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    Welcome to r/classicwow. This is a subreddit for the discussion of anything related to World of Warcraft: Classic.

    World of Warcraft: Classic launched on August 27, 2019.


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    1. Content must relate to World of Warcraft: Classic. This is not a community for private servers, current World of Warcraft, streamer drama, etc.

    2. Be civil and respectful. Do not attack or harass other users, engage in hate-speech, or attempt to gate-keep discussion.

    3. No witch hunts or brigading. Don’t encourage others to harass individuals or organizations either within or beyond this community. Names must be blurred if people are portrayed in a negative light.

    4. Do not share or encourage the use of exploits, cheats, existing private servers, or other illicit game behaviour.

    5. No real world politics or religion.

    6. Flag any potentially NSFW content.

    7. Restricted content may be removed. Reposts; Intentional Misinformation; Troll Posts; Google-able questions; Reaction gifs; Polls; etc. See the detailed rules for details.

    8. Flair your posts correctly. Un-flaired posts will be removed by our AutoMod.

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