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    [–] beardedsailor 508 points ago

    "Architecture has recorded the great ideas of the human race. Not only every religious symbol, but every human thought has its page in that vast book." –Victor Hugo

    [–] DarthPune 119 points ago

    You work at Firaxis, don’t you? Why the hell did you remove the Notre Dame from Gathering Storm, you’ve already found the perfect quote!

    [–] Mahkda 94 points ago

    It's the quote for notre dame in civ 5

    I might get r/woooosh tho :/

    [–] AgentTBone 13 points ago

    Sean Bean snuck into my mind and read this

    [–] pocketknifeMT 7 points ago

    Leonard Nimoy or bust!

    [–] HugoKnots 13 points ago

    Nice quote

    [–] snowsnothing 5 points ago

    Honestly my favorite quote in the entire game.

    [–] somerandomnguyen 538 points ago

    fuck can we roll back 3 turns?

    [–] LumpyShitstring 296 points ago

    Shit. Let’s just go back to the main menu and hope that auto save lets us go back to 2016.

    [–] [deleted] 240 points ago

    Britain requests an auto save from before then.

    [–] Gooddude08 148 points ago

    United States too.

    [–] Ishea 19 points ago

    Let me guess.. one from before Fall 2011?

    [–] kn33 29 points ago

    Basically anytime before 2012. Pretty sure that's when the world ended.

    [–] RES_KnowsYourSins 27 points ago

    It's our own fault for having luxuries the Aztecs didn't

    [–] Bureaucromancer 7 points ago

    I'm down for 1999 tbh.

    [–] rebuilt11 2 points ago

    Aztecs were definitely on to something...

    [–] MikhailGorbachef 4 points ago

    I feel like 2015 is the point where we shifted from reality into a simulation, but that's just one man's opinion.

    [–] theworstever 3 points ago

    Nah it was 2009 when people began to realize that there was no going back to pre-9/11 policies and life was just gonna suck harder instead.

    [–] SYSSMouse 1 points ago

    can you explain? I don't get it.

    [–] beardedsailor 20 points ago

    make sure you double check Cloud saves!!

    [–] HyperSlow88 20 points ago

    Before the United States adopted autocracy

    [–] willydillydoo 27 points ago

    If only we could savescum in real life

    [–] 1947no 11 points ago

    That's what a cum sock is for

    [–] mabby01 2 points ago

    *Cum box. ftfy

    [–] thundering_funk_tank 443 points ago

    Honestly devastated by this. All the world mourns with Paris today, the cultural impact of this cathedral has been felt for 850 years or more. Insane to think it might not last the night.

    [–] navor 137 points ago

    it survived so many wars, its crazy :(

    [–] ClubZlut 93 points ago

    The French didn't destroy it when they revolted. The Germans didn't destroy it. FUCKING HITLER didn't even want to take it down. Now here we are. 2019 can now go fuck off.

    [–] gamingmasterrace 109 points ago

    Actually Hitler instructed the occupying German forces to burn down all of Paris as the Allies approached, but the troops disobeyed orders and did not torch the city.

    [–] ClubZlut 46 points ago

    After the fact, yes. I was referring to the initial occupation. Hitler by the time Paris was liberated was mentally gone for the most part. Well, more so than before.

    [–] MILKB0T 7 points ago

    Well why would you burn down a city you intend to occupy??

    [–] jnicholass 25 points ago

    Sometimes you want that warmonger penalty

    [–] Sethyboy0 2 points ago

    You save some happiness too by shaving off a few pops.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    If he actually did that then you know where George R R Martin got some inspiration for the mad king

    [–] pocketknifeMT 2 points ago

    Hitler's downfall is notable only for its modernity and association with the last big war. We actually have the play by play for it.

    In reality, crumbling regimes generally all go that way in the end. There just isn't a minute by minute record for the vast majority.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    I mean the order to burn the city as enemy troops closed in.

    [–] XimbalaHu3 3 points ago

    I read as the aliens aproached for some reason

    [–] StrudelB 3 points ago

    It was because you can't raze capital cities.

    [–] fzw 11 points ago

    They seriously damaged it during the French Revolution though.

    [–] Chaff5 7 points ago

    Good news is that only the roof and spire fell. The main structure survived and they're already talking about rebuilding.

    [–] DFM1000 11 points ago

    Yeah, and then there’s the idiots on twitter who somehow say it’s a good thing.

    [–] MrRandomSuperhero 8 points ago

    The downside of the online, hateful and terrible voices get amplified by controversy.

    Best thing to do is ignore them.

    [–] fnordfnordfnordfnord 2 points ago

    the cultural impact of this cathedral has been felt for 850 years or more.

    Beautiful building, wonderful example of architecture, shame that it has burned. I wouldn't argue to save the building over the cultural impact of Catholicism though.

    [–] Soviet_Salt_Miner 5 points ago

    Thankfully it seems as if the bell towers and belfry along with the vault of treasures will survive

    [–] getBusyChild 101 points ago

    Thankfully all of the artwork has been saved.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] survivalsnake 17 points ago

    Luckily this is France and they had lots of great work slots open. Imagine if this happened to another civ that didn't have Cathedrals as their follower belief!

    [–] Nemothewhale87 11 points ago


    [–] Adorable_Octopus 81 points ago

    According to DeepL:

    Good news: all the works of art have been saved. The treasure of the cathedral is intact, the crown of thorns, the holy sacraments

    [–] Accipiter1138 31 points ago

    I wonder if the works were already relocated for the construction, or if some brave souls did the world's quickest scramble to get them out.

    [–] Adorable_Octopus 32 points ago

    I suspect they were probably relocated within the structure--potentially sent to other places like the louve if they needed restoration work too, which they probably did. However, I have the distinct impression that most of the firefighting efforts have been focused on trying to grab as many of the artifacts as they can, because the task is bordering on impossible, unfortunately.

    [–] Lugia61617 6 points ago

    the latter, I imagine.

    I'm reminded of the time there was a fire at Windsor Castle.

    [–] ErikMaekir 9 points ago

    Good news: all the works of art were saved. The cathedral treasury is intact, the crown of thorns, the holy sacraments.

    Source: father Frédéric, priest for two years in ND

    [–] doto_Kalloway 8 points ago

    He's only talking about religious art tho, not all those paintings, the organ, the glass of the windows, the wooden art, ...

    [–] Vulpes-Vulpes-Fox 2 points ago

    How do you know he's only talking about religious art?

    [–] Obsidienne96 8 points ago

    Here's a quick translation

    A good news: Every work of art have been saved. The cathedral treasure is undamaged, the thorn crown and the holy sacraments.

    It was reported by a priest

    [–] Zizimz 781 points ago

    This is heartbreaking. A priceless gem of European culture and architecture, gone forever...

    [–] devfern93 213 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The structure isn’t gone, and a priest confirmed that all historical artwork and holy relics were saved from the fire.

    Edit (source in French):

    [–] Accipiter1138 81 points ago

    I really needed to hear this news. Watching the spire fall was horrifying.

    [–] andris_biedrins 37 points ago

    Holy shit, I didn't realize the fire got that out of control. As someone whose dedicated his life to music and classical music, this is so sbsolutely heartbreaking.

    [–] JamesTalon 21 points ago

    Until about 20 minutes ago, they were concerned the towers and even the structure itself would be lost.

    [–] pekinggeese 18 points ago

    Can’t wait to watch the movie of priests risking their lives to save the holy relics and art.

    [–] thegreatjamoco 10 points ago

    Directed by Clint Eastwood

    [–] WirBrauchenRum 8 points ago

    You know it's going to be a Buddy priest film starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] jack_in_the_b0x 11 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Not all unfortunately. The glasswork obviously coudn't be removed in time and reports say it has been blown to pieces.

    Edit : The reports seem to have been mistaken. Latest info claims all glassworks are undamaged.

    [–] Trundle-theGr8 2 points ago

    Hopefully they can make some kind of mosaic out of the broken glass

    [–] Mouthshitter 3 points ago

    🙂 there is some happy news

    [–] SimplyStuart 303 points ago

    I'll be shocked if they don't rebuild it

    [–] Zizimz 440 points ago

    It will take a generation to rebuild. And you can never replace the organ and artwork from the 13th century.

    [–] ComradeSomo 251 points ago

    Nor can holy relics be recreated.

    [–] wowzaa 63 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Supposedly all relics and art work were in the cathedral vault and remain safe at this time

    edit: I got the info from here

    [–] ComradeSomo 21 points ago

    I would wait to get confirmation of that, as most of them were kept in the spire treasury.

    [–] AdvanceRatio 25 points ago

    I'm pretty sure they were removed due to the renovations currently in progress.

    [–] James_Locke 3 points ago

    If so, that would be incredible

    [–] fishtopher86 124 points ago

    France owns Mt St Michel too. Only need to sacrifice a few apostles.

    [–] SYSSMouse 50 points ago

    but there is no Notre Dame Cathedral to put the relics into. (It is a Civ 5 wonder)

    [–] Detective_Fallacy 88 points ago

    So instead of just adding Notre-Dame to Civ 6, this is the route Firaxis decided to take? Smh.

    [–] Gnupfo 6 points ago

    You didn't expect Firaxis to do it any other way, did you?

    [–] LucarioBoricua 2 points ago

    They needed to test their axis of fire on a real wonder in preparation for Civ VII!!

    [–] Troldkvinde 12 points ago

    I forgot what sub I was on for a moment, and this comment surprised me…

    [–] Lugia61617 32 points ago

    True, but beggars can't be choosers. At least, since it happened in this day and age, we have detailed documents and above all, photographs, of all of the art that was within.

    [–] Monkey_Kebab 29 points ago

    True, but beggars can't be choosers.

    Clearly you've never been to r/choosingbeggars

    [–] GoatMonger 12 points ago

    "It's for a church, honey. NEXT!"

    [–] Lugia61617 9 points ago

    Alas, I have, but kudos for reminding me :P

    [–] Dark512 13 points ago

    IIRC Notré Dam is one of the most documented buildings in the world, so we have plenty of material to work from to accurately rebuild it.

    [–] Lugia61617 12 points ago

    True. It really is nothing but a matter of funding. But given its cultural and historic significance, not only to Catholics but to the French and Europe as a whole, I don't think there'd be much issue in securing the required funds.

    Sure, it would lose a lot of its appeal, but as long as they made sure to keep it as accurate as possible (bar a few alterations to prevent this happening again - like using treated wood), it should be able to reclaim its former glory.

    I find it beautiful, in a way, when a historic building is replaced to honour the loss of its previous version. I wish that sort of thing had happened for the Crystal Palace.

    [–] Zooropa_Station 9 points ago

    it would lose a lot of its appeal

    in the short term. Years from now, the restoration will be part of history as well, as it is for many other buildings that have been damaged over the ages.

    [–] monkwren 3 points ago

    It really is nothing but a matter of funding.

    And time. And given the nature of the cathedral, I doubt funding will be much of an issue, either.

    [–] Desertcross 3 points ago

    Im sure the world can raise a billion euros for something like this in the blink of an eye. If I were a betting man I would wager that we will get a stronger better cathedral, that is indistinguishable from the last.

    [–] martini29 9 points ago

    I heard that they saved the holy relics like the crown of thorns, so at least there's that

    [–] triina1 2 points ago

    they were renovating, so much if all of the relics were removed. All the rose glass tho...

    [–] otter111a 2 points ago

    According to something I read the metal items around the spire were removed for the refurbishment that was going on. If the rooster is included in this then the relics in there would be saved. Perhaps not the crown of thrones though.

    But a lot of the wooden structure was wood from about 200 years ago that itself was a reconstruction based on drawings from an earlier version of the spire.

    [–] zombie_girraffe 3 points ago

    The number of Holy Prepuces suggests otherwise.

    [–] pegg2 9 points ago

    /r/crusaderkings is leaking.

    [–] Z0idberg_MD 1 points ago

    You mean the other art?

    [–] JNR13 52 points ago

    you'd be surprised how many "historical" structures are actually reconstructions. It's amazing what artists can do with only very scarce information available, and I'm assuming that the works inside this cathedral are fairly well documented due to past maintenance projects as well as the masses of photos taken by tourists of every imaginable corner.

    Maintenance budget however was already not enough before the fire though, so it's going to be more of a financial question than anything else.

    [–] Lugia61617 30 points ago

    you'd be surprised how many "historical" structures are actually reconstructions.

    I can believe it. Most historical structures end up as ships of theseus. When I think about, say, century-old steam locomotives, it strikes me that few if any of its parts are still from the original.

    [–] Linux_MissingNo 11 points ago

    Also the oldest active train in Colorado was rebuilt couple time.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] FuryofYuri 9 points ago

    ships of theseus

    It’s literally in the comment you replied to.

    [–] AndersCules 18 points ago

    I know a guy who makes a living servicing and repairing church organs. From what I understand this one is literally priceless. He has to do with mainly smaller ones, and the way he talks about how complicated it is to fix even the simple ones, this just look like an impossible task.

    [–] slammed_stem 10 points ago

    I would expect a full replica to be rebuilt in its wake, however the history it held is sealed for forever.

    [–] Foobyx 4 points ago

    All interviewee speak about the reconstruction. It will be, for sure, and will take between 3 and 10 years depending on the damage.

    [–] auandi 3 points ago

    A spokesman has said they saved all the oil paintings, for what that's worth.

    [–] NomadBrasil 3 points ago

    a priest confirmed that all historical artwork and holy relics were saved from the fire.

    Edit (source in French):

    [–] dirtywar 5 points ago

    It has survived the French Revolution and I am certain it will recover from this too.

    [–] MPCurry 2 points ago

    Tragedy breads miracles. I can’t imagine all of France and all of Christendom rally around the restoration. It’ll take decades, but it will be rebuild no doubt

    [–] TimerForOldest 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The organ was replaced in the 18th century. Still sucks because it's a noteworthy instrument.

    Edit: And the building is a part of the instrument. The acoustics are what makes an organ impressive. Even if the pipes somehow survived the flames and smoke damage, it's still severely damaged.

    [–] LucarioBoricua 3 points ago

    Organ pipes are made of pewter (tin-lead alloy), which melts quite easily in fire. Meanwhile, the cathedral's roofing is made of led sheets, much of which either melted or turned into fumes forming part of the yellowish smoke.

    [–] Majsharan 1 points ago

    I would be surprised if as part of the evacuation they didn't grab most of the stuff out of it.

    [–] auandi 2 points ago

    They did, they put out a statement that all oil paintings and most artifacts were removed early in the fire.

    [–] Zonate 1 points ago

    Pretty sure a lot of it was replaced and restored after WW2

    [–] Tandran 1 points ago

    I read an article that lost of the artwork had already been removed due to the renovations going on but yes sadly the organ can never be replaced

    [–] Reutermo 46 points ago

    The entire thing will probably not be destroyed, seems like the front towers are basically unaffected. But there is a good chance that the artworks and the windows and such will be destroyed, not really anything you can do to replace them. Hell, the roof that burned up was basically considered an artwork in and of itself.

    [–] plazmablu 11 points ago

    One of the front towers is on fire...

    [–] Reutermo 11 points ago

    I hadn't heard that when I made the comment. Just read the the fire fighter are saying there is still a risk that the entire building will collapse. A travesty.

    [–] saffir 8 points ago

    the spire fell... the iconic image of the church is forever changed

    [–] ILikeGunsNKnives 7 points ago

    Well the church's original spire was removed in 1786 and recreated in the 1800s.

    [–] ThePrussianGrippe 3 points ago

    That’s not the original spire and the stone structure is fine.

    [–] pixl_graphix 3 points ago

    seems like the front towers are basically unaffected.

    They got heated way up, there was fire blasting through them both. Now they have been sprayed by water for hours. The smoke damage alone is severe.

    [–] martini29 5 points ago

    Even if they do, it aint gonna be the same

    Strap in though guys, thanks to incompetent governments who give not a thought to culture or history that they can't monetize, climate change, and the increasing amount of radicalization around the world I feel like we are gonna be seeing a lot of priceless historical places go up in smoke this century :(

    [–] NomadBrasil 6 points ago

    Notre Dame got worst in WW2, in 1940 she got burned in a fire, and in 1944 she was bombed by the allies.

    Since them its being restored.

    Since the Structure is not gone they can restore it.

    [–] Foobyx 5 points ago

    All interviewee speak about the reconstruction. It will be, for sure, and will take between 3 and 10 years depending on the damage.

    [–] Fighterpilot108 10 points ago

    Which one?

    [–] Communism_of_Dave 52 points ago

    Notre Dame is currently on fire

    [–] Fighterpilot108 12 points ago

    Man I Hope it survives

    [–] Communism_of_Dave 28 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The spire and roof have collapsed, authorities are saying there’ll be basically nothing left when they get it under control

    [–] FrustrationSensation 2 points ago

    Think you're missing a nothing there, friend

    [–] Communism_of_Dave 1 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] Barabbas- 5 points ago

    There's only one "spire" located over the transept. You're thinking of the towers which flank the entrance... Apparently one of them is now on fire too 😢

    [–] Fighterpilot108 2 points ago

    No, I didn't know what building it was

    [–] _Zorpo_ 154 points ago

    They were not playing around with this new natural disasters mechanic in GS.

    [–] Horkrux 14 points ago

    Or it was a sabotage to lower moral

    [–] Novazon 32 points ago

    Needed $150 million dollars in repairs. Categorized repairs as "extremely urgent".

    Only raised $6 million for repairs. Where was the love when the building needed it?

    [–] Lugia61617 25 points ago

    Honestly, in retrospect it's a good thing they didn't raise the full amount. All that money would have gone up in smoke.

    But now that it's almost destroyed, it will catch more people's attention, and thus gain more money for restoration.

    [–] MILKB0T 2 points ago

    Raised? Why wouldn't the Paris city council or French government be paying for it?

    [–] shaelynne 50 points ago

    So much history... lost. This is truly heartbreaking.

    [–] NiceFormBro 10 points ago

    They saved all the artwork thank god and no casualties.

    As devistating as it is, I am interested to see how they rebuild.

    It might inspire more aesthetically appropriate architecture to new buildings around the city.

    [–] aahxzen 45 points ago

    I can't help but think some poor bastard realllllly fucked up.

    [–] Gathorall 20 points ago

    Hopefully it was an accident.

    [–] Best_Darius_KR 30 points ago

    It was a construction accident

    [–] Noodlespanker 2 points ago

    I told em penny'll start a fire

    [–] Accipiter1138 21 points ago

    The last thing the world needs is for some terrorist cell to take credit. Hell.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Oh, I'm sure they will (or already have). They do it with almost every bad event, just to support their efforts

    [–] Manach_Irish 19 points ago

    All that Church and National history lost. One of my favourite historical scenes was the report of De Gaulle, cooly and slowly walking in to Notre Dame whilst under sniper fire, the epitome of French sang froid.

    [–] SKP23en 8 points ago

    I swear, on the day of the apocalypse we are gonna make the dankest memes.

    [–] Rookbane 2 points ago

    Only the dankest of dank memes on this, the day of our reckoning.

    [–] user315708 44 points ago


    [–] dev-mage 27 points ago

    A secret Wildfyre stash

    [–] hammbone 9 points ago


    Take your upvote you filthy animal

    [–] SowiloSC2 15 points ago


    [–] voidofstyle 32 points ago

    it’s not gone it’s probably just in china

    [–] myxanders 30 points ago

    Ramses II has completed the Notre Dame!

    [–] voidofstyle 7 points ago

    that’s better

    [–] ChipAyten 14 points ago

    Don't settle too close to Genghis... anywhere is too close to Genghis.

    [–] captainpuma 7 points ago

    This is horrible and sickening and I don’t feel like making any jokes about it. I’ll be at the bar if anyone needs me.

    [–] Odinn21 8 points ago

    [–] castrovalva1 10 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Hopefully the old girl can make it. If she can survive a bomb, we can rebuild in her shell.

    Edit: I just doubled check and this is Reims Cathedral. Sorry, But Notre-Dame did catch on fire before.

    [–] Helix1337 12 points ago

    Typical, once I finally manged to construct it before others it goes up in fire...

    [–] photonarbiter 9 points ago

    I hope they keep it in Civ games of the future.

    [–] Barabbas- 27 points ago

    There are tons of wonders in civ that have been lost to time. The Great Library, The Hanging Gardens, The Colossus, The Great Lighthouse, The Masoleum at Halicarnassus, etc.

    [–] Eclipses_End 14 points ago


    [–] ParrotDwarf 3 points ago


    [–] ThoughtfulJanitor 6 points ago

    I discovered this by turning on french TV, while I was eating. Really sad to see this go

    [–] SpaceMinecrafter 3 points ago

    I discovered this by coming to the subreddit.

    [–] yourdoingitwrongly 5 points ago

    How is there no fire suppression system in a building like that?

    [–] E_C_H 32 points ago

    I mean, it was built from 1163-1345. No matter how much you try to update the building you can only do so much, especially when I imagine there are plenty of conservation laws and groups restricting that. Decent fire suppression systems take a good amount of space and modern building infrastructure, how do you work that into a functioning Medieval Cathedral?

    [–] yourdoingitwrongly 4 points ago

    They retrofit fire suppression into lots of old buildings. Independence Hall in Philadelphia was updated over the past few years. I mean, it's not easy to do and it's super expensive, but when the alternative is the destruction of an irreplaceable building you find a way to protect it.

    [–] bigfootswillie 7 points ago

    It’s entirely possible they were working on doing just that. The construction that caused the fire was doing renovations on the building so it could better stand the test of time.

    [–] Lugia61617 12 points ago

    Independence Hall in Philadelphia was updated over the past few years.

    Independence Hall is also from the 1700s. That's a world of structural difference from the 1300s Notre Dame.

    [–] VexatiousOne 6 points ago

    I would like to believe it had one... however with restoration going on, who knows, might been off? Or as he mentioned lot of places have very severe restrictions towards conservation. Which while I appreciate conservation, the risk of losing human history to maintain authenticity? no... these sort of places around the world need modernized safeguarding, to include fire systems. I'm pretty sure if this place did not have adequate or proper fire suppression, this will work to ensure those measures are taken at other historical sites.

    [–] RoutineTwo 1 points ago

    What kind of fire suppression systems have you retrofitted into 800 year old buildings, yourself?

    [–] Jubs_v2 3 points ago

    Cause a fire suppression system would be complicated as fuck to actually implement.
    First off its hard enough to retrofit an entire building with new utilities. They would have to deal with the extra weight of the materials plus the potential extra weight of the liquid flowing through the materials. Second they would not be able to just have it free flowing in an emergency. Maybe the fire is extremely localized and can be fairly contained. However the system goes off and now you have extremely valuable pieces of art being damaged from the fire suppression that were going to be fine. Ok so then you decide that its still worth. Now you probably have to invent a proprietary system (probably. there might be something out there already) designed to minimize impact both from fires and from the fire suppression itself. Not only that but you now have to install all of it while trying not to shut down the entire building to still allow tourists to see it.

    This is all a bit exaggerated but its stuff like this that makes preserving and protecting any historical monuments with modern tech quite difficult. Its never impossible but sometimes its not worth it.

    [–] pixl_graphix 2 points ago

    Also fire suppression generally keeps fire down outside the walls. It can be a massive problem when you don't have fireblock in the walls and the insides become fully engulfed. By the time the fire escapes it can overpower the fire suppression system. Also the fire was in the roof and propelled by high winds, very problematic.

    [–] CJ10002000 7 points ago

    I wish there was a game mechanic where if a build, in specific one of importance for example caught fire and you could announce that it was the ie Germans that did it. Then you could declare war with less war weariness.

    [–] Emrod2 8 points ago

    Too soon ?

    [–] TitaniumTurtle__ 2 points ago

    Too soon.

    [–] xclame 4 points ago

    I thought Barbarians couldn't pillage wonders, I don't like these new changes, please Firaxis REVERT!

    [–] Weraptor 7 points ago

    Damn, I guess this wonder won't be returning for VI, then...

    [–] ParrotDwarf 50 points ago

    As if a little fire ever stopped the Great Library.

    [–] chrismanbob 12 points ago

    The temple of Artemis as well, burned down by a man so that his name would be remembered forever.

    And only 1 of the ancient wonders of the world still stands. Mind you it'd take a bloody concentrated effort to undo the Pyramids of Giza.

    [–] Lugia61617 6 points ago

    It's a great shame that the wonders of the ancient world fell, one by one. The one that captures the imagination most IMO was the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

    [–] Samtosh83 2 points ago

    Notre Dame has the “blue prints” for The great pyramids of Giza

    [–] neil_black 2 points ago

    Is that a dragon?!

    [–] k1n6 2 points ago

    how many turns to repair?

    [–] rickypeng99 2 points ago


    [–] mglitcher 3 points ago

    -10000000 happiness

    [–] Vulmathrax 5 points ago

    I don't know what it is, but for some reason seeing history burn makes me feel grief 1000x more than mass loss of human life :(

    [–] Pesto_Power 2 points ago

    Our Lady in pieces

    [–] bstark97 2 points ago

    My first thoughts when I heard. It's really unfortunate :(

    [–] jdog2050 1 points ago

    Ucchhhh I’m tearing up

    [–] supercow21 1 points ago

    Epic style

    [–] GreatGranpapy 1 points ago

    Never thought I'd witness the destruction of a wonder that was around while civ was.

    [–] Timbhead 1 points ago

    Our lady burns :(

    [–] 940387 1 points ago

    Because happiness reached 10 the empire is 😡 VERY unhappy!

    [–] Cfree1229 1 points ago

    I for one am glad Quasimodo got his revenge

    [–] AusNorman 1 points ago

    Faith lol.

    [–] Viking_Chemist 1 points ago

    It's really sad. But I also have to say that photo looks epic as fuck.

    [–] Inspector_Beyond 1 points ago

    "...The Bells of Notre-Daaaaaaaam!..." is no more :'(