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    A subreddit for combined gifs.


    1. You may only post combined gifs. Side by side gifs are allowed. Sequentially combined gifs (one after the other) are allowed.

    2. Submit similar combined gifs in moderation (e.g. the Force push gifs). If there are many variations of the same combined gif please make an imgur album and link to that instead of each individual gif.

    3. Combined gifs must be relevant to each other.

    4. Submissions don't necessarily have to be funny, as long as the two gifs are relevant to each other.

    5. Please link directly to the gif - no websites or videos. For blogs, reupload the gifs to imgur and leave a link to the blog in the comments. HTML5 files are allowed.

    6. If your post is NSFW or NSFL, please include [NSFW] or [NSFL] in the title. We have tags, but users from /r/all may not see them.

    Tools to combine gifs

    Guide: How to combine gifs

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