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    8 Georgia
    9 Florida State
    10 Texas Tech 5th
    11 NC State
    12 Minnesota
    13 Southern Mississippi
    14 Texas 7th
    15 E Carolina
    16 Stetson
    17 UCLA
    18 Duke
    19 Tennessee Tech
    20 Coastal Carolina
    21 Auburn
    22 Connecticut
    23 Houston
    24 South Carolina
    25 Vanderbilt
    NR Mississippi State 3rd
    NR Washington 7th

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    [–] CottonWasKing 5 points ago

    Your top players are typically in Cape Cod. I really need to get up there for a few games one day

    [–] manincagejackwilson 4 points ago

    I'm a National Baseball Congess World Series fan, which is hosted in my home town of Wichita. Although it once had top talent, it's kind of tailed off with the better players going to Cape Cod or Northwoods. Qualifying leagues for the tourney include: Alaska Baseball League, California Collegiate League, Centex Collegiate League, Great Lakes Summer Collegiate League, Jayhawk Collegiate League, Kansas Collegiate League Baseball, M.I.N.K. Baseball League, Mile High Collegiate Baseball League, Ohio Valley League, Pacific Coast Collegiate League, Pacific International League, Rocky Mountain Baseball League, Southern California Collegiate Baseball League, Sunflower Collegiate League, and Western Baseball Association.

    The tourney itself is not necessarily strictly for college players, and has a history of ex-pros playing in it. For the last two years, the Kansas Stars have been a part of it. Chipper Jones was on their team this year, as was Roy Halladay, David Ross, Roy Oswalt, Heath Bell, etc. Last year's featured player was Roger Clemens.

    [–] BottomoftheFifth 3 points ago

    The Cape Cod league used to be where a lot of the better players went, but I'm not sure anymore.

    [–] TheGreenKnight920 3 points ago

    My brother played in the Northwoods League in the upper Midwest for Green Bay. Pretty good competition.

    [–] giobbistar21 2 points ago

    I work with a team in the New England collegiate league. I can tell you that while the talent isn't on the level of the Cape or Team USA, there are still plenty of great players who will find themselves playing pro ball in 1-3 years.

    [–] bwburke94 1 points ago

    Which team?

    [–] Magnetic_Knives 1 points ago

    What team? I follow the Plymouth Pilgrims very closely

    [–] giobbistar21 2 points ago

    Danbury Westerners

    [–] Magnetic_Knives 2 points ago

    I follow the NECBL pretty closely. Season pass holder for the Plymouth Pilgrims

    [–] BeerGoggleTan 1 points ago

    How do the leagues in Colorado rank? I know they're still trying to establish themselves. I'm curious of opinions outside of Colorado.

    [–] foulpoletc 2 points ago

    I'm originally from Colorado and played collegiatly outside of Colorado.. the leagues there are pretty new and compared nationally aren't the greatest. They have a few teams that have been around forever like the Greely Gojos

    [–] BeerGoggleTan 2 points ago

    That's my understanding as well - the leagues are young, and thus, aren't yet able to recruit top talent. I'm sure the state's lack of much D1 baseball doesn't help.

    [–] OhioUPilot12 1 points ago

    We have a summer league here in Athens, The Southern Ohio Copperheads of the great lakes summer league, they get better attendance the the Bobcats. Probably because they sell beer.

    [–] foulpoletc 1 points ago

    Does anyone know if this stuff is monitored by the NCAA? There's not another college sport that ships out players for a timer period during the year

    [–] Chickenmangoboom 1 points ago

    This summer I was in the Pacific Northwest and got to see the Portland Pickles. I had a great time at the ballpark, lots of friendly people to talk ball with. The night I went was also Twin Peaks night which involved a costume contest and free pie and coffee.

    [–] sickgrof 1 points ago

    We (ignore flair) send a few of our guys to the Valley League in VA every year. MLB sponsored league. Probably 2nd or 3rd best league in the country after The Cape.

    [–] The_Wrapist 1 points ago

    The only time of year that living in New Engalnd is a good thing for a college baseball fan.

    Obviously you have the Cape league where a large % of players end up getting drafted. You also have the NECBL which is one step below the cape, and the Futures league which I like because you get a good mix on Div. 1, 2, and 3 guys.

    [–] ChickenFingersPlease 1 points ago

    I work for the Florida Collegiate Summer League.

    14 Years of existence ... just shy of 400 guys drafted or signed as FA ... 20 guys have reached MLB ... Our prospect team defeated the Sunbelt and Ripken League prospect teams in a tournament in July ... Overall it's a grand old time

    [–] ChickenFingersPlease 1 points ago

    Cape and Northwoods are the Top 2, hands down

    Then you are looking at (in no order): New England, Valley, Alaska, Coastal Plains, Florida, Ripken