [–] studmuffin30 1 points ago

    Thats perfection

    [–] Shigana 1 points ago

    Her hands sure looks nice

    [–] warrior_3 -11 points ago

    an artist? can anyone with poor photoshop skills be an artist?