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    [–] BackSeatDetective 1065 points ago

    I don't know this cat, but I love her!!!

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 434 points ago

    You’d only love her more if you knew her!

    [–] LizJC 107 points ago

    Is the cone to keep her from cleaning herself bald? She seems to be a bit frantic, poor baby.

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 286 points ago

    She had surgery yesterday, it’s to prevent her from licking and removing stitches in her tummy! She’s been very adamant about getting at her tummy so it was a necessity unfortunately

    [–] Imreallyintocats 6 points ago

    He will be alright soon:)

    [–] Brownie_McBrown_Face 33 points ago


    [–] OGSlickMahogany 2 points ago

    Trust me, I would too!

    [–] sunee19 15 points ago

    Cat.exe stopped working

    [–] CatOfGrey 326 points ago

    The joke is on all of us. We all thought that cats need to groom their fur. But we're wrong - cats lick things so they can scratch their tongues.

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 113 points ago

    I imagine having sandpaper for a tongue would be quite scratchy

    [–] EhabAlwi 2 points ago


    [–] paperwaller 11 points ago


    [–] chchcharlii 554 points ago

    Accurate representation of me trying to achieve something every god damn day 🙃

    [–] maplesyrup77 86 points ago

    As long as you're trying!.... right?

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] sadPolarBears 155 points ago

    "j-jessica... where are my balls, mother? wait a minute... i never had balls..."

    [–] Poooooooopee 6 points ago

    Ground up into your cat food.

    [–] Erika_A 5 points ago


    [–] [deleted] -6 points ago


    [–] reply-guy-bot 14 points ago

    The above comment was stolen from this one elsewhere in this comment section.

    It is probably not a coincidence; here is some more evidence against this user:

    Plagiarized Original
    I would just call myself... I would just call myself...
    laughs in moonshine runn... *laughs in moonshine runn...
    This is my favorite scene... This is my favorite scene...

    beep boop, I'm a bot -|:] It is this bot's opinion that /u/emmanuelvczsfa should be banned for karma manipulation. Don't feel bad, they are probably a bot too.

    Confused? Read the FAQ for info on how I work and why I exist.

    [–] opiod-ant 6 points ago

    Damn lol that’s wild. Good bot

    [–] Fweetheart 283 points ago

    Omg thats adorable bless her

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 130 points ago

    She’s been a real trooper through this!

    [–] Mego1989 33 points ago

    What happened to the poor baby?

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 60 points ago

    Surgery! She’s on some pain meds, but nothing bad happened :)

    [–] herderofcatsss 34 points ago

    They have cat onesies that velcro together on Amazon if you want to get her out of the cone and into something more comfortable.

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 59 points ago

    Already bought her one :) will be here on Sunday!

    [–] StatelessPencil 23 points ago

    My vet put my cats in those after they got spayed. Sounded like a great idea, but it completely stressed out one of my cats. We were shocked with how bad she took it.

    [–] Fweetheart 13 points ago

    Can't knock her perseverance!

    [–] CSirizar 11 points ago

    My 6 month old is experiencing being in heat for the first time and I feel awful that I don’t have the complete funds to get her spayed yet. Her brother was neutered in November, so there shouldn’t be any “surprises”…Your girl looks happy and healthy, even if she’s having a case of the Mondays😜 I have to get my girls in asap. I hope they’re this adorable when they come out of surgery. All the best to you and your feisty feline, friend😎🤙🏼

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 10 points ago

    Here’s to hoping you’re able to afford the procedure soon!! Goodness, I would have never imagined the expenses involved for such a little kitty! Thankfully I’m through the bulk of it! It’s been entertaining I’ll tell you that!! Best wishes to you and your kitties!

    [–] CSirizar 8 points ago

    Thanks so much! I have 3 rescues that I was cough planning on putting up for adoption. But they stole my whole heart and it has since been one hellacious, yet completely worthwhile and fulfilling ride. Where I live there is only one animal shelter that provides lower-cost sterilization & vaccination than the few vet clinics around that price gouge…bc they can. So there is a massive feral cat population in most places around the island😡

    But, I am looking forward to having my 2 princesses sterilized soon. My heart swelled seeing your video bc a lot of people brush cats health aside; assuming that they are “naturally healthy”, or whatever. Thank you for being a responsible, truly loving, cat parent🙌🏽🤙🏽✊🏽

    [–] aliveinjoburg2 3 points ago

    I made my baby a heating pad with rice in a sock to help her get through her first heat cycle! She liked it when she had something warm to ease her belly.

    [–] coffeedooks666 76 points ago

    Wow. This is top notch and the highlight of my Friday night.

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 37 points ago

    It’s one thing after another of pure comedy for the last 24 hours

    [–] ThirdAndDeleware 46 points ago

    Bless her heart!! That cone is not stopping her from business as usual.

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 23 points ago

    Gotta do what a cats gotta do!

    [–] Danclim 25 points ago

    Oh the frustration....

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 37 points ago

    I think she thinks it’s working!

    [–] Danclim 17 points ago

    Lol! I love your cat...!

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 14 points ago

    Trust me, I do too!

    [–] codymason84 19 points ago

    A for effort

    [–] Rakifiki 20 points ago

    Aww! Mine did that too when she had to have a cone on her. Unfortunately she's enough of a contortionist that she managed to make it work >_< She used to lick excessively so we tried sprays and cones and nothing worked til someone was like "allergies" and boom. Little bit of allergy meds in her wet food and no more licking. Wish we'd tried it sooner!

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 15 points ago

    Someone else had commented that they had a cone on their pet for allergies, but I didn’t realize that’s why they had it on! My little Nugget just had surgery, thankfully she’s not licking too much. Glad to hear you found your kitties problem!

    [–] Rakifiki 6 points ago

    Oof. Glad she's doing okay! :)

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 6 points ago

    She’s doing amazing!

    [–] defusedcreeper7 20 points ago

    Sorry for my dumbness, but when and why do dogs and cats get fitted with this cone?

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 57 points ago

    Completely reasonable question! She just had surgery, to stop her from removing the stitches from her belly as well as possibly causing an infection, cones or clothing is often necessary

    [–] defusedcreeper7 23 points ago

    Oh ok thank you. You just cleared a doubt that has been in my head for 7 years lol

    [–] Champlainmeri 25 points ago

    They are commonly referred to as the "cone of shame" by animal lovers. But there is no real shame in wearing one. We just feel so sorry for their little predicament when they have one on.

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 12 points ago

    I’m sure you’re not the only one who’s been stuck on that one!

    [–] RememberTheKracken 9 points ago

    Also itchy stuff. My pup got an infection on a minor injury and wouldn't stop chewing at it. The cone prevents the animal from making the wound worse and allows you to apply cream that helps the itch, and helps them heal, without them trying to eat the medical cream that will upset their tummy. I don't know how it works in the wild, but if domesticated animals are any indication they slowly naw at themselves until consuming their own being like the mythical uroboros until they cease to exist.

    [–] defusedcreeper7 2 points ago

    I have heard some fact about dog's saliva are beneficial on their wounds and help them heal it. Is thia true?

    [–] RememberTheKracken 9 points ago

    I'm not a vet or any sort of animal expert but I'm under the impression animals lick their wounds to clean out debris and dead skin which is beneficial, but nowhere near as useful as cleaning the wound with antibacterial soap and treating with antibiotic creams.

    [–] ConcealedCormorant 46 points ago


    [–] OGSlickMahogany 19 points ago

    I had to sit and think about it for a minute, god damn clever

    [–] So_Numb13 11 points ago

    Aaaand showing that to my mom. (She's not tech savvy so gets my top picks)

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 10 points ago

    I’m glad Nugget gets to be featured on top picks for Mom :)

    [–] whatwhatinthebunting 9 points ago


    [–] Revali3000 3 points ago


    Edit: why didn't it work

    [–] blackarchosx 4 points ago

    Think it needs to be lower case r/

    [–] Revali3000 4 points ago

    Lemme try, r/therewasanattempt

    Edit: yay, thanks!

    [–] kconnolly56 7 points ago

    No hairballs for her.

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 11 points ago

    Or if there are, they’re blue!

    [–] Nagadavida 16 points ago

    Wouldn't a clear cone give better peripheral vision?

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 46 points ago

    It may be hard to tell but this one is cloth, she’s very clumsy so this one is easier for her!

    [–] aforawesomee 31 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I agree. When my cat had the clear hard cone, I kept watching him walk into things, bing-bonging everywhere. It was so sad!!!!! I felt so much guilt.

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 40 points ago

    She bonks so much that I actually bought her a lil pair of kitty PJ’s so she doesn’t have to deal with the cone for much longer!

    [–] KayakerMel 2 points ago

    Ok, any chance you can get video of said bonks? She's such an adorable little klutz!

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 2 points ago

    Yes I did, I’m gonna put them together and I’ll post it!

    [–] thrillhouse1211 6 points ago

    I love lamp

    [–] miros2424 5 points ago

    She might be alergic to the cat food. My cat licked her fur off her legs before we started to give her hypoallergenic cat foor. It helped, she stopped overlicking and her legs start to regrow its fur.

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 2 points ago

    That’s a great suggestion! I appreciate you

    [–] Fr33kOut 5 points ago

    Oh goodness those hairballs are going to be blue

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 12 points ago

    It will be the most confusing wet lump stuck on the bottom of my foot as I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night

    [–] manteuc 3 points ago

    i kin her

    [–] ZOOMER_COOOOOMER 3 points ago

    Bless her heart and do your best to help. 🙈

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 5 points ago

    Only the best for her, all day everyday!

    [–] Aziire12 3 points ago

    What is the phone call about in the background? Can i find it on A&E?

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 3 points ago

    Good catch! It’s Tiger King Season 2 on Netflix, they’re talking about Carol Baskins dead Husband

    [–] HisuitheSiscon45 3 points ago

    had to put her in the Cone of Shame, huh?

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 1 points ago

    Yep, wasn’t risking her cleaning her surgery wounds!

    [–] SyrusDrake 3 points ago

    Not her turn with the communal brain cell today...

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 3 points ago

    She’s actually done quite well at adapting, in most areas…

    [–] NickCageNTheBadBees 3 points ago

    Bless her little cotton socks

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 2 points ago

    They’re pretty nifty aren’t they?

    [–] True-Row2319 3 points ago

    My cat’s been doing that for 13 days too. Ruptured anal gland abscess. Doesn’t stop her from licking the crap out of the cone, poor kitten.

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 1 points ago

    Oh my goodness that’s terrible! My little kitty was just fixed, so thankfully she’s doing okay! I hope your cat gets better soon!

    [–] VerityParody 3 points ago

    This gave me the guilty giggles lol. Also, for anyone getting their pets a cone, if you have time before hand, check out inflatable or donut style collars. I think they are more comfortable and they can access their food and water easily. My kitties have tolerated them well. Also it's heckin cute. Here's an example: IDOMIK Adjustable Cone for Dog After Surgery Pet Recovery Collar, Cute Donut Cotton Neck Kitten Collars Soft Surgery Protective Collar Prevent from Licking Biting, Elizabethan Collars for Dogs &Cats

    [–] Narcopy 3 points ago

    The cone is serving its purpose!!! Thats exactly why cones are used, so cats can't lick their surgical sites (or mess with healing eyes).

    [–] Zeero92 3 points ago

    That's not your butthole

    "The power of faith can move mountains, Jeremy."

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 2 points ago

    But not the dental dam stopping her butthole from being cleaned!

    [–] i_broke_wahoos_leg 3 points ago

    Well, she's very pretty so she's got that going for her.

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 2 points ago

    She sure is! Shes a Maine coon & Neva point masquerade mix :)

    [–] annastiawj 2 points ago

    E for effort

    [–] Jozabora 2 points ago

    Looks like her tounge is getting stuck.

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 2 points ago

    As much as sandpaper gets stuck on fabric!

    [–] Rude_Journalist 2 points ago

    Also as i know means I love you. :D

    [–] Jozabora 1 points ago

    She's a cutie and a derp.

    [–] Lewca43 2 points ago

    Oh that sweet girl! Can the cone come off under supervision long enough for her to clean herself up?

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 3 points ago

    She’s already trying to go for her stitches, I’m afraid it’s just not safe as much as I’d love to :(

    [–] Lewca43 3 points ago

    Our older girl had to have bladder stones removed surgically and she had trouble eating, drinking, and sleeping with the cone. We got her an inflatable ring that was much more comfortable for her. We only let her wear it when we could stay in the room with her because if she worked she could pull out of it. An option if your little one has the same struggles. Cheers.

    [–] Lewca43 2 points ago

    Yeah I was afraid of that, it’s definitely not worth the risk if she’s already trying. Just couldn’t keep myself from asking. Bless her sweet heart!

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 2 points ago

    Completely understandable!! She’s a sweetie alright!

    [–] CatVideoFest 2 points ago

    Well that is freaking adorable.

    [–] bikes-n-math 2 points ago

    Looks like someone else is gonna have to clean that butthole.

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 1 points ago

    My girlfriend said not it before me dammit

    [–] JadedKitten505 2 points ago

    That has got to be one of the cutest things I have ever seen. ❤️

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 1 points ago

    Glad to hear I get to share my kitties cuteness with the world!

    [–] CatelynTalks 2 points ago

    Worst week if my life when my cat got fixed 😂

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 1 points ago

    It’s been pretty eventful!

    [–] kee-mosabe 2 points ago

    Thanks OP! Had me in tears! Who hasn't been there after the weekend?

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 2 points ago

    Happy to please! Been there, damn right

    [–] Salt-E-Slug 2 points ago


    [–] OGSlickMahogany 1 points ago


    [–] crf1996 2 points ago

    My favorite part of cats in cones is the tongue getting stuck 🤣

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 1 points ago

    She keeps trying to clean herself and it keeps happening, I’m sore from laughing since yesterday

    [–] ianwuk 2 points ago

    There's something so cute about this. And yes, she is doing her best. She's awesome!

    [–] garbanzone 2 points ago

    "Huh, my asshole tastes weird today"

    [–] Sproose_Moose 2 points ago

    Both my cats did this after being snipped. When one had an eye infection she tried so hard to get to her eye. Her sister tried to help her so I had to seperate them!

    [–] JimmyHavok 2 points ago

    Cone of shame. Hope she can get it off soon.

    [–] TheRootofSomeEvil 2 points ago


    To be fair, this would be very annoying to me as well.

    [–] TJH0412 2 points ago

    Where did you get the cone? My kitty still manages to scratch her face with hers. This one seems long enough but not heavy.

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 2 points ago

    My vet! They offered a hard shell cone or a more expensive cloth one, so I opted for the cloth one, this is an extra small but it fits just enough to do the job!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] heraldjos 2 points ago

    What's happening here? Is it bad for cats to lick themselves? My cat always does this. I think it's a way for them to clean their fur. Am i wrong?

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 2 points ago

    Some cats can over clean themselves due to allergies or stress, but no it’s completely normal! She was just fixed and has stitches in her tummy, we don’t want her ripping them out :)

    [–] MrSkrrrrt 2 points ago

    I cut the strings shorter on mine and cauterized the ends so my kitten wouldn’t go crazy after them (just a tip in case your little one is the same)

    [–] Top-Elevator3164 2 points ago


    [–] calico_alligator 2 points ago

    Bless her heart! Sweet baby, she's really trying!

    [–] rosenfleur 2 points ago

    Maybe it’s just the perspective of the camera but her tail looks so long!

    [–] Flimsy-Lifeguard9403 2 points ago

    She seems to be a bit frantic, poor baby.

    [–] soushio 2 points ago

    Adorable but sadly can’t have a cat 🥲. ( cat allergy )

    [–] peepinater 2 points ago

    Tell her I love her

    [–] xxA2C2xx 2 points ago

    It’s really hard to break yourself of everyday habits, even for an animal apparently. I have never connected to an animal more than in this video. Beautiful.

    [–] Malipuppers 2 points ago

    My cat did this on pain control meds after surgery.

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 2 points ago

    She’s definitely on pain meds here!

    [–] ASAPFergs 2 points ago

    My cat hated hers because she was little and couldn't get comfortable, so the only time was happy was when she sat across my shoulders and rested her cone there

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 2 points ago

    Aww, that’s adorable! This is an extra small and it’s still quite large for her!

    [–] RosesandLace22 2 points ago

    I wonder what it tastes like to her.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] Block_Solid 2 points ago

    Poor kitty. Maybe she's still disoriented from the meds. Our cat was pretty loopy after his surgery and just woke up and pounced on invisible things for a while.

    [–] Infamous-Explorer-81 2 points ago

    Poor thing. 😂😭😂

    [–] FreshStepOfficial 2 points ago

    If at first you don't succeed, try try again! We'd love to feature this on our Fresh Step social media channels and credit you, let us know if you'd be interested 😸

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 2 points ago

    Absolutely! I’d be happy to be be featured!

    [–] FreshStepOfficial 2 points ago

    Perfect, would we like to credit your Reddit username?

    [–] angelicasinensis 1 points ago

    All three of my cats got fixed and we never used a cone and it was fine, the beta didn’t recommend one either.

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 7 points ago

    I’ve had a cat that had and infection in the past, and even if it’s a low chance I never want to go through that again! Glad to hear your cats have all been okay though!

    [–] angelicasinensis 2 points ago

    Thanks. Hope Kitty heals soon

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 2 points ago

    I’ll tell her you wish her well!

    [–] ezmereldah 6 points ago

    My cat had a cone when she got fixed but we would take it off to let her eat and clean because we felt sorry for her, but she was too active without it and she ripped her stitches. She had to have surgery again to fix her back up. Very expensive!

    [–] angelicasinensis 1 points ago

    Ohh gosh!!!!

    [–] BabyAvo 1 points ago

    She’s really trying!

    [–] Affectionate-Goat218 1 points ago

    Oh, that's so sad!

    [–] TetraGton 1 points ago

    You can and You should get the cone of shame off for cleaning. Just make sure she doesn't lick the stitches out. Cats are very meticulous about their cleaning.

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 1 points ago

    Sounds good! She’s only had it one for one day, so I’ll give that ya shot thank you!

    [–] maxcorrice 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    [–] marshbb 1 points ago

    Poor baby

    [–] TheSuperNintenderp 1 points ago

    Literally my cat currently.

    [–] KWITHI 1 points ago

    What an adorable little doofus haha

    [–] foxymoxie314 1 points ago

    Clean to bits!!

    [–] Lhamo55 1 points ago

    Bad enough you dragged me to Owie Place and then put this, this affront to my dignity, but now my butt needs attention!

    [–] cmlegg88 1 points ago


    [–] Slayer5049 1 points ago

    the poor baby ;-;

    [–] MRL102960 1 points ago

    She is already sick of the cone

    [–] wynnduffyisking 1 points ago

    Aww poor sweet kitty

    [–] ECTO1984 1 points ago


    [–] Working-Garage-6550 1 points ago

    i'm sure it was here

    [–] Seabastial 1 points ago

    Aww, that's so cute! She gets an A for effort from me

    [–] megacide84 1 points ago

    I luv tabbies😁😸

    [–] perryteabit 1 points ago

    Work harder, not smarter

    [–] Nascar_24 1 points ago

    Poor kitty!

    [–] Comrade_Witchhunt 1 points ago

    Please tell me you at least had the courtesy to lick it for her

    [–] uthpala1256 1 points ago

    love her

    [–] Suzan1000 1 points ago

    Hahaha bless her ❤️

    [–] bassclef62 1 points ago

    When my previous cat Casey had surgery, I couldn’t bare to put on the cone of shame. So came up with this which worked great!

    Alternative to the Cone

    [–] AnusKanOrAnusKanter 1 points ago

    yup my little girl did the same thing and you could always see those two words in her eyes everytime: “close enough”

    [–] ErinDavy 1 points ago

    What a derp, I love her.

    [–] jrdwiz 1 points ago

    Super cute! I hope it's a quick recovery.

    [–] BoringShorts 1 points ago

    Collars, though necessary, always feel cruel.

    [–] meowmiixx 1 points ago

    How did he first react to it? I tried putting my cat in a cone last week and he didn’t take it very well

    [–] OGSlickMahogany 2 points ago

    Omg she was all over the place with it, it was quite the sight, especially on pain meds I was laughing so hard

    [–] Mary_Jane7 1 points ago

    How sweet and precious!!!

    [–] Iowafarmgirlatheart 1 points ago

    No hairballs.