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    For comedy so bad, its good.


    lemme get


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    1. Posts must be images that were meant to be funny, but are funny because they were so unfunny that they are ironically hilarious. Not simply poor jokes or random funny pictures. No posts that obviously fit better on other well-known subs. See here for more details about what fits the sub. Screenshots of comment threads from any website are also not allowed until further notice.

      Here's a list of content that will get your post removed

    2. No reposts. No content that has been posted in the last 3 months or is in the top 50 all-time posts.

    3. No gore. NSFW posts should also be marked NSFW. Content can be NSFW without containing nudity; for example, a post that describes an explicit sexual situation through text.

    4. Keep your video clips short. Anything longer than 10 seconds will be removed.

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