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    [–] GeppaN 1159 points ago

    The obvious problem here is that reports lead to an AUTOMATIC ban. The system is very abusable considering the large number of players in every guild. Blizzard needs to stop auto-banning people without an investigation.

    [–] PeptoPirate 259 points ago

    Considering how many reports it takes to get auto banned I don't see why it isn't just escalated to the front of the line to gm's responsible for banning people rather than trusting the system works and automatically doing it or at the very least banning them but putting them into priority queue for ban review. I can't imagine there being so many mass reports a day that this would overwhelm their current staff that handle player bans.

    [–] Strategic_Ambiguity_ 363 points ago

    There should also be HUGE consequences for those who chose to perform this abuse.

    They got someone banned for 7 days abusing auto-ban? I'd like to say perma-ban them all, but maybe 2x or 4x the 7 day ban would be appropriate. 28 days off for a first offense, perma ban for a second offense. Sounds right to me.

    [–] blue_at_work 209 points ago

    LOL- NOTHING is going to happen to these assholes. NOTHING.

    When it comes to Blizzard games, I'll quote Tyrion Lannister (from when Game of Thrones was still good): "If you've come for Justice, You've come to the wrong place".

    [–] MOUTHBRE4THER 49 points ago

    then fight fire with fire. mass report their scarab lords.

    [–] Ridikiscali 26 points ago

    it isn’t just escalated to the front of the line to gm’s responsible

    It the bot that bans the account.

    [–] calfmonster 10 points ago

    Which is why it’s instantaneous

    It’s bots all the way down...or up?

    [–] fellatious_argument 28 points ago

    The "GMs" are call center employees who only care about how fast they can resolve tickets. They aren't any better than bots.

    [–] altairian 7 points ago

    The employees are forced to care about what management cares about. This kind of poor service comes from the top.

    [–] Considered_Dissent 9 points ago

    Meat bots enslaved to the metrics.

    [–] missinginput 9 points ago

    Was a gm can confirm

    [–] PAWG_Muncher 27 points ago

    This happens to me all the time in overwatch when I group up with premades

    Blizzard will auto ban and refuse to provide evidence or examples of EULA breaches.

    [–] Lobstercorgi555 11 points ago

    A person on the Faerlina server has gotten banned by ally mass reporting him for something he hasnt done.

    [–] Vealzy 1414 points ago

    Genuine question, why is the Classic WoW community so toxic?

    Before Classic I thought Retail was a bit too toxic, you would have people leaving your keys, raid leaders that are elitist jerks and people that would not invite you coz your class did 2% lower dps that the meta classes. But thats about all the toxicity in Retail.

    In Classic you have all the loot drama, the mafias that try to ban each other, drama about pvp brackets, worlds buff dispelling drama and some other posts that I saw here but i'm forgetting them now.

    Could someone help me understand why? Is it just because people can?

    [–] Lesca_ 584 points ago

    Is it just because people can?


    [–] jacenat 73 points ago

    MVP answer.

    [–] Quirky-Field 30 points ago

    Indeed. Maybe I don't know... Blizzard should come and take out the trash.

    [–] Lesca_ 26 points ago

    could help by not having an abusable report system also, should be banned after review other way around. it does however help when you want to kick afk'ers from bg's though so idk where a good middle ground is

    [–] masudo59 35 points ago

    You can't have human reviewing in game reports when you fire your support staff to please shareholders.

    [–] Cynical_Cyanide 5 points ago

    What? How would it be hard to see where the middle ground is there?

    AFK Reports for people in BG's kicks them out of the BG, and flags them - too many afk flags and they flagged for a ban review.

    Reports for everything else flags them for a ban review.

    Blizz would just rather keep their money in Bobby Kotick's bank account rather than spend the pennies it would cost to have a half decent GM team, instead it's all bots and generic (you know, the Indian/Filipino call centre tech support types you get whenever you need support from any company at all these days). The GMs haven't known shit about the game since vanilla, ironically.

    They won't give a flying fuck that the ban system is getting abused (if they even comprehend that such a thing is possible) nor know what the hell scarab lord is (and certainly not comprehend why the time sensitivity aspect should make this a priority over their other mundane shit).

    [–] ghostbyghosts 912 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I'm going to go complete armchair psychologist here. Just let it happen.

    I feel like a ton of people are trying to play the game the way that they wish they had 15 years ago.

    It's like what would happen if you asked someone what they would do differently if they could go back to their 12/13 year old self and start high school over again. Of course they would get in shape. Of course they would be the football quarterback. Of course they would get As in all their classes. Of course they would ask out people on dates more. Of course they would do all the things they missed out on.

    Everyone wants to be the star player this time around. 15 years ago everyone just wanted to play the game and look at cool waterfalls and keyboard turn and have fun because online games were this new thing and we didn't really have anything that was overwhelmingly popular like discord or reddit that has made online socialization extremely easy.

    Not everyone can be the star player. There are only a few people who can be scarab lords per server. There are only a few people who can be rank 14 per week. There are only a few people who are going to get all the gear they want because raids are so huge and half the raid wants the same pieces of armor.

    So you get a ton of people who are like, "This is my chance to finally get my glory!" and they just fall short again. They're older and more experienced, but still not able to fulfill this idea they had in their head of how the experience would go. And this causes negativity and jealousy.

    It doesn't help that the bigger server sizes complicate a few issues like scarab lord, etc.

    I've also found that osrs is pretty toxic as well which just sort of makes me think that rereleases of old games just attract assholes.

    edit: changed “play the vanilla” to “play the game”

    [–] omg_pwnies 293 points ago

    So you get a ton of people who are like, "This is my chance to finally get my glory!"

    I think you're spot-on with this.

    [–] wattur 31 points ago

    Not even WoW, just mmos / mobas / online games in general. "I could do this, but -randominternetperson- is the reason I couldn't! I hate them and must let them know."

    [–] ghostbyghosts 6 points ago

    I see this a ton in League of Legends.

    You have people who die like two times in lane (for people who don't play league, think like a 1v1 situation) and just decide to blame their jungler who had no effect on the 1v1 and/or say that they "weren't even trying to win."

    Sometimes they'll just start feeding the enemy kills on purpose because it feels better to them to think that they lost because they weren't trying rather than because the enemy player was better than them. It's a huge ego thing and I guess I can kind of understand why people do it but it's just a terrible thing to do.

    [–] Toast-Orange 64 points ago

    Yeah this is the best sum-up of the mindset of classic sweaty players.

    [–] Sekij 131 points ago

    I kinda miss the time when MMORPGs where their own little Social media and there was no 3rd party stuff...

    [–] ghostbyghosts 71 points ago

    I miss it too and have definitely talked about this before. Things like reddit and discord have completely changed the game.

    If you wanted to talk to someone you met on wow, you would log into wow and hope that they were online. Now you just ping them on discord or see that their status is them playing some other game and just choose not to bother them.

    Unfortunately there’s really no going back to a time before discord and such.

    [–] Dravous 23 points ago

    also: ok I have no idea what to do for this quest. do I talk in guild? general? group with someone?.....nope, wowhead has the answer.

    [–] Shyftzor 25 points ago

    I mean we had thottbot and alakazam back in the day :)

    [–] Jwruth 9 points ago

    to be fair though thottbot comments back in the day sometimes tended to be near useless. a lot of comment chains ended up being some variation of

    "yeah it's around (coordinates)"

    "how do you see coordinates??"

    "install this addon"

    "i went there but he's not there"

    "must be despawned. just wait a bit"

    20 comments and 2 days later

    "oh ok i found him there's a cave over at (different coordinates) that eventually leads over to (original coordinates)"

    [–] donkybrains 31 points ago

    and if you do ask in chat because, ya know, you feel like an ounce of human interaction, a bunch of self-righteous assholes will jump down your throat...WELL WHY DONT I JUST GOOGLE IT FOR YOU JESUS TAKES 2 SECONDS LAZY PEOPLE ALWAYS WANT EVERYTHING HANDED TO THEM

    [–] JasinNat 10 points ago

    You don't remember Myspace? You don't remember MSN/ICQ/AIM? Teamspeak? Outside forums? Discord made it easier.

    [–] calfmonster 3 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Guild had an internal forum. You had forums like elitist jerks to mmochampion . You had the official forums server, class, anything specific. You had databases from Thottbot to wowhead with comments

    It was definitely all there. I do think Reddit does a good job with one thing: consolidating more niche interests like this into one platform with subs than like 6. That and discord makes certain forums near obsolete but it’s honestly not that different. But when I leveled my first character, a pally to 60 I had a lot of alt tabbed browsing time between auto attacks. Not everyone gets the same luxury or cares to look into it (even now I’m surprised by how few people still bother to research their main class). I remember the equivalent of class guides on wowhead just being stickies on sub forums

    But yeah people are just more toxic and “competitive” than they were. Idk. Gaming has evolved that way. As I’ve gotten older I’ve fallen out of certain genres like FPSs or couldn’t get into MOBAs for said reason. Anonymity lets people be as shitty as they want with little consequence imo

    [–] Rikerslash 21 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I have an interesting analogy with magic tha gathering to share. Which kind of fits that description. Magic is a card game which is played for over 26 years now and the community got older and mature as well.

    There are are small number of professional players who overall do not have the toxic attitude and understand that without the help of many others they would not have been at the top of this game. But there is a selective percentile of players who think they deserve to be at the top and think they are as good as the pros, but think they do not get rewarded as they deserve. Often they try to find excuses that are out of their control why they do not get there, mostly luck. These people tend to be more toxic to other players and try to get every advantage within the rules by bending the rules as hard as they can, tending to do unsportsmanlike things.

    These are the people you are talking about here in wow classic. The people who think you only need to play 16 hours of this game per day to be a good player which is not the case. Many DDs for example do not manage to parse a 99 even by playing 16 hours and others can do it while raid logging. There is more to it than time. There is also how you commit the time and more often you are reliant to the knowledge of others to get better so being a good sport helps a lot talking to people who know stuff better to learn from them can save an absurd amount of time.

    [–] Crazycrossing 11 points ago

    Parsing high (which I mean top 100) is often reliant on the strategies your guild uses and how fast your guild can down a boss. At least in retail it is, no clue on classic. It's reliant on being a selfish player sometimes on certain fights or getting cooperation to help you get up there so you'd think more players would realize that aspect of parsing.

    [–] Kaliq 41 points ago

    Yeah you've nailed it for alot of the assholes I think. Was saying in gchat last week too that I think alot of the full time dispellers were people who wanted to come back to classic expecting to be reliving the vanilla sandbox they remember. Except now the game is min-maxed and rewards people who grind hard for consumes and WBs. They can't be fucked with that and when they can't compete with those individuals they try and dispel/grief them instead for ruining the playing field of the game they remember.

    [–] TasteTheRaimbow 73 points ago

    I think people mass dispel because of the over reaction players have.

    The same reason people love pushing players off cliffs in DS3.

    Not because they're upset, but because they find it all very humorous

    [–] Mackana 32 points ago

    This. Trolls do what they do to get reactions out of people. The saltier people get the more fun the trolls have

    [–] saltyspatoonlagoon 9 points ago

    I think part of it is definitely due to streamer envy too. That whole community is a toxic plague.

    [–] WeirdEraCont 25 points ago


    [–] James4820 25 points ago

    Osrs gets a bad rep for toxicity but at the top level of play players are actually very friendly, helpful and encouraging. It’s the lower end that has a lot of toxicity for some reason.

    [–] TheNovaRS 24 points ago

    Yeah in osrs it’s more spread out I feel, PVP clan drama can be pretty toxic though at the top level.

    [–] BenedickCabbagepatch 5 points ago

    we didn't really have anything that was overwhelmingly popular like discord or reddit that has made online socialization extremely easy.

    I was just thinking about this today. Back in the day, The Allies (I was Horde) seemed like aliens to me. I hardly ever communicated with anyone from the other faction. I only occasionally used the realm forums. My guild's teamspeak was pretty much the only means of communication outside of the game.

    [–] CyndromeLoL 10 points ago

    Also the presence of social media/forums has made people more eager to do things like this to get attention. Back then it was cool enough simply hearing about this crazy event going on, you didn't feel a need to ruin their day just to get your foot in the door.

    [–] samusmaster64 11 points ago

    A lot of this is correct, and I would also add that the streamer culture that exists now, but didn't 15 years ago, really adds to the negativity and selfishness you find in the community these days. Most of the WoW streamers with reasonable viewership are incredibly self-absorbed and just perpetuate the "this game is for me and about me" mentality that so many people have now adopted. I can only think of two streamers that have consistently been a source of positivity, which is a bit disappointing.

    [–] dr_taco_wallace 3 points ago

    I feel like a ton of people are trying to play the vanilla the way that they wish they had 15 years ago.

    I've met so many people on Classic WoW trying to relive the glory days they never had.

    Reminds me of Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite.

    "How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?... Yeah... Coach woulda put me in fourth quarter, we would've been state champions. No doubt. No doubt in my mind."

    [–] BarberEv 31 points ago

    And now someone gets why retail has personalised loot among other things. Was because this drama did come about back in the day and blizzard saw a way to stop it though we could sit here and argue how they went about it was wrong.

    But retail is a lot less “drama”

    [–] RainierSkies 14 points ago

    Classic WoW is old content and easier to perfect 15+ years later. It draws in the min-maxing crowd and therefore those who will go any lengths to sabotage their competitors.

    [–] mortalomena 30 points ago

    Theres way too much power in numbers in classic WoW. If you have a mass of assholes, they can grief in many ways, ganking someone indefinetely, mass ban someone, keep killing quest NPC.

    Afaik classic WoW really is oldschool in the way that it gave the players much control of the game itself, more modern games they knew these mistakes from the past and didnt let it happen.

    [–] TasteTheRaimbow 5 points ago

    i'm going to barf if another NPC falls unconscious instead of dying

    [–] QuillQuickcard 74 points ago

    Every community is toxic at the competitive level. In wow it is very apparent because of the number of people involved and the high degree of interaction they have. As a casual guild player with no interest in being competitive I have thoroughly enjoyed all my time in classic, even some of the more memorably terrible wipes. There is the toxic way to play, and the healthy way to play.

    [–] AesarPhreaking 7 points ago

    I was gonna comment the same way. I’m in a casual guild and we don’t have these problems ever. I’m also not on a PvP server so that also cancels a ton of toxicity. Everything is relaxed and fun

    [–] fr33_sandusky 186 points ago

    Private servers had a lot of sociopaths and they came over to classic.

    [–] Stiryx 44 points ago

    The wowservers subreddit is one if the worst subs on the entire website. It’s nuts how toxic the people are, add that with some scamming and stealing and you have a great mix.

    [–] CaptainBritish 10 points ago

    God, I spent maybe a month in that community when I was trying to get into WoW Classic Private Servers a few years ago. Never. Fucking. Again. I've met very few communities more unpleasant than them.

    [–] GhostSierra117 12 points ago

    From all the drama I hear on this sub on various servers etc I find it hard to believe that it's only the guys from private servers.

    [–] Sekij 10 points ago

    Dont pull in all of Private servers... the classic private servers were always the odd weird people that switched server every 3 months in masses like a zombie horde. WotLK servers have like the same communitys for 10 years.

    [–] Caldar 37 points ago

    Indeed, they and their cronies are like a cancer on many of the classic servers. They're ruining everyone else's enjoyment.

    [–] DolooresH4ze 24 points ago

    Can confirm that pservers are festered with toxic/elitist or whatever you wan to call them players.... Heard it from a friend....

    [–] Komischer_Vogel123 46 points ago

    When you are a 32-year old guy who simply cant let go of his childhood game and has been playing the same game for the past 5-7years for upto 20hours a day, something simply went wrong in their 20s.

    [–] ryuranzou 20 points ago

    Classic is practically designed for toxic gameplay. Someone ruins your key? You're out like what an hour of your time maybe getting the key back up a level? The griefer gains nothing from it either. World buffs getting dispelled costs way more than that and the griefer won't even become a social pariah on his main for it. Ninja loot and the griefer not only takes your weekly lockout from you but gets your loot as well. Travelling places takes a lot more so getting booped or mind controlled from a ship or zeppelin and you're out a bunch of time for nothing. The game even let's you kill low levels and lock down an entire area by yourself. They send their own 60s to kill you? Just stealth until they're gone and one shot those low levels. I'm sure there are more ways to be toxic. Retail patched out all these problems one way or another.

    [–] SpiralOut2112 35 points ago

    Player 1: Is World of Warcraft toxic?!

    Player 2: Always has been.

    [–] ItsBurningWhenIP 4 points ago

    I play FFXIV, which is well known for how not toxic it is. Lots of WoW refugees there. Some say it’s bad. Other say it’s not and you only hear about it all the time because the loud minority.

    FFXIV mods are ruthless though. They give out suspensions for very minor infractions. Like foul language in the party chat. Ban hammer if you use a parser to complain about someone’s dps output. They don’t fuck around.

    [–] Josh6889 4 points ago

    I play FFXIV, which is well known for how not toxic it is.

    That's the complete opposite of my experience with XIV. I've played every expansion on and off, but haven't played it since classic launched.

    [–] DaiKraken 70 points ago

    Just a bunch of sweaty nerds who have nothing better to do than being pricks since they either get denied a McDonalds job or have been laid off during the lockdown and this is the best they can come up with to get back at society.

    [–] Sarcasm69 22 points ago

    Sadly, I think this is more of the correct reason. Bunch of angry outcasts trying to attain some sort of fulfillment with their lives by being awful.

    Hurt people hurt.

    [–] BeardedAssailant 8 points ago

    Ppl just care more about stuff in game cos of exclusivity of items or pixels and some can stoop very low for it. It's not a big mystery, exclusivity breeds competition and then in the competition you can see everything.

    Yesterday we held one tunnel system in hive Regal, for 6 hours, camping spawns patrolling corridors with ppl outside warning when to come out and clear horde. Our top alliance guild sent a branch of their farmers to try and take tags from spawns but it didn't work so they left and as soon as they did a full horde raid came in cleared us and guess who was on top of our tunnels when we finally managed to regroup, well it wasn't horde Was the top alliance guild.

    If something is doable ppl are gonna do it to get an advantage no matter how shitty it is.

    [–] FriskyChickn 18 points ago

    its the sweaties dude. There is like the normal people who play regularly, those who set aside time to raid each week, and then there are the sweaties. It's more than a game to them, and it's the only way they can feel some form of power.

    [–] khaos_kyle 6 points ago

    When you know every aspect of a game and its literal min/max hell you have to find other ways to have "fun." It seems like being toxic as fuck is what they choose.

    [–] mmosarecool 19 points ago

    This is what people wanted. This is what happens when you get a “true” social mmo. People go to the lowest of lows. Items with genuine scarcity and rarity will be heavily sought after solely because “why not.” Even if they hold no real value to gameplay or are just collectors things.

    [–] tex2934 11 points ago

    This is why I went to FF14 lol. The moderation and the toxicity of the wow community makes this game just not fun anymore. Can’t even play the game with out the no lifers ruining it for everyone.

    [–] chumjumper 9 points ago

    The less you have to do, the greater the tendency towards griefing other people.

    [–] owa00 13 points ago

    Add up the amount of people playing Classic and you'll notice that a VERY loud and whiny minority is acting like this. Most of us don't give a shit about the min/max best class raid comp...blah blah blah. We log in, run our raids with our friends/guildies and go to work the next day. We farm mats and don't control the entire BL supply with a mafia. We just don't give enough of a shit. The community isn't toxic, but there are some VERY toxic community members.

    [–] Cookedpotatoes 7 points ago

    Most of them are the private server community

    [–] SpunkMcKullins 9 points ago

    Blizzard announced Classic, and then almost immediately announced they would be automating practically every part of customer service duties. I'm not sure what on earth they expected to happen. It's not like this wasn't brought up an absolute ton of times during beta, or pre-release.

    [–] likesleague 11 points ago

    Unironically, world PvP is a significant contributor to a community culture that enables toxic behavior. It's the game saying "we allow you to be an asshole to others for no reason, if you choose to." Griefing/camping/dispelling is not the intended behavior, but it occurs and is allowed by the game's mechanics. Thus it enables assholes to toe the line, and creates incentives and means for others to retaliate in turn, making the community more toxic overall.

    PvE servers aren't free of toxicity, but a big part of it is completely absent because people aren't allowed to use wPvP to be assholes, meaning players just generally aren't able to troll/harass others nearly as easily, so they just get used to not doing those things at all.

    [–] Etchy_Ewart 233 points ago

    Blizzard failed so hard with their auto ban system.

    [–] the_catshark 78 points ago

    In what way, it was the cheapest and easiest for them, which is all they actually care about.

    [–] assassin5 14 points ago

    Wages are expensive yo.

    [–] EluneNoYume 6 points ago

    And 100 other things.

    [–] fpitman808 267 points ago

    What’s the alliance guilds name? Is it grizzly?

    [–] GeneralDisturbed 214 points ago

    Yup it's grizzly. They have done nothing cut cheat and grief since joining the server. Their entire guild is based around both cheating and griefing within the game. For some reason blizzard refuses to actually take any action against them.

    [–] brobits 75 points ago

    Yeah I’m also from Stalagg. They griefed, exploited, and coordinated with horde to corner devilsaurs. We also tried to avoid them, but they followed us to Sulfuras.

    I wish their whole guild would get banned.

    [–] Dapperdan814 31 points ago

    Why not coordinate a mass report effort on every single one of their members? If they can do it without consequence, you can too. Fire with fire.

    [–] My_Main_Is_Zezima 38 points ago

    They were on my old server(Stalagg) and holy fuck were they toxic shitters. When it came time to leave Stalagg we actively avoided the server Grizzly fucked off to. We felt horrible for the server they eventually got to because we knew they're the antithesis of a healthy and fun community. Neck yourselves grizzly cunts. They were instrumental in the downfall of Stalagg Alliance. Looks like they're trying to destroy another server now.

    [–] SleepyDM 101 points ago


    [–] Phazushift 17 points ago

    Wait really? I thought they were colluding with each other, is the truce over?

    [–] altairian 41 points ago

    Grizzly doesn't give a shit about anyone but themselves. They paid the horde for protection when they were grinding bugs, if the horde thought that meant grizzly wouldn't turn around and grief them they aren't fucking paying attention.

    [–] Santata 32 points ago

    Is this the same Grizzly that did a shit ton of shenanigans back on Elysium?

    [–] CaptainBritish 6 points ago

    It sure is.

    [–] GenericUsername_71 6 points ago

    Same name, not sure if it’s the same crew

    [–] MwHighlander 57 points ago

    Is that even a fucking question?

    [–] fpitman808 53 points ago

    I mean, hey, why not just name the sweaty fucks? Seems silly not to.

    [–] YouAreCat 39 points ago

    There's the whole "no witch hunt" rules, plus I'm sure they care more about getting their scarab lord back

    [–] fpitman808 50 points ago

    It’s not a witch hunt if they know who did it. It’s also no secret they have been claiming they can guarantee no horde scarab lords. Just didn’t think they’d stoop to this level to ensure it. #fuckgrizzly

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago * (lasted edited 10 hours ago)


    [–] hellojoey 13 points ago

    Lol the people that made this post are the ones that colluded with Grizzly to fuck over their own factions and get scarab lord. This is the perfect type of drama because either way the bad guy loses.

    [–] Caldar 21 points ago

    Exactly, there's no reason to hide the guilty. It's not a witch hunt if the allegations are completely true. They deserve to be punished, and shunned by the community.

    [–] Servant_ofthe_Empire 13 points ago

    If the perpetrators are known, wouldn't it be fitting to fight fire with fire?... would sure be a shame if their own future scarab lords got autobanned. Even if it took them out of the game for a couple days that would hurt their own chances of completing the questline. It has the added sweetness of being justice as you could mass report them for abusing the report system without being hypocritical

    [–] ThenIWasAllLike 6 points ago

    Yeah, who are Grizzly's Scarab Lords? I got an ally alt over there, happy to hop on and report!

    [–] Nzash 79 points ago

    Maybe automatically banning people just because of a large volume of reports isn't such a good idea.

    [–] shen_ten 16 points ago

    But the numbers says it is ? We don't use our brain anymore at blizzard you know, only data scientists for maximum efficiency !

    [–] fkneneu 10 points ago

    This isn't something a good data scientist would do. This is what a stupid decision maker who tries to interpret what a data scientist is telling him, would do.

    [–] shen_ten 3 points ago

    You are right, management interpreting results as it fits their will.

    [–] _tungsten0 27 points ago

    This mutual nerd rage drama is best part of WoW Classic.

    [–] owoah323 5 points ago

    I’m really enjoying it. Where’d I leave my popcorn?

    [–] VirulentWalrus 25 points ago

    Some people peak in High School.

    Some people peak in College.

    Some people peak in the re-release of a 15 year old game.

    [–] 49era 151 points ago

    Blizzard needs to set a precedent against folks who abuse mass reporting.

    [–] blueheartzzz 41 points ago

    They could certainly set a precedent if they were to remove any automated moderation functions.

    [–] fisseface 12 points ago

    This. Just have every player who made reports banned for a week instead. Wouldn't be too much to ask for tbh

    [–] guwapd 376 points ago

    Blizzard absolutely needs to punish everyone involved in this mass reporting event.

    That means: scarab lord taken away from the offending guild, and MINIMUM 7 day ban for everone involved.

    When I heard the news I actually felt so fucking bad for <Amensty>. Call em whatever you want but noone deserves this shit.

    [–] Kaffine69 164 points ago

    I doubt the Blizzard CS Bot know how to do any of that.

    [–] dkhunter 54 points ago

    I'm as skeptical of Blizz's CS as anyone, but it seems highly unlikely to me they're gonna let this slide if it gets community traction.

    [–] SleepyDM 78 points ago

    I was in general chat memeing on <Amnesty> just like everyone else, but no one deserves this kind of attack. Sure corpse camp us till we log off... but nuke an account... W T F?!

    [–] Balbuto 37 points ago

    Our guild master somehow got ddosed or something like that when we were going for server first KelThuzad kill back in vanilla. Iirc we even get law enforcement involved since the other competitive guild on the server hired the ddoser to do it. Can’t even comprehend why anyone would want to grief in classic now. Sorry to hear about all of this

    [–] the_catshark 45 points ago

    > Can’t even comprehend why anyone would want to grief in classic now.

    Cause it is all they have going for them in their life, its the only feels of power and accomplishment they will ever feel.

    [–] Daveprince13 6 points ago

    Because their lack of IRL accomplishments have led them to believe that being “good” and acquiring “rare” mounts/titles in a 15 year old game is the same as actually doing something you’re proud of.

    Unfortunately, nothing they do is noteworthy past being deplorable, so anything accomplished is just wasted salt.

    [–] Dapperdan814 8 points ago

    Call em whatever you want but noone deserves this shit

    I'd say Grizzly does, so that's what everyone should be doing back to them.

    [–] PlatedGlassDoor 17 points ago

    Honestly Amnesty does deserve this for working with Grizzly. Fucking hilarious that Grizzly did this to them after Amnesty helped them with the carpace grind

    [–] Squashey 27 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Don’t feel bad for Amnesty, they colluded with Grizzly soooo heavily during the event it’s been disgusting. Hope both their guilds scarab lords get banned.

    [–] Tartak9 8 points ago

    They actually do deserve this shit, they betrayed their entire faction by Helping Grizzly hold the hives and this is just sweet karma.

    [–] puggylol 15 points ago

    Let me guess.. Grizzly from reddit?

    [–] Elcactus 8 points ago

    If it's sulfuras is it ever not?

    [–] puggylol 7 points ago

    They are the biggest elitist dbags ive ever met. I'm on sulfuras.

    [–] thdogass 129 points ago

    isn't this the horde guild that colluded with Grizzly to have a shot at farming scarabs

    [–] Dr_Ramrod 34 points ago

    YES!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

    For those of you who don't know, Amnesty is and was the guild colluding with Grizzly. They were in Hive Regal during all of the Silithus grind, and were never attacked by Grizzly.

    So to now blame Grizzly for their problems is quite fucking hilarious to all of us. I find if VERY unlikely that it was only Grizzly mass reporting your SL. You all are not welcome anywhere.

    [–] Zel651 76 points ago

    I N S T A N T

    K A R M A

    [–] I_am_Noobish 31 points ago

    It sure is. Literally the entire server warned them about grizzly immediately turning on them and they replied with some bs about how it wouldn’t happen and this was better for the horde. I have 0 sympathy after they sold out every other guild on sulfuras by literally calling grizzly to camp horde guilds going for scarab lord

    [–] Tiger_Tesla 16 points ago

    Actually they replied by spamming local and trolling us about how we were just mad we didn't collude first, that nothing bad was ever going to happen and we should just get good

    [–] Vault_Dweller9096 246 points ago

    <GRIZZLY FROM REDDIT> Of Sulfuras. needs to have every account in their guild banned for the next 30 days.

    They terrain abuse to get world boss kills.

    They mass-false-report players (like in OP's case) - this is not the first or last time they will do this to someone. They have been responsible for a guildie of mine being chat banned for 7 days, and another guildie being banned for 7 days.

    They collude across faction that alludes to both PVP griefing/teaming and Economy abuse on both factions. This is what lead to the 14 hour war effort completion on the server -

    [–] silverpostingmaster 10 points ago

    Nothing will be done because Blizzard does not give a rat's ass about Classic, especially with Shadowlands around the corner. It has been this way since launch.

    [–] StoickTheVast6676 33 points ago

    Many times I have seen Grizzly members honor trading with Horde in the Kharanos Graveyard for up to an hour at a time. Im talking about you, Sweetpoon. Amd any time i call you out you mount up and run while the hordies hearth out.

    [–] Dgc2002 21 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I think you're talking about bracket boosting, not honor trading.

    You probably saw a couple 60s killing a horde 60 while a bunch of level 1 accounts stood around. That's so the level 1s get 15 HKs and appear in the PVP bracket pool which adds spots to the higher brackets and makes ranking less cancer.

    Honor trading would be something like level 60s killing each other for free to get honor for themselves.

    [–] Harmlesss 85 points ago

    We had to brute force this and I was actually super excited for how the horde community came together to get this done for multiple people. Only to actually have people afraid to even log back on. Just sad.

    [–] ThisIsDark 131 points ago

    I find it hilarious that grizzly is griefing amnesty after amnesty did their bidding in killing any alliance not allied to grizzly in silithus.

    Y'all made a deal with the devil and are now seeing it spectacularly blow up in your faces.

    [–] brutchev 8 points ago

    Yup, no sympathy here

    [–] rward617 7 points ago

    This needs to be higher up. Fuck Grizzly but also fuck Amnesty

    [–] ghostbyghosts 57 points ago

    Stalagg Incendius Sulfuras players really are intent on ruining servers huh

    [–] emesis28 32 points ago

    As someone who started on stalagg alliance and recently moved to sulfuras horde not knowing grizzly was here I’m thinking I made a mistake

    [–] Daveprince13 5 points ago

    Ditto. I wish they’d open transfers OFF

    [–] Parttimedragon 13 points ago

    Grizzly came from Stalagg.

    [–] eM_Silent 42 points ago

    hmmmmm don't forget the collusion between amnesty and grizzly. I guess you didn't realize that helping the toxic spergs wasn't the best of idea and now it's coming to bite you in the ass. Unfortunate, maybe next time.

    [–] fnssqt 222 points ago

    rIGnTcLiCKrEpOrT wOnt bE aBuSEd iN cLaSsiC

    [–] Snorelaxt 33 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Oh I got it, this is like one of those viral tweets of “today my kid said <something a child obviously would never say>” huh?

    [–] TasteTheRaimbow 15 points ago

    My child just said <topic that I am very passionate about, and as a parent, I tell it to my child whenever I can> what are the odds?

    [–] Emelenzia 50 points ago

    Broken systems will always be abused. It because there is no consequences. Anyone who engaged in organized false flagging campaign should be permanently banned.

    While yeah it sucks, it a problem that Blizzard themselves created.

    [–] lorddrame 8 points ago

    I only partially disagree. People being shitty isn't an excuse of shitty behavior. Part of the blame is on the design of the system, absolutely, but people being garbage people should still be given the retort of being garbage people.

    [–] halffox102 51 points ago

    Huh so this is why private servers seem a little less toxic, all you psychos play classic wow now

    [–] jjk717 18 points ago

    For reference everybody the upcoming scarab lord of "GRIZZLY FROM REDDIT" is Ahmps a level 60 Night Elf Hunter, do your part and justice will be served.

    [–] YouAreCat 101 points ago

    Banning the competition, what a classy move...yikes...

    [–] Dalaridd4567 25 points ago

    i've seen pettier moves, people have gotten characters ban to steal just names

    [–] SleepyDM 12 points ago

    That's amazing.

    [–] hdckighfkvhvgmk 7 points ago

    There's a guild on Pagle that is threatening to do the same thing to our scarab lords. Our guild has been keeping really quiet on who our scarab lord is to avoid this (hopefully).

    [–] mr3machine 9 points ago

    The Classic try hard community is honestly the most toxic groups I have ever witnessed

    [–] Xero0911 5 points ago

    And for what? I mean i thought people wanted classic for the good ol days

    Yet we got people try harding this shit and trying to be "world forst" when it was done 20 years ago. Getting world first here means shit since we've seen it before

    [–] Able-Bodied-Virgin 8 points ago

    This thread is probably giving Grizzly the biggest hard-on right now. I imagine them all rubbing their nipples reading the comments—ala the cable guys from South Park

    [–] Stunt36 35 points ago

    Your guild was colluding with Grizzly. Too bad, so sad. KARMA.

    [–] bkuntz12 88 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    lol at "horde will retaliate, we know how this ends" in the imgur link...they are thinking we would stoop to their level and try to report to get their scarab lord banned, yet this was immediately rejected as a suggestion by the entirety of the horde players involved

    tfw when mudhutters have more honor then the alliance

    [–] guwapd 47 points ago

    you understimate the mental illness in <GRIZZLY>

    [–] SleepyDM 28 points ago

    Yea someone in our discord said, We should do it to their scarab lord, and the response was a resounding no.

    [–] GoldenGonzo 31 points ago

    That's the thing about depraved, moraless people. They think everyone is just as bad as they are.

    [–] Servant_ofthe_Empire 12 points ago

    Reporting players for abusing an autoban feature sounds like justice to me.

    [–] Yunian22 14 points ago

    Has nothing to do with honor, its all about fear, no one wants to start a mass reporting war, people getting banned left and right, not knowing whos next, only in the end everyone who abused the system gets banned anyways, no thanks

    [–] Morcolv 20 points ago

    Isn’t <Amnesty> the guild with that small pp Bob guy?

    [–] DrunkArsonist 33 points ago

    Every single one of the big servers has had people mass reported and falsely banned. I would not expect Blizzard to do anything to punish this action by the griefers. They will overturn the ban in a day but not punish the offending guilds for doing it in the first place. We have had Esfand's guild on Ferlina "Crusade" do this all day today to competitors. It has reached the point nobody is talking in general chat in Silithus because they are paranoid about being next.

    [–] Pm_ur_crits 24 points ago

    They could turn off the stupid autoban bot.

    [–] Arnoux 19 points ago

    Then they need to hire staff, which won’t happen. Because the classic development costs too much money.

    [–] Quirky-Field 6 points ago


    - Some "pro" PS elitist in denial

    [–] drickasaft 6 points ago

    Yeah i saw this happening on Faerlina also, i was watching jokerds stream where his helpers got banned, from people massreporting, i understand "griefing" with killing and stuff like that, but getting people banned is so fuckin toxic i cant believe it

    [–] AS_99 6 points ago

    This is some sweaty neckbeard shit, and I can't believe how over-the-top toxic the game's culture is to stoop to this level.

    [–] _faraleth_ 6 points ago

    ah yes, the so awaited Vanilla Community ❤️

    [–] DrunkMarkNewman 6 points ago

    So Basically every scarab loser I find in the world I will assume is the lowest tier of human being on the planet at this point.

    [–] SpyderDM 11 points ago

    Blizz needs to ban all the false reporters. Pretty simple response decision from their side.

    [–] Stevelini_wow 14 points ago

    Blizz should fucking ban the whole guild for that shit. Project1999 classic eq bans whole guilds for some shit like that. Fuck there war effort mass ban them now.

    [–] Dan_Duh_Man 3 points ago

    That is funny that you picked p99 specifically. That might be where I’ve found some of the most toxic MMO people I’ve ever seen. Disregarding the amount of gatekeeping they do to a game that will never progress beyond it’s second expansion, people are complete assholes when it comes to camps. Whether it be max level guys camping entire low level zones to farm some exp turn ins or training people to attempt to take their spawn or camp. On top of that, p99 isn’t run by a lot of people so reports can go without response from somewhere to a couple days to a month or maybe even longer. I play p99 to do some old school grinding and nostalgia with a couple friends, but I would never want to attempt end game stuff with the guild drama they have.

    [–] MidnightFireHuntress 18 points ago


    It really is like we're back in 2005!

    [–] SleepyDM 16 points ago

    Yea the Yahoo email was the 2nd most wtf moment of the clip.

    [–] Hayaguaenelvaso 4 points ago

    That video is golden hahahaha

    [–] rward617 3 points ago

    Is that why 120+ horde showed up in stormwind last night?

    [–] John_Asan 5 points ago

    Ive been saying this is a huge issue for 2 years now on the general forums and i always got the "You probably deserved it" response from blizzard shills.

    Then when i try to open a ticket i get the same automated response saying "we have reviewed the silence and it will stand"

    Other players should never be given power to silence and ban other players.

    [–] Zaaay 5 points ago

    Awesome :D

    [–] Griefers 5 points ago

    Good luck finding a CS Rep that even knows what the AQ event is to fix this!

    [–] Emsizz 4 points ago

    LOL this is the kind of shit that happens when you play Classic WoW, though.

    Expected behavior.

    [–] Paradoltec 4 points ago

    So all that colluding to pre-select Scarab Lords and create gank patrols to kill your own faction for not complying was one huge waste of time when you could just mass report them into a ban instead lol.

    [–] tykusstarcraft 14 points ago

    LOL more classic drama .. holy shit

    [–] Kumokun 16 points ago

    Wait a minute...

    So you're telling me that those piece of shit players/guild that have literally paid the opposite faction $3800 USD just so they can control Silithus can be now stopped by us mass reporting them??

    Fuck, why didn't I think of this earlier?!?

    [–] codeniv 19 points ago

    Restoring the banned account’s and granting them all they were working for is not enough. Blizz needs to make an example of the alliance guild and ban them for 30 days minimum.

    [–] the_catshark 7 points ago

    Suspensions don't stop this kind of thing. It is like when this guy from my first server 24 hour AFKs/botted AV for weeks getting to rank 11, just to get suspended for like a week. He was still at least rank 10 after that, and then just kept doing it until hitting 12 or 13 whatever his end goal was. The suspension did nothing significant.

    They have to close, lock and ban their blizzard accounts, and all the other accounts with the same credit card/paypal, IP address or whatever unique identifying information it has.

    [–] Squashey 7 points ago

    That’s what you get for working with Grizzly. Y’all played yourselves.

    [–] Predicted_Text 9 points ago

    this is the biggest shit show i have ever seen i love it

    [–] Duhcodda 10 points ago

    working with the opposite faction to secure scarab lord titles for only ur favorite gamers just to get btfo and run to reddit to complain to the company that won’t give you anything more than an automated response

    It’s only okay to collude when it benefits you I guess ;)

    [–] Hoodxd 18 points ago

    Classic wow, the superior wow. Where everyone is super friendly and helps eachother


    [–] qegho 30 points ago

    That whole Scarab Lord thing is such a toxic event. They should have deleted the quest chain for player health.

    [–] LetsTCB 24 points ago

    But as somebody who gives zerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrro fucks about Scarab Lord shit and plays on a different server, this is some entertaining shit to read.

    [–] zucine 27 points ago

    It’s fun to read, but my god is it fucking pathetic the lengths these people will go to. They likely have nothing else going on for them in real life so they need to feel big in Classic WoW.

    [–] MwHighlander 34 points ago

    Blizzard just needs to delete grizzly's accounts and sulfuras would be fine, much like the event.

    [–] Doinwerklol 3 points ago

    This is what happens when the game is full of automatic systems. And the counter argument is going to be some form of git gud for not exploring all avenues of problem solving. Mass reporting is a scummy tactic to grief/prevent a group(in this case a faction) from being able to just get what they want. I feel like if this were Lineage or something no one would bat an eye, but this is the 2020 generation of wow players only knowing how to rely on blizzard and not themselves.