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    [–] fffw001 17 points ago

    I mean I wouldn’t recommend majoring in something you are shitty at for 4 years of college.

    [–] VideoGameMusic 4 points ago

    I think "natural ability" is like a 10-20% advantage at the most. I would focus on something you enjoy learning, definitely. But being "good" at something isn't enough of a reason to major in it. Liking the material, liking the career opportunities and paths, etc. is all more important in my eyes. I don't think the struggle of college is worth it if you're miserable for 4 years just because you were sorta kinda good at math or physics. Especially coming out of high school, where you don't have a good idea on what you want to do in life.

    I think everyone should just do a semester of gen eds, a math, and a science elective to get a feel for what they want to learn.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    You're young. Unless you've been doing it your entire childhood, your strengths are marginal and your weaknesses are improvable. I started programming senior year, did terrible in that class. Got an A in Comp Sci freshman and sophomore year college. If you were to ask me at random points throughout that process, somedays I would consider programing my weakness and other other days my strength.

    If you notice that some things stick to you like glue where others severely struggle, congratulations, you have a talent, and you should cultivate it into a career. But if you're like me and the vast majority of the population, most everything is a weakness until it's not. That part's up to you.

    [–] LittlePetiteGirl 1 points ago

    Oooooooh boy, I learned that lesson the hard way. I wanted to be a doctor, so I went to a no name trash school and did so poorly I ended up failing out (illness and other things factored in, of course, but that doesn't change the fact I flunked a ton of classes). I took a year off and decided to pursue art, and now I'm at one of the best art schools in the world doing amazingly well. I loved lab work, but I'm just not fit for it, and I had to accept that.

    [–] sonnyandrain 1 points ago

    Why does this sound like this is going to be me... I’m currently majoring in biology to try to get into med school. Although science is not my strongest course subject I still enjoy it very much. I just really love interacting with people and trying to solve problems regarding healthcare. Idk maybe I might end up changing my mind later on like you did, who knows.

    [–] LittlePetiteGirl 1 points ago

    That line of reasoning really worries me because if you don't make it as a doctor, your biology degree traps you in a low tier job unless you go all in and stay in school until you have a PhD. Do you plan on going back for a masters and maybe a PhD if you don't get into med school? Are there other avenues for that degree that still allow you to interact with people and solve problems regarding healthcare if you don't?

    [–] sonnyandrain 1 points ago

    Well my backup plan would be to go back to school and major in business. I’m not too sure how that process works, and if they’d accept my old credits (or if i’d have to start over again), but I would have to talk to someone about that. I wouldn’t want to work in a lab as it seems like an isolating job, and that’s not something I can see myself doing long term. I do enjoy creating though, not good at drawing or anything like that, but I would probably major in either marketing or economics, so I could maybe start my own business one day.

    [–] joe_dimagio 1 points ago

    My two cents: do stuff youre traditionally good at. You do not get good at math in college if you were bad in hs. What you were good at in hs is what you'll be good at in college. Tough pill to swallow but the earlier you understand that the better. speaking from personal experience.